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How I Care For My Hot Mother

Hi, I m Abhi, 25 year old, 6ft tall,fair skin, have athletic body. I m unmarried and stay at Los Angles (LA) and working in the computer company. After the death of my father, i took my mom with me and help her to come out from the shock of my father death. She took nearly 6 months and now living happy with me.

My mother name is Lina. She is 50 year old, 5.7ft tall, very fair with long silky hair. She always wear nice and clean cloths. She has a figure of 37 32 33 and looking really beautiful and sexy. She use to wear all type of cloths and after coming to LA we bought few western cloths and asked her to wear. She now normally wears t shirt and jeans, shorts and western dresses in home and outside.

After she came out from shock, i asked her for outing on weekend and she agreed. We decided to go on sea beach and stay over their. It was nearly 50 miles from my house and we booked nice suit room facing sea. We both went to sea and bathed for few hours. I asked her to wear consume and she did. When i saw her in swimming dress,i was stunned looking her. She was looking very young and more sexy. I could see her curvy figure in much better way. I greeted her for her look and she smiled.

During the bath , we came more close by body,teased each other, touched each other body lovingly. We talked about sexual things and felt that we need some sexual enjoyment. I touched her boobs and she touched my cock as well.

We return back for the room and walked in market holding each other hands like a lover. We brushed our body as well and enjoying.

Me : You buy some inner cloths so as look more beautiful and glamorous.

Mom : want me more sexy.

Me : yes honey. Like to see your curvy figure all the time.

Mom : You naughty. You are looking handsome.

She bought some bras and nickers in different colour. I asked her to wear new things now and keep yourself like a girl. She laughed and agreed. She said i will do what ever you like. I want you to be happy.I want you too happy my darling. We reached at the hotel room and i grabbed her in my arms. I placed my palms on her boobs and start pressing and pushing her boobs.

Mom : Press slow dear.It pains me when you press hard.

Me : Nice boobs darling. Very soft and firm. I enjoy pressing yr boobs.

Mom : You like my boobs honey. Press and push my boobs . i too like.

Me : We go on sofa and you sit on my laps and i hold you tight.

Mom : I love to sit on your laps and press yr face with my boobs.

Me : Darling we remove our cloths and sit.

Mom : yes dear,i love that. I wanna see you how you are.

Me : I wanna see your boobs and wants to see you nake darling.

Mom : See me nake now. How do you like now.

Me : ohh you are looking just sexy. What a boobs you have.

Mom : You looking sexy as well. What a tight cock you have dear.

Me : Tu mal lage che. tara ball jordar che.

Mom : Taro lodo kadak ane lambbo che. Jordar lodo che taro.

Me : Mane tara ball dabava de ane to maro lodo pakad.

Mom : taro lodo hu chodvani nathi. Atlo kadak lodo koi ne pan game.

We kept on massaging and pressing and pushing boobs and cock and becoming hot and horny. I lean on her boobs and took in my mouth and started sucking her big boobs. I bite her nipples and felt her nipple hard. I squeeze her nipples and she moan slow ohhh ahhhh ohhhh slow dear …. now my boobs and nipples are for you only. I kept on sucking and pressing her boobs. She was holding my cock in her palm and pressing my cock. My cock became hard and jerking in her hand.

Mom : Taro lod barbar kadak thi gayo che.

Me : tane gamyo maro lod honey. Mane tari bhos ma anghdi fervava de . Jordar bhos che tari.tari bhos ne fad naran ane poci che.

Mom : tari angadi dhire ferav mari bhos par. Bahuj maza ave che mane. Dhire thi dabav mari bhos and angadi undar thodi javade…ahhhh ohhhhh dhirethi dear … mari bhos tara loda jetli kadak nathi.

Me : maro lod tara hath thi dabav ne. Loda na kana par hath ferav. ahhh ahhh u sexy… bahuk maza abe che. tari bhos bhini thai che.

Mom : Maro bhos ma thi pani nikade che. Taro lod nakh undar and mane chod.

Me : tane chodva mate to laviyo chu. Tane barabar chodva no chu aa 2 divas.

Mom : ha, barbar chodje mane. Ketla vakhat pachi lodo maribhos ma layis. Chal mane taro lodo nakh mari bhos ma.

Me : sofa paraj chodu tane ke bed ma javu che.

Mom : Bed par jayie. Chodavani maza bed ma avse. Tane pan lodo nakhta favse.

I lift her in my hands and took her to bed and lay her. I sit beside her and hold her boobs in my both hand and start pressing hard. I leaned my face on her lips and start kissing her deep and passionate. She was asking me to ride her and fuck her. I kept my palms on her pussy and massaging slow. I felt her pussy releasing cum slow and her pussy was wet. I lay on her and asked her to adjust my cock on her pussy hole.

I hold her tight in my hands and start pressing my cock inside her pussy. I slide my cock by 5 inch in her pussy and she moan ohhh ahhh ohhhh …. insert yr cock slow ohhh ahhh ohhhhh … i took out my cock from her pussy and pressed again with more force and now my cock fully inside her pussy. I felt her pussy very tight. I start taking out my cock and inserting in. I am fucking her with slow speed and we both enjoying the fuck.

We start moaning slow ohhh … ahhh …. ohhhhh dhire thi javade taro lod mari bhos ma …. ahhh ohhhh…. tari bhos tight che my darling …. lodo bhos ma barbar tight thi gayo che …. ketla varshe aaje lodo mari bhos ma lav chu ohhhhh maza aave che mane chodava ni ohhhh ahhhhh dhire thi barabar chod …. tari bhos jordar che mari darling …. tu bahuj sexy che ….. sars chodave che tu … tu pan saras chode che …. haaa javade lodo mari bhos ma ahhhh haaaaaa javade bhos ma undar sudhi ahhh chod mane …. ahhh bahuj maza ave che taro lodo levani….. mari bhos aaje khus thai gayi … chod mane ahhhhh ohhhh … tane chodu chu …. jo lod tari bhos ma undar … bahar …. unadr bahar kare che… tari bhos garm thai che….. marolodo tari bhos ma bararar fit thai jayche ahhhh ohhh ahhhhh hhhaaaa aaaaaa hhhhaaaa.

I hold her more tight and increasing my speed.I am fucking her hard and deep now and moaning ahhhh ohhhhh tari bhos jordar che … tari bhos chodvani maza ave che ahhhh ohhhh chod mane ahhhh haaaaaa ahhhhhh chod jorthi ahhhh taro lod haju undar javade ahhhhh haaaaaa jorthi chod mane ahhhh ohhhh mara raja

We both cummed lot.I hold her very tight in my arms and kissing her deep and passionate. She too kissing me deep all over in joy and pleasure. I m happy to take yr cook….. i m happy to fuck your pussy …. i love you my sexy darling …. i love you too honey.

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Trapping My Father-In-Law – Lust Is Fearless

This story is part of a series:
Trapping My Father In Law – The Beginning
Hii guys…This is Sunitha again.Sorry for the delay and many more thanks for the response.This is about the story that happened after my husband came back from trip.. If you haven’t read the first part and second parts, please read it in the links given above . This story is bit long mainly contains conversation between me and my darling fil ..

They freshened up , I made snacks and tea. We were having it on our sofa , I was on the same sofa where I seduced my fil for the first time, it is the same place where our tongues met for the first time, it is the same place where I was lying with my head on his lap with opened jacket and my fil playing with my tits just an hour ago , now I am on the same sofa with his son , with his arms around me. While thinking all of this, unknowingly I was staring at my fil’s dick. My husband was moving his hand over my shoulder.

I looked at my fil, his face turned red,yes he was jealous. He was looking very sexy with the jealous look . I wanted to play with him,make him more and more jealous. I kept my hand on my husband’s thigh gave him seducing look and slowly pressed his thigh. From the corner of eye I could see my fil unable to move his eye.

I placed my head on his shoulder and he locked my fingers with his. Suddenly my fil stood up , my husband immediately moved a bit away from me. My father in law said he wanted to take some rest and he moved forward and gave me a look again. My husband locked my fingers again. fil gave a jealous look. His expression was like a child whose chocolate is being eaten by another.

He moved to his room upstairs.Poor fil , I pity him.He was playing with my body just an hour ago , he felt as if he is the owner of my body but now he realised the reality. But he is very lucky enough say How many oldies can get a young pussy ?? How many oldies can get their own daughter in laws cunts ?? How many oldies can have their dil’s willing to give their cunt to them ?? He is one of the lucky guys I suppose.

I gave him my pussy, my body I made the first move to this incest world. I seduced him by exposing myself I gave him a way to my pussy….In fact I am also lucky !! This old dick !! I underestimated it. I was fucked!! in fact drilled down deep hard and was fucked like a bitch by my fil.Wat a man he is !! what a manhood he has !! It seems I got addicted to his dick !!

I watched tv with my husband for some time unknowingly I was lost in thoughts of my fil, the way I exposed my self in towel when the tap broke , the way I wore shorts and hugged him and his hand was on my thigh for the first time , when he was thinking whether this is right or wrong the way I locked his lips with mine . I was lost in those sexy thoughts. The moment when I was giving blowjob and his cum fell on my face came into my mind. Smell of his cum surrounded me. I cursed why my husband came so early or else we would have had another fucking session. I really miss my darling fil moreover I miss my darling fil’s cock. My pussy started itching…yes guys I was aroused..What a kind of bitch I am !!

Being in my husbands arms I was thinking about his father. I badly wanted sex again. Though my pussy was paining due to continuous love making sessions it got ready for another one. I pressed my husbands thighs. He said “hey..what are you doing??amma is there in the kitchen. Not now !!” I felt very depressed. The heat in me started raising.My pussy was turning wet.I was loosing control.I badly wanted a dick.I went up to see what my fil was doing. He was sleeping in his bedroom …….Entirely disappointed!!!I went to our bedroom to take bath so that I could cool myself down…I forgot to mention that ours is a duplex house with two bedrooms at top and a guest bedroom hall kitchen at ground and a store room on the terrace…

I removed my saree..My breasts popped out of my blouse …I could see love bites on my breasts on my navel on my thighs. I placed hand on my pussy It was swollen but still it wanted a dick. I was unable to control the burning desire… I waxed my legs shaved my armpits and pussy . From here onwards I have to take extra care of my beauty because I have to satisfy both son and father !!! I poured hot water over my body It was very soothing .It was reliving my body pains that I had .

Then I poured cold water over my body It was chilling shiver went through my body. I bathed alternatively with hot water and cold water .Bath with hot water was like fucking my husband , tender, caring smooth and cold water was like my fil …rough , giving shiver in the whole body , wild ….Bathing alternatively with hot and cold water felt like having sex with then one after another !!!!! OMG !! I was turning horny !! I wiped myself came out of bathroom and wore a saree..I didnt wear bra inside …..I wanted to tease my fil more !!!

It was already seven my mil told me to wake my fil so I went up to wake him. I entered his room , he was still sleeping..I dont know why my heart was filled with happiness when I saw him.I placed my hand on his forehead rolled my fingers through his hair and woke him up, then he slowly opened his eyes.I gave a shy smile and said “Mavayya(Fil) are you lost in the dreams?? wake up …its seven already” and then I winked.He smiled and asked “Where is everyone??” I replied “Downstairs!!watching tv.” and I gave a kiss on his forehead. In no time he hugged me and pulled me with force,I fell on him. My boobs got crushed on his chest. He tried to kiss me , I was trying to get out of his grip.

In fact I was afraid that someone might come . With all my force I pushed him and gave a very angry look and said “Someone might see..Control yourself …” his dick was already erect , he adjusted his lungi and said “Sunitha…I was want to see your boobs once plzz just show them.I will not touch …please..” I was confused weather to do this or not but after a while even I got tempted went out of the room to see where everyone was and everyone was busy in watching tv.

My fil thought I went out of the room and checked what everyone was doing .But when I returned with a smile he was delighted .I told “Mavayya ..I will show it..Dont touch them ..go sit one the bed like a good kid.”I stood near the door such that I can sense if someone comes. I took my pallu…His eyes widened. Just to tease him I pressed them . He said “plzz sunitha ….dont waste time …show your milky mangoes.”

Then I opened my blouse hooks.My boobs popped out the moment I took out my hooks ..I didnt wear bra..He was looking at them and asked “why didnt you wear bra ??” I replied “I know u that u cant resist seeing my assets so I didnt wear..Is the feast good ??” .He pleaded me “sunitha …can I touch them once ?? please..only once …I promise”.I didnt want to get into trouble so I said”mavayya please..not now..see I am yours can always have me whenever we are alone.I am always willing to offer myself to you..You know what even I cannot stay away from you ..Have can do it tomorrow when your son goes to office…for now just see and enjoy..” I started pressing them..My nipples got fil took his disk and started stroking..I thought Ufff its enough !! cant stay a moment away from his dick..I said “fil !! u can touch ….but only once ..all are there downstairs”. he came near me pinched my nipples I gave a soft moan.He sucked them slowly.I was getting tempted !! I placed my hand on his dick ..hmmmm…It was like a iron rod …stiff..

I took his lungi up and took it into mouth.I moved my fingers through his hair near his dick..He smiled and said “just a moment ago you were afraid of people downstairs??what happened now?”.I removed his dick from mouth and replied “I cannot stay away from your dick!!I always love to have your dick either in my hole or in my mouth!!”…I moved my tongue over the tip of his dick..I held it tightly and started sucking it badly and moved my hand to and fro…mild juices started flowing in my mouth..who cares ?? I am never gonna stop …I continued it with the same pace…He was moaning slowly suni…suni …you are could you suck it so are the best sucker.He said “suni move it out.I am going to cum.”.I was not ready to listen with lusty look I said “Do it in my mouth I want it..”.

I took it deep and shook his dick with my tongue..finally he cummed in my mouth.It fell on my tongue and over my lips..I showed him my tongue with sperm on it..He said “U are a devil sunitha!!”.I swallowed the juice that was in my mouth but some amount was left on my lips and near lower part of my chin..He said “sunitha..look at you..Juice on lips!!” and smiled ..I rolled my tongue over my lips..I took his finger and wiped the semen on my it was on his finger..I took it into my mouth and said “Hmm..tasty.I need this every day!! U cummed in my mouth…what about my hole then??” He replied “Dont worry Sunitha…the moment u touch gives me an erection..I will shoot loads of this in all of your holes..” I replied “Cant wait for that !! everyone is waiting downstairs..lets go..and no naughty things…”.I placed a kiss on his dick. I hooked my blouse and adjusted my saree and went down and sat with my mil …

I served dinner at nine pm ..Normally my husband sits beside my fil and me beside my husband. Today I did something different. I sat in between my husband and fil !! I served food we all were having casual chat. Suddenly my mil asked “Sunitha..why dont you plan second kid ?? manu will have a company to play then…” I felt shy I lowered my head and I unknowingly pinched my fil’s toe with my toe. He immediately coughed he was utterly surprised!! I didnt understand why I did that !! I wanted to do that to my husband but my subconscious mind was filled with my fil !! This touch ignited my fil..he slowly touched my foot with his..slowly rubbing his toe over mine..

He moved his leg further up he was rubbing my legs with his toes ..he stared pinching my toes moved it over my calf !! dear girls !! what would you do if you were in my situation??move your legs away ??For few minutes I neither gave cooperation nor resistance…I was just blanked by his bold move..He continuously moved his foot over my legs..My saree went still up..Then pressure started building in my pussy..My lust defeated my timidness…

I moved my leg further so he could have more access to my my leg.Over the table I was serving food to my husband serving the role of a good wife…under the table I was giving pleasure to my fil serving the role of a perfectly naughty daughter in law !!I kept my leg over his and massaged his leg I moved his lungi up…His strong hair was tickling me.We were blushing..

Only we two could understand the reason behind this.My vagaina was getting wet again..My body temperature started raising..I started sweating .My fil observed this and gave a naughty smile.I moved my leg under his lungi he drew his chair further close to table I could only touch him till his knees.I wanted to touch his dick..ahhhh Its very difficult to control the urge.This continued till we all finished our dinner.I was removing my utensils to sink all of them went to hall and started watching tv..My fil coughed and said he needed water and came to kitchen !! I was near sink washing some utensils..

He suddenly hugged my from behind kissed me on earlobes cupped my breasts from behind and said “U are very naughty I want to have you tonight.I cant wait till your husband goes to office tomorrow..” I was struggling to escape from his grip..It was very firm.I could feel his breath and his dick poking into my ass..I said “move..someone might come.” HE was not at all listening he was just cupping my breasts.

Finally he left him after some sound came from hall. I said go to your room lets talk there. Its not safe here!! He said he was sleepy and said good night to all and moved to his room.After sometime I came out of the kitchen and served buttermilk to all and asked about fil to my mil. She replied that he was in his room. I said I will give him buttermilk and come and went to his room. I was wondering what will he ask me to do then?? ask me to suck his dick or show my boobs or show my pussy..I was getting mentally ready..I wanted him to lick my cunt because it was bit paining due to continuous fucking sessions.The smooth movement of tongue and lips will give it some relief !! I reached his room.

He took the glass from my hand drank it and said “I want you tonight..whatever it is.”. I said “why dont you understand wait till your son goes to office..Lets not get caught and spoil your family.” He nodded his head and said “Ok..Its difficult to stay away from you sunitha..”. I smiled ..he gave a pause and said “I love you..” I blushed. He again said I love you and stepped one step forward. I blushed and stepped one step backward.. he said “sunitha!!I love you..give me one kiss at least and stepped one step forward”. I said “No!!” and stepped one step backward. Finally I went till the door and said “I love you too” and gave him a flying kiss and ran off laughing. He came behind me I went on stairs and winked and went to hall and sat beside my husband.He observed this secretly and went to his room depressed.

After some time even my husband said he is very tired and we all went to our rooms to sleep.I changed to loose nighty.I was expecting that my husband would fuck me now but he was very tired he went to sleep soon..Even I was tired I recollected some of the moments with my fil and unknowingly I went to sleep !!

I was fast asleep I felt that someone was pressing my boobs I was half asleep so I couldnt figure out what was happening. Then I felt some fingers rolling on my pussy.I was slowly regaining my consciousness my nighty was pulled up and all of my top buttons were open. I thought my husband turned horney and I completely opened my eyes. To my surprise he was fast asleep. He was sleeping like a stone !! I turned my head around I was horrified to see the scene !! It was my fil !! He was on the floor and his hand was on my pussy!! I was horrified,I lost my entire sleep..I pushed his hand and whispered angrily to move out but he was not in a position to listen .

He was keeping his hand on my chest on my pussy I was just pushing his hand away..He whispered “Sunitha … Just once please..” saying that he pushed his finger in my vagina. Insted of creating a scene over there and getting caught I decided to allow him to play with my body ..I laid back to my normal position. He placed his hand on my chest..pressed it for a while ..and said “sunitha I want this..” saying that he exposed his erect dick..

I just wanted to escape from this situation or else this will ruin our marriage.I said “Go to guest bathroom downstairs..I will come in a while..” ..He immediately crawled out of the room. I love brave guys but this man is a bravardo..I decided not to go but if he comes back and if my husband catches us..I decided to go finally..I made sure that my husband was sleeping..I made out of the room and went to the guest bathroom downstairs, soon I reached he locked the door kissed my neck violently pulled my nighty out.. inserted his dick.. In a minute he cummed and said “thx sunitha…lets go..”

I was just turning hot and this man satisfied himself and was leaving..It was the time when the heat pumped up in my pussy..Finally I was hot and wanted to be fucked at any cost..I caught him and said “Look at your old dick..In a minute It turned limp..Your beautiful dil offered herself to you and you cant even satisfy her properly.If you cannot fuck… peep into your sons room and look me getting fucked..” I stretched my arms and switched on the light and said “Look at these boobs..firm right..look at the ass ..curvy..look at the cunt …. erect your dick and fuck me like a bitch..” saying that I pushed him towards my pussy..he was licking it like a was turning me further horny..finally his dick was erect he locked my lips with his ..He sucked it very hard his tongue was working in my mouth. We exchanged our saliva..

He took my thigh in his arm and placed his dick inside and gave a push …I said “this is my mavayya(fil).Finally you are back to action..Do it deeper..deeper…I love you .” He was speechless.. he was increasing his pace with each stoke his dick was getting faster and faster .. I stretched my hand and switched off the light …I was whispering in his ear “i lovveee ufff uuu ahhh love uff ahh uu..u “..Within no time I was totally in his arms I folded my legs behind his ass…He lifted me totally in his arms.I have seen this only in porn scenes.But today I am facing it!It was awesome.I was moving my hands all over his back.I got uncontrollable.I scratched his back with my nails..he fucked the heat out of my pussy..Finally he shot it inside…I got down of his was awesome.I didnt want to go back but had to go..I wore my nighty.

My fil was about to leave I hugged him and whispered “You are awesome mamayya(fil) I am eagerly waiting for our next meeting.You said I love you right and I didnt reply..Now listen I love you mamayya..You are a man that every women desires..”.I stood on my toes and gave him a kiss on his lips..He said “My dear suni…I love you too..Lets leave now..but I cannot stay away from you..” and We made sure that everyone was asleep and went to our bed rooms respectively…Lying on the bed I was thinking about my fil..His bold move could have costed us our lives but I had one of the best fucks ..I totally forgot that there were people inside house when I was with him in bathroom..I was hoping for many more lonely romantic moments with fil then mixture if our juiced oozed out from my cunt …It was flowing along my thigh.uFFF it was hot..I cleaned it my nighty.It got bit wet at those spots..Slowly I went to sleep…..

I will tell you what happened the next day in my next episode. Thanks for reading. Please do comment. Thanks for the support.

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Trapping My Father In Law – The Beginning

Hi I am Sunitha, married to a simple guy Kiran. I belong to a rich and orthodox family. Basically I have a very high sexual drive. I wasn’t a virgin before our marriage. I had a couple of affairs.I am very fair and being 30 I have a right amount of fat in right places and a good pair of boobs which can attract any male and perfect ass which swings to and fro as I walk. I have seen many people staring at me while I walk and people touching me in crowded areas. I really enjoy people staring at me and don’t resist the touches!! Now coming back to the story, this incident happened between me and my FATHER-IN-LAW. The story is long but I request you all to be patient while reading.

My father-in-law, Rajeswar Rao is of 62 years of age. He is a heavily built man. His height is above 6 feet and has wide chest perfect physique. HE looks as if he is in his 40s. He is very rich. My husband and my brother in law inherited some of his business, still some businesses and huge properties are under my father-in-law. Though my husband is capable of doing better business my father-in-law always favors my brother in law. My husband never bothers about this. He just says that “It’s my father’s money I won’t expect a single pie we are happy with whatever we have “. But I am always behind money and sex. My husband is simple, loving guy our sex life was good but I always wanted more. I thought of various options of seducing other men. Finally I thought to seduce my father-in-law so that I can have sex when ever my husband is out and he can give us more property.

One day I was very horny I went to take bath suddenly an idea flashed into my mind. The tap we had was a temporary plastic one. I broke the tap suddenly the water started flowing with a huge fore. I was only in my towel up to my thighs even it was wet and water was running down my milky white thighs. I had nothing underneath and my boobs were trying to escape from the towel I wrapped around. My father-in-law was in hall and mil went to temple. I gave a cry he came running to my room. He was staring at me like a hungry dog. He came near me and asked what the matter is. I showed him the tap he went near it tried to stop but the water was still flowing.

Even he got wet. Then I went near him tried to stop the water. I was rubbing my body against his I placed my hands on his I felt a shiver running down my spine. His warm touch was making me hot. He took a cloth and tied it round the tap and just out he didn’t look at me I very disappointed. Suddenly he turned back and said “bahu u take bath in other bath room. I will make a call to the plumber”. He stared at my half exposed boobs and my tights. I was expecting him to rape me. But my fate was bad he left the room.

I was disappointed but never missed an opportunity to touch him exposed my boobs. All I wanted was an opportunity. Suddenly one day my husband said he is taking my mil to her sister’s place. My father-in-law said he has some work and cannot accompany her. It was Friday and they started early in the morning my kid also went with them. Only I and my father-in-law were at home. He went out for some work and returned in the evening. I prepared dinner and I said that I was getting bored and I wanted to watch a movie. After dinner I wore a 3/4th short with my anklets and a t shirt.

I never wore such dresses in front of my father-in-law. We started to watch a horror movie I was frightened and hugged my father-in-law tightly he laughed I continued to stay in that way but he didn’t advance. I acted as if I slept. He saw me went and brought a pillow and a bed sheet, covered me and stood staring at me. He came near me. I could feel his hot breath he kissed me on my cheeks placed his hand on my chest gave a slight press touched my lips and went away to his room. I was disappointed but I was happy that he made a move and I was confident that we will land in the same bed the next day.

Everything was smooth the next day. Father-in-law went out and came in the evening. Again I came up with the idea of movie he readily accepted. After dinner I wore a short which covers held of my thigh and a tight t-shirt revealing my inner treasured and anklets so that my legs could look more sexy. He was shocked seeing me. Again I acted as if I was frightened I hugged him more tightly. He laughed and placed his hand on my shoulder and said “don’t get afraid it’s just a movie “.I smiled. Again there was a horror scene I hugged him tightly this time pressing my boobs on his shoulders and my thighs on his. He placed one hand on my thigh. I didn’t resist he was massing me slowly. I was still hugging him. This continued for 10 more min and there was a kissing scene. He turned towards me I was too close to him. His nose touched my forehead. He gave a kiss on my fore head I smiled. I lifted my face further up he touched my lips. It was a passionate one.

He broke the kissing and said “sorry this is wrong bahu “. I was horrified I never expected this. I pushed my boobs of his chest and sat crossed on him started kissing him wildly he didn’t open his mouth slowly he placed hand on my boobs and pressed it and open his mouth our tongues met. We were kissing like wild animals he lifted me in his arms and took to our bed room and threw me on bed. He jumped on me like a tiger. He opens my t shirt and short he was kissing my body. I could feel his tough arms on my ass cheeks. He was biting my neck and was squeezing my ass cheeks I was shivering I was moving hands on his bare back and scratched it. He removed his lungi I was shocked to see his huge dick. It was standing like an emperor. I wanted to take it in my hand feel it in my mouth but he pushed me. Spreads my legs wide kissing my thighs he came over me pushed his dick into my hole.

I was pushing vigorously. I was never fucked like this. I was shouting in pain he caught my arms in his I closed my eyes. He was still pushing. I was in heaven. He stopped for a while I opened my eyes. Tears were rolling down my eyes in happiness he smiled I gave a smile back he was kissing me and started pushing his dick again. I never experienced this sort of kissing and pushing. I was enjoying. I had an organism he too cummed inside me. I was exhausted. Even he was tired he slept beside me. I hugged him my bare chest rubbing to his bare. His dick started to rise again. It was between my thighs. He was moving his hand all over my body. I kissed him on his forehead.

He gripped me on his shoulder and took me over him. “He asked me is this wrong??I am cheating my own son.”His words and acting were not in sync. His hands were moving on my thighs. I rolled my fingers into his hair and kissed him and said “I love u Mamayya (father-in-law). I can’t stay away from u. For the first time I felt a real man. If I hadn’t married your son I would have married u. I am in love in with you; don’t leave me, saying that I hugged him. He raised my face and kissed me and he said he loved me the moment he saw me for the first time but controlled his feelings. I took his cock into my hands and said “don’t worry father-in-law from now on u need not control your feelings and urges I will always be there for u to satisfy u “.

He immediately pushed me down got over me and kept his dick between my boobs I pressed them. It was a good erotic feel. He fucked me again. We made love thrice that night. We slept hugging each other like a married couple. I am very happy that I had a real man. I wanted to dominate him because I am very dominating I was never dominated till now.. I will let you know what happened next day in my next episode. Let me tell you even today we continue our affair. We behave like normal in front of my husband the moment he leaves we land on the bed naked. 

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Beginning Of My Sex Life With My Brother – Part 2

This story is part of a series:

Beginning Of My Sex Life With My Brother - Part 1

Hey guys this is Deepika again, Thank for your responses for my first part and that made me submit this one for you..If you have missed my first story the link is given above.

As i mentioned in the first part my mom and dad had to visit my sick aunt and they will return only the next day..This meant that i had one full night with my bro..Yay!!..I couldn’t wait to go back to home from college..At last i reached home by 4pm.. I had a shower and wore a pink t-shirt without any bra..I was ready for some serious action tonight..I put on a black panty and a pink shorts which exposed some part of my thigh…Then my brother came home by 6pm..He went to his room and took a shower..Meanwhile i made some tea and snacks for him..He had the tea and we were talking about our day..

We both were sitting in a couch and i went closer to him ..I could see him getting restless.. He wanted to have some fun with me..I then gave a small kiss to his cheek..He responded by giving me a kiss in my cheek ..I then went a bit closer towards his lips and gave another one..he responded similarly..We both couldn’t stop smiling at each other..Then suddenly he lifted me up and carried me to the bed room..He made me lay on the bed… He slowly stared to kiss on the side of my neck and he was using his tongue all over..He then started to bite my ears gently..Ahh!! it was amazing and i was really getting into the mood now.. Slowly he approached my face and started smooching me ..We both started to kiss very intensely it went on for about 10 min..At the same time he was pressing my boobs really hard ,,i was moaning really loud..

He started to lick on my throat and slowly came down and started to eat my breast over my t-shirt..Then he took my t-shirt off and started to suck my breasts ..He was doing it so nicely ,,making slow rings around my nipple with his tongue and gently biting them now and then..I was holding his head tightly around my boobs….I was so turned on and i immediately made him roll over and went down to his boxers and pulled it down..Wow!! that was the first time I am seeing a cock right in front of me ..It was a good 7inches long..I slowly started licking his tip and then started to suck it..I slowly and steadily started to increase the speed ..He was really enjoying it and he was moaning like hell,, which made me go even faster..He told me that he was about to cum..I didn’t bother and drank every bit of his cum..Then he made me lie on the bed and spread my legs..

He removed my shorts and started to kiss gently on the inner side of my thigh and slowly approached to my pussy ..He just started rubbing my clits over my panties and I was starting to feel good ,,I started letting out loud moans and he slowly removed my panties and started to lick my pussy…He was doing it so slowly and we were in a sort of rhythm in which i raised my hip and banged my pussy towards his mouth when he licked…In a matter of less than 10 minutes i came..

Then we were lip kissing for sometime and the he made me lie on his side and raised one of my legs..He started rubbing his dick over my pussy and slowly inserted it ..It was painful since i was a virgin..He tore my hymen and i was bleeding ,,but my desire was not even a bit down and i still wanted him to go on..He started ramming like a bull..He was doing it so fast,,and I was shouting Ahh!! Hmm!! Yeah !! Fuckk mee !! fuck me !! Ahh ,, …And in some time I had a really intense orgasm ,,my whole body started to shiver ..I tightly hugged him ..I couldn’t even breathe properly for some time..I was lying hugging him for sometime..I was lying by his shoulders and i rolled over him and started kissing him,,and i sat over him inserted his dick in to my pussy and started riding him..I was slowly grinding his cock in to my pussy and it felt so good..I could see him about to cum..

I was afraid that i could get pregnant and so I stopped riding and made him sit on the edge of the bed and I knelt on the floor,,and his cock was facing my boobs..I held my boobs in my hand and placed his cock between my cleavage and gave him a boobjob..He was really enjoying it an in a matter of minutes he came right over my face..

Ahh,by that time we both were really exhausted and we were lying naked on the bed tightly hugging each other..We were smooching for some time and the we slept..Later in the night we had one more session..That time we tried doggy style and i kind of loved it…Till now i haven’t got another chance to get laid with my brother..Yeah we do kiss almost everyday and my boobs is his favorite toy right now,,he uses to tease my boobs a lot..I am looking forward for a chance to be fucked by him again..Will share it with u if it happens..Till then cya…

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Beginning Of My Sex Life With My Brother

Hey everyone this is Deepika. I was one of those traditional Indian girls who are even shy to look at boys a year back. But it is quite strange how things have changed in a matter of a year. I suddenly took interest in porn and was learning each and every thing I could about sex, thanks to internet. It’s all because of my friends, I joined college recently and had to make friends and fortunately I got a really amazing group of girls so funny and never hesitant to talk about sex and stuff. After a month or so after getting to know each other well the dark side of everyone started to creep out, I don’t mean dark side literally though , but we used to talk about drinking and watching porn, masturbating and stuff like that. Unfortunately I’m from a really conservative family and I haven’t done any of those fun things that the girls used to. And I became their topic of the day suddenly; they started teasing me that I’m still a kindergarten kid and stuff like that. This started to drive me crazy and so I decided to have a short at porn.

Really soon I was fascinated by porn started masturbating regularly and was now able to talk about stuff to my friends, I really wanted to give a try in sex as 2 of my friends lost their virginity to their boyfriends, me on the other hand was still not ready for stuff like that and moreover I won’t be able to deal with my family. I thought and finally found a solution. It was none other than my brother. He is 2 years younger to me. He is a sweet guy and always supports me when I’m in trouble. So y not him be the one to have me. Coming to the description my bro is in love with sports, he plays all the stuff available. As a result he has a well toned body. I love his abs and it has got some striking definition. And talking about me I’m a fair girl, not so much into fitness and yet I have figure which is not skinny but neither too chubby. My greatest asset is my boobs and many of my friends too say this.

After going through all this emotional battle in my mind I thought of seducing my bro. I completely started to change my activities at home; I started spending a lot of time with him. I used to wear tight dresses and hit on him whenever possible. I started playing pillow fights with him and fall on him pressing my boobs over his chest. I would give him a lot of chances to see my cleavage. But he wasn’t giving any sort of positive responses so far and this made me upset but one day as I bent down to pick up a glass I caught him staring at my boobs and he quickly turned away, that was it , I was gaining confidence and I started to ask him about his girlfriends.
Me: Do u have a girlfriend?
Him: Girlfriend!! Don’t be kidding. Don’t u know about our dad??
Me: Yeah, but u could have one secretly right?
Him: May be but I’m not so good at talking to girls. I kind of get nervous. What about u? Do u have a boyfriend?
Me: Nah, but I’m interested to.
Him: Oh, make sure u r not caught.
Me: Haha. You are still a kid. But I could help u in talking with girls; I’ll teach u how to talk with girls if u wanted.
Him: yeah, y not?

That was the starting point, I started giving him tips about impressing girls and he too would actively listen. And I wanted to use this as an advantage; I asked to him, “Do u know how to kiss? Because girls like good kissers”

Him: I have seen in some movies, but I have no idea.

Me: Do u mind if I teach u??

Him: What? Is that OK for u?

Me: y not, I have no problems. Now come closer and close ur eyes.

Him: (hesitantly) OK.

I started to approach his lips, he was breathing fast and my heart too was pounding but I somehow managed not to show, because I’m the boss now right? I slowly placed my lips over his’ and wow what a feeling it was, I started to kiss him and he started to respond slowly and damn he really is a good kisser. I even started to doubt if this was his first kiss. And I didn’t even notice that he had his hand over my hips and he was rubbing it quite hard . I think he was completely turned on. Then I broke the kiss and told
“The lesson is over for today” with a cunning smile on my face.

Him: I’m waiting for the next class.

Then after 2 days he was late after his practise and came back really tired. And I was watching TV in the hall. As he entered the hall he was giving me a wicked look and stared at my boobs as he passed by. I could see the desire in his eyes but he was holding back a bit because I’m older than him and he generally is not too gutsy in these things. I went with a cup of tea to his room, locked the door inside, he was inside the bathroom when I went in. He came out after a shower with only his boxers on and I was wearing a tight black sleeveless chudi with no dupattah.

Wow what amazing body he has, I was literally unable to take my eyes off him but I somehow managed to and gave him the tea. He had it and fell on the bed saying he was really tired. I asked him, “would u like a massage??” He at once had a big smile on his face and I think he knew what was coming. He told yes and I slowly started to massage his hand and in a matter of seconds I could see a bulge over his boxers. I gave him a smile and he smiled back and closed his eyes. From there I went to his shoulders and neck and I could see him getting restless, as I reached his thighs I slightly bent down so that he could see my cleavage. he was so turned on and I slowly slid my hands in to his boxers and I even touched his balls. he started to moan. Wow that turned me on like hell and I’m already wet by touching my brother’s beautiful body.

And suddenly he got up. He was staring at my eyes and slowly he started grabbing me from the back and fell on the bed. Now I’m lying over my brother wrapped around his arms. My boobs were tightly pressed to his chest. My heart started to skip a beat. I realized that this was the moment to let him take over. He gently started smooching my lips and I responded to his kiss. We were playing with our tongues and kissed passionately for around 10 minutes. Then made me lay on the bed and started to press my boobs. I was losing control and I started to moan. He started kissing my boobs over my dress and started to rub my pussy with his hands. I voice started trembling and it was really turning me on. But suddenly I heard a voice shouting Deepika come over. Yeah it was my mom. I had to leave. Unfortunately I couldn’t do much with my brother that day. But then we had a great opportunity when our parents had to visit our sick aunt. I’ll share with you the incident in the next part.

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Gurgaon Sahara Mall Call Girl MMS Leaked By Her Customer Wid Dirty Audio

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Sex Advice: Guy wants to have oral sex with anaemic wife

Question. I am 44 years old and have a 10-year-old son. Is it safe to have oral sex with my wife who is 37, and has been an anaemic for seven months? If I perform cunnilingus on her, can it lead to any health complications like throat cancer?

Answer. That is very unlikely. If both of you follow proper hygiene, there should not be any problem. It will be rather pleasurable.

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