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Mission Didi Accomplished

Hi I am Raj and I am back with another story, how I fucked my elder sister Priti di. She is 29 years old and single. She has very nice figure and perfect model body. She has fat just at the right places which further increases her personality. She has great sense of dressing and often she wears revealing clothes when at home so it is always pleasure to see her cleavage from time to time. She is 5’6’’ tall weighing about 55 kg and is really fair and beautiful. She has long black hairs and dark big eyes and extremely flattering lips which you would want to suck them dry. Now, coming to her assets; her boobs are soft, tight and round in shape with pink nipples with slight areola around it. But, according me her real asset is her ass. It is curvy, round and most importantly tight and like an apple. Her figure is 34-28-34.We used to live with our parents in Kolkata. She was doing a job in IT Company and I was completing my I am by the way 22 years old lad who has a muscular and athletic body thanks to regular gym. I am 6’2’’ tall and has great personality. I was not a virgin at that time and had plenty of sex encounters with my girl-friends.

We both had different room but shared a common bathroom which had two different doors which can be opened from either side. I was fond of her and fancied her from very beginning and wanted to fuck her but I never got any opportunity but I relieved myself by jerking by cock picturing the scenes when I saw didi’s cleavage or accidentally brushed her boobs. I was so much obsessed with her that I made tiny holes in the door on my side to see her bathing but I never had any success because they never stood in front of the door. My obsession grew to such extent that whenever I had sex with gfs I imagined Priti di and whenever I did so I fucked her like a beast that day. Almost after two years of such obsessed feeling I got my share of opportunity.

Now coming back to the story, it happened in July 2014. Two incidents happened before the real event. Once, when she went to the bathroom I decided to peek through the holes as usual but as to my surprise I was delighted to find out that didi was standing in front of the door facing towards the mirror and surprisingly had her leg over the slab. I thought for a moment that she is looking at her knee or her nails but surprisingly, she started rubbing between her thighs and was moaning a little. I understood that she is masturbating in there. I was very much excited seeing her like that and automatically my hand went to my dick and started stroking it. She was fingering her pussy and soon she was unable to stand as the pleasure for too much for her so she sat down face towards me and started fingering herself. For the first time, I was seeing her pussy and it was pink. She fingered or a while and then cleaned herself. I too couldn’t take any more and I ejaculated there. I was very much convinced that she is desperate for sex and I just needed proper planning and timing.

I was looking for correct opportunity when second thing happened. Didi got an offer for another job and so she had to go for an interview but the trick was it was far away from our place so I was told to accompany her. I was more than happy to take her to the interview and that even on a bike. The place was really far away approx. 30 km and road was also not so good in between, so I was looking forward to this outing. Didi was wearing a white shirt and jeans. We left on my pulsar bike and reached the interview place just on time. Nothing happened on the way except sometime when I applied brake hard, her boobs pressed against my back. There were many candidates so eventually it took time and by the time didi came back it was already around 6 in the evening. As we started our journey back, it started drizzling as I was driving fast, didi was holding my back and when I applied brake she pressed her whole body against mine. Soon it started raining heavily and it was impossible to drive and we were still 15 km away from the town, so I stopped my bike near a tree and went to take shelter.

When I looked back, I saw Priti di completely drenched in rain, water was dropping from her shirt and I could easily see her bra. Her figure was never clearer than now. I analyzed her from top to bottom. She came and stood beside and was shivering with cold. Her whole body was shaking and she was sneezing. I told her to sit down and relax as this rain is not going to stop any sooner. She sat down but was still feeling cold. I removed my wet shirt and suggested her to do the same. She was not ready to do so. But I said her that if she continues wearing the wet shirt she will catch fever and no way she can again come back tomorrow for the final interview. She hesitated a bit but finally much to my delight removed her shirt and now she was in her blue bra. The instant I saw her in her bra, I got a hard on and it was very awkward for me to hide it. I somehow adjusted but she saw me.

Even after this she was shivering so I sat down and hugged her. She got some heat from my body and relaxed a bit but it was not helping me as all my cock was hard by now. I continued hugging her and she was not moving away so I started rubbing my hand on her back and slowly stroking her hair. Her breathing was increasing and my hands were all over her back. I was playing with her bra strap and massaging her back. She was all over me and was rubbing my chest. It was too much for me so planted a kiss on her neck and slowly I was kissing her back. She broke the hug and our eyes met, I planted a kiss on her forehead and then on her cheeks. She didn’t respond so I again kissed her lips. I kept sucking her lips and finally she opened her mouth and I inserted my tongue inside her. We both were smooching under a tree out in open but I didn’t care. I continued kissing her, inserting my tongue inside her and sucking her tongue.

I opened her bra and started pressing her boobs. I took them in my mouth and was sucking them. I was pinching her nipples and making her moan. She was breathing heavily and was rubbing her hand all over my chest. It was very difficult to control but we our action had to wait till we reach home. We put on our clothes and headed back home. Whole time didi was rubbing my dick and was pressing her tits on my back. It was very difficult to drive in that heavy rain with a hard on. Somehow, we reached home and it was already 11. We both headed straight to my room. As soon as I entered, I caught hold of didi and removed her clothes and made her naked. I also removed my clothes and moved to bed. I lied over her and started kissing her all over her body and was squeezing her breast all the time. Due to all the pinching, her boobs had become red and there was bite marks.

After all those kissing I moved to her pussy and started rubbing it. Didi was too wet by now and was already dripping. I started rubbing her cunt and didi was moaning in pleasure. Every time I fingered her, she let out a moan. She was too desperate for a cock that she was begging me to fuck but I had planned another thing for her. I was a pro in sex and she was a virgin so I knew all the technique to tease her and also I had sex with many virgin so I knew how to make this wonderful for her. I wanted to make her wait like she has done to me all these years.

So, I threw her on bed and tied both her legs and hand in the bed post. I lied over her and started sucking her tits and fondling them. I smelled her armpit and kissed her from top to bottom and then moved to her pussy. I started licking it and was inserting my tongue inside her and was slowly fucking her. This was too much for her and was trying desperately to sway away but she couldn’t. I inserted my fingers inside her and started fingering her. I could easily insert two fingers inside her and was fucking her. I increased my pace and son I was making her scream with just my fingers and she was breathing heavily and twisting her body and was shivering with pleasure. Her juice was all over my hand and she was extremely lubricated. I rubbed her juices over her pussy and started sucking it. After two three minutes of fingering, she cummed and I drank all the juices.

By now, my cock was throbbing and was fully awake. I untied her finally and made her kneel down in front of me. She was on her knees and I was sitting on the edge of bed. I held her hair and brought her face close to my dick but she didn’t pen her mouth. I tried to persuade her but she was not ready to suck it. I simply closed her nose and when she opened her mouth, I slid my dick in her mouth. She started to move away but I held her firmly and forced her to suck it. I was moving my cock in and out slowly. Soon she understood and started sucking it nicely. She moved her head to and fro and sucked it nicely. I told her to rub the skin and squeeze the balls and play with them and she obliged. She started sucking them too and soon she was moving her hand over it and giving me hand job. I was on verge of ejaculating so I told her to stop and again bent down to suck her pussy.

I made her lie down and went between her legs and started once again fingering and sucking her pussy at the same time. She was so much turned on by now that she started jumping up and down and was closing her legs every time. But somehow I managed and continued fingering her. After sometime, she was telling me stop teasing her and fuck her. I was yet not ready so I took my dick and started rubbing on her cunt. I squeezed her boobs, made her taste her pussy juice but kept rubbing my dick on her pussy. After 45 minutes of foreplay, I got myself in position to fuck her. I kept dick on her cunt and lied over her and started kissing her and playing with her boobs. As I got in position, she got tensed and was asking me to go slow. I calmed her that everything will be fine and she will love it but she was saying that she knows it pains too much. I relaxed her by kissing and playing with her tits and held my dick on her cunt.

I guided it with one hand and with other I was fondling her boobs. Suddenly, I gave a jerk and it went inside and Priti di let out a loud scream and started twisting her body with pain but I told her to relax and don’t move. I kept my dick inside her for a while and then took it out and it had blood all over it. I once again put it inside her and started moving slowly and didi was still screaming but soon didi got used to it and was now enjoying it. I increased my pace and was now fucking her with great pace and she also increased her moaning and was grabbing my back and was forcing me towards her.

Now, I went behind her turned her sideways and was fucking her from behind. I was holding her boobs from behind so I was able to fuck her deeper and with much more pace. The sound of my dick hitting her pussy walls was suppressed only by her moaning and shouting. The feel of her tight pussy against my dick was so overwhelming that I had to pull out my dick to stop myself from Cumming. I again switched position and this time I lied down and asked her to come on top. I held my dick straight and slowly guided it to her cunt and she also slowly sat on it. I took some time to go inside and once in she started jumping and I was supporting her back to provide necessary support and she was moaning and shouting my name. I caught hold of her boobs and was stroking her from bottom and every time I fucked her she screamed. I started teasing her and I varied my pace and sometimes simply rotated her on my dick and she was shouting like crazy telling me not to stop. I continued in this manner for 2-3 minutes more and ultimately, let her go. We both went in 69 position for a while and while she was sucking my dick, I was sucking all of her juices.

After a while, I stood up and she was still lying. I moved closer to her and she opened her mouth and I put my dick in. she was sucking it nicely but I wanted some more pleasure so I caught her hair and started forcing her towards myself and I was mouth fucking her very fast. I was going very fast and was hitting her everywhere. I forced my whole dick inside her and kept it there till she choked and gagged for breath. It was a lovely scene watching Priti didi choke and gag. After this, I told her to go on all fours and she responded very well. I dragged her to the end of bed and positioned myself behind her. i was glancing at her wonderful ass which had eluded me till now and I started rubbing her ass and started spanking her cheeks. Every time I spanked her, she let out a scream which was such a turn on that I turned her ass cheeks red by slapping and pinching it. The red marks on her white back and ass was such a treat to eyes that I cannot express. After a while, I positioned my dick and entered inside in a flash and I started pounding her like an animal.

I was showing no mercy and was hitting her with my whole power. The whole bed was shaking and didi was shouting on top of her voice asking me to go slow. But, I said to her that” there is no way I am going slow now you are my bitch today and I am going to tear your pussy tonight.” After some time, I changed my position again and this time I lied down and asked her to sit on me but this time she was facing me. I started banging her and I forced her to lie down on my chest and was holding her from behind so that she couldn’t move away. I started fucking her with my whole strength and she was helpless in front of me. She was crying and shouting in pain but to no use. I increased my pace further and she was unable to control and was telling me not to stop. I continued ramming her and soon her whole body was shaking and trembling and she was arching her back, I understood she was reaching her orgasm so I continued my pace and myself was on verge of Cumming, so after a while we both cummed at the same time. Her orgasm was so intense that she was shaking and trembling and had flooded whole bed with her juices. I too had cummed inside her.

We both laid there for a while and didi was so tired after a one hour fucking session that she was unable to move but I wanted more. I had dreamed of this day for 4 years and when this day was finally there, I didn’t want to miss any chance and in no near future I was getting this opportunity when there would be nobody at home. After a while, she stood up and was going towards bathroom but I caught her hand and made her sit there. She sat beside me and I started fondling her tits and playing with her nipples. She said to me “Stop let me go enough for now, I am very tired”. I said that what do you mean? I said that you are my fucking whore today and I will fuck you as many times I wish and this night is too long”. She said “what do you mean? Enough is enough, tomorrow is my interview I have to go. Please let me go now and fuck me as much as you want tomorrow.

I will tell you the rest of story next time.

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Sexy Elder Sister – My First Ever

Hi guys! This is my first story on

Let me start off by telling you all a little bit about my sister and me.

I’m a 20 year old guy (Rob) with a slim build and I am 170 cm tall. My sister (Alisha) is four years elder to me. She is 24, very fair with an erection-causing figure of 34D; 26; 36. She has done a course of Fashion Designing and Technology from NIFT and she usually dresses up in westerns (formals with heels for day and top and skirts with usually high heels for the night/evening). I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I fucking love girls in high heels. Seriously. That is like the biggest turn on for me.

Ever since my sister was 16-17 (I was 12-13) I used to check her out and imagine how amazing it would feel to fuck her. She matured at 16, with her full blown 34D boobs always trying to tear out of her school shirts. We both went to the same school and the best day of school was when she was passing out of school in 12th. That is when this story is based in. She was a hot 18 year old, all dressed up for her farewell in a revealing sleeveless top showing off just the right amount of her cleavage and a skirt that stopped an inch or two above her knees along with super high heels. Her hair she left loose with very dense flowing locks along her shoulders reaching the side of her boobs.Let’s fast forward now to when she got back from her farewell party.

It was 10 PM. The farewell had ended in the evening and then her class had proceeded to go to a club. When she reached back home I was all alone there because we had to go to a dinner party and since Alisha had gotten late in returning from her farewell, I had volunteered (with a mischievous plan to fuck her) to stay back and wait for her.

The bell rang and I answered the door. Alisha was standing there looking as stunning as ever. I let her in and as she walked toward the living room couch, I ogled at her ass. Oh! What an ass she has! She was tired (I suppose from dancing and/or making out with guys in the party. I dunno) and she just sat down on the couch and rest her head on the back of the couch. This was a perfect scenario for me. I approached her slowly and sat down on her left side, and then slowly I began to massage her head.
“You look really tired!” I said.
“Yeah there was so much dancing and talking and laughing. It was pretty exhausting but you know it was fun!” replied Alisha in a voice slightly louder than a whisper.
“Well, that’s good, now, isn’t it?”, I said as I proceeded to softly press and rub her arms.
“Hmm”, her voice faded as she closed her eyes and started enjoying the entirely brotherly (or so she thought) massage she was getting.
I knew these next moments were crucial to getting her on bed with me and I only get one chance.

I continued massaging her arms and slowly went up to her neck. Now came the part where I was treading thin ice. Enjoying the sound of her breaths and the feeling of her breathing on my face (I was really close to her body by now), I slowly moved my hands towards the topmost part of her exposed cleavage, rubbing them on her skin all the time so it hopefully would feel like I was just massaging her. I was careful not to touch her cleavage or her boobs as that would be a total mood-kill right now.

Alisha was asleep and this was the perfect moment to move to part B of my plan. With my right hand placed on her left shoulder and my left hand on her right shoulder, I slowly stood up, put one leg across her body and lowered myself softly onto her lap. I didn’t let go of my weight as that would wake her up. I had to do a lot of things at the same time now. I moved my hands down to her wrists and grabbed them softly as I moved her arms into a position such that I was holding her arms by the wrists right next to her shoulders. Then I let go of my weight and at the same time buried my face in her neck, licking it softly and sucking it.

I knew Alisha woke up from a deep sleep because for the first 5-7 seconds after she woke up, all she said was something along the lines of “Umm? Rob? Is that you ahh”. As she took in her environment and realized that it indeed was me who was “making love” to her, she started struggling and trying to push me off of herself. “Rob? What the fuck are you doing!?”, said Alisha as she tried to throw me off herself.

I was obviously not going to force her. I just kept kissing her neck and paused and tried to convince her “Oh c’mon Alisha! Like, you’re not enjoying this!” I said as I resumed licking her neck and giving her soft hickeys on the base of her neck and near her ears. She was turned on, I could feel it in the way she was breathing and the fact that she didn’t try to actually stop me even once. All her attempts to get me to get off her were half-hearted and so I just kept my lips and tongue busy on her neck and at times teasing her cleavage.

Slowly she started moaning softly in time with my kisses on her neck and I let go of her arms. Her hands moved down towards my bermudas and touched my erect penis over the cloth. I looked at her and before she could say or do anything I pressed my lips to hers and locked our mouths together. At once she parted her lips and I put my tongue inside her mouth and felt her teeth as she moved her tongue under mine and into my mouth. My hands were now pulling her top’s strings down from her shoulders and the top started tearing off as we continued kissing and playing with each others’ tongues while her hands were on my cock. Alisha had put her hand inside my bermuda and was slowly shagging my cock while her other hand was on my back.

We must’ve kissed for at least 5 minutes. In this time I completely tore her top off her body and unhooked her skirt (she wasn’t wearing a bra). We had also switched positions from being in a sitting position to a lying down position. Alisha was on the couch and I was lying on top of her with my legs between hers as we started dry humping over the clothes themselves. My mouth was busy sucking her boobs and biting her nipples and she was continuously moaning in her hot horny voice making me wilder with her body. Her hands were on my head and she was playing with my hair. I carried on kissing and sucking her boobs for as long as I could control my urge to start fucking her.

After a while I lowered my bermuda, slid her panty off her sexy legs to expose her pussy. Oh what an amazing sight it was. Her pussy was tight, pink and perfectly waxed. I would’ve given her some oral pleasure on her pussy but the sight of it was enough to make me an animal. I just grabbed her hands and pinned her to the couch as I guided my erect cock slowly inside her. She moaned and screamed as the tip went in. I was slowly pushing it in while biting her chin and lower lip and enjoying the sexy expressions on her face.

It took a lot of slow pushing into her and licking her lips and biting her chin to completely get my cock inside her tight pussy. I lied down on her like that for a little while, kissing her lips, our lips moving between each other and our tongues playing together. While the kiss was going on, I slowly moved out and then slid my cock back inside her pussy, making her let out an amazingly sexy and erotic sigh. Her fingers had tightened on my hands as I continued fucking her, moving my cock in and out of her pussy. Slowly I increased the pace of strokes making sure she wasn’t in pain.

I let go of her hands and grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them while fucking her hard and fast. “Do you have a condom on?” asked Alisha as she noticed my speed increasing too fast and realizing that I was probably going to cum. “No. Don’t worry; I’ll cum inside your mouth!” I replied. I pulled out my cock and put it in her mouth. It was an amazing sight and feeling. Her soft, red lips open wide to take my cock in and then holding my cock inside her mouth as I continued pushing it in and out of her mouth.

She was using her hands well, too. She had grabbed my balls and was playing with them. It didn’t take me even 2 minutes to cum after that. I grabbed her head and pulled her closer to me so my cock went inside deeper into her throat as I started cumming. I felt lace after lace of cum shooting out of my cock into her mouth. Once I was done, I pulled out of her mouth. She made a sort of cup with her hands and opened her mouth a little to allow some cum to fall into her hands. Giving me a horny look, she swallowed all the cum and lied down on the couch, tired. I was exhausted, too. So I gave her the clothes she was wearing (and a new top), got dressed and went off to sleep.

If you liked my story please rate it.

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My Trimmer Made My Way To Fuck My Mom

This is Yuva sharing my sex experience with my mom.

(Mom name: Srija; boobs size: 34 fair complexion)

Let’s come to the story, as usual as a 22 yr old boy mischievous enough, and in first I’ll tell you how my incest feeling started. My dad passed away few years back and after that mom and I had a normal life.

I was going to college regularly and one fine day when coming back to home I had a lot of sweat in my body so thought of taking a bath and entered the bathroom, after removing my dress there I saw my trimmer in the stand. It was not right that my trimmer shouldn’t be there, and I thought only mom could have used it and left that matter away. And after few weeks saw the trimmer again, this time my devil mind started to think what mom had done with this, I started to imagine that mom shaving her armpits and shagged there itself and after that time I felt s bad about that and time went on. Again in night the same feeling and I thought how mom would have shaved her pussy with my trimmer and shagged that night and I started to fantasies mom like fucking her, here in this I started the incest behavior and made my mind to fuck her somehow, there I got a boost of reading indian sex stories and made my mind to definitely fuck my mom.

After some days I can’t resist my urge to fuck my mom, so I had a plan in mind and waited for the time to come. After few days again the trimmer came to bathroom, after I took bath came to mom and asked mom that why my trimmer is in bathroom and why? Mom silently said “I used it” in reply is asked why mom? After few seconds of silence mom told that she used it trim her armpits. Then I said ok and went back, in the evening while I was watching TV mom too was sitting opposite and watching TV. After some time mom asked your trimmer is not working fine for me, can u show me how to use it.

Then a plan struck my mind immediately and I told mom that next time, call me I’ll show you, after some different reactions mom nodded her head. I was feeling happy and waiting for the time to trim.

Then came the day, mom waked me up early in the morning and told that she is going to some function so she will be wearing a silk saree, so she told if sweat touches her jackets it will be spoiled so she asked me to shave her armpit and I said yes and followed her to the bathroom.

This is my first experience like this I was so excited and went in, there mom was wearing saree, she started removing her pallu and dropped down and took all the saree out, next it’s the jacket I was eagerly waiting for this, mom slightly turned and started to un hook her jacket. She didn’t completely remove it and then she turned this side and it was wow for me that sharp bra point poking me. Then she raised her right arm and then I started to trim her armpit slowly and I made another plan to completely remove her jacket, I told mom this is distracting me so remove off. Mom soon removed it and I watched every gap of her bra and slightly touched her melons. But on her face I saw some sexual attitude over me on that day.

Then came another chance to trim, this time I badly however wanted to fuck her and this time I did it.

Let’s see how, same as above I was trimming I played a prank and told in the centre that batter of trimmer is gone, mom asked me what to do, I told to come to the room there I’ll connect the charger and trim, mom said OK and came with me, in the bedroom mom was sitting in bed and I was trimming, this time I knowingly touched her melons, mom didn’t mind it, and the trimming was finished and I ran out of ideas and went out disappointed. While going out mom called me and asked the trimmer back, I asked why! It is over right my but why, mom didn’t say anything. I got the point what for it was and I smiled and handed it to mom. Mom smilingly took the trimmer and sent me out.

I was imagining what mom was doing and shagging, all of a sudden mom loudly called me and I went near the door, she inside from the room told that trimmer is not working. I asked can I cm in, mom told wait for a minute and opened the door, where she was in her petticoat tied above her breast. I went in and saw the trimmer where it was turned off with the setting button unknowingly and I restarted and showed it to mom. Mom smiled and took it and while I was heading back mom suddenly asked can u do it for me, I blushed and said how can I mom it’s impossible. Mom told nothing in it because you are helping your mom and you are cleaning your birth place. I came to know by these time it’s time to fuck my mom.

I entered in and mom slept on the bed and spread her legs. First time I am seeing my mom’s pussy and started to trim, while trimming somehow inserted my finger lightly in her pussy. She moaned and said not to touch those, and I giggled, at the end I trimmed everything. Mom stood up and then I asked mom can u do it for me, mom said yes off course my son and pulled my shorts down and saw my rock solid dick and stunned and then it was not trimming its only party time. Mom didn’t have patience to trim she badly needed my cock inside. And she directly told come on I am u from now my son, after hearing those thing I jumped on her and removed her petticoat and sucked her melons bit her nipples and then started licking those armpits and my birth place which is crystal clear shaved and then I entered inside her and got into the climax and fucked 3 to 4 times on the same day and felt very happy and continued to enjoy our session daily at least 2 times.

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1st And Last Time My Chotu In A Pussy

Hello guys & gals, this is the 1st time I’ve seen a website like this where we can share our real life sex stories. I was browsing through porn sites yesterday (2nd Feb’15) and somehow reached this site, I was surprised and amazed with the stories,” THANK YOU; not sure how to” and hope all the stories are real life.

About me: This is Rakesh Cupid, athletic body type, working in a leading MNC and living in Hyderabad. I’ve stories from my childhood, even before the sperm production has started in my body. I’m trying to recollect all of them between I’ll bring a story during my graduation.

One of our relatives moved to our home town – husband & wife with a six months old baby boy. There comes a girl, cousin of wife. Husband & wife go out to their respective works this girl used take care of baby boy. I was regular visitor to their home as they were new to my hometown. During the couple were out of the house for their work, the girl and I used to take care of baby. While exchanging the baby from hands to her and her to my hands, my hands used to get in contact with her boobs. Touching a girl boobs is not new to me and the girl also never took it serious.

It was going on and I started teasing her too. While taking and handing over the baby I used to go closer to her face and teased to kiss on her lips. She is fair and dusky in skin color and her lips are brown. When I go closer to her lips she used to close her eyes and stand like a statue. One day my lips were closer to her lips and she has closed her eyes standing statue. I was closer to her lips saying should I kiss or not, should I kiss or not and finally I kissed her. After some days I moved from kissing to pressing her boobs and started licking them from top of her dress.

At home she used to wear cotton night suit, a shirt with buttons and pant. One day while smooching her lips I kept my left hand near her belly and moved upwards. Reached her right boob and started pressing it. Later I put my right hand, went to left boob and caressing her nipple. Then unhooked her bra and caressing her boobs with both hands. Everything I was doing inside her shirt. Next day baby was sleeping and I was on my duty. I started smooching lips, kept hands in her shirt and caressing her boobs. Then slowly unbuttoned her shirt and first time started licking her boobs, wow its fantastic man.

Next day I pushed her on to bed and I went on top of her. Started French kiss, slowly unbuttoned her shirt and unhooked her bra; pressing her boobs, licking them and twisting my tongue on nipples. I went down moving my tongue on her stomach. I kept my hand on her pussy, top of panty & night pant. I felt her pussy was wet and started rubbing it, she is moaning umm ahh amm uhh on top of her panty and pant I bite her vagina. I rubbed my chotu (dick) on her pussy on top her dress, after a while I cummed inside my inner. Now my inner is wet, she saw it and was me asking with a smile on her face why my inner is wet.

She is used to wake up early in the morning and I used to sleep in the hall. She wakes up, come to my bed and wakes me up. She sits beside my head and gives me her boobs to lick. That’s how my day. One used to start. The scene was like a mother giving milk to her baby fine day she woke me up and I surprised to see a girl beside to her. The other girl is her friend, I think she might have told to her friend about us but I didn’t do anything with her friend. Now I feel that I missed a chance.

Here comes the climax of this story. It was in the afternoon, the baby and mother were sleeping in the master bedroom. This girl and me slowly went into children’s bedroom and started our activity. She was wearing Punjabi suit on this day. I started smooching, pressing her boobs and for the first time I moved my hand to her pussy. Her pussy is wet and I was rubbing it, once I moved out my hand and saw white liquid on my fingers. She was not able to control and asked me insert my dick. I said you it yourself. She untied her lower suit knot and lowered her pant and panty till her knee. I was sitting in L shape, legs are stretched straight and back on the wall.

She sat on me and guided my dick into her pussy with her hand. Her vagina was tight and my dick went in but I felt pain. Asked her to move away and my dick has little blood on it. Immediately went in washroom and cleaned my dick with soap. I was sweating in tension and thought there was cut on my chotu (dick). By that time baby’s mother woke up and was suspecting me as I was sweating, I told her that we were playing and it was hot summer.

That was the end to my story, after that I never put my dick in pussy. I still wonder why & how I had cut on my chotu which led to bleeding. The pain was there for a day or two. If anyone knows the reason for the blood from chotu please comment.

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How To Make Babies – Trained By Mom

I always had a thing for my mom. When I was 14 and my penis had started to grow harder in the company of girls, I came across a peep hole in my mom’s bathroom. I used to watch her bathe every day. Her boobs were a 36C hung well on a 32 waist. She never shaved her cunt but fingered herself once in a while in the shower. From that day till date, 15 years on, my mom has always occurred in my jerk-off fantasies. She is 49 now.

I got married and a couple of years on, my wife and I decided to make babies. I was however, mortally afraid of cumming inside her. I had always worn a condom when I was close to my climax. My wife counselled me and told me that one day or the other I had to do it if I wanted babies. I thought about it for six months and was still unable to bring myself to do it. I guess it had something to do with making my girlfriend, who I ended up marrying, pregnant. I was always careful; never even leaked precum into her.

So I was visiting my mom’s place for Holi. She was anyway pressurizing us to have kids so that she could spend some quality time with her grandchildren. I think my wife told my mom about my fears and she decided to take matters in her own hands. On the day of Holi, she decided to play with colors with the families in the neighbourhood. It seemed odd because she had stopped doing it long back. I was forced to join her. The real fun began when the boys brought in barrels full of colored water. All of us were wet and our clothes were stuck to our bodies. Nobody seemed to mind as it was Holi and everything was done in innocence.

Then started the round of marijuana laced drinks. That was when people stopped caring about their clothes. My wife had the foresight and left for home to clean up. Women of all ages of the neighbourhood were displaying their cup sizes in full glory – tits in tight kameez and t-shirts were everywhere. I flirted with most of the women and fondled most of them. Honestly, all men were doing the same. It was a slutfest out there. Most of the women didn’t really care about me touching them, cupping their breasts and rubbing their butts. Some still treated me like the teenage kid who moved in years ago. One of them even tried making out with me but of course, we couldn’t do it with everybody around. My cock was rock solid but my denims came in handy.

My mom was carefully observing my behaviour standing in one part of the street and was generally aloof from the crowd. She called me inside and asked me to clean up. By the time I was done, my wife had dressed up for a girls meet up a couple of blocks away and had left. My mom was in the other bathroom. She called me in and said ‘You had fun today, didn’t you?’. I could only manage a smile and tried to deflect, ‘Yeah. It was nice meeting with everyone. What’s up with you?’

‘So Kim was telling me that you guys want to have a baby?’
‘Yeah, something like that.’
‘You do know what needs to be done? Right, son?’
‘Yes, mom. Don’t badger me now with these embarrassing questions.’
‘Am I embarrassing you? How about now?’

With a jerk she tugged at the cord of my bathrobe and let it fall out. Before I could get over the shock of being naked in front of mom, though I secretly wanted it for years, she removed her robe as well.

‘Are you embarrassed now?’
‘Uh.’ (My cock had started to move now).
‘I want you to learn how to make babies.’
‘I know that, Mom. I’m 29 years old.’
‘But apparently, you failed your biology class.’
‘Let’s get to the point. What do you want from me?’
‘I want you to come inside me.’
‘But you’re my mom’ (I had to pretend)
‘It’s OK. You can’t make me pregnant so there is no harm done.’

She started stroking my cock which was already rock hard and leaking oodles of precum. There was a lot of precum build up already after fondling so many women, and now my decades old fantasy was coming true. She led me to the bedroom and lay on the bed with her legs wide apart. She still had the same amount of dark pubic hair. Her tits were slightly saggy but she had maintained her breasts. I mounted her in missionary and she guided my 5 inch erect cock in her pussy. Her pussy was not that wet but was almost as warm and tight as my wife. I inserted my entire length inside. She didn’t squirm.

‘Get it all in. I want to feel your balls on my pussy’

I was thrusting at a good pace now. A couple of minutes later she started moaning and rubbing her clit. Her moans almost finished me so I pulled out, out of fear. She figured that I’m hesitating and ordered me.

‘Stuff it in. I want it really bad. Come on. Make me feel like a whore’

She held my cock and put it in again. My climax had subdued a little bit and I started thrusting again. This time she wrapped her legs around me and squeezed her tits with both her hands. This made me mad and I came inside her, threads after threads of semen inside my mom’s cunt. She felt it and started moaning, and climaxed with some help from her rubbing her clit.

I was panicking. I had done something I’ve never had. But it felt nice, almost liberating. There was no fear of making her pregnant. She was a post-menopausal woman. My wife had her periods in the same week so she was not one bit suspicious. I loved cumming inside her. She loved my cum on her pussy lips and on her clit. We fucked twice everyday for the next week and by the end of my vacation I was ready to be a dad.

Thanks mom.

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My Hot And Sweet Mom – Part 2

I was in heaven..smelling her panty again.. tasting it.. licking the juice.. started playing with my cock again.. played for nearly ten mins.. slowly.. got a message from MOM.. read.. PUTTU LOAD IT AGAIN WITH YOUR FRESH CREAM.. I L COME AFTER AN HOUR..I WANT TO EAT IT AGAIN…!!!

And the rest continued below..

I read her message and was just went out of control… she want to eat my cream!!!??/ wow.. I was lost.. started licking her panty again.. put it into mouth and started chewing the middle part.. bite it.. cock was started paining.. slowly rubbing it.. and dreaming of the next session gonna happen.. I wanted to cum on panty and make her eat it.. but was scared.. as If I cummed again.. then it may take extra time for me to get ready for the fucking session.. and If I fail in fucking.. she may feel disappointed.. as she is having a heavenly sex with DAD.. she may not continue with me and may think I cant!!! So I must hold it and fuck her as deep as I can and she must feel the heaven.. So I decided not to cum.. and started playing on my cock and decided to hold it for long time and till she comes..

One more message came.. Puttu.. Have u tasted PISSS…??

I replied.. No mom.. but want to..

She said.. be ready.. U get hot n fresh and juicy!! I said oka..

Ten more minutes.. was like an hour… her panty was totally soaked in my saliva.. I had licked and sucked it completely in that part.. and finally door bell bang..

I wrapped a towel and went to door.. opened it.. and yes.. MOM. My beautiful and sweet mom was there.. and came in.. I locked the door.. she confirmed it again.. and walked into hall..
I followed and hugged her from behind and said.. MOM I lost myself.. Just need you now.. want to lick want to fuck u as deep as I can..

She said.. its okay.. control Son.. u should not be so restless in sex.. and not to get excited so much.. that makes you cum soon.. so be calm.. control.. and have your mind in your control.. so that u can fuck for long time and hold your ejaculation .. as long as u can fuck.. the chance is more for the FEMALE to enjoy and have an orgasm.. ok?.. I said.. ok mom.. u teach me the techniques..

She told.. sure son.. I l teach u all what I know.. and what DAD thought.. ok..

Said yes.. and she walked to bath room…. I want to piss Son.. come watch n enjoy.. we both went to bathroom.. she stood on the commode.. and told.. Puttu.. I was with out panty… forgot to wear after I removed that for you.. managed some how.. now I will pis.. u can sit down and watch the Fresh Hot piss coming out of your MOMs CUNT.. ok..

I said yes.. and sat down..

She lifted her saree.. and sat on the commode…spreading her White shiney ROund thighs.. that bush.. Hairs were not shaved… I bent my head little more down so that I can clearly see it.. The Piss came out.. with full force.. like water released in DAM.. pure white color.. with full force.. and that sound..was awesome.. cant write it here how it sounds..

Before the piss reached the commode.. I put my left hand to feel it.. was very hot… really hot.. enjoyed the feel.. and her cunt was not open….only hairs.. and in between I can see the source of Piss… as I felt it on my hands.. MOM told taste it Puttu…. its DADS favorite.. I told ok.. and took the piss in my left hand as If we take theertham in temple.. and poured it to mouth.. WOW.. it was hot..little salty.. and warm.. same as a WARM SALT WATER.. I swallowed.. and put my hand again.. MOM told Put right hand.. I did.. put right hand and took some more and drank again.. but this time as it was little more.. I got cough!!!.. MOM told.. slow son… and laughed.. and knocked on my head.. Still Piss was coming.. MOM told Enough?… I told no want again.. his time Put both my hands and took max PISS and swallowed again.. Really enjoyed it.. and it was almost over.. the force was slowing down.. and last..few drops came.. once all done..

I slowly inserted my finger into her cunt.. sucked it.. tasty like heaven.. wanted to see the full cunt.. tried to spread… mom told.. leave I cant sit more time.. she took off my hand.. I wanted to taste or suck it.. but MOM stood up.. and I was sitting down only.. she asked what? I told.. want more.. please I begged.. MOM laughed and lifted her saree again.. spread her legs.. and came near to my mouth.. I smelled it.. was nice nice nice.. was flying in heaven.. MOM spread little more her thighs.. and brought her cunt close to my mouth.. and kept it on my mouth.. asked me to suck it now..

I just opened my tongue and licked it first.. didn’t get anything..a little piss was there.. again licked,,.. MOM spread her CUNT a little and told now suck it Son.. I put my tongue there…exactly to the centre of her CUNT.. and licked and then with my both lips wide open.. bited the cunt fully.. and sucked it.. WOW.. the piss.. remaining piss.. and that salty oily juice.. as she was wet and had almost an orgasm.,..

I licked that.. that cum inside her cunt.. sucked it.. MOM kept it on my MOUTH and rubbed it for a while.. I sucked.. sucked.. and sucked.. then slowly sucked her public hairs too.. it was very dark black and very hard..!! that’s it.. MOM… left her saree down.. and stood near the wash basin.. and washed her hands… I lost control… Lifted her saree again.. and told let me lick the Ass crack MOM.. she told.. what will be there now?.. nothing.. I told its ok.. I spread her Ass crack… and licked that crack.. and tried inserting my tongue to her ass hole..tasted good.. MOM told.. leave it puttu.. u wont get anything. now.. and turned around.. and took my head in hands and lifted me up.. hugged me on her breasts.. and told.. PUTTU.. Even DAD has the same fetish .. to lick my CUNT and ASS after I PISS and SHIT.. u too have the same thing?.. I told.. DOnt know MOM.. but liked the taste I said.. She told.. ok.. U can taste it again later.. now lets go to hall.. I followed… her…

She pushed me on sofa.. and sat on my lap.. I hugged her.. left hand on her waist.. and right hand on her boob.. pressing it slowly.. I told kiss me MOM.. she kissed me on lips.. I kissed.. and again.. licked her Lips.. sucked her lower lips.. bite it slowly.. she pressed my head.. and kissed more.. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth.. licked her teeth.. sucked her tongue.. licked her tongue.. licked all her mouth.. then on her lips.. sucked her upper n lower lips again n again.. it was nice kiss.. that lipstick smell was good and taste too.. she kissed more.. licked my tongue.. licked my inner mouth… and I licked her lips again n again.. !! it went for nearly ten minutes.. and she pushed my head.. and told.. What is this.. u don’t want to continue?..

I told yes I will MOM..

I pressed her Boobs.. and took her pallu out.. and pressed her boob again.. she sat properly n allowed me to press nicely.. and told.. press slowly.. and when I am in mood I only tell u to press hard and then u press as hard as you can ok..

I stopped replying.. and continued the game.. she lifted her hands.. and I smelled her under arm area.. that sweat same.. was awesome.. licked it from blouse itself.. and removed the blouse buttons.. removed blouse completely.. inside a lased BRA.. was very beautiful… light Blue colored.. her Boobs were not completely inside it.. some parts were out of it from top.. I licked it there.. pressed that flesh part.. bite it.. and pressed boobs hardly.. and started biting it on bra itself.. my left hands were rubbing her back.. licked her boobs again.. kissed her neck.. her cheek.. lips again.. and bit her ears..licked underneath.. MOM was so happy and said..

Come on Son.. this is truly nice.. am enjoying.. I pressed again.. her boobs.. and she turned a little and told remove bra.. I saw her back.. wow.. was beautiful.. milky white.. and kissed it all over.. licked again..rubbed and rubbed.. and removed her bra hooks.. and MOM took it away from front side.. now her both boobs were total free.. in front of my eyes and face..So big.. I pressed it and kissed one by one.. mom told.. take your left hand from back.. play with both hands.. u feel good.. I took left hand.. hold each in hands and started pressing.. mom was enjoying.. and said.. press more son.. I pressed the boobs.. and started sucking the nipples.. played with my tongue and licked the whole boobs.. that sweat smell.. between was very tasty and good.. I pressed one boob in both hands.. and sucked it again.. mom said.. wow.. nice one Puttu.. suck it more.. I sucked..

Now bite it plz..

I bite it.. she told bite more and more harder.. I bit it more.. she was pressing my head tightly on boobs.. and I bite it more.. and pressed it more n more harder.. MOM started screaming.. and told.. come ON Puttu.. more.. your MOM need more.. do it harder..

I joined her both boobs and tried to bite and suck both nipples at a time.. she helped me.. joining both boobs.. I licked and started biting and sucking both nipples at a time.. she loved it n said.. this is new Puttu.. DAD didn’t do this.. I hugged her tightly.. COCK was hard and almost done!!!

I told.. MOM please.. I want more.. she said.. ok.. all yours.. do what u want.. I lifted her saree.. and close to her cunt.. rubbed her thighs.. Her Thighs were so beautiful.. milky and shiny.. rubbed it and pressed it.. and slowly.. rubber her cunt.. played with her public hairs.. its hard.. and blak and thick.. played it there for some time.. MOM spread her thighs and made a way to her cunt.. I slowly pushed my middle finger… and sucked it.. MOM spread more and allowed my finger more.. I inserted more.. and started stroking.. and same time sucking her right boob… biting it.. and stroking her cunt harder.. played like this for a minute..

MOM told.. stop.. now go down.. lick my juicy cunt.. enjoy the fresh juice Puttu… u use to lick on panty na?.. now lick directly.. on my cunt.. I sat down.. MOM lifted ad kept her legs on Sofa edge.. and spread her thighs.. I looked her cunt closely.. smelled it.. piss.. and her fresh juice… made me so wild and fetish.. I just licked it.. Slowly licked her cunt lips.. using tongue spread it.. But MOM spread it in her hands.. and also.. pulled her public hairs to top.. and spreading her cunt asked me to lick..

I licked her cunt.. it was really juicy.. that salty juice of her cunt was damn good.. licked the inner side of her cunt.. right wall.. left wall… and as much as deeper.. inserted my tongue… then totally sucked her cunt in my lips.. MOM started making noise.. and I can feel her enjoyment.. she pressed my head on her cunt.. I licked it some more time.. then slowly.. inserted my finger into her cunt.. deep inside.. and felt her inner part…. A small hole type.. some entrance.. don’t know what.. but when I press it and rub it MOM making a happy noise and enjoying it.. and did it some time.. then again sucked and licked and chewed the cunt.. then the main spot.. G spot..

Slowly touched it with my tongue tip.. MOM made a huge noise and hugged my head.. I licked her G spot.. her clit.. licked it.. slowly.. slowly… and sucked it.. MOM tuk my head up.. and asked liked it?

I told yes.. its very nice.. she told.. but this is not the right way to lick CUNT son..

I asked.. then teach me.. she told.. its ok.. still days r there.. I l teach.. now u do how u want n finish it.. Chinni may come.. (my Sis)… SO I licked for some more time.. in between.. she told to put fingers in side and lick.. I inserted my finger inside her cunt.. and licked her clit.. one finger and then two fingers.. giving a light stroke inside her cunt.. licked her clit.. at a moment.. she pressed my head tightly and told.. don’t stop keep licking.. I will cum now and u get juice.. SO I licked more more more n more.. and I was tired.. tongue started paining.. but mom had pressed my head over there.. and she was pushing her hips towards my mouth.. and it was like rubbing her cunt on my face….. and fem more mins.. She had a nice orgasm..!!! she making a huge noise… pressed my head over her cunt… and slowly released her all juice..!! and then pushed my face out..

She was very happy.. and told.. Puttu.. now watch it.. juice will come out slowly from cunt..and u lick it again.. I waited to see.. and yes.. after few seconds.. a watery.. but thick liquid came out slowly.. from her cunt.. little little.. and after fem more seconds a more quantity.. I watched it.. licked it completely.. was very tasty.. salty and bit hot.. licked her cunt again.. and slowly licked her ass hole too… inserted my finger to her ass hole and licked it..

MOM stopped me.. and pulled me onto her top.. hugged me between her boobs.. I pressed her boobs… and pressed harder.. kissed her lips.. sucked her saliva.. and my cock was almost done.. and I was almost ejaculated.. that pre cum was there on my cock.. and it was all came out and hanging from cock.. like a oily drops…!! MOM took it in her finger and sucked it.. and hold my cock.. and told.. GooD.. still strong.. not bad puttu.. first time only u got a nice energy..

I told NO MOM I am done it seems..

MOM made me sit on sofa.. and she sat down.. took my cock.. in hand.. played it.. and pulling its fore skin she kissed the tip.. and sucked the pre cum there.. and slowly started sucking the tip of cock.. licked and sucked it for 2 minutes.. and slowly bite it.. I was in pain…. She then started sucking the cock.. slowly.. and later put the whole cock into her mouth and sucked it.. WOW.. she was sucking like a pro as we see in porn movie.. I closed my eyes and lost myself.. MOM told.. enjoy son… first time na?.. I told ya..

She sucked it for more time.. giving a hard hand stroke together.. I was about to cum.. I told her.. MOM I am gonna cum.. she said.. YES>. I want it..Son.. please load it to my mouth.. she was sucking sucking and stroking it.. and I closed my eyes.. and few seconds more I released all my cum… full load of cum into her mouth…she didn’t leave even a drop.. took whole semen in her mouth… and showed it to me in her tongue.. and after keeping it some time in her mouth.. swallowed it.. and sucked cock again for a minute.. and then she came on top of me..

I was dead.. totally drained… sweated like hell.. MOM kissed me.. and hugged me tightly.. I was shivering… mom hugged and told come lets go to bath room..

We went to bath room.. switched on shower.. and stood there hugging each other… I was playing on her bare back and pressing her butts.. MOM hugging me between her BIB boobs.. stud for some time on shower..!! it was very nice.. almost five minutes… off the shower…. Kissing my lips.. she asked.. I feel like pissing.. want?.. I told no.. am tired..

MOM laughed and told.. u dint even put your cock into my hole.. and u r tired?.. !! I told yes..

She told.. don’t worry.. I will prepare u for next fucking session now…. Sit down.. and feel my piss.. I gives u power.. I sat down..and looking at roof.. opened my mouth.. MOM spreading her thighs.. slowly started pissing into my mouth.. this time not that very hot.. but white.. like a pure water.. piss started coming to my mouth… I was just kept mouth opened.. piss was loading into mouth and over flowing.. MOM.. told.. this is good son.. enjoy…. At the end a little qty was remaining in my mouth.. and I swallowed it.. and sucked her cunt.. !! stud up.. hugged her… MOM kissing my lips.. hold my cock and started rubbing… I was pressing her butts.. we went to bed room directly..

MOM laid me on bed… and slowly.. kissing my body.. on my chest… biting it.. and pressing and licking my thigs.. and biting it.. tuk my cock into her mouth…it was getting ready.. MOM pulling it in the mouth only.. enjoying it.. cock was getting ready in side her mouth itself.. she still keeping in side mouth.. sucking it pulling it.. and finally after a minute the cock was completely ready.. and I was ready again.. to fuck.. mom sucked it some more time.. and came on to my mouth kissing me for a minute.. told.. I only start now.. u continue later ok..
I said yes..

She came on to my waist.. asked me to join my knees.. and with its support.. MOM slowly allowed my cock into her pussy… neatly.. it went inside… as it was wet.. !! and slowly started moving her waist.. I could feel the movement.. moving slowly.. she started lifting her body and sitting again to give a hard stroke to her pussy.. yes it was very good.. asked me to push from under and fuck!! I also started pushing from under.. and mom too playing.. and it was very nice..

MOM took my hands on her BOOBS.. I pressing them.. squeezing them.. mom playing nicely.. I was flying.. WOW.. how nice.. her boobs were so much erect.. and very hard..!! keep pressing them.. I fucked her form bottom.. in between.. mom bent towards and kissed my mouth… sharing the saliva.. we kissed and I was stroking hard from bottom and fucking her nicely..!! after a few minutes.. MOM came aside.. and slept lifting her thighs upwards and spreading.. asked me to enter directly.. I just lied on her and entered into her wet pussy.. inserted my hands under neath her back.. hugging her tightly in my both hands.. started striking hard.. fucking her nicely.. hugging her back and pressing tight..

I was kissing her lips..MOM hugged me tightly.. and locked me in her legs.. helping me by pushing her thighs from bottom… in between.. mom asked me to suck boobs.. I bent my head little down from her face and sucked her boobs.. it was nice doing it.. I was sucking but MOM asked me to bite it.. she told bite it harder.. I was biting it harder and mom was pressing my head on it tightly and was asking my to bite more n more.. I took my hands from under.. and pressing her boobs.. squeezing it and started sucking and biting her nipple.. MOM was screaming and told.. PUttu this is awesome.. please bite more.. n more.. n keep fucking me…

I was losing my self.. was about to cum.. in between MOM took my head over her right BOOBs.. and pressing it sucking it biting it !! fucked her some more time.. it was heavenly.. MOM hugging me tightly and pushing her butts from down.. told me.. in a loud voice.. puttu come on…!! Fuck more.. fuck deeper and harder.. like your DAD does.. please… I was fucking her more n more and yes.. it wad done.. MOM hugging me tightly!! Wow.. what a hug it was.. I felt my bones are broken.. mom was pushing her butts with full force.. and hugging me tightly.. and asking me to fuck more and !! its over.. with a hard n few fast strokes into her cunt.. I ejaculated inside her cunt…!! A warm feel…!! Ejaculated completely.. but MOM was still hugging me and pushing her butts…!! But I was dead.. MOM told.. r u done?.. I said yes.. Still hugging me.. she told.. I wanted more puttu!! I am still not done.. I told.. sorry.. But I am done..

Came down from her body… MOM turned to me.. kissed my lips.. I was pressing her boobs.. MOM told.. now u have to make me have an orgasm.. and feel me satisfied..

I said.. am ready tell what.. she told to lick her cunt..

I went down in between her cunt and started licking her wet juicy cunt.. and in between I inserted my finger into ass hole.. she felt pain and told.. don’t want.. I licked for some more time.. and she said to stop.. and she came top.. and told.. u sleep now.. I will give u a extra joy.. she stud up.. spreading her thighs.. and pussy… Asked me to open mouth and tongue out.. sat directly on my face!!! Keeping her wet spread pussy into my mouth.. I started licking there..

MOM started rubbing her cunt on my face and tongue…WOW it was very great!!!.. after a minute of rubbing.. MOM hold my head in her both hands.. and pressing my head to her cunt.. started rubbing harder and harder and harder.. with a huge noise of satisfaction.. and she rubbed like that for couple of minutes and she got a nice orgasm..!! and sat on my mouth for a minute.. I felt all her fresh juice directly into my mouth.. licked it licked it and sucked her cunt..!! in between licked her ass hole too..!! both were damn tired.. but still I was trying to finger her ass hole..

I tried inserting my finger into her ass hole to lick…. She told.. no.. and told me.. DAD had done so many things.. fucked me n number of times and with so many different positions.. and gave me all the joy of sex.. and he loves to lick my ass hole.. but never fucked my ass hole.. don’t know why.. she said..

I told her.. MOM.. DAD had left that ass hole for me.. I will fuck your fresh virgin ass hole ok?..

She told… stupid.. first learn to fuck pussy!! Its opened.. fuck pussy first.. and fuck me for my satisfaction.. later will see about ass hole.. its not so easy…it seems.. when u insert finger only.. it pains..

I told.. will try once MOM.. she said yes.. sure will try.. let u fell the joy of fucking a tight fresh virgin hole too.. but now its enough.. come lets have a bath!!!..

We went for a bath… had a nice bath and came back to room.. and slept naked for a while.. by the time my cute sweet little sis came and knocked the door!!!!

(The next adventure happened with my MOM is like heaven.. I enjoyed all type of sex.. including scat with her…Its almost a year n more now… enjoying to heaven.. ..If anybody interested or experienced SCAT sex?.. please share ur experience..

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How Helped Me In Fucking My Maami

Hello everyone..this is Rahul(name changed) here from Hyderabad.I am 20 year old doing my graduation. The incident took place about an year ago…”How Helped Me In Fucking My Maami”

Basically this is the first time i am writing my incident although i was following from couple of years dared to reveal it now. sorry if there are any typos.

So..i will tell about physical stats of my maami who is the heroine of the story…she is 40 years old but maintains herself very well.hmm…stats..not sure..din ask but yea…her boobs are real big…basically shes slim but her boobs are like big melons..ahh..super sexy is what i can term those pairs of tits. i still being in college have lots of time so spend more of the time in sports and keep physically very active and night time i am a total porn i started reading sex stories when i was 18 so got to know how people enjoy sex in their own family that too with enjoyment and the start it was all vulgar reading all that but then after i started reading new and new stories interest started to develop and then my outlook towards people changed…i started observing women’s behavior closely and understood about who are in need of sex or basically terming i could co relate the people from stories and people around me…

(my email:

Then what caught my eye the most was my maami..i started developing crush towards her body…i started reading incest stories more and more and would imagine my self in that position but i always thought it would never get real..but then one day came when things changed forever..

Our parents..our maamis…uncles…like 15-20 people traveled to pune for a marriage there so rooms were booked for us to stay. so…i and my cousins were supposed to get settled in rooms that were given for youngsters and then everybody settled in rooms that were given but one room was vacant and maama(maamis husband) had become busy with the marriage preparations so she planned to settle alone in that room. so i just wanted find a reason so that i could enter that room and get physical with maami..i was real scared..what i did was i just banged the door and maami opened..and den i told maami that room has less space and another cousin will b joining us in some time so…as you are alone.. would u mind if i join u? and she was like okay i dont mind..and time passed…it was 11 and then i took the lead and went to maamis room and slept…maami unknown of whats gonna happen..just bolted the room for security.

Then i knew i had the whole night with me so i dint wanted to make things go wrong as one wrong step would cost me for life…so maami played her old songs and kept the bed light on and lied on the bed and i slept beside her…then my heart started to beat like anything and my body started to shiver and just was thinking was i that i should start asking her so that sex topic may arrive…

So i just started by asking how was your youth …and boyfriends and all …she was just telling how she got married early and had no chance for love and all…then i was like common i m sure u must have a boyfriend you were pretty in your youth as i saw your pics from an old album..she was like thanks but then she told she had none…then again silence for some time and then i told i am not sleepy..she asked me why what are you thinking…i told her i am getting worried if i will ever get somebody…and told that my friends keep telling me to get a girlfriend.then she was like dont worry u will surely get one..and then i was like i dont know..if i will ever get that first kiss..or first hug… i am very tensed…she was like dont will happen automatically…but still no signs of maami showing any feeling..then i got silent cause i never imagined i would tell all that to my maami.

Then i took some courage and told maami..she as like yes…i was like can i ask u something…can i give u hug…i dont know just like that i feel like…she was like okay and as we were in sleeping position while hugging her leg fell over my leg and we were in the hug position for a min and then i was like can i give u a kiss…please just want to experience what it is…and then she dint answer ..she was like..this is wrong…but then i again came in hug position and lifted my head and put m lips onto her and she instantly replied with her tongue and we kissed for like super long..and we were rolling on the bed …woww…and then while kissing i just dare to press her boob and she as taken aback by that…and told…no this is very wrong…dont do this…and then i was like just for once…and i will make sure this never happens…

Then..i took m hands little lower and started caressing her pussy are on her nightwear and that’s what i feel worked the most where she lost he grin and i could understand she is now all ready…she showed lesser resistance when i pulled her nightwear up and was wondering why she is not resisting and for my luck when i was about to remove her panty what i see is no resistance what so ever..and then i started fingering her and she lost her mind and started moaning like anything.i stopped for a moment and asked her not to moan so loudly but she was not at all in a mood to listen…then i lessened my fingering pace and started to unzip my pants with left hand in her pussy and right hand unzipping process.

And then i took my dick off…she just closed her eyes and turned her face away i handed the dick in her and which she refused to handle…then i told her one time lets give it a best shot…she started to look into my eyes without any reaction…i just asked her how my dick was…she just smiled…she was like its good that you have your private region cleaned…then i understood she is in for the next level…then what i did just blew her mind away…i got up..placed my dick into her pussy and started ramping her by putting one hand on her mouth and she was in all pains..her pussy seemed very tight..i was just busy given in the strokes and she started the sway too..things started getting into rhythm….then it was the perfect honeymoon kind of situation ..both were in full mood for a full night sex drive…

I then told her to get into different positions and was shocked looking at my stamina….she enquired about it and i was like i am not sure but i think my active sports participation may be a reason…she was just having the time and started telling this is the first time i am having sex with a guy other than her husband..she now started complementing about how her husband has a small dick and is very selfish and never looks after maami’s satisfaction and all the problems she had with her husband…i just gave her a bang with my dick and was like dont worry you….my dick has now come for your rescue…then she started removing my shirt and we both entered the bathroom and started cleaning each other..all this was of another level…from sharing bed to sharing bathroom…after the bath v talked about a few other stuff and then both of us could not control and went on to have a few more sessions of non stop sex….

Then we planned to sleep as it was already 5 in the morning and next day we had to attend the we slept..i got up at 9 and when i opened my eyes what i saw is i was alone in the room and maami had already changed into her saree..and was already in other cousins room having gossips…and when i looked at her…she was acting as if nothing really happened…and i was just shocked how can that happen…she came out of the room and went to another room as she had something to pick up from another room…i just went behind her…and when she entered the room …i just hold her from back and she as like leave me..somebody may come.she was like what happened last night was a mistake and i should not have done it… i just felt everything was shattered …i thought i could now fulfill all your and my sex needs but den she was like i cannot do that…we belong to the same family…and then she forcibly left the room…then whole day…i was sad…marriage and all ceremonies got over and we returned back to hyd…but i wanted to clear things…

The surprising factor is i still have sex after all this happened…to know how and about my other experiences of sex in college terrace…others…do mail me..I am basically looking for girls or aunties for casual sex and would love to satisfy them…my maami even now thanks me for the sessions that we have…i just want to give same feeling to other women..

So..dont forget to leave feedback 

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Goddess Sister Treating Her Brother

Goddess Sister

I was doing my studies, and waiting for an admission process to complete before I got through the admission. Meanwhile my Aunt, invited me for a short stay and for a change as I was waiting for the admission. I too accepted and visited her. They live in a town, as my Uncle has lands and looks after agriculture.

It was during my stay I had my first and exiting sex experience with my own cousin sister. Her name is Suganya, she was fare and good looking. She had just completed her 12th.

It was almost late night by the time I reached their home. My aunt was waiting for me. Aunt and Uncle greeted me on arrival. She told me to have a wash and by then she would fix me dinner. I had my dinner and just went to bed.

The next morning, I got up as usual by 8am and had bath and got dressed. My aunt called me for breakfast. I sat and started to have.

Just then a beautiful angel just passed by wearing shimmy. I just glanced at her and even she glanced at me. We had a clear eye to eye contact. Just with in seconds my heart beat started to beat rapidly. I was puzzled. I managed and continued. Even my aunt came and sat with me and we started chatting about our family. Some time passed and then came the angel again and sat on the table. My aunt introduced her to me, ‘Suganya’ her daughter. She was really amazing when she came near. But since she was my sister I had no other thoughts.

After breakfast, me and Suganya were talking in general. And then she said she had to go to her friends place to pick up some notes and would be back by noon. And she left. I was alone and was watching TV. Aunt asked me if I would like to go around by the paddy fields just to pass time. As I felt alone, I said no. She understood and said ‘wait let Suganya come and she’l take you around. I said ok.

By 1pm, Suganya was back at home. As the lunch was ready, we all sat to have. While having lunch aunt said to Suganya, to take me around the paddy fields. She said ‘ok no problem’. By 2 pm suganya called me and said lets go. So we set out.We were walking around the fields for long time. It was like 2 hours passed. Paddy were grown almost taller than my height and it was also dense. She held my hand and was walking. Suddenly Sugany said ‘hey just wait a min I want to sit urgently’. I thought she was tired and wanted to sit for a while. I turned around and asked ‘you want to sit on this bare land?’

By then she had pulled her panty down and started to piss. Hearing this sound, I was just stuck for a moment. I could not believe this happen. I was again puzzled. But still I was looking at her from the side of my eyes. Because by now my mind started to react in different way. I slowly turned towards her and pretended to talk to her if she was ok and as well see hers. By then it was all over. She got up, pulled her panty, adjusted and started to walk again. My hands were chilled. She started to ask me why my hands were chilled. I had no answer but just blank. I gained and came back to normal.

After some time, she again stopped and left my hand. Looking on either sides, she told me to sit. I asked ‘you want me to sit?’. She said ‘yes sit down’. I sat as she said. She again by looking on either sides, slowly lifter her skirt and held it under her chin, slipped both her thumbs into the panty band and slid it down. She looked at me and said ‘now see how it looks’. I was chilled again and as well looking at it. It was very first time in my life I was looking at a pussy so close. I was trembling with speech. I said ‘is it ok?’. She slid it still more down to her ankle and sat down and said ‘now you see as much as you like’.

I again asked her ‘was it ok?’ She asked ‘was it ok when you pretended to ask me some thing and bend over to see?’ She winked and said ‘just see it’. It was full of fine black hair and slim line in between. She asked me ‘would you like to touch it?’ i said ‘yes’. She said ‘it is wet with my urine, is it ok?’ I said ‘mmm’. Then said ‘then go ahead and touch and feel it’. I immediately put my hand and started to touch and feel her smooth pussy. I just cant explain what I was feeling then. It went on for about 5 minutes. Then she got up, pulled her panty up and said ‘lets leave now’. On the way back she asked ‘do you know why I showed you?’ I said ‘no’. she said ‘I saw yours was erect and so wanted to show it’. I knew she has been noticing everything. I kept quite.

We reached home and my aunt made us tea. I had a wash and had tea. Suganya was sitting on other side. She had changed into nightie. It was almost semi transparent. I could see her slips very clearly till her cleavage. Her tiny nipple just touching the slips and protruding. I could clearly make out that she was teasing me. I was almost blank the whole night. I could not speak to uncle and aunt freely. They assumed that I was tired and dint care much. I had dinner and went to bed. I could not control and shook off at least four times.

The next morning, when we had sat for breakfast, Suganya said to her mom, that I was very interested in going around paddy field and I liked it very much. Aunt immediately said ‘ok then take even today’. She said ‘yes, after break fast very have planned to go’. By now I knew she has some plan in her mind. So I just kept silent.

Aunt told me to wear ‘veatti’ (white lungi not stitched) while going into paddy field, as it will be soil by the path.

So I went in to change. Suddenly suganaya peeped and said dont wear your underwear, even I have not worn. I immediately removed and was wearing nothing inside.

She took me around for some time and latter like previous evening, we stated to walk inside the dense paddy field again. She was catching my hand and walking ahead of me. She suddenly stopped and turned around. She was looking into my eyes with a naughty smile. By now my cock was almost upto forty five degree. And it was clearly visible through the cloth. She told me to sit. I sat.

She again slowly pulled up her skirt and showed her pussy. She asked ‘do you like the pussy smell?’ I said ‘yes very much and I also like the taste’. She said ‘then go ahead’. I slowly put both my hands on the back side of her butts and smelt her pussy. WOW! what a great frag. I slowly slid my lips on her pussy and started to lick. It was tasting very sexy. It was warm, sweet and smooth juice. I was licking it for almost 10 minutes now. I could feel she was slowly getting hot. She moved back and sat down pulling her panty down. She let me touch and finger it for a while.

Meanwhile she moved my veatti and took my cock in her hand and started to shake it. Though my penis is small in size, she like it very much. Her soft hands on my penis, I felt like I was flying in air. She made me ejaculate. She was surprised to see my sperms shoot upto almost two feet high and spring out. She wanted to do it again. But it was getting late so we came back home.

After lunch, we were sitting and chatting. Aunt was telling us about their childhood. My mom and aunt grew up together. So she was telling us how they were making fun of their brothers and uncles. Aunt liked my mom the most. And she was complementing about my mom. Even Suganya joined her mom and started to compliment on me. She was saying that I took good care while in paddy field and I was very loveable and caring to her like my mom and aunt.

She started to pretend as if we knew each other for very long time. She started to hold and lean on my arms. Her boobs were pressing my arms. I was getting erect but controlled myself. Even aunt started to complement me saying that I was good in drawings and been teaching kids how to draw. She immediately said even she wanted to learn the basics and took me inside her room. She put all her science books on the table and made me sit showing my back to the door and she sat just next to me and lean on my arm pressing her boobs again.

At first she was asking questions about the drawings. Then she started to ask me about how I liked going around paddy field. I was almost dumb, could not talk. Because I was getting erection again. She asked ‘why are you not talking? is something there?’ I said ‘yes, there is something up on you and down on me’. We both were getting horny. She slowly slid her hand down and held my penis and started to play. She pulled it out and started to shake.

She said she likes my penis because it is small and cute. She was playing with it for about half hour. But I could do nothing to her. I was about to come. So I immediately stopped her and told that I was about to come and dint like to make the place shabby. As well I was afraid as aunty was sitting in very next room. But still she was touching and playing with my penis and I could do nothing because there was no space. We passed the whole afternoon. Just before getting up from the table, she said ‘I will not leave until I drink your cum and make you fuck me with your tongue’. I thought to myself that her wish will never come true. I smiled at her and left. Because I was leaving the next morning.

The very same evening, uncle and aunt were sitting and discussing about a marriage visit of uncle side family. It was important marriage and could not neglect. They were confused. I asked aunt what was the confusion all about. She said, they had to attend the marriage which was for two days and they wanted me to stay for few more days. So I said it was not a problem and I would take care of my self. She the issue was, Suganya has special class and cannot miss it. So she wanted me to stay and take care of Suganya. Now some thing totally sprang into me. I said it was not a problem. I will take care of her and they can leave without any worries.

The next morning Suganya left for her special class, aunt and uncle for the marriage. I was alone at home. Suganya was to come back by evening. I was going around the house. I saw small hand bag in Suganya room in her shelf. It was kept on top where it cannot be reached easily. I slowly picked and opened it. I found some condoms, few where open and few seal packed. Now I gained full courage to play with her freely with out any hesitation. Later, when i went into bathroom for bath, I saw her panties put for wash. I took those and smelt the pussy fragrance. It was mind driving. I started to fascinate my play with her. I shook off and ejaculated twice. Then I finished my bath and came out.

It was noon, when I was watching TV, door bell rang. To my surprise it was Suganya. She gave me a wicked smile while entering. I asked her how come she was so early, she said she had some urgent work at home. She asked ‘what were you doing?’ I thought of telling her. But I felt let me wait and watch. I answered ‘nothing special’. She said ‘nothing? waste guy…’ I asked her ‘why you say so?’ She said ‘I would have shook off at least four times by now’. I thought to myself that she was a sex babe and the guy marry will have full of fun. As she entered she closed all the doors and windows, went in and changed into a transparent nightie. I was watching songs.

She sat on the other side of me putting her legs on top of the sofa, partly showing her panty. I knew she was getting all set to start. After watching for few minutes, she said it was boring. I said ‘ok then tell what to do’. She turned round and asked me ‘will you show me your full penis?’ I said ‘now that I am in your house, I your play toy and can do anything you like’. She again asked ‘then will you show me?’ I said ‘yes’. She immediately came and sat in front, between my legs and said ‘show me now’. I was wearing lungi and no underwear.

My dick was up by now. She slowly moved my lungi on either side and took my dick out. She was squeezing it. My pre cum started to flow. She pushed my legs apart and held it with both her hands and slowly started to lick my penis tip without touching it. My god, it was immense feeling.

She slowly slid my fore skid with her lips and took it fully inside her mouth and started to suck in slow motion. I was totally sunk. She was sucking and licking my balls. This went on for about 20 minutes. I was controlling to sustain my ejaculation. But I could not hold more longer and I exploded into her mouth. She left not a single drop. She was clean on my dick. She got up and said ‘dint I say I will not leave you until I do this?’

She now slowly stood in front of me and asked ‘have you seen a girl nude? I said ‘not yet’. She said ‘now see, and do as you like. I am here for you’. I slowly put my hands on her waist and started to kiss her lips. She was smelling my fresh sperm. Slowly slid her nightie down on the floor. She was with slip and panty. I started to kiss her all over. Her arm pits were superb. It had soft fine hair and smelling her sweat. I boosted my mood more.

I started to lick her nipple. It was maroon in colour with light pink out lined. It was soft and fluffy. I was sucking and playing with it for about five minutes. Then I started to lick her navel and slowly descended down to her panty. She moved to have it removed. Slowly pulled it down by her legs was off on the floor. She was standing fully nude. Young sex goddess fully nude. I took her to the bed in her room, laid her and moved her legs apart. She said ‘lick me and fuck me with your tongue and make me come before you do anything to me. She held her legs apart like a frog laid upside. She was in an immaculate position.

My face fully sat between her legs with out any obstruction. I started to lick her pussy juice fresh coming out then. It started to flow more intense. she was getting hotter and hotter. I did not stop my licking. I could feel her clitoris swelling. I could hold with my tongue and suck it. She was moaning and stretching. She became fully hot. Started to press my head more deeper into her. Suddenly she started to shiver and push my head in rhythmic manner. I was sure she was about to come. I increased the intensity and she came with big moaning sound. Immediately a load of pussy juice came gushing out. It was of totally different taste. More tastier than usual pussy juice. She held my head pushing into her in between legs for some time until she came to normal.

She said she enjoyed it a lot and it was the first time she ever had this kind of experience. Then I asked her what the bag with condoms all about. She said, she had been using it for masturbation with carrots on her. She told me to get on to cow position and she wanted to milk me and suck me like calf drinking milk from udders. So I took cow position while she came from back in between my legs and started to suck my penis like a calf. I asked her if she has seen any other penis. She said ‘yes I have seen in a magazine at my friends place, but those were big and I dint like it. But you have real nice and beautiful one’. I love this and like to have it’.

Meanwhile she was still sucking me from down. The real beauty with her is she never touches my dick with her hand. It will all be done with her mouth and lips. That was making me more harder through out. She then laid on the bed and told me to lick all over her body. And I did.

She slowly caught hold of my dick and massaged it and made it hard and told me to put it into her mouth as if I was entering her pussy. She held my fore skin with her lips giving pussy feel. I was fucking in her mouth for some time then she asked ‘can you please fuck me? I want to feel your penis into my pussy’. I said ‘yes my love but will it not make problem?’

She said she was due for her period on the next day and she was safe. I said ‘if so then guide my dick to your pussy and introduce each other. She slowly pulled me down and placed my penis on her pussy opening. I slowly pushed my penis but did not enter. We tried again but was not ok.

She got up and told me to lay on bed and she sat on me. Place her pussy on my penis and sat on it with full force. I felt the whole body force on me. My dick just went in with a bash. It was burning for some time then became ok. She told me to come into her while she was sitting on me. I did come into her. And she was fully down by now. We lay there for few hours. Of course fully nude.

She want us the whole evening and night to be fully nude. We did as we liked. I was given full freedom to do anything on her. She did not stop me even once. I was licking her pussy most of the time. She liked it very be more frank I love to lick pussy. It is my favorite. I just love to do.

The next morning my aunt and uncle were back and I returned back. But it was not all over. Suganya had come to our place after two years for her graduation. She was with me for full three years.

Guys and girls I guess you must have liked sharing my experience with you all. I would be happy to get feed back from you all. Thanks.

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