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Dr.Sharmili Virginity Taken

Hi guys and gals.

This is Dr. Manigopal from Guntur aged 27. I am a great fan of and was eagerly waiting to post my experience. I don’t want to post any false stories and hence was waiting for a real experience to happen and it happened in a great fashion.

Let me describe u myself. I am a good looking male, 5-10 height with weight proportionate to my height. Without wasting time ill directly come to my first exp. This all happened few months back. After reading all the stories and real exp. in i was very much aroused to have a real exp. of mine too. So i started chatting on net for hours with which i studied my M.B.B.S. And my time came when i met Sharmili on the net. We were already good friends back in college. So initially we had a great chat we used to meet regularly in net and used to chat for hours. When as few days passed we became close friends.

Once i was supposed to go to Hyderabad and told her that i am coming and wanted to meet her. She was reluctant for that i could not understand what the reason was but insisted her to meet me. When i insisted her a lot then she revealed that she is afraid as she is a Muslim from a conservative family. She thought of telling me the same much earlier but was afraid that she might lose me. I was disappointed initially but was happy to know that she is finally agreed. So we planned to meet one Saturday.

On the prescribed day i went to the place 30 min before. I was very much thrilled as i was going to meet her for the first time after a long time. I was in blue jeans and a shirt waiting for her. We both planned that we will come in the same color dress. I saw a girl standing quite a bit distance from me looking for someone and she too was in blue jeans and a t shirt. I instantly recognized her as she has not changed much. I took the initiative and approached her.

Me: hi Sharmili! Long time! How are you?

She: i am fine. How about you?

Me: gr8… Nice meeting u dear. Come let’s sit and talk.

We both sat and for a while there was utter silence. Though we know each other well in college and chatting but i don’t know why we could not speak a word then.

Finally i broke the silence with a compliment on her figure and she responded positively for my complement. We had a quite chat admiring each other and most of the time staring each other. That day we spend like that and promised to meet again soon.

I could not sleep properly that night as her sharp looks and pounding boobs were continuously disturbing me. Let me describe u about her. She was fair looking around 5-7 height 34-28-36 stunning figure. The next day i left an offline message to her saying that i want to meet her immediately as i have to tell her important news. I did not get a reply for 2 days from her and was wondering what might have happened and finally on the third day i got a reply that she can meet me at her house and gave me the address. I was worried why she was calling me to her house. But i thought that i must go there as i was mad after her beauty.

On the same weekend i rang the bell of her house and was happy to see her opening the door. We exchanged formalities and i went inside and sat on the sofa and was watching television. When asked her she told me that her parents were out of station and will come 2 days later. And when i asked why she did not go…Her reply made me mad about her. She told me that she too wanted to meet me so she skipped the tour saying that she has some extra classes in her college which are very important. I was very much excited on hearing this from her. With a relaxed mind i was watching television when she came from the kitchen holding some snacks and sat beside me. She was in nighty and i was in jeans and shirt.

She was very close to me. Her legs touching mine and i was feeling uncomfortable. But i decided to take my own time. And controlled myself and was busy in watching a movie when suddenly she broke the silent and asked me “why did u want to meet me so eagerly”? I could not reply for that but posed the same question to her as why she was much eager to meet me. She too did not reply and whole room filled with silence. I was changing TV channels continuously and while doing it i saw a hot romantic song in a movie in Telugu film.

I looked at her with passionate eyes and she too looked at me. I took her face in my hands and kissed her cheeks and looking in to her eyes i told” i love u Shalu” she all of a sudden hugged me and responded positively. I too hugged her and started kissing all over her face. Licked all over her face and finally locked her lips with mine and started kissing her. She closed her eyes and responded positively to me. I kissed her lips to full extent and finally she opened her mouth and we explored each other to the max extent. After kissing for 15-20 min i broke the kiss. We both sat again as if nothing has happened but i was getting out of control and again hugged her and placed my mouth on her melons. and started sucking them from outside. She was moaning aaaaaaaa

Ohhhhhhhhhhh ………….Aaaaaaaaa maniiiiiiiiii iam lovinnnnnnnnnnnn it…

Do it…

I took her in my lap and headed for the bed room. The bedroom was well decorated with scent smell all over. I slid her on the bed and lay beside her and kissed her again and opened the nighty buttons and inserted my hand inside the nighty and cupped her boobs and pressed them gently. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh was her reaction. I looked in her eyes and opened her nighty and my jeans an t shirt. She was in her bra and panty and i was in my undies. I fell on her and start licking all over her boob. Pressing them and biting them gently. Her nipples were becoming erotic and she was enjoying a lot producing all types of sounds aaaaaaaaaaaa maniiiiii slowlyy plzzzzzzzzzzz mmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaa.I removed her bra and set her erected melons free from the jail and took both in my hands and started pressing. They were stunning. I took one in my mouth and other in my hand. Licking one and pressing other, pinching her nipples. She held my head tightly against her boobs and was shouting to bite them and suck them to full extent.

She was pinching me with her nails all over my body which was making me more erotic. Sucking her boobs i bend down to her navel and start licking it rolling my tongue on her navel was making her more erotic. And finally i placed my palm on her pussy and pressed it and kissed over the panty. And with one stroke i removed it and was in seventh heaven looking at the neatly shaven valley inviting me to explore it. Without any other thinking she parted her legs and i placed a kiss on her vertical lips and inserted my tongue in it and start licking it. She was jumping like anything as i was rolling my tongue in her valley. Oohohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ………………aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyygodddddddddddddddddddd

I bit her clitoris which passed current in her and she came which i drank. Now it was her turn and she got up and pushed me on the bed and bit my nipples and pressed my dick which was hot and removed my undies and took it in her mouth. I was finding myself at the extremes of happiness. And was morning to her rhythm. She was an expert cock sucker. Finally i came in her mouth which she drank and cleaned my cock.

We both lay in each other arms for a while when my dick started rising again. This time i kissed all over her body; i landed on her pussy and spreading her legs wide apart i placed my dick at the tip and rubbed on her pussy teasing her a lot. She was begging me to insert it in her and tear it but i was teasing her a lot. She started using offence language “fuck me u bastard” insert your dick in my pussy and tear it apart. I beg u ” then she took my dick in her hand and guided it in her pussy. It was bit difficult for me as her pussy was very tight. But i took chance and with one stroke i inserted all in her pussy and she shouted in pain oeeeeeeeeeeeemmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

I rested on her for a while and started moving to and fro slowly. Tears in her eyes for the pain but slowly she too started enjoying. I increased my speed and was moving a bit faster and she was moving in rhythm with me. Her boobs were moving in rhythm. I was holding them and making jerks and increasing my speed. I was about to cum after 30 min when i told her the same. She asked me to cum in her pussy and assured me that nothing is going to happen. I came in her pussy and she too reached her orgasm at the same time.

Finally i lost my virginity to a virgin girl. We lay in each other’s arms kissing each other for a long time and finally went to sleep.

Waiting for your replies…

Yours loving Dr. Gopal.

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A Young Daughter’s Wild Passionate Night

Vishwanath (47) was looking forward to meet his daughter Riya (22) as she was returning from the usa after completing her ms. Riya’s mother Shobha divorced her dad, and didn’t really wanted Riya to meet Vishwanath. Riya always loved both her mother and father equally, she never wanted them to separate but when time came for her to choose between them, she chose mom as she thought she would be devastated without her daughter. Although it was sad for her to leave her father, he was understanding and respected her decision. She made it clear to her mother as time went by, that she won’t be able to stop seeing her father. But her mom always argued and she couldn’t hurt her mother.

6 years went by when Riya called up her dad and intimated him of her return. It was cloud nine moments as he was very happy and proud of her. Shobha, although happy of her daughter’s return didn’t really like the idea of her visiting her ex-husband. But, Shobha was having an affair with a younger guy of Riya’s age in the neighborhood who came to visit her every night. She controlled him for a couple of weeks until Riya mentioned of her visit to Vishwanath’s place which was a two hours journey. She agreed making Riya a little suspicious but she was too happy to see her dad than care about her mother’s change in behavior.

Upon her arrival, Vishwanath made sure his daughter was having all the comforts she needed. He couldn’t believe his own eyes how much she had changed. From a sweet teenager to a damsel who was the attraction in his street with some guys roaming outside to just get her attention sometimes. She blushed getting all the reaction of her staying at the place. Riya came to know how lonely her father became without her, he treated her with more love now and she was feeling so happy and blessed to get so much love. She liked to be his little angel. He took her to shopping and the places she wished to see, bought her ice-creams and chocolates as much as she wanted to have. She gleefully played like a little girl around her dad, making him cheerful all the time with her tell tales at the U.S.A.

It was just few more days left of her return and sadness crept her mind one night when she got emotional realizing she has to leave her father. Vishwanath was equally sad and couldn’t get sleep laying on bed when he heard the crack of his door. He saw his daughter standing in a maroon silky nighty that hardly contained her nubile structure, showing off her well-toned legs and little of her thighs as she walked inside. He smiled at her aware that he was getting to see more of his daughter’s beauty, it wasn’t good on his part to look at his daughter in a sexual way so he tried to be normal but his lonely eyes searched every inch of her young body. He shoved off his thoughts as he felt his daughter’s soft hands on his hands as she sat beside him, “daddy, you are also not feeling sleepy tonight?”

He nodded, caressing his daughter’s hand, “i wish there were more days to spend with you sweety… Thank you for coming by to see your old dad…” he kissed her hands with love at first then his eyes did roll over to see her sweet boob curves through the nightie.

She couldn’t control herself and hugged him tightly showing her concern, “oh daddy i don’t wanna leave you too”

Her breasts crushed against his chest over their clothes, he instantly hugged her too smelling the nice aroma; her young body emanated. Although his fatherly love was evident but his hands were feeling her nice back rubbing up and down as if trying to calm her down. His loneliness made an amazing effect over him as unknowingly he hugged her more than a father would do with one’s own daughter.

She wasn’t that innocent too as she immediately knew her father wasn’t the same all these days. Images of his lusty eyes stirred her bodily fragrances every time he touched her or looked at her while she was here. She knew this was wrong, so she just wanted her father not to feel bad about it as she knew he wouldn’t cross the limit. But tonight seemed different and she didn’t mind it too being away from her boyfriend all these days, with her father feeling her up by pretending to hug in a normal way was more exciting.

There was concern in his voice when he said, “i wont baby…U r my sweet angel. How could i?” but when he kissed her cheeks it was more of a lingering one.

She smiled at him blushingly fluttering in an innocent way still in his arms, “thanks daddy, you are so kind” and kissed him back in the similar way on his cheeks making sure he felt his daughter’s sweet soft lips.

He sure was amazed at his daughter’s provoking kisses, as his cock stirred slowly inside his pants. While inside he was starting to feel guilty but lust was more prevalent as he kissed her again this time a little nearer to lips before hugging her tight and saying, “My beautiful child, i missed u sweetheart”

She almost moaned at her father’s ways of exciting her closing her eyes in the middle of it and slightly opening her lips wishing he would go there and realizing it has come to her turn, she took a step ahead, “i missed u too daddy” and gave him a couple more of kisses slightly grazing in between her lips with his.

His hands roamed over her back of the body, sometimes lifting it slowly and slowly grabbing it and pulling up till her panties were visible which made his cock sprung hard in his pants. She did get a nice view of his tent in pants and giggled to herself knowing the effect of her hotness on her own father. The guilt in their hearts was slowly getting overridden by lust and passion for each other’s attention as his fingers slightly were brushing her sides of boobs over her nighty. His sleepy mind was now clear he wanted to have his daughter at any cost, so he played the dirtiest trick ever, “would you like to lay with me in my arms tonight sweetheart? For old times,’ sake like we used to in your childhood days… Remember?”

She knew what he was suggesting and almost jumped at the offer feeling his hands now brushing more hard on her sides of boobs, exciting her as she moaned a little controlling the urge to bite her lower lip, “hmmm ahhh yess daddy… It was so much fun back then.. I used to cuddle and sleep; the whole night” smiling and giving him weird ideas.

“You can still do that baby girl.. No matter how much you grow, you are still my sweet little baby doll” he slowly pulled her on to him which she obliged approvingly as her nighty rode just above her waist.. His hands now on her bare waist touching and tingling her as they smiled and adjusted to each other’s bodies with her boobs pressed along his chest, and his cock grazing through his pants to her pussy over panties..

“This is so good daddy…” she giggled moving her hips up and down to excite him more under her…

“yes baby…Uhhhmmm…It sure is” he moved involuntarily his hands under her nighty riding it more up and pressing his thumbs over her bottom of breasts and gave her little pecks on her lips continuously saying, “such a lovely gal you are”

She bit her lower lips surprised at her father’s boldness and played along, giving him too small kisses on his lips and suggesting, “how about you too try to lay over me daddy?”

He wasn’t quite sure till now if his daughter was enjoying all of it, but with it said he rolled her down and pressed himself on her letting her know the length of her dad’s manhood poking on her panties through his pants… She moaned so hard like a whore, “ahhhh ahhh ummm dadddyyyyy…” looking into his eyes lustily moving her hips to get him more passionate…, “you really know how to take care of your young daughter daddy”

“oh baby, i want to take more care of you…” he started smooching her sucking on her lips as she reciprocated the same to him moaning, “mmmhhh daddyyy…Oh yes daddy…I can feel the affection in your kisses ahhhh ..Kiss your daughter more like daddy”

He slowly went down to kiss her chin then neck, nibbled her ears with his teeth whispering, “such a young daughter should be given more love by a father, don’t you think baby?” as he pushed her top over her head throwing it over the floor grabbing her breasts and squeezing them hard kissing her neck again and again…

She helped him remove his shirt in the process of getting kissed, “oh yes daddy.. You seem to be reading my mind exactly the way i want daddy… After all what are daughters for daddy? To get the love and give back the love their fathers want to” moved her nails at his back feeling his strong body against hers as she felt him slowly moving down on her kissing and sucking on her breasts, “oh yesss daddyy suck on your daughter’s boobs…Bite them daddy…Suck your daughter’s milk from them”

He couldn’t control hearing his daughter sound like a sweet slut as he pulled down his shorts and tore away her panties in passion sniffing them like a dog, “sweet honey smell…” he kissed her boobs and started slicking her nipples as she moaned with passion realizing they were both naked and commiting the most sinful act of incest. It was more exciting as she never thought it would be so much hot…

He started kissing her waist, biting teasingly and admiring his young nubile daughter’s hot navel, running his hands over it and reaching her hips squeezing them until he found himself kissing her pussy…

Her whole body went in a trance feeling her dad’s tongue doing magic of licking her wet juices that were oozing out with orgasms building up until she jerked her hips grabbing his head with hair, “oh yess daddyyy uh…Uhhhh ahhhhh lick my cunt you bastard…Lick your daughter’s pussy daddyyy…Lick it ohhh ahhhh ahhhaahahhahahahhahahahhhh” she screamed at the top of her heart feeling the intense orgasm. He felt his daughter’s juices fill his face as he drank it up all…Grabbing her thighs hard in the passion. His cock got so hard that it couldn’t take it anymore…

He moved besides her holding her in his arms as she slowly subsided her breathing grabbing her father’s shoulders, “hmmm daddy… That was so good” she opened her eyes mischievously and looking down she reached for her dad’s cock and started stroking it, “do u really want to fuck your own daughter?”

“arghh… Baby, you know i want to.. But it is so wrong..” he looked at her for what she would say, slowly moving near to her pussy with his cock touching it, still in her soft hands feeling it up..

“i know daddyy…But it is up to you.. If you want to do, i will be grateful and accept it as you are my father and its daughter’s duty to make sure father is happy. How about we don’t say this to anyone, so no one would know and it will be our little secret and it won’t be wrong too..” she suggested rubbing his cock along the slit of her pussy knowing her dad was pushing it more to enter her. She releases it to find its own will.

“That’s a good idea dear.. Or how about we let our bodies decide what right for them.. May be if we just hold each other and try to sleep normally.. But if my cock enters your pussy then we can let it go ahead and let them do it on their own.. What say?”

“That’s even better” she opened her arms to let him press over her and immediately felt the cock found the hold gliding in like a snake as moved her hips to let it pass more into her looking in to her father’s lusty eyes who was making every effort to fuck his own daughter smiling down at her horny, “oh baby, it went in.. What shall we do?”

“How about we let it inside daddy and see if it does gonna fuck your daughter’s pussy?” she suggested with even more naughtiness liking the game they were playing…

The cock started to slowly rock to and fro inside her pussy as they both started to laugh when he said, “guess daddy’s cock likes it’s daughter’s pussy so much..”

She giggled and moaned letting her father fuck her hard now, “ahhhh daddyyyy yesss…It’s so wrong but so good.. Fuck me good daddyyy.. Do u like fucking me daddy?”

“Oh yess baby… It’s so good to fuck you…Didn’t know u were such a naughty whore hungry for daddy’s cock” he couldn’t believe he was saying bad words to his own daughter by fucking her ruthlessly..

They rolled on the bed with pure passion and lust knowing that they both were father and daughter fucking each other, “ahhh daddyy…Yesss fuck me ahhh ohhhh my gooodddddd yesssss yesss…”

“ahh babyyy fuck you sweetheart…Fuck your little pussy…So young arghhh..So soft” he groaned fucking her fast and hardly, grabbing her by waist pulling her to him and pushing his cock into her.. Adoring the way she was taking in..

“Oh daddyyyy ahhh yesss fuck me yesss fuck your sweet daughter… More daddyy more…”

He kissed her and exploited every inch of her body touching her lewdly and fucking her raising one of her legs in air and pushing his hips harder and faster into her to make sure she felt his cock at her womb, “you are good than mommy dear.. So fucking good…My sweet baby…Can’t believe fucking my own daughter would be so good”

“ahhh ahhhhahhhh” her moans filled his bedroom, “thanks daddy that’s so sweet of you to say … Fuck me harder daddy.. Your baby wants it more hard..Uhhhh am about to cummm ahhh”

He felt his cock twitch as her pussy tightened itself around his lengthy and squeezed it, he jerked inside her breathing hard and grabbing her, “oh my god babyyy i am about too…. Cummmmmm ..Am cumminnnggg…”

Her orgasm rose and started wrapping his cock with her juices as his cock spurts jets and jets of long saved jizz that shoot and spurt at every inch of her pussy mixing it with her juices…They kissed each other madly and deeply as she felt his cock buried deep inside her, “ahhh yess daddyyyyy ahhhh yesss ..Fuck me… Fuck you lil gal..Cum inside me..”

He emptied his last drop of cum inside her and the cock slowly slide itself from her glistening pussy and they looked at each other, he couldn’t help looking at her cum filled pussy as some of it leaked and fell on the bed.. He took some from her pussy on his fingers and made her lick it, “you are such a good daughter…”

She smiled, “and you are a sweet daddyyyy”

Discovering the passion in their wild bodies, they fucked each and every night with Riya not leaving her father until she returned to U.S.A. Her mom hardly bothered and only worried about her own desires to get fucked by the young boy.

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Horny Mother Fucked By Dicky Son

Hi readers. This is the first time I’m posting my lifetime achievement.

Coming back to the real incident, let me explain you the scene what had happened when i was at 26. Let me introduce my dear mom, her name is Sudha and size is 34, 32 and 34. She looks gorgeous and sex appeals like old heroines. Literally many of uncles was looking at my mom with their horny hunger. Those who come to my home to meet my father tried to touch my mother with their hand when my mom was serving tea.

Coming to me, i never had feeling of looking at my mom at that angle. It was started when i was at 15 and completed my 10th class and got 565/600 marks and got 1st in class. My mom hugged me very tightly and congratulated me with overwhelming feelings. I shocked her hugging and my head was between her boobs and tried to come out of the feelings. First time in my life a lady hugged me tightly between boobs and was able to feel the body of my dear mom.
I can say that i was not comfortable when my mother first time hugged me because not expected that kind of behavior out of my mother and didn’t have any feelings
on her. But i can say that this incident caused me to make me horny about my own mother.

My friends and other people came to my home to congratulate me for the success in my exams. It’s became very frequent that my mother hugs me frequently, then i started feeling a lady hugging me rather hugging my own mother.

Days have been passed and i was doing my bachelor of engineering final year. I got news that my mother fell down from steps and got injured of both her knees and her low waist back. I went to my hometown to see my mother and suddenly eyes become full of tears because of her situation. My sister was helping her to take to washroom and bed etc.

Mother told to dad that she wanted to see daughter’s marriage before she get worse situation as she worried about my sister a lot than anything else. So my dad spoke to my paternal aunt and settled the marriage of my sister with my Jija (brother in law) who stays in Australia and PR (Permanent Resident) holder. So soon the marriage got over and my sister went to Australia. My father and I were helping my mother helping her for her needs except washroom things. My father used to take care of them. My father has been absent to office from last one year without attending his job on time and complete the responsibilities. He got promoted and need to relocate to another place but the situation of my mother could not move and need help of others. So my father arranged a lady attendant to her to manage all her needs.

Two years have been passed and i completed my engineering. I was aspirant to get MS in US and attended GRE exam and got 80%. I got admission in US in Chicago for my higher education. I had to travel then my mother gave me lot of confidence to go for higher studies in US rather studying normal M.Tech in India.

I went to Chicago, completed my 1st semester exams and got 90% in my studies.

One fine day i got to know that there is a treatment for Knee joints and back by the doctor near to my home in Chicago. I jumped at joy and called my father with lot of anxiety. I explained him about the treatment to my father and mother. My father was quiet happy and started enquiring about the treatment and started applying Passport and Visa for them. One fine day my parents got VISA to travel to US.

The day has come to travel and my parents started to Airport by taxi. I was very happy to see my parents in Chicago and get treated my mother.

I was middle of the night and got call from India, by hearing the news I fell down; for 15 mins without talking anything and my roommates came to me and made me to travel to India. I reached hometown with full of tears, shocking to see my Dad’s final appearance. My father and driver were passed away by met the accident middle of journey to Airport. Mother got Injuries on her hand and legs.

All the formalities have been completed and doctors told me that get surgery of my mother both knees operated asap otherwise she would go permanent handicapped.

All my relatives forced me to go for the surgery, so i took my mother to US for surgery. Doctors in US did operation and provide one assistant at home for a week. Doctors told me that to apply ae cream thrice daily to her back and knees for a month. After a week assistant left as she had to report in hospital.

Next day when i got up from my bed my mother was applying cream to her knees and it was 10 am in the morning. I came out of realized that the assistant left to hospital. My mother was trying to apply cream at her back and could not reach with her hand. I felt very bad and went there to apply at her back but my mother resistant to give it me. My eyes flooded with tears. I realized that she could not do her own. I took that cream and asked my mother to sleep on bed and applied the cream.

It’s afternoon, my mother again started applying cream to her knees, i reached to her and asked for the cream for applying then she said you are mot not responsible to take care of mother. It was like slap on my face.

I applied cream on knees of my mother and back at her. It’s been two weeks from applying the same cream to her back and knees with very carefully. Time came to meet doctor again. I took my mother to doctor, doctor shouted at me said that if you are not capable enough leave her in old age home, people can take care of her. I asked doctor, what happened? She told me that you need to apply the cream from back to toe. I asked my mother why’d, dint you tell me that what nurse was doing for her. She told, my son you can’t do that as you are my son.

Next day morning i wakeup early and waiting mother to get up and helped her to go to washroom. She came back from bath and asked me to apply cream on back and knees. I asked my mother why you don’t treat me as your assistant as it needs to be applied as it required.

She was calm and said OK you can do it if you care your mother. I said i can do whatever for you.

Helped mom to reach to reach bed lied on bed reversely to apply cream. I asked her to sleep while apply cream and feel like doing by assistant. I started folding up her Nightie till back. She wore panty in black color. I started applying cream at her back; she was feeling like nurse doing that. I started massaging her back with gel applying back and need to apply till butts of her. I slowly moved my hands down till butts of my mother and also applied cream at her knees as well. Two days have been passed, mother got wake up late and went to washroom and came after bath and i went there to apply cream, she was with towel and asked me to apply cream. I started folding up her towel up and surprised to see without panty. My mother asked me to please apply cream as she doesn’t have patience to go for dress up.

I started applying cream at her lower back, while applying cream my junior was getting erected by looking at her, buttocks were round. I was applying cream and slowly moving my hands on her buttocks to touch. My mother went in sleep as usual when applying cream. She was completely in sleep. I dick was arousing and tented in my shorts. I started touching her tits here and there was guessing she may have aware what’s going on.

Now the time came to apply cream to the thighs and knees, i asked her to turn around but she was not as she was in sleep. So I made her to turn front, I felt like nervous because her vagina was cleanly shaved without any bushes. It was very clear to see her vagina and some white liquid coming out of it. I didn’t dare to touch. I applied cream asap and went to bathroom for masturbating by imagining her vagina.

Next day I went to her room again to apply the cream; she was again dressed in only towel. I folded her towel up and started applying cream and this time intentionally touched her buttocks and pinched gently. There was no response from her. I thought she was in sleep. I made her turn to front and same scene appears again what a glimpse at her vagina. I started applying cream at her knees first rather applying on thighs and applied on thighs and moved my hand towards her vagina. I made myself courageous and touch her vagina and there was no response. So, i wanted to use this opportunity to touch her vagina. I did touch her vagina and slowly used both hands to open two lips of her vagina. I saw some liquid like gum leaking out of those lips. I felt like gum. I got little courageous to insert my finger between those two lips. My Penis tented and made me mad. I inserted my right hand middle finger into her vagina felt like put finger in gum bottle. I used middle finger back and forth sometime and went to washroom for masturbating.

Mom was waked up for lunch; didn’t feel like something happened to her and applied cream in the afternoon but that time she was speaking to me. So I could not dare to do such things did in the morning.

Evening around 9 PM we had dinner. Sudha asked me to apply cream and also said that she was feeling sleepy. I felt like some difference in room that smelled like sweet and sexy. I went to her bedroom to apply cream then she was in nighty. I started folding up her nighty to above the waist. I saw her wearing white panty, I felt like whether she knows about the afternoon matter my mind was full of thoughts of whether she had hint that what i did in the afternoon. I started applying cream at back first but i could not control myself as my dick tented in my shots. I observed that she was in sleep then i started slowly removing her panty from her buttocks. I didn’t see any response from her. I did dare and slowly removing her panty till thighs then she was started moaning. I stopped for few minutes and made her to turn towards front. I saw her vagina again with neatly shaved as of today with some romantic smell coming out from there. I applied cream at her thigh as it was disturbing so removed panty very fast in fraction of seconds without any obstacles.

I could not control as my Penis was dropping some drops at my shot. I started widened her legs and started licking at her vagina juices and enjoying the gum. No way to control dick as it is horny and got length enough for 8 cms. I removed my T-Shirt and short in 2 mins.

Till today never touch boobs of Sudha, i did dare to remove her bra hooks which are there in front. Removed 1st hook, 2nd hook started little moaning.. Again went back to sleep. I removed the final hook then opened big hills in front which invited me to sucking very hard. I almost sucked boobs and enjoyed for 5 mins.

I felt like she was in deep sleep so widened her legs. I prepared myself to insert my dick into her bottom rosy lips. I tried to put my dick into her cunt then got slide 3 times. So i did widen her legs widened more than before. I slowly put my dick into her cunt and pushed a bit little hard to get inside.

Surprisingly Sudha opened her eyes and started shouting at me what i was doing with her; my dick was still there in her cunt completely. I didn’t open my mouth and played my dick back and forth with very hardly. She was about to say something but suddenly started shouting at me again.

You stupid, how many years I have been trying to get fucked by you, don’t you know raskel… and moaning….. come on put it very hard and push me hard in deep.

By hearing at these words, i went mad, OH MY GOD!!! Darling, i waanna fuck you from 10 years, you have been saying 2 years….

You Randi…. why didn’t tell me to fuck you, wasted 2 years by applying only cream rather i would have pour cream in your cunt.


I jerked twice at one attempt and continued to fuck her till her hole full of my sperm………

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Hot Experience With Newly Married Bhabhi

Hi DebonairScandal.Com reader's, my name is Aman, i am 23 years old and i live in Gurgaon, Delhi. I am a good looking guy, 6 ft. tall. This is my first story so sorry for the mistakes. Getting to the story now

It was a hot afternoon in Delhi and i was at my bhabhi’s place as she had invited me for lunch. She was recently married and she had all the curves a woman could have. She was wearing an orange color kurti and black skinny fit leggings. She was looking very sexy and like a newly married woman her face was glowing. She had a fair complexion and her size would me 36-24-34

Once we had lunch my cousin brother left for work and only me and my bhabhi were at the home. She asked me to rest for some time and i went to the TV room and tuned into soccer. She completed her work and joined me. We started chatting casually. As she was recently married we dint have too many conversations earlier. So she started to ask me about my studies and hobbies. The she asked me if i had a girlfriend, i blushed and said yes.. And she got a bit excited and asked me to show me her pic….We chatted for some time and then she said if i wanted to have something more…. I said no….And we started to see pictures of her wedding…I told her she looked very beautiful during her marriage…She replied “how m i looking today” … I said really good….She smiled and said. Looks like you’ve found me more beautiful than your girlfriend….I got a bit naughty and said….” maine aapko dekha kaha hai”. She understood what i said but dint say anything….While she was sitting beside me my eyes were on her round boobs….It was a great sight…I then made up my mind to seduce her…

I started to make our conversation a bit naughty….I asked her if she had any boyfriend before marriage…She hesitantly said no…Then i asked her again then she said…Yes she had one….Then i thought if i ask something else she might get upset so i just said….Bhabhi then why did u leave him ? She said it dint work out and he only was busy in his work and dint give her time….I thought it was the right moment to proceed…I asked if she had a physical relation with her ex.. I assured her i will not tell my brother….And her expression gave me the answer…She did have….

While talking i just kept my hand on her shoulder and she dint seem to mind…It gave me courage…I said you are so beautiful any guy would like to be with you…She smiled…I then got a bit closer to her and i touched her boobs in the process…I made it look accidental…Wow…It was an amazing feeling….She had pain in her legs and she said she would rest for some time….I offered if i could press her legs and she would get some relief…She said no but i insisted and she agreed….She laid down on the bed and i started to massage her legs over her leggings….It was an amazing feeling….I already had an erection….I started to go towards her thighs….She was enjoying the massaging as she felt relaxed….She said your brother is also not as good as you are….I naughtily said…I’m better than him in all departments. . . . . . .

My hands went up to her ass but i dint touch it again….Then she laid keeping her face up….I also just laid beside her and said…You are very beautiful bhabhi..I just looked at her and i do not know what happened but i gave her a kiss in her lips….She was shocked but then i said sorry….But i was not able to control….She dint mind the kiss as much as i thought….I kept my hands over her kurti on her stomach….I started to massage her stomach and as my hands moved up i could feel her breathe become intense….My hands reached her boobs and i could feel her nipples get hard… . …I slide my hands below her kurti and could touch her bra…Somehow i managed to touch her nipples . . ..Then i put my hands on her leggings and i touched her vagina from outside…It was wet already…Then i started kissing her on her neck…Made her sit and i opened her kurti….She was wearing a black bra and her boobs wanted to come out of her bra….I slide her leggings down and her black panty was in front of my eyes…Now she also started getting involved and she took my shirt off and she came over me and started kissing my chest….She was biting my nipples and then she said. If i dint satisfy her she would never talk to me….I opened her bra and what a sight that was…Kissed her boobs for 15mins…While my hands were inside her panty….She then put her hand inside my underwear and i got an electric shock…I kept on kissing every part of her body and then i took her panty of…It was clean shaved and it was the most beautiful thing i had seen…She was totally naked….I put my tongue in her pussy and she started making noises….Aaaaahhh Aman faster….She was enjoying it like hell…She said your brother does not put his tongue inside and thus she is not fully satisfied….She then gave me a blowjob….Then i inserted my penis inside her pussy and it made her go wild…She said you have to cum inside me….She was moaning…I was sucking her boobs…Kissing her and then we both had the best orgasms of our life. . . . . . , .She looked very happy once we finished.

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Mom Seduced Son

This a real incident happened to me in last year. I am Naresh ( name changed ) I live in banglore with my parents. My mom name is vasundhara ( name changed ) she is around 40. When I was child my mom used to bath me regularlty but this habit was gone when I became adult.

One day I went for hair dress when I came come no one was there only me and mom where there. After entering home I started going towards bath room suddenly mom called my name and told that you went for hair dress so you don’t bath yourself I will bath you, I told mom that no need I will bath my self but mom not listened my word and told that you take this towel and she hold my hand and took to bath room .

I told there also that I will bath myself but she not listened my word . Mom was in saree. She took towel from my hand and hanged it near the wall and told me to remove the cloth which I was wearing. At first I felt shy to remove my cloths in front of my mom. Mom was looking at me and told again but I was standing simply and she asked why you are not removing your cloth I said mom I am feeling shy to remove cloths in front of you she laughed and said why you are feeling shy I am your mom and you are my child, you born naked and I have seen you naked many times you remember I bathed you so many years you only told me stop bathing me years back and said you can bath yourself. You remember that told me that. I said yes mom I remember that.

The she told me to remove my cloth but I was simply standing and looking her she become angry and said I will remove your cloth and started coming towards me and she removed my shirt I was in bhaniyan and pant she removed bhaniyan I was standing have naked in front of my mom. And then mom started pouring water on my me. While pouring water she told me to remove my pant I have to soap your body but I was not removing my pant. She started applying soap on my body she was applying on my back after few minutes she came to front side by the time she again told me to remove my pant but I have not removed it . she said again you are feeling shy and she removed my pant. I was standing only in my underwear in front of my mom.

She started applying soap to my front porting of my body while she was applying in neck she was standing in front of me putting soap around my neck I was looking her by that her pallu was slipping from her shoulder she was not feeling that within in a second her pallu fell down she noticed that and she removed her hand from my neck started bending to pick her pallu by that I saw her breast seeing that my pennies started increasing in its size mom noticed my pennies is increasing in its size she started observing that holding he pallu in hand she stood and looked my face and gave naughty smile I also smiled back and she put back her pallu on her shoulder but not in an proper manner.

Her pallu was in center of her breasts I observed that and she also noticed and she allowed me to see her breast and she started to soap me in my chest when she was soaping it my pennies increased in its size she noticed it . she slowly moved her hand to my stomach started soaping there by that time I that time there was a difference in her breathing she was looking at my face and suddenly inserted her had in my underwear and started soaping in my pennies and looking in my face I was also looking in her face and our eyes met.

She said my child your pennies is very nice and she started pushing my pennies up and down and I was feeling the pleasure from she noticed it and asked me that you are feeling good na my child I said yes mom I am feeling good mom. she took my pennies in her mouth and started giving blow job in a few minutes I told mom I am cumming she took my cum in her mouth and swallowed it. Told me that child I love you and I also said love you mom she stood looked my face and said love my child and hugged me I also hugged her and said love you mom we hugged each other tightly.

Mom started asking me do you like that blow job I said yes mom It feels good I like it. She looked my face she kissed me in french manned and our lips joined together and started exploring each other. Slowing she slid her pallu down i took my hand towards he right breast and started caressing it one after another breast on blouse. The I removed her buttons of her blouse started pressing it we broke our kiss I was pressing her breast and removed bra started licking it on after another. she stared moaning I sucked her breast and started kissing and sucking her placenta her moaning was increasing while sucking her placenta i was rubbing her pussy on her petticoat.

She asked me to stop and stand up and I stood we started kissing after some minutes we broke d our kiss she told rest we later in bed room. She bathed me completely after bath she took me to her bedroom there we hugged and started kissing again while kissing I hold he waist. I bend down removed her petticoat we both were in underwear we looked each other. Mom told me to remove my underwear I removed and she also removed her we kissed each other while kissing I was rubbing her pussy she was moaning she hold my penis and took it near her pussy and inserted it and said start fucking I slowly moving in and out she was moaning saying like you very much my child I was always willing to have sex with today I got chance and said you like son and I yes mom. slowly we both slept on bed we stared fucking after some time I said mom I cumming she said cum inside I want feel your cum but I said mom she got what I am going to say, she said no need to worry my child I operated it. And I started fucking her hardily and cummed in my mom pussy and she also cummed . I

rested on her body we started kissing each other. And she said after a long time I cummed that because of you . I am very happy . I also said her that even me mom. she said don’t call me mom when we are alone call me by name i said ok. She asked you like this naresh I said yes vasundara. She was very happy . she asked me we can do this when ever we want naresh I am all yours . I also said I am all your vasundara. We hugged and kissed again.

After that we woke up and we dressed. And came out of room. From that day onwards we both having sex whenever we want.

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Blackmailed My Younger Sister

Hi DebonairScandal.Com Readers. I’m Arnav a typical bombay lad recently finished my 12th grade. We are a family of four and my parents are usually out of the house so it’s mostly me and my sister all the time. My sister Komal is only a year younger. She is a super hot bombshell. She is around 5’8, really skinny but packs a very firm pair of tits. Her ass is really wide and certainly the highlight of her body. She has a thing for mini shorts that are just big enough to cover her ass cheeks, ending just beneath them. She is very fair and has a slight tan. Now she is not exactly what you would call a bright child, very bad in studies.

Although we tried to convince her to take commerce, she took science. We are very close and open to each other. This story is about how I ended up fucking my sister while trying to teach her physics for her examinations.

It was around 8:00pm and my parents were out of the house as usual. I had received clear instructions from my mother to not let Komal go out of the house to meet any of her friends and that I test her after her revision was done. It was her physics paper tomorrow and the only objective of my family was to make sure that she passes.

I was looking at Komal, her boobs struggling in the tight t-shirt which she was wearing, her nipples wear clearly visible through the t-shirt. She was not wearing her bra which made me wonder if her panties were off too. I could make out she was really hot. She was busy looking at the textbook trying to mug up her chapter. This girl was driving me crazy. My dick slowly began to rise up when suddenly she broke the silence, “I can’t concentrate only” smiling innocently while she spoke. I was lucky that my boner was not visible.

I asked her what does she want to do and she said something very unexpected, “Let’s watch Porn”. I laughed it off but the look on her face was serious. I knew that she watched porn but I never thought she would want to watch it with her own brother. The possibilities where this could lead were endless. Not wanting to let this chance slip through my hands I nodded approvingly. This got her really she excited, she quickly turned on the comp. She opened the browser and looked at me. “What kind of porn do you want to watch” she said, smiling sheepishly. I told her that it was her idea so she should decide. She opened Redtube and went to the teen category.

She played the most viewed video of the month. The video started off by this dude taking off the clothes of a very sexy blonde. My sister was fully absorbed in the screen and didn’t seem to realize that she was breathing very heavily. Half way through the video she started moaning heavily. My sister was turning me on more than the video itself. The guy in the video took out his cock so that the blonde could blow him. My sister looked at me and told me that his dick was so massive.

I winked and told her that mine was bigger, her expressions revealed that she didn’t believe me. As the video got over, my sister hugged me. Her tits pressing hard on my chest, it felt like heaven. I asked her what was that for, she said just for kicks. I realized that she was teasing me. I asked her to get back to her book. She looked at me with a very disappointed face. She requested me that I let her go out. I quickly refused. She said that I knew mom and dad were not going to show up before 11:00 and it was only 8:30 right now. I still told her no. She then asked me if I could let her go for a walk, she promised me that she would be back in 15 mins. I could simply not refuse this time.

She left the house and began to climb down the stairs. I decided to follow her. She walked down to the nearest paan shop and asked for a benson light and started smoking. Now this was a shocker. I walked to her and saw the color disappear from her face. She through her cigarette and before she could try justify herself I told her to come home. We started walking back. I was lost deep in thought. I knew that I could blackmail her to and make her do whatever I want but the plan could backfire what if she decide to tell our mom that I tried to blackmail her to have sex with me. I weighed the pros and cons of this scheme and decided that I would blackmail her once we reach home. It was a very silent walk back home.

We both were sweating a lot and her t-shirt was almost translucent now. I kept staring at her boobs, I think she might have realized what to expect. I told her that I was going to tell mom about her smoking habits, these words had more effect than I had anticipated, she started pleading me and was on the verge of crying, she said she would do anything I want her to do. She started crying, I approached her from behind and held her tightly. She furiously asked me what i was doing.

I told her she should choose her words carefully. She said she would tell mom about this. I knew that this was not the time to fall soft so I replied very harshly that if I tell mom about your smoking habits you will be grounded for life. She knew their was no way out but she didn’t stop resisting. I turned her towards me and groped her ass, massaging them with my hands. I took my face to hers and gently kissed her lips, she was not kissing me back. I turned her back and pushed her on the table.

She looked back at me and saw my hand go up. I spanked her with all my might. She shouted out in pain and begged me to stop. I pulled her shorts down. She was wearing a black thong. I slapped her bare ass five or six times. She was crying and was getting wet at the same time. Her ass cheeks had turned pink and were looking really sexy. I controlled the urge to pop my dick in her ass. I looked her in the eyes, lust hidden those tears, I started making out with her exploring her ass while I did. I was literally eating her lips.

We finally let go of each other catching our breath. She was cooperating now but was still hesitant. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom. I tossed her on the bed and took off my t-shirt. I crawled toward her and took off her t-shirt too. Her boobs juggled out. I didn’t loose a second and pounced on her her left titty whil caressing the other one with my hands. I sucked them nicely and even bit them twice or thrice. She was moaning and was very horny now. She wanted me very badly but it was my turn to tease her now. I made her lie down on the bed. She looked gorgeous in her panties. I was licking her thighs working my way up.

I started rubbing her clit now and was slowly inserted my tongue in her cunt. She screeched with pleasure. I licked my fingers and inserted two of them in her pussy. She was in the seventh heaven. I started to move my fingers in and out. When she thought it couldn’t better I jerked my thumb into her asshole. She jumped in pleasure. She exclaimed it was like simple harmonic motion.

My thumb would go in and fingers would come out and when my thumb would come out my fingers would go in. She couldn’t take it anymore, she got hold of my pants and started unbuttoning them and then she got rid of my boxers. My rock hard pole wacked her on the face. She was awe-struck once she saw my penis. It was after all bigger than the pornstar’s junk. She stroked it twice and took it in her mouth.

She knew the trick of the trade, she blew me like a pro. I held her hair and was thramming it on my dick. She giggled when she would gag. I knew I was going to blow my load anytime now. She tasted my precum in her mouth and was about to take my cock out but my hold was tight. She rolled her eyes up in protest but at that exact moment I cummed in her mouth.

She couldn’t swallow everything so I took my dick out. I was still ejaculating so I wanked it all over her face. She requested me to fuck her now. I took both her legs up and rammed my cock into her pussy. She shouted very loudly and was bleeding. It was good to know that she was a virgin and I was the first one to pop her cherry. I fucked her like a mad dog.

I fucked her for half a hour and cummed inside her. After this she thought I was done and began to get up but I pushed her back and flipped her around. I told her that I was saving the best for the last. I separated her ass cheeks and placed my dick on the hole. I gently started pushing it inside, she was jerking with excitement but the pain was killing her.

When my dick was about half way in I pushed it inside very hard. I slowly started her humping her. I always wanted to try doggy style but my girlfriend didn’t really like anal sex. I kept fucking her untill both of us collapsed. She complained that her anus and vagina both were paining and had become sore. She couldn’t walk properly. She cleaned the room and joined me in the balcony. I took out my packet and started smoking. Their was a hint of anger on a face but we both started laughing. She failed her physics paper but we have sex often now.

Please share your comments .

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Seducing My Mother-In-Law

Hi, I am Raj From Hyderabad. This is a story which is between me and my mother in law ( my wife’s mother). I am 6 ft tall, fair and big thick cock. I got married to Shanti two years back and from the date of our 1st night i started eying my MIL. About my MIl, she is 5’6″ and slim lady with moderate boobs. After marriage our 1st night happened in my MIL’s home, and to celebrate that i stayed at my MIL’s house for some days, in those 7 days there are so many things happened .Now into the story.

It was early in the morning, i sat in the hall and having tea and my wife is taking bath, as the kitchen is small my MIL started cutting veggies on stool knife ( katti peeta), as i am sitting in the chair and adjacent to mill and she is sitting on floor, i can see slight cleavage, as she is pinkish in complexion i can see clearly her small cleave.

As the cutting of veggies progressing her saree started to move side and one of her boobs got exposed over her jacket, but as she is not wearing any bra and the jacket is little transparent i can see her brownish nipple from the jacket, she is not aware i am seeing her boobs. After some time she adjusted her saree and went in the kitchen to make some breakfast.I couldn’t control the hard on and started masturbating in the bath and this went on and after few days I left MIL’s home.

After one month My MIL came to may house and we had friendly chat and it was already night. As I have air condition only in my room and it was hot summer we three slept in the same room and as bed is small I arranged a mattress on floor and i slept there and my wife and MIL slept on the bed. Its already 6.00 am and my wife got up and went to bath. As my wife usually take bath for more the 30 mins i thought this is the opportunity to seduce my MIl. So i pretended as i am in sleep and I usually wear lungi which is easy to remove and wear on the body. I slowly moved by blanket and lungi aside and I made my erect cock visible, it was very hard and I started playing with my cock as I am doing in sleep.

I knew my MIL is awake and she was seeing me, then she did some thing which is unexpected. She started coughing so that I can hear her and know she is awake, but i pretended not to. I slowly started masturbating and with my half opened eyes started seeing my MIl, she is watching me masturbate and after some time I cummed a lot and then i covered my Dick with lungi, then she got up from bed and went out to the hall. This continued like this for 3-4 days and i know she is seeing me and even she know i am doing it wantedly.

As me and my wife are working we both left out to work, but my hard feeling to fuck my MIl made me come back from office once my wife left to office. I knocked the door and my Mil opened the door , she asked alludu garu emi jargindi ( what happened Son in law) i said i am having head ace and I need rest. So , I changed into lungi as usual and me and my MIL had lunch, then she asked me shall I massage your head, I said please MIL. I slept on the bed and she sat beside me and started to massage my head and she spoke to me like this.

MIL: My daughter is lucky
Me: why r u saying this to me
Mil: Nothing
Me. I insisted
Mil: I saw some thing which belongs to my daughter and it is perfect
me: what is it
Mil: i cant tell u
me: pls tell me

Mil: i cant tell u that
Me: Are u speaking about this , i slowly showed my cock
Mil: silence
Me: did u like it
Mil: …………..
Me: do u want to touch it, she didnt speak, then i caught her hand and slowly guided her hand on my cock
Mil: No this is wrong

Me: nothing wrong in this attha ( MIL)and i made her move my cock up and down for 2-3 times and left her hand, but she did not take her hand away from cock.
Mil: chala lavuga vundi ( you cock is very thick) and she started to masturbate me
Me: notlo petuko ( suck my cock)
MIL: naku istam ledu ( i don’t like it)
Me: Jacket tesai ( remove jacket)
Mil: vaddu alludu garu ( no son in law)

Me: pls attha romove your jacket. Shall we fuck today
Mil: Vaddhu allude garu, adhi thappu ( no son in law that is wrong)
Me: you are saying it is wrong but y r u holding my cock
Mil: koncham chesukovachu ( we can do little)

Then i removed her jacket and started to suck those brown nipples and slowly she started to suck my cock and we turned our self into 69 position and i licked my attha pukkku ( pussy) and once it is wet she is not able to hold and asked me to fuck me. I inserted my cock into her pussy in missionary position and fucked her hard, later shall we try doggie style, she said what is that then i showed her the position and she stood in perfect position so i hammered her like anything and i Fucked her hard and cum all inside my MIL

This is a true incident which happened to me and we had lots of fun when ever we had chance.

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Amazing Day With My Elder Sister

Hi readers, this is Sandeep from Maharashtra. I am a Incest lover & fan of DebonairScandal.Com . Here I am going to narrate my amazing day with my elder sister. I have fucked him before twice and give him immense pleasure. As I am outside for Job & I came on very short leave. I had very less chances to fuck her. This January I came to home and my wife at her native. I get call from didi to come to her home as her husband going to his native from city for a farm-work for 2 days & her children are also at my home. I was more than happy & started my journey to her home.

At outside of her house, I met my jiju (brother inlaw) who is ready to leave the city. We greeted each other & talked about 15 minutes outside itself as he is in hurry & I met after a long. My didi hugged me as normal bro sis relation. Then my jijju excused us & left for his village by his car. We say bye to them & entered her house. We opened door & entered room. We let our bags down & she hugged me from back tightly. Putting her hands on my chest. I also held her hand & turn back to face her. We look at each other & Hugged tightly. Her boobs crushing on my chest.

My dick touching her upper part of pussy near stomach. Then we back & i kissed her forehead, cheeks, nose & eyes. She also do the same to me. Then she said “Dear bro, your tea is ready. Its already boiling.” (means her piss). I m so happy & said “thanks dear sis. How would u like to give this to me. She said “Direct darling.

Direct in your mouth. I want to piss in your mouth directly. I love your mouth near my pussy & way you licking & drinking everything from her. be hurry. I stored it from so long time.”

I said ” yah sexy, just quickly remove cloths then”.

I happily removed my clothes & she hers in hurry.We both are in underwear now.

Then i lift her up in my arms And she kissed my cheeks & we entered bathroom. I made her stand on ground and removed her underwear too. She hurriedly spread her legs & catch my hairs & direct my mouth to her pussy, saying “take your tea”. My didi started to piss in my mouth. Her tea started to flow in my mouth.

She said while peeing in my mouth “Take it sandy. Drink my pee. You like it na. Drink it. I feel much excited & happy to piss freely in my dear darling bros mouth”. I drank a lot of her tea. But Some pressure i did not handled which is oozing on my chin, neck, chest, up to stomach. I am very happy & licking her pussy. Her piss stopped but i still licking her pussy, Try to catch every drop which ever left inside her cunt She smiled & shivered too & said

“Dirty boy! tea finished!”

Then i take my mouth back from her pussy & said “you are so tasty”. She lift me up & look that her piss drops are on my whole body. She smiled & said “whats this?”. She started to lick that all drops on my chin, neck, chest & stomach. I lift her up & kissed so hard “Uuuuuuummmmmmaaaaaaa”By pressing her big softy boobs. “Uuuuuuuuuuummmmaaaaa”.

I asked caressing her boobs, “I think today is another one great day to us as you never piss freely in my mouth ever. I like the way of your action & bold & wildness, my hot sister”

She said “yah! My little bro. today i already thought to be more bold & hot & sexy & wild than you, my sexy boy!” her eyes are full of love, lust, sex, hot, bold & wildness looking in my eyes. I was so happy & kissed her so hard. Uuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa “I love u my sexy sis”.

She said “I love u too my wild & dirty bro”. I asked “Then today you also going to drink my pee???” she said “not only pee my sexy dear but Whatever you say & more interestingly”. She put her finger on my lips while saying. I took her finger my mouth & bite it little & hugged her tightly. “Oh my sexy pinki, then drink my pee also”. She sat down & pulled my under & removed it.

She kissed my dick twice & set her mouth open 10 to 15 cms away from my cock. I hold her hands on my dick & set the direction & started to piss. My first few shots fall on all over her face, cheeks, nose, neck & rolled down over her boobs, stomach & thighs.

Then she adjusted mouth & take one gulp of my piss & drink it by shutting mouth. My piss spreads on all over her body. She looks like bathed by my urine. She again opened mouth, took gulp of piss & drank it. In all process she drank 4-5 gulps & remaining all is on her body. As soon as i finished. She took my dick in her mouth. I again left some remained piss, this time direct in her mouth & she drank it. She took back, take breath & Sucked my cock 5-6 times hardly. I moaned loudly. Aaahhhh… I am in heaven. She hold my dick in her hand & looked at me sexily.

“You too tastes great, sexy boy! I think you bathed me by your piss. Look at this (standingly), i am totally wet by your piss”

I said, “hey sis!!! I like to piss like that in your mouth & body. I like to give you bath like this. You looks so sexy after this bath.” & kissed her so hard.

Then i started to lick my piss drops on her whole body. She catch my hairs & said, “Lick it sandeep. Lick your piss on my body. Taste my body which mixed with your urine.”

After licking all i lift her in my arms kissing & took to the bed. I let her lye on bed. Jumped on her. Looking into her eyes with pressing her boobs & nipples I asked her “Then what else you are going to do in todays wildness?”

She said “whatever you said my dirty bro boyfriend!”
Me: “now you have to drink my cum, my sperms”
She: “not direct in my mouth sexy!”

Me:”ok. Just like urine. You suck my dick. When I am near. I push you back & you open your mouth. I shoot my cum by some distance in your mouth. It may be some on your face or body”

She:”that was fine idea. I am ready for that”
I am more happy now & pressed her boobs hard.

Me:”You have to give me full time to suck your pussy. If you are at peak. Then do it by mouth or tongue only. If you orgasm by my lips or mouth or tongue I love to drink it all then its superb otherwise i will suck my sisy’s pussy fully in different positions, you dont stop me, ok????”

She “ok my dirty boy, suck till you want i will cooperate you to suck & lick my pussy fully & also try to give you my orgasm also”

I cant believe my eyes…
I am so happy.
Me:”You have to taste your pussy juices on my dick in middle of sex whenever i say so or you feel so?”
She: “agreed sexy!”
Me: “i will fuck you in your ass also???”
She smiled & said “ok. But after satisfying my pussy.”
Me: “Ok my hot & sexy seema.”
I Bend down to her mouth.

Our lips come so close. We smell & feel each others breath. She try to lip lock. I moved back. She catch my hairs & we kissed hard & long. We exchanged our saliva fully. I was already at my peak & fully aroused. Then i sat on bed & made her to sit on floor & she started to suck my cock.

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After that How i fucked my hot sister in her ass hole & different positions will come in next part. But needs your comments.

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