Monday, June 1, 2015

Desi Sardarni crying and giving Blowjob to Gora & Cumshot

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Desi aunty lifting saree and pissing outdoor

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My First Sex With Mom’s Sister

Hi there. I’m sam(name changed). I’m 20 when my first encounter happened. I’m a natural guy with about 80kgs in weight and 5’10” tall and a dick of length 6′ and width 2.5′. This is my first encounter with a mature lady of age 32 years, my mom’s sister. she has a busty body with 34D boobs and 38 sized butt. she looks so sexy and any guy wants to have her at least once.

Coming to the part, I’ve finished my college and sitting in the home alone. My mom’s sister, Rani, lives two lanes away from our home. i always go there in the afternoon time after my lunch to make her children play for a while. At first I’ve had no intentions on her unless one day, accidentally saw her peeing in the bathroom which she had forgot to lock. On seeing her in that position m,y dick has raised to full length but i hid it so that she’ll not see. after going home that night my mind is full of her pictures in that position which made me to do hand job imagining her.

After two days of that incident, i again went to her place as usual. she generally greeted me and went for water. My eyes weer stuck to her butts which gave an instant hard on and I’m not able to control the emotion. i ran to the bath room and within 5 minutes i finished my ejaculation. in the meanwhile i didn’t notice that she is seeing me.

After coming outside, she gave an angry look and continued her work. I’m totally frightened and thought that she’ll complain to my mom. but she didn’t. this time i went to her place with fear in my heart but to my astonishment, she is generally talking to me. after a while she called me inside and asked why I’ve done at that moment. first i didn’t open my mouth but later i said that reason is her butt movements. she left that topic and continued her work.

After some 30 minutes or so, she is washing the dishes sitting down and her breasts are clearly visible to me till her aerola. i again had an instant hard on and i again went for bath room and this time i’ve locked it. but, after coming outside she is in front of the door. she called me in to the bed room and made me sit on the bed. she sat down and removed her pallu to show her half boobs and within no time i had my dick standing straight in my pants. she asked me whether i want to have her? I’ve nodded in a confusion way but she got my intention. she touched my dick above my pant and said – “chaala peddaga undi raa”(telugu). i smiled.

She then removed the pant zip and saw my boxer. she asked me to remove my boxer to which i nodded and asked her to remove mine with her hands and i stood. she slowly removed ny pant and massaged my tool on the boxer for some time. I said I am not able to control. she then removed my boxer too and my tool sprang on to her face touching her lips. i asked her to give me a blowjob for which she said no, later on begging she accepted. she took my dick in her hands and made to fro action. she placed the tip of my dick on her lips and kissed it which gave a jolt throughout the body. since it was my first blowjob, i cannot withstand longer and while she was sucking in full force, i released a full load of cum in her mouth which she drank without leaving a single drop.

i removed my shirt and asked her to stand. she stood and my hands went for her breasts. i pressed them gently and massaged on her blouse. i then removed her blouse and i saw her full boobs for the first time. i made her to sleep on the bed and i moved onto her boobs for sucking. it continued for 10 minutes after which she said, – “arey thondaraga pettara, chala gula ga undi.” i then removed her saree and petticoat. she doesn’t wear any lingerie. her pussy was full of hair and at first i can’t have a view of her love hole. i asked her, will u shaVE? TO which she replied no. then i said I’ll shave her now to which she said, not now after the session.

Then i went down to lick her pussy. her pussy lips are awwwwwwwwwwwsome. i placed my finger to explore the way to her hole and she gave a jolt and “ssssssssssss” sound which aroused me more. i kissed hes pussy and then licked it from the lips to the inner walls and clit. after 5 minutes of licking she held my head very close to her pussy and released her cum in my mouth. i drank it and shared with her. then stood up and pulled her to the side of bed and raised and parted her legs to insert my dick.

I held my dick and placed at the entrance and rubbed her pussy. she then pleaded me to enter. at first only 2 inch of my cock entered and i made gentle strokes. after 5 strokes my dick entered her pussy to full length to which she gave a pleasant moan. i gradually picked up the speed and fucked her for 10 minutes in that position.

Then i slept on the bed with my dick facing up. she came on to me and gently sat and did in that position for more than 5 minutes. then i asked her to be in doggy style and looking her in that position gave me some more energy. i placed my dick at the entrance of pussy again and gently had the session and she also gave the reciprocating strokes.

After some time she ejaculated her cum for second time. then i said her i want to do anal. she said ok. her asshole was so tight and it took me 15 minutes to enter her asshole to full length. we made it for 15 minutes and i came inside her.

After an hour of resting on each other nude, we went fore a bath where we had a quick session and finished for that day.

She said that she’ll introduce me to a new world next time………………………… :)

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Mom’s Secret Leaked Out On Kitty Party

Hello people, this is my second story, its about the same lady, my mom kavita. Thank you for the great response of my previous story. 

Let me introduce to my mom, her name is kavita, she is fair, long hairs to her butt, well managed shape at the age of 42. She is housewife. My name is karan doing engineering final year. Dad busy at work most of the time. My mom get herself engaged in household work and spend times with ladies of our society at evening. My mom’s best friend is anita pandey aunty. She is another desi rich high society lady. And she is our neighbor also.

It was last week of the month and the day was Saturday, at noon, her son younger to me came to our house, and asked me where is kavita aunty? I said she is taking bath. He asked me to give her a message that tomorrow will be the kitty party at nearby restaurant and tell her to talk to my mom as she tried calling but kavita aunty didn’t received. I replied ok bro. No problem. And he left.

I went inside, saw my mom’s phone blinking. I saw that anita aunty made a call 3 times, and as i canceled the notification, saw the text from her. She wrote the same thing and added about the dress code. The dress code is black saree. I went to my room and after an hour my mom called me for lunch, when i entered the hall i saw my mom was wearing black saree, i couldn’t stop myself asking that the kitty party got prepond or what? She didn’t get me.. I told her about all. She went and changed the saree as she has to wear it tomorrow. Every thing was going normal and Sunday came, she went for the kitty, she came back.

And from Monday onwards i can see my mom was slightly in tension. But couldn’t manage to understand. What actually is going on. After a week i saw my mom talking on call. She was shouting to someone. And almost like crying.

And to know more i went to my room and received the parallel connection phone. It was her friend on call. And she was saying sorry for something. What all i heard was like this

Anita aunty : i am sorry dear, it was just the part of the game. I never wanted to hurt you

Mom: but, how could you do this to me? I told you about my life’s secret and i trusted you. You made fun of me in front of all ladies.

Anita aunty: oh come on, every one was just enjoying the time. Every one did it. Why you being like a sati savitri?

Mom: you are disgusting, i didn’t expected this from you. Go to hell. And they hang up.

All these days mom being teased by the society ladies for something which i don’t know.

And the next kitty arrived, it was my mom’s turn.

She planned to do it at our place, as dad was out for work, and i was busy on classes. She called everyone and told about it, and asked me to go to pandey bhabhi’s place and tell her. And tell her the dress code is red saree. I did the same. My mom was not talking to her. Next day all ladies arrived.

Before that, i planned to do some nasty stuff. I placed my laptop on sleep mode and the cam was recording all show.

I told my mom that i am leaving for some project. She said, ok beta and come soon.

When i came back i took my laptop and started the play.

My mom was quite angry to all. She spoke first that, ladies, its enough, you all better stop discussing and bitching about me. I know what i did was what i wanted to do. But things have changed now. Suddenly anita aunty said, are you sure? I mean u can still do it, at least you getting the chance to do it. Mom said, if i do again its my choice, i wont disclose to you ladies. They all started playing games and party is on. I forwarded, the game truth and dare begins. It was anita aunty’s turn, she chose truth, suddenly mom asked her, how many people you slept with? I was shocked, what ladies are up to.

Aunty said 3 peoples only not like every other man you did during college. Ladies i must tell you, mrs. Kavita till her late 30’s after her marriage also, she use to enjoy man next to her eye. Mom was red. By this she replied at least i never slept with any men for the money. All over it was hot in there all of sudden both laughed and other ladies too. And the game continued. It was aunty’s turn to ask my mom, she asked whose husband of us is you think would be good in bed? And why?

My mom’s reply was, all your husbands are poor in bed and smiled. Omg what she said i couldn’t digest. All women said, we can’t be so open like you are, that’s why you get the chance to enjoy your life. So who is best till date? Mom said, the pizza guy. All were red and blushing. They asked how and what happened. Please tell us.

She said, my son is pizza freak, he orders twice a week, so guy was frequent. He once came and son was out for a while, i just came from bath, all wet and only in towel, as i slightly opened the door expected my son, but the pizza guy with a smile, i couldn’t manage to hold the pizza with one hand so as i kept both hand outside, the door opened more. And the towel wad loosely stuck on my breast. So he saw me that way. And when i came to give him money, he was all inside the door.

Before i could say anything he said, you can’t come outside so for your comfort i came in and smiled.

I handed money over to him and he pulled me towards him. I asked him to leave me my son would be here any moment. He said, ok so your son is the problem nothing much. And smiled, and took his phone and called his number to ask him about his location. He said he will be late take from my mom.

And that moment i took my step, dropped my towel and guided him to my bedroom, he hold me and took on his both arms and make me lie on my bed. I took his tool out. And in few minutes we were have sex like a wild animals. And the same time my son came. I wore the same towel, he said, he came to take pizza n books, I’ll go back in few minutes. I told him to lock door i have keys. I am going to change cloths. I came back to my bedroom, it was unstoppable moment. We started again. And had 4 times great long session whole day. And the next day he got fired from the job. And ladies laughed.

This is the story how i came to know about my mom’s slutty part, and after this, my view towards my mom changed, i made several plans and executed it.

All next part will soon be released.

Thanx. Love to all.

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Stripper In Mom’s Party

I am Jay, 20 years old; usually mama’s boy from childhood. My mom, Vijaya is very pretty and a very decent lady. Her bra and panty sizes are 36D and 40 respectively. She is very energetic in nature; used to do kitty party with the neighborhood aunties every week end, they are her friends. The aunties were all from educated cultured families. Soma, Kajal, Binita, Priyanka, Chandana was from nearby apartments. All are having age level 40-45 years like my mom; only Chandana is around 55 year old. They are having two children each, whereas Priyanka and Soma having one each. Their husbands are well off.

They used to do kitty party in respective residence at week end. I want to tell you about one of the incidents happened with mom in a grand kitty party. It was the first 5 year celebration of their party and the meeting held at our drawing room to do the planning to organize it. At that time I was preparing for my upcoming final exam in my study room. I knew early from mom that this party will be arranged in a hotel room and mom to organize that though every member to contribute to make it a memorable one. I was very seriously preparing for maths paper, right then I overheard a word “Stripper” from ladies group.

Stripper? In a gathering where mom is present?

I became curious, I found mom whispering cautiously to the ladies group, “Jay is reading in his room, be careful please.”

The discussion again went on the menu, crockery items etc., but the word “Stripper” I marked and it was imbedded in my memory. I was doubtful because they are all decent housewives and responsible mothers.

How Stripper they can think of! Did I hear wrong! I used to hear these housewives occasionally talking lightly on penis or fucking incidents related to hubby-wife among themselves. It was just time pass short of thing.

I too heard the hotel Grand to organize the party next week. It’s a 5 star property at the far end of our town. During this one week I couldn’t sleep peacefully as the word “Stripper” was roaming around my head.

On the grand day my dad went on company trip. He is holding an important post with a multinational company and extremely busy. Mom started from home in the afternoon, I knew from mom the party would start around 7 PM. She was looking ravishing in her yellow Kanjivaram saree.

I couldn’t resist myself, headed for the hotel without mom’s knowledge and reached the gate of the luxurious hotel at around 6:45 PM. I was waiting eagerly to watch what happens there in the party. They might have talked about stripper jokingly, I didn’t know.

I requested the security persons saying that I need to meet my mom urgently. They had accommodated me and showed the way to the party room. I offered some tips to the door keepers and entered the room silently.

It was rather a hall, partitioned by curtains. The stage was kept separate from the rest of the room by dark curtains. I felt the stage won’t be used because the party members were total six ladies only.

I crept silently into the unused stage and peeked between the curtains. My mouth fell open what I saw. There were six housewives; my mom and her ladies friends. They were all looking gorgeous in outfits and sitting in sofas; at the centre one handsome young man was standing. His age I could gauze around 20 years. The stranger was wearing a silk shirt, skintight pants and sunglasses. Is he the stripper! Apparently he was introducing himself with the gorgeous middle aged ladies.

He opened up his bag, took out a tape player and started his routine. He was putting a great show. He’d taken off his shirt and had started to slowly unzip his pants when he turned around to face the ladies.

The ladies started to whisper to each others. They reached over and ran hands over his well-muscled back and across his tight behind. Priyanka and Soma wrapped their arms around him and helped him remove his pants. I could tell by the way they both shied away that they must have checked out his tool. The man now wearing only blue briefs, starting a pulsating rhythm that seemed hypnotize the group. I knew by the looks on their faces that they wanted to get those shorts off him fast. He took them by the hand, pulled to their feet, put his arms around waist and started slowly moving to the music. I watched them grind their crotch against his legs.

Then Soma slid her finger into the waistband, knelt down and pulled the shorts to the ground. He was left wearing a G-string. Soma’s face was a foot away from his bulge. The sexual tension in the room suddenly grew thicker. Nobody moved for what seemed like a minute. However, something else was moving. All watched silently as the cock grew until it strained the flimsy material of his G-string. I found my decent mom genuinely surprised. The ladies were glowing in sexual energy. Only mom was in control. I found myself too growing in arousal.

He began to dance slowly, rotating his hips in front of their faces. They began to hungrily explore his body with their hands. When he was just in front of Binita, she pulled the G-string down until he stepped out. He stood completely naked there, defiant and proud. I couldn’t believe he was naked in front of these ladies including my mother. As if his cock was the only part of him visible, the ladies were enjoying the view of him. I watched mother’s stare focus too only on the cock. I gave more credibility to him standing there with his cock at full erection, real big one around 8 inches in length. I felt stir in my pants as I gazed at my mom and her friends.

The man moved now towards Chandana. The aged lady couldn’t resist herself for this young cock and immediately put it in her mouth. Her head bobbed and she sucked with abandon on the dick. Binita came forward, put one hand on his butt, pushing him towards Chandana. Priyanka’s hands were between his legs, toying with his heavy balls. Then Soma came up, Chandana released the dick and his manhood disappeared between Soma’s pouting lips. His hand was on her head, all encouraging Soma to take more into her eager mouth.

Then Kajal came nearer, he fucked her mouth too. I could tell that his cock was up against the back of her throat. The ladies were sharing the single cock well, no jealousy I could find out between them. Then they offered the cock to Binita. Kajal had to take the cock out of her mouth, he moaned in disappointment. But Binita craned her neck forward to reach him and fucked him with her mouth. She was deep-throating as he gripped her face tightly. I started to rub my hard on through my pant.

The ladies were enjoying with the stripper except my mom. She is real decent lady, others behaved like whores. I felt pride in my sainted mom.

Then mom went to attached washroom and the next session started with rapid music. Ladies went berserk. They were shaking his massive dick as if it’s their husbands’, sometimes squeezing his balls or deep-kissing him.

At that time I observed one doubtful thing happening, Soma offered a bundle of money to the stripper. They explained some job to him to execute. I couldn’t properly understand their conversation or demand.

As mom came out of the washroom, Binita and Soma caught her from behind tightly holding her arms. Mom couldn’t understand her friends behavior, I too was bit confused. Ladies were laughing, I felt funny when I saw one hand glide over her big tits. Neither mom nor I could understand their intention.

Within fraction of a second Soma pulled her saree; Chandana unfastened the knot from petticoat and took it off.

“Stop it!” Mom got a shock and shouted helplessly.

At the centre of the room, stripper was still dancing while Priyanka and Kajal were playing with his cock/ balls.

There was one sharp rip; my mom’s blouse and bra were torn away. Her huge tits bounced into view, her brown nipples already erect being fondled. A thrill flashed through my tummy as I watched, the pair of milk jugs was bouncing swaying due to sudden freedom.

That scene stopped stripper to dance and two ladies to shake his cock. They came towards mom.

Then there was another tearing sound and she lost her petticoat/ panty too.

Yes friends, I found mom totally naked. More laughter and whistles as the helpless lady was twisting in the friends’ grip. I never saw mom naked, she was really magnificent!

She was having nice curvy body, cream colored thighs and hips.

I saw her pussy swelling forward; she had a wide patch of thick fur on that thing, at least twice as much as I have around my cock. She was turned this way and that, I could ogle her charms, her plump ass, and deep valley between buttocks.

They were not hurting her, they were rather gentle and careful but mom was angry and ashamed.

There were ladies hands roaming all over her naked body; on her thunder thighs, squeezing her big tits, petting her buttocks!

The stripper now was dancing around my naked mom showing his jerking erection! Now he was not only the naked person, my sexy mom had demolished his domination. As if she was the female stripper challenging him!

If as a stripper anyone chose irrespective of gender, my mom would be the automatic choice!

Then friends lowered her to the carpet, placing her on her back, her legs towards me. Her legs were forced wide apart, her huge tits wobbling heavily over her chest. The stripper was dancing restlessly then. I noticed Soma to wink at the man and he came near to mom.

Mom choked, “No! No…”, her eyes on stems. In her looks I understood she was not frightened. She was bit annoyed that her friends were doing with her. She probably knew by that time she was going to get fucked.

Is she going to get fucked? I asked myself. Am I going to watch a big dick fucking my sexy mom! Answer came in a matter of second, so to speak.

“No. . .Please, I’m married! I can’t do that.” she moaned.

I carefully watched mom as she wanted to turn her face away from the massive cock of stripper, but could not resist the temptation of viewing it. She was spellbound. I never saw my dad’s erection, but he must be having a smaller dick. Apparently, she was enjoying the view of that big pole, what she saw was beyond comparison.

“Fuck her! Please fuck her! Push that hard dick into that hole!” I breathed without realizing it, my eyes glued to the show.

Right then the man lay down on her top, settling her naked body between her wide open thighs. His massive cock was pointing towards her vagina, big balls tight with load. Although mom’s guilt reflex was starting to say no, her body had other ideas. My mouth fell open as I saw the big knob disappeared into the tight hole.

“Aggg…” she whimpered as she felt the huge dick sliding into her.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached down to unzip my slacks and release the intense pressure. . .I’d never been that harder.

I found she closed her eyes again and laid her head back, mom looked nervous now, but she was still obviously turned on. I am sure she had never even dreamed of taking on a cock this size. He went sliding right down into her; slowly his big pipe began to disappear. Mom closed her eyes tight again and tried to relax her muscles as her friends were holding her arm and big legs. He was buried to the root in her belly; his shaved pelvic zone was pressing her dense forest. Yes, the Royal Bengal Tiger entered the dense forest!

He then took support on his knee and holding her waist in tight grips he started to take deep strokes. The friends of mom had her legs wide apart, giving me an unobstructed view of the cock spearing her full bush.

Mom’s friends were sitting on the carpet surrounding mom and her fucker. He was taking long, deep strokes and mom’s sloppy pussy swallowed the long shaft repeatedly.

Kajal put the music player at higher volume of a rapid instrumental, generally heard in blue films while action is going on.

I never saw before people to fuck, but felt it was a beautiful thing to watch. You all must be thinking me a terrible person!

So what! My mom was not being harmed, she was being fucked thoroughly. Everybody wants to fuck, every mom too; isn’t it? Moreover there is no possibility of licking out this incident. The stripper must be an outsider, then who else! Mom’s friends couldn’t tell the spicy story about my mom getting fucked by the stripper, because they themselves sucked him or played with his massive dick or balls.

Moms’ friends were caressing her naked body every square inch. They were jabbering with excitement. The ladies hands continued to roam all over her lusty body. My cock finally sprang free and I wasted no time in working it.

Soma and Kajal were caressing her big thighs up and down, stretching apart to assist stripper to penetrate deep into mom, “Go in depth man and fuck that big pussy.”

Priyanka was rolling mom’s big tits here and there, tugging at her nipples, “Get screwed thoroughly babe….”

Binita was caressing mom’s trembling belly due to fucking and she was enjoying in rubbing mom’s clit.

Chandana was cupping his balls and gripping muscular ass of the stripper. She was actually pushing his ass to help him fuck mom with less force. I didn’t want to cum yet, so I was slowly and steadily beating my meat.

I found Soma fingering mom’s pussy as the cock continuously penetrating her. Kajal frequently pulled the cock from mom’s gulping pussy, stroking and putting it back in action again. Now the stripper started to pick up speed, I could hear his belly hitting my mom’s soft one as she was whimpering. He started to pump very hard and his ass seemed to be spring driven. Powerful muscles were bulging in his thighs while her soft muscles shaking firmly.

Mom was moaning softly, by that time she accepted the sexual activities with her. She was now waiting for her friends and stripper to get satisfied. She was not having any other choice in this matter!

I felt pride in my mom as she single handedly managed all these sex crazy people. I also could observe an obvious movement of mother’s hips. She had moved her abdomen with the rhythm. It made me understand that mom too was enjoying her fuck, but being a decent lady her attempt was to prevent showing her true feelings and to control her emotions.

The man suddenly geared up the tempo and choked, “I am going to cum soon!”

“Nooo..” mom cried softly, hearing him.

Priyanka shouted, “Pull the dick out man and spit on her great tits.”

Soma and Kajal jointly ordered,”Please spray inside her pussy.”

Binita echoed,”Yeh, she is through her safe period now. No issue then to ejaculate inside…”

Suddenly, the stripper increased his tempo and ramming his cock ferociously into her cunt. He pushed forward and buried his cock deep inside my mother’s pussy. His big buttocks were completely sucked in and the cleft was almost became a straight line. I knew he was cumming inside my mother’s pussy, but unfortunately it was not possible for me to see it, as his cock was completely hidden from my view and fully immersed into mother’s cunt.

I couldn’t hold further, I felt the hot cream begin to race through my shaft in the tip of my hard cock. I exploded, I looked over just as a huge load erupted from my cock — all over my hand and my pants. It was awesome!

My mom’s fucker remained there for a while, then left her waist and sat on nearby sofa. He was panting a lot, he looked tired.

I was looking at the lucky man. That time some lady voice there I heard, “Wait, she will have an orgasm now!” I stared at mom’s ass again, her ass lifted an inch, her thighs straining and jerking. Ultimately her hot body wrecked as she reached wonderful orgasmic bliss. Her real friends were holding her tightly then. They were telling terrible things about her.

The stripper were gone walking out of the room through rear door after putting cloths on.

The freshly fucked lady sat up, she kept her head down. Her friends were still holding her hands, patting her shoulder!

Mom then rose unsteadily on her feet, red spots all over her naked body, both nipples erect and tits were bouncing, swaying heavily. The naked lady turned away towards the washroom. Soma and Kajal came forward; mom put hands on their shoulders and entered to wash.

I heard sound of pee,”Shhh..shh.shhh..”. Fucking always makes one want to pee, especially if you climax.

Priyanka, Binita and Chandana were chuckling and discussing spicy subject of my mom-fuck.

Mom came back after cleaning herself with Soma and Kajal. First thing mom uttered, “This incident should not be told to anyone, not even husbands.”

My decent mom was so conscious about her modesty!

All of them answered affirmative, ”Vijaya, why should we! Not such an incident to give publicity.”

They all helped her to put on her cloths. I too headed back to my home giving some healthy tips to the door keepers.

I entered my home, and just after 30 min she entered. I asked her.”How was your party, mom?”

“It was fine, well arranged.” She quickly replied.

You just got your pretty ass fucked of, that’s all, I thought.

I never told her I saw what happened in that kitty party. After that for so many months I observed in the darkness of night, mom’s sloppy cunt gulping a big and thick dick and her heavenly orgasms.

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I Seduced My Maid And Sister In One Day

Hey, this is danniel. I m from Mumbai. I m 18 year old. My height is 5.7. This my first story. Yeh story padhkr aap jarur masturbate karoge. Isilye apne room ma door band karke ye story padhna. So please give me feedback.
In my family, there are 4 members. Me, my mom, my dad, and my little sister.

My mom and dad goes to work. Thats why , humne ek maid rakhi hai gharme . Jo ghar ke saare kam kartI hai. Vo bahut hot hai. Uski figure 36_30_38 hai. vo 30 year old hai. Uske 2 kids hai.Fir bhi uski figure ekdum maintain hai.Vo friendly hai. Uska nam Anita hai. vo bahut beautiful and sexy dikhti hai.

But uska pati daru pita hai. Isliye vo usse naraj thi. Aur use kabhi sex karne ko bhi nahi milta tha.

My mom goes to work at 9 am and my dad at 7 am. And Anitgharapepe 1komati thi thi. Vo jabhi kam karti thi tabhi me use hi dekhta rehta tha. Uske boobs itne acche the…. aisa lagta tha ki bahut jor jor se unko dabavu aur choosu.

Yeh kahani summer vacation, ki hai. Mere mom and dad kam pe jate the aur meri sister vacation class ko. Isliye jabhi anita kam karne ke liye gharpe ati thi tab me akela hi ghar pe rehta tha.

Isliye mene socha ki me ise seduce karunga aur badame bahut chodunga. Isliye mene ek plan banaya.Vo jabhi ghar pe ati thi to me shorts pe rehta tha. Aur me apna underwear bhi nhi pehnta tha. Aur me anita ke samne Aisehi ghumta tha. Aur vo jabhi kam karti thi tabhi uske adhe boobs dikhte the. Aur mera 8 incaurur 3 diameter ka lund pura khada hota tha. Aur vo us shorts me se dikhta tha.

Aur me uske samne vaise hi jata tha. Vo use dekhte hi rehti thi. Ek din vo muze boli ki, me jabhi ati hu to tu teri pant kyu nhi pehnta. Shorts pe kyu rehta hai?. Me bahut dar gaya . Aur bolo aise kuch nhi aur jaldi se pant pehnli. Vo samj gayi thi me kya krna chahta tha. Vo Boli tu mere beta jaisa hai. Tu colg me jata hai. Tuze abhi bahut time hai. Me bahut dar gaya muze laga ki agar usne mom dad ko bata diya to meri to vaat lag jayegi. Fir mene kaha apko kuch galatfami ho gayi hai fir bhi sry. Aur me chala gaya. Usne mere mom dad ko nhi bataya. Lekin us din se vo jabhi mere bedroom me kam karne keliye ati thi to uski pehli najar sidhe mere lund pe jati thi . Mene vo bahut bar notice kiya. Fir kuch din bit gaye.

Me ek bar apne computer pr porn lagaya aur mera lund hilane laga. Lekin usne muze dekh liya aur use shock laga ….but usne ek chotisi smile dedi aur chali gayi. Muze bhi shock laga.

Aur firse mera man lalchaya. Aur mene fir se use seduce karne ka socha. Lekin is baar naya plan. Vo jabhi mere bedroom ati thi to me mere computer pe porn lagata tha. Aur janbuchakr bahar chala gaya. Me ne full HD vali ek naukrani ki hi porn lagayi thi . Vo use bass dekhtihi reh gayi. Me apne bedroom ke door se Chupkese dekh raha tha. Vo itni badhiya video thi ki mera lund zatse khada ho gaya. vo beth kr safsafai kr rahi thi aur vo video dekh rahi thi.

Aur me andar chala gaya aur uske piche jakar khada ho gaya. Usko malum bhi nhi tha ki me andar aa gaya hu..vo video badi dhyan se dekh rahi thi. Mene use kaha ki tum mere computer ke sath kya kr rahi ho? vo dar gayi aur jaise hi piche mudi mera lund uske muh ke samne hi tha. Aur use shock laga. Phir vo us video ko dekh rahi thi fir mere lund ko dekh rahi thi. Vo khud ko rok nhi payi usne mera lund pakda aur hilane lagi. Aur phir jaldi se ruk gayi. Mene apna computer band kiya aur use mene apne baju me bethne ke loye kaha. Vo baju me akar beth gayi. Mene use kaha ki me janta hu ki tume bhi sex karne ki bahut chaht hai. Vo muskurayi aur zatse mere gale lag gayi.

Me bahut khush ho gaya tha. Qunki isbar mera plan successful ho gaya tha.

Phir mene use kiss kiya.She gave a sly smile and jumped upon me taking charge of my lips!! Our lips met and we sucked hard!! She was very wild and she bit my lips too hard!! We sucked onto each others’ tongues.. ummmmmmmmummummahhmmm. It made me very horny .

Her sagging 36″ boobs and blackish-brown nipples made me go mad with lust. Mene uske nipples muh me liye aur uska dudh pi raha tha…awwwww.its very tasty

I also became nude and asked her to suck my dick. She did that and oooooooohhhh within a minute i was rock-hard.

I then stopped her and asked her to climb on the sofa. She was confused but did as I told. I then held her and made her sit on my erect dick such that my dick directly entered her pussy. Muze pata hai ki ladkiyonko unki chut mese pani nikalna bahut accha lagata hai. Anita ki chut thodi tight thi. Us ne bahut din sex nahi kiya tha . Me uski chut me ungli dal raha tha aur chat bhi raha tha. Phir me jor jor se ungli dal ne laga aur eksatg 2_3 ungli dal ne laga.Mene vaisa 15_20 min kiya. Aur Anita ne pani choda.Awwwwhhh uski kya smell thi..uski kya taste thi.. aisa lag raha tha ki amrut pi raha hu.

I then made her lay on the bed and started devouring her body. I pinched and sucked her nipples and boobs. Her 36″ boobs were damn larger . We then went into 69 position and I sucked her hairy pussy and she sucked my dick!! ummmaahahahhahahahhahah chuso chut ko danni!! Aaj pehli baar chut chaati hai meri kisine!! Aaaaaaaaaahhhahahhhhhyummmmm

Ummmammamamama she sucked my dick like a lollipop and also bit it in between. I took revenge by biting her nipples and she screamed out. Aahahahaaaaaaaaaahhhh

Tabhi bahut time ho chuka tha. Meri sister anehi vali thi. Uska nam Sara hai. Vo 18 year old hai. Vo bhi bahut hot aur bahut sexy hai. College ke sare ladke uske piche hai. Uske pass ghar ki ek aur key thi. Usne door khola aur dhirese ghar ke andar aa gayi . Me aur Anita bedroom me sex kr rahe the. Tabhi mene dekha ki Sara hume chupkese dekh rahI hai. Me pehle dar gaya. Badme socha ki aaj ise bhi chodunga. Me use kafi samay se chodna chahta tha.

Me aur anita jor jor se sex kr rahe the aur Sara naughty tarike se hume dekh rahi thi. Me Anita ko aur jor jor se chodne laga. Me apna sara malayi uske chut me hi dalna chahta tha par humne koi protection nhi kiya tha to mene uske boobs pe choda.

Vo sab dekh kr Sara dhire se chali gayi aur hall me TV laga kr beth gayi. humne saare kapde pehn liye aur bahar aa gaye the. Anita bahut dar gayi Sara ko dekh kr. Sara ne use pucha ki aaj itni der tak kam rahi thi aap?. Tabhi me bola ki vo aaj late aayi thi kam karne ke liye.. aur Anita jaldi se nikal gayi.

Abhi ghar pe sirf me aur Sara the. Me soch raha tha ki ise bhi seduce karunga fir chodunga.

Hum humesha dopehar me masti karte the. Ek dusre ko gudgudi karte the. Mene usika chance uthaya. Me uske pass gaya aur use gudgudi karne laga. Vo bhi muze gudgudi karne lagi . Me bich bich me uske boobs dabata tha. Uski ass ko hath lagata tha. Uski figure 34_24_34 thi . Vo bahut hi sexy thi. Tabhi TV pe ek hot scene chal raha tha. Hum ekdusre ke sath kafi friendly the. Mene use pucha ki tumne kabhi kisiko kiss kiya hai kya? Vo sharmate huye boli nahi. Phir mene use kaha ki tumhe kiss ke types to malum hai kya?.. vo boli nhi..Mene use pucha ki , me tumhe kiss ke saare types sikhau kya?..

Usne ek naughty si smile di aur kaha thik hai. Me bahut khush ho gaya. Kyuki mera ye plan bhi successful ho raha tha…Pehle mene use ek normal sa kiss kiya lips pe. Phir mene use apni tongue bahar nikal ne ko kaha aur meri tongue se uski choose raha tha. Phir humne ek long French kiss kiya. Phir mene use kaha ki kya me tumhe sex karna bhi sikhau kya,? Vo shock ho gayi..phir bolli naughty smile de kr boli chalega.

Me bahut khush hogaya. Mera ye plan bhi successful ho gaya tha. Vo virgin thi isliye mene apne computer pr virgin girl ka HD porn lagaya. Aur use dekh dekh kar hum sex karne lage..

I removed her top and I saw her naked tits because she didn’t wear bra. Her tits were too tight and big of size of big orange. I started sucking them and pressing them. Sara was moaning “ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ammm uuuuuuu “. I removed her jeans and underwear. I could see her naked pussy. I took her to bed and started licking her pink pussy. She was moaning “ahhhhhhhhh bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Aaaaaaaaa. . Ammmmmmmmm “.

Vo pehli baar kr rahi thi isiliye me dhire dhire kr raha tha . uski chut itni acchi thi. Me use pi hi raha tha.aaaawwwwwww.

Phir mene apni pant utari aur uska hath mere lund ko lagaya.

Phele to vo mana kar rahi thi but mai mere request karne par vo man gai. Kya mast blowjob deti h vo yaar…….. Mere mu se sirf ahhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh hi nakal raha tha. Thodi der mai, mai uske mu mai hi jadh gaya or usne mera sara ras pe liya. Fir mai uske side mai let gaya. Usne apna haat mere lund pe rakha or mera lund pakad kar hilane lagi. Kuch 2 min mai hi mera lund fir se uth k khada ho gaya. Ab mujse or control nhi ho raha tha or na hi usse.

Phir mene apna lund uske chut rakha aur hilane laga.She was like insert it slowly I am a virgin. I said OK and asked her if she gets pregnant. She told she will take pills. I said OK and slowly started inserting ma dick inside her. She moaned loudly ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah ah dhire bhaiya.” I pushed once harder and around 3/4 dick went inside and she started bleeding. She shouted.”ohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. “I stopped for some time after some time. She stopped shouting and I started in out. Hard and harder. She was “ahhh ahhh ohhh ohhh ohhh ahhhh. Jor se bhaiya. Ah ahhhhhhhh “. We continued it for 20-30 minutes ..

Phir humne decide ki ab dusri position me sex karte hai . Phir mene use apne baju me litaya aur uski ek tang upar karke Mai apna lund uski chut pe rakha or 1 dhaka mara. Mera lund thoda undar gaya. Uske mu se halki se aawaj nikli. Maine usse smooch kiya or 1 or dhaka mara jor se or mera pura lund uski chut mai tha. Kya feeling thi yaar vo……… Bata nhi sakta. Fir maine use dhake lagane laga kuch der baad maine apni speed or bada li. Thodi der baad vo tight hone lagi. Muje pata chal gaya k vo ab jadhne wali h. So maine apni speed or badha li. Kuch dhakko k baad hum dono 1 sath jadh jaye.Phir hum dono so gaye.Us din se me jabhi chahu tabhi mere maid ko aur sister ko chodta tha.

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How I Fucked My Mother

Hello readers, this is akash from Bengaluru. The following story is completely a fiction and is about Love between mom and son, which are staged in rural Bengaluru of Karnataka. I hope you will like it and please do send your feedback.
My dad was retired, but he dedicated his leisure time in Kannada Literature. So whenever there was any cultural meet in Karnataka, my dad used to be there. My mom, Malathi was a typical South Indian woman. She used to wear only sari, occasionally nighties at home. I and Mom were close, and we used to hangout a lot. I used to take her out for movies and restaurants.

We were best friends and I used to share everything with my mom. Mom had an average body and looked great in saris. Even though she was my mom, I was sexually attracted to her. At first I was feeling guilty, but soon the lust took over and I loved fantasizing about her and loved to be around her. I was greatly attracted to her ass, as they were huge and fleshy.

I had fantasized a lot about banging that ass with my cock and had masturbated numerous numbers of times with the fantasy of me and mom on bed. My life changing incident happened when I and mom were alone at home and my dad had gone to attend the Kannada Sahitya Sammelana function at Gangavathi, North Karnataka. My dad was away for 5 days.

I returned home from work, the evening my dad left. My mom welcomed me with a big smile. We had a great talk and then we went out for a walk. She was wearing a pink colored designer sari and was looking sexy. I was stealing glances at her, looking at her breasts and tight ass. It was great evening. We had dinner outside and reached home at around 10.15 pm I went into my room after saying Good night to my mom.

Once on bed, my thoughts drifted to my mom. Her beautiful body filled my thoughts and soon my cock slowly started stiffening. I removed my clothes and lied naked and my hands went towards my cock. I held it in my hands and started to shake my mom while thinking about my mom. I was so engrossed in my acts and I uttered “Amma, I want to fuck you. Hearing these words aloud from my own mouth I suddenly felt rush of adrenaline all over my body.

Ammma, evattu chance kodu (Mom, give me a chance today) now I was getting fully excited and shouted Amma, I am going to fuck you in your cunt and mouth! Now I was fully excited. The thought of saying these words for my own mother gave me shivers. The thought of fucking my own mother’s cunt was driving me nuts. I had not felt this much excitement ever in my life.

My cock was tight up to the full limit. I wanted to take full advantage of this loneliness and talked to myself about the beauty of my mother’s breasts and ass. Hardly five minutes had passed and I heard a sound of my room’s door opening slightly and I saw the figure of my mother looking towards me. I hurriedly covered myself. Mom entered the room. She came and sat beside me.

I presumed mom might have seen what I was doing and also listened to my loud words of excitement. Out of guilt I was not able to look at her. Mom turned towards me and said akash, ninu tumba bevartidiya.Yenaytu? (Akash, you are sweating a lot, what happened) Saying this she came near me and with her loose end of sari she cleaned my face full of sweat. Shravan, I have to talk about an important matter.

I asked her and what is it Mom? Son I am aware of what you were doing right now. I have seen you do it several times. I know this is normal with you youngsters but thinking about your own mom in such a way is not good I was shell shocked. I didn’t know what to say. My lips went dry. I just looked down to the floor in shame and said I am Sorry Mom. It’s just that I love you more than anything and I am attracted to you physically.

You are lovely and I can’t get rid of these thoughts. I am madly in love with you mom. Please forgive me and my eyes were filled with tears and Mom too had tears in her eyes. Mom lifted my face and looked in my eyes and said, “I know you love me a lot. I love you too son. I know how much you care for me and son, your happiness is my happiness .I will always be with you.” I looked at her and said, “Mom you are so cute.

I pulled her towards me and kissed her in her forehead. Mom’s face was suddenly flushed with red tint of embarrassment but she said “Son, you are handsome and I love you too. I was intoxicated by the exotic fragrance of her sweat and the soft heat of her body. Oh, Amma, I love you I moaned and hugged her. I Love you, too, she whispered, hugging me even tighter. You’ll never be alone,” I groaned, “because, I’ll always be here for you.

Oh, My Son, I love you very, very much, she melted, turning and kissing my cheek. Feeling her hot, wet lips on my cheek, I turned my head and suddenly our lips touched. Sparks flew as uncontrollable passion consumed me. My eyes closed, I crushed my mouth down onto hers as my tongue snaked into her mouth. For a split second, she recoiled back away from me as time seemed to stop.

Then, with a whimper, she crushed her mouth against me as her tongue fought its way into my mouth. Our arms tightened around each other, squeezing and pulling together as we kissed long and deeply. Crushed against each other, we sought to become one as our mouths slavered against each other. I felt her hot, digging tongue digging and probing my mouth hungrily as her long, sharp fingernails dug into my back.

Oh, Amma,” I gasped as our lips broke and our bodies momentarily parted. Then an explosion of adrenaline tore through my brain as I felt my mother’s hand find my hot, jutting maleness under bed sheet. “Mmm,” she groaned as I quickly covered her hot, sucking mouth with my lips again. My heart was pounding so hard, it felt like it would burst out of my chest any second. Still we kissed, deeply and voraciously wining with desire.

I laid her down on the bed and removed the sari from the top of her. I hold her left breast over the blouse and squeezed it hard. I slowly removed the hooks of her blouse and the most amazing sight was in front of me. I was mesmerized I caressed her breast and lightly pinched her nipple. They were rock hard like little pebbles. They were beautiful. I then unclasped the sari fold near her navel and slid down her sari.

She was far better looking than all of the women her age and younger that I had been looking. I admire her voluptuous body. At the same time I could see that she was admiring my body and my penis, which was now fully erect. I kissed and sucked on her neck for a minute, and then dropped back down to her breasts.

I landed a big kiss on her left nipple and then started to suck on it. I sucked on it I licked it with my tongue, first in slow circular patterns, and then in fast flicks. Then I switched to her other breast. I lightly bit her nipple and then proceeded to suck on it. As I did that I pinched her other nipple with my hand and caressed her breast lightly as I continued to make small circles around her nipple with my tongue.

I could hear her breathing deepening I looked up and saw that she had her eyes closed and her head was tilting back as I stopped my mother opened her eyes and pulled me towards her and kissed me wild. I felt my mother’s hot, soft hand squeeze my cock. My excitement was so great I had never known such delight in my whole life. Then we had to break for air again ayyo Devare! Oooh, my!

I heard my mother groan as her hand explored the thick, swollen hardness of my penis. It’s so big, she whispered running her hand up and down the length of my manhood. Now my mother was touching the very monster she had had a part in creating. Then I undo the fold of her skirt and remove it under her legs. She willfully opened her long, beautifully shaped legs and spread them wider and wider.

Another shot of adrenaline poured through my body as my cock lurched and throbbed with heinous excitement. My mother was opening the gate of her soul to me. Wider and wider, her soft, firm thighs opened. That gave me the best view I had ever had of her cunt. She had a thick mound of pubic hair that thinned out nicely around her cunt. As I got really close to her cunt I could feel that the hair was softer around her cunt.

It was mine to have every nerve in my body was tingling with a depraved need for release that could only be satisfied in one way at last my mother lay before me open completely. Then she reached up for me make me a woman again,” she groaned, thrusting herself up against me, “make me forget your father forever. The last words she said inflamed me. She wanted me to replace my father.

I had never felt such power; such passion; such excitement. My mother wanted me to fuck her. I was really excited hearing her words. I thrust my hips forward causing my cock to wedge itself between her closed thighs. She gasped then spread her legs wide offering herself to me. I pushed further ahead and felt her warm wet folds begin to open up to the onslaught.

She gasped again. Then in one quick upwards thrust I entered her. My cock slid in to her like a hot knife through butter. As soon as I was deep inside her aching cunt, she let out a loud low moan then whispered. Fuck me son, fuck your mom. Those words thrilled me like never before. I reached down, grabbed her ass cheeks and began slamming my cock in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could.

Akash mellane, avasara padbeda (slow down boy, don’t be in hurry ) she grunted Let us Enjoy. Here, let me. She rolled me off of her then squatted over me then looking me straight in the eyes, she took my cock in her hand and guided it into her cunt. The look of passion and excitement on her face was so over whelming. I thrust my hips up and my cock slid deeply inside her, totally engulfed.

She began to move in a slow pace. Each motion was accented by her pelvic clenching that blew my mind. It was as if her cunt didn’t want me to leave her empty. I reached up to caress her lovely breasts. Ammana moleyannu ottu”(“Oh yes baby, squeeze those tits mmmmmmm

She sensed I was close to Cumming and she sped up the action. Her clit was bumping against my pubic bone she shifted slightly for a bit more direct contact, to speed up her own impending orgasm. Her loud moans caused me to pound into her faster. Then in her sexy voice she almost yelled. Yes baby, fuck me, please Shravan, fuck me, I am cumming.”

That’s right baby, come on, fuck me harder. Make Mom cum ooooh baby, please keep going, and fuck me faster. I could feel her cunt walls tighten around my cock even tighter. She wouldn’t quit. One more powerful thrust and I started spewing my cum into her. She reached around and squeezed my balls as if to try and force more of my sperm into her cunt.

We were grunting, crying and moaning in our mutual orgasms when it was all over she flopped over on top of me with my cock still buried in her cunt. She was breathing hard and crying softly. Mom, have I hurt you? I asked hoping that I hadn’t ruined our lives. No honey, you have just made me so very happy looked up into her face and saw that oh so wonderful smile and I knew every thing was perfect and our life has changed for good. I hope you liked my fantasy story; I will wait for any feedback to my email id.Thank you all.

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Fucking My Sexy Mother-In-Law

It is about my mother in law named mala, aged about 50 yrs. She is slightly bulky , but her boobs & ass are very sexy. From the day of my marriage ,I was in the dream to fuck her ass & cum in her mouth, but could not get the chance. One day chance came. My wife went to home for 3 months for exam preparation. I used to go to my in laws in every Sunday. One day when I reached my in laws in morning 10 am , my father in law is out of station for two days & my wife went to some friends home for taking notes. My mother in law was cooking foods, when I reached.

She opened the door in sweated condition, as she was cooking. She was wearing a black sleeveless blouse , Red saya -partially exposed & white-red saree inserted pallu at waist level. I could see the strap of her white bra as the top most hook of the blouse was open due to summer. I saw her belly button also, as she wore saree atleast 1 inch below the naval. Her naval was awesome .I smiled & asked her about my wife & came to know she will take at-least 2 hr to reach home. I asked for a glass of water. When she served me the water , I saw her cleavage. I get ONN & decided to fuck her today at any cost. I made a plan.

I went to toilet but did not shut the door properly & remove my penis pretending to pee. Suddenly I found her soiled dresses are dumped in a bucket for cleaning. I searched & found a red panty. I smelt it & rubbing my penis with her panty. It was fully erected & hard rock. After waiting of 10 min in toilet, suddenly the door was opened & my mother in law peep inside. She was really embarrassed & speechless & told sorry for several times.

I took the chance & pretended to be very angry & told her I will tell everything to my wife. She was really afraid & requested me holding my hands not to tell her daughter at any cost. Her touches made me a beast & I told her I will not say , but she has to do what I say. She asked what I have to do? I told her, you have to be my whore for rest of day. Initially she cried & told NO. But I was strict . After a few minutes of silence she agreed.

I started to foreplay with her. Touched her ass & thigh with my hands & lay her on the sofa. I kissed her lips & move my tongue in her mouth. It was full with saliva. I bite her ears to stimulate her & touched her belly button .As she was little bit bulky, I was not getting enough space on the sofa to play with my bitch. So I put her on the bed & remove her red saree pallu & kiss in her belly button. She was shivering. I put my hands in her crotch through her red saya. Then I removed her white-red saree. My bitch is now in red saya & black sleeveless blouse only.

She was looking very sexy . Her black, curly pubic hair was seen through the V opening of her red saya .I took her hands on my trouser & put it ample time to seduce her. Her response was increasing slowly & she also started to enjoy. I told her to play with my penis . She opened the zip of my blue jeans & pulled it down . I wore a red- black jockey underwear. She touches my underwear & tried to feel the heat of my rod. Then she gradually removed my jockey.

She fingered through my dense pubic hair & grip my penis passionately. My penis was almost 6 inch long & black. Penis head was pink red & ready to cum. She took some saliva in her palm & started to rub it very gently .I opened all the hooks of her red blouse & suck her nipple through the bra. I lick her underarms. It was hairless & salty .

Her boobs are like melons, big & tight. I touched her cleavage , then shifted the straps of bra through her arm. Her boobs are now only covered with cup of bra. I opened the hooks of her white bra . It was holding her melons together. I threw it at the corner of the bed. I squeezed her nipples alternately. She was moaning very slowly & gaining the orgasm. Then I told the bitch to suck my cock. After a little bit hesitation, She started to suck my cock & nuts . I told her I am going to cum in her mouth & told her not to waste a single drop.

Within 1 min, I cum inside her mouth. She drank the entire cum. Now it is my turn. I opened the lace of her red saya & dropped the saya . She tried to stop me, but could not. I started licking her thigh , crotch, belly button. I was pressing her big boobs with full energy. She wore a very small tight black colour bikini panty with transparent less. A fishy smell was coming out of her panty. Her crotch was hairy & mostly exposed from the panty. .

I removed her panty & threw it near the bra. I put my mouth over her crotch & start biting gently & fingering in her pussy lips. She was moaning & within a few minutes her juices came out. Her juice was having a taste of lime & I started to lick it. I started biting her nipples. Her nipples were black grapes. I told her to fuck me on girl top position. But the bitch goes to missionary position & told me to fuck. But I want some thing new. So I insisted her for a doggy position.

So that I can finger her anus & fuck her pussy at a time. Her pussy lips were brown & hairy, I liked it. I insert my two fingers in her pussy. It was hot, tight & full of her juice. I moved my fingers upto the G-Point. Her nails were pressing hard in my shoulder .Now she is completely in the orgasm . White juice is coming out of her pussy.

I insert my cock quickly & start fucking her very fast. My Nuts were touching her butts . I loose my control &I cum inside her pussy without condom. I was little bit tensed whether she will be pregnant. I asked her menstruation cycle & came to know her period is over just 2 days back. I felt relaxed & kissed her ass passionately. Her eyes were closed as she was enjoying the session till.

But my dreams are not yet fulfilled & I felt hungry. I started to suck her boobs, but no milk.I called my wife in between & came to know she will return at evening. So I am having another 2-3 hrs to enjoy. I told my whore, lets have some food & bath together. She tried to put on her blouse & petticoat. I slapped at her butts & told her to wear nothing till we finish. I bite her neck & both of us went to the dining table. We are fully naked .I forced her to sit in my lap , so that my penis touch her ass every time. I took two bananas. She took only a cup of tea. I told her jokingly to eat my banana. She was extremely silent. However I forced my banana in her mouth .

We went for a bath together & I rub soap at her all the body parts specially at pussy & ass. Now she is totally wet & her hairs were stuck at her face & she was looking extremely sexy & I started to fantasize her for some new game. I opened the Almira & found a huge collection of lingerie. She is really a great lingerie fetish woman. I choose & offered her a red push-up bra & green color bikini panty. She requested for at least a nighty. I offered her my favorite pink color sleeveless chest open nighty. She covered herself as much as she can. I smiled. I searched my purse for a condom. It was strawberry flavored extra dotted man force condom. I put on the condom & put her on the sofa in doggy position.

I opened her nighty & dropped it & put my hands in her bumps. I Started licking & biting her bumps & lift her ass to my knee level. She was very afraid to take my cock in her anus, as it may hurt her. I assured her that I will take enough care of her anus. I removed her bra & squeezed her melons.

Then I removed her panty. The bitch ‘s brown color asshole is now open to get screwed. My penis is almost 6 inch long & fully inflated. I put some coconut oil in my penis & in her hole .I tried to insert my cock, but failed. I started fingering her ass again & make position between her legs. I firmly hold her ass and separated the apples as much as I can. I was pressing my 6 inch monster slowly to her sweet ass hole.

After few seconds, I was able to insert only the penis head. She was shouting in pain, but I did not bother & insert my penice gradually as deep as I can. Now the entire rod is inside her hole. I started to move my penis slowly, then fast, then very fast. She was shouting in pain. But I did not stop. I started to press her nipples & biting her neck.

Sometimes I slapped her ass. Within 15 min I cum in her ass hole. & my penis got soft. I took it out. She was still moaning in pain.I removed the condom from my cock & forced her to suck to clean it again. I lay her on her back & put my penis at her cleavage & rubbed my penis with her juicy melons.

After a few minutes of boob-fucking last few drops of my cum comes out & touches her nipples. Her nipples were touching my nuts & a beautiful tickling sensation I felt. I then lay her on side & hug her boobs tightly & we laid at side for 30 mins . I kissed her back, waist & ass several times. She was extremely silent, but I called her “ MY WHORE”, “MY BITCH” ,” MY SEXY MALA MAAGI”etc.

I had two-three photo of fucking in my mobile. I warned her not to tell anyone, otherwise I will send these photos to her husband & daughter. I told her that I want to fuck her periodically either in my place or her place. She listened all silently .She wore all the sarees, blouse, petticoat etc & I enjoyed the scene sitting at couch. She was having some pain in her ass & was moving a little bit slowly. I kissed her butts twice-thrice. I have finished all the stock of my cum today.

After 30 mins my wife came & both of us pretended very normal.

Now I enjoy my mother in law at-least once in a week in my empty flat. She wear different colour blouse, petticoat, bra, panty & saree as my choice. Both of us now enjoying the sex. Now I am planning for a gang bang with her . Let me arrange the gang bang successfully, I will present you that story also. Give me your feedback for improvement in next story.

Fucking My Sexy Mother-In-Law

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Innocent Play With Mom

Hi friends my name is Ritvik 22 years old from delhi, off course d fake name for security purpose. Please comment about my story.
Coming to my family. My family consists of a father Ratan age 46, mother Yashoda age 39,me and my sister rinku age 19. My mom is basically from small town so she was married at a very young age. She always maintained herself well as she is used to household chores. My father works in one of the nationalised bank with a handsome salary to run a middle class family.

I have well maintained normal body and a charm to attract any ladies. Currently i am pursuing my masters in Delhi. Basically i am a shy kind of guy but a covert kind of man who can keep secrets with ease. I never had bad intention on my mom before, but recently i started seeing her in a different way. Though i see her sexually, i never wanted to hurt her feelings in order to reach my goal to satisfy her.
I am a regular reader of and i believe that its not sin to have sex with anybody until the feelings of mating persons are not hurt.

My mom is neither slim nor too plumpy with straight hairs and a beautiful skin tone far enough to get a boner. She never wear a bra so i often see her brown nipples through her blouse as she always wear saree and a blouse. She talks to me in a free manner when nobody is in the house .

Recently when i was having bath i forgot to bring my towel so i called her after bath. She saw me wearing underwear while handing my towel to me, so she told me to remove that(pointing at my underwear) and wash there properly. From then i thought of becoming close to her and i wanted the topic of our talk to be related to sex. So one fine day when only we both were there in our house i was aroused and scared but i ended up saying ‘mom why dont you wear a bra, your nipple is visible’ so she saw me for a second and kept quiet. I thought she took me wrongly and said ‘sorry maa i said what i felt and i dont like others staring at them so i informed you’. I went outside after saying this.

I said these words to her because my house was undergoing some renovation and i was really annoyed by the way the workers stared at my mom. I was looking after the work so i got busy and forgot the topic. After two days workers were on a leave and i was lying beside my mom in the noon. I kept my hand on her stomach and slowly brought my fingers near her central navel part and i made it look casually. She asked me ‘Do u feel i must use a bra?’. I told ‘ Yes maa atleast when u go outside or when workers are there’. She: But i dont have the habit and i dont think anybody will stare this old lady. Me: Maa you look so young, plz dont think that way . You are beautiful. She: Hmm. Me: Hugged her and slept for some time not knowing what to do further.

After 2-3 days i was really getting frustrated as our house was going to get completed in some days because all 4 of us used to sleep in a same room, If it gets completed i will not get chance to sleep beside her at night. The earlier conversations made me think of a plan to seduce her but all went in vain.

At night i was getting aroused so much that i just moved close to her without knowing what to do, i just put my hand on her stomach but she turned away from me and slept. I thought she will remove my hand but she dint. My boner was dying to come out but i couldn’t help as i was not getting sleep also. I waited for some time and touched my boner lightly to her ass crack. I was hell scared at that time but my boner was like a rod. I slept hugging her without doing much.

Next day at night i waited for her to sleep, later i moved closer to her, hugged her lightly as if i am doing in sleep and put my leg on thighs and tried to tried to move my knee over pussy. She took a long breathe, i got scared and removed leg slightly as if i was in sleep. She turned away from me and slept, but i waited for some time as i was not getting sleep. I again put my leg over her right thigh as she was sleeping on her side. My boner started to get long and hard , i just touched near her ass crack and started making small movements after some time. I was so aroused that i released my cum inside my shorts and slept like that.

Next morning there was no sign of anything on her face, she was behaving normally. I thought she was in sleep last night and dont know my intentions. The day passed as usual with no conversation about it and during the night she was sleeping facing towards me i thought of making a move so i slightly put my leg on her leg not her thigh, not knowing what to do as i have to make things slowly as my sister and father were sleeping beside her. There was some dim light coming from outside so my eyes caught her nipple of her left boob over her blouse as her pallu was not in place. I slowly took my fingers near her nipple, i was so scared as there was lot of chance of getting caught.

I started finding her nipple very very slowly so as to find the tent of nipple. Due to encircling of my fingers over boobs ,may be she got aroused as it is the sensitive area of arousal. She took breathe, suddenly i stopped my acts and closed my eyes as if i am in sleep.

She turned way from me and slept. I waited for some time and put my leg on her , the same way as yesterday and started moving my rod to and fro near her ass crack slowly. I felt as if she moved her ass near rod but i got confused whether she moved or not, so i continued the thing till i cum in my shorts and slept hugging her. Next day things were as usual, i was confused whether she know my acts or not.

While bathing i saw her panty which was not washed and i found discoloration of panty near her pussy area, i sniffed it and put it between my teeth and masturbated. She had removed her panty in the morning only, i got suspicious as she had not yet taken her bath. Later things went as usual with more love and light hugs from her.

At night she was sleeping facing ceiling with one hand above her forehead.Again the arousal overtook my mind and i placed my hand on her stomach as usual slowly. I donno what to do, so i removed my hand from navel and started raising her saree above inch by inch layer by layer very slowly. I could see only her one naked thigh properly as i cant get up to see her panty due to my sis and dad sleeping next her. I took my hand on her pussy and started caressing it slowly over her panty. I was now sure she was awake as anybody will be awake by these acts. I thought she liked my acts may be due to lack of satisfaction from my dad.

Slowly i pulled panty little downwards may be by an inch, she suddenly turned towards me. i was now confirmed about her acts but i wanted to be safe so waited for 2 min and started pulling her panty down , which i failed to do so. So i just touched her pussy lips by inserting my fingers inside her panty which was already wet. I continued caressing her pussy lips , i cummed in shorts n fell asleep keeping my fingers near panty without pulling her saree down.

Next day i knew she liked my acts and i already got her, but she dint speak about it the whole day. I was confused and i thought about it. At night i felt she may have liked my acts, but she wanted it to be only for the night enjoyment without talking about it in the daytime. Now i confused whether to continue my acts or not, i slept without knowing.In the Midnight i got up without suddenly as my mom put her hand on me. I saw the time in my mobile, and i had slept for 1 hour. I was getting aroused very much so i turned towards her and pulled her saree above as usual like yesterday very slowly.

As i came above i found no panty, i was now sure she liked my acts.May be she wanted these things only for night without discussing about it anytime, so i started fingering her pussy little hard, after some minutes she was scratching with her finger nails on my back, i knew she was getting orgasm so opened her blouse slowly and started playing her nipples with my tongue and my hands inside her pussy. All this time she dint open her eyes and i just saw biting her lips. I cummed in my shorts and slept like that.

Now i wanted her to have sex with me in the day also as i cant sleep with her in the night as her house work was completed. My dad had left for office, when my sister was studying in her room, i went to the kitchen and hugged her slowly from behind. she was making rotis at that time ,i took my right hand under her saree fold to touch her navel and i made it as casual hug. She understood my intentions and started shouting me to go study as my exams were nearing. May be she dint like it as my sister was there.

At night when i was sleeping in my room i was not getting sleep so i was masturbating watching porn in my mobile. Suddenly i saw my mom coming at night 12 o clock. I was blank and put my mobile under my pillow and acted as if i am asleep. She came and slept beside me, i was confused and the next thing she did took me to heaven. She took my tool in her hand and started stroking and after some time when i knew i would cum i touched her hand, She stopped and i suddenly started to smooch her,press her boobs. After some minutes she told me to only one word ‘jaldi'(quick),so i had sex with her quickly and she left to her room after that without speaking.

Guys please send me your comments and help me in writing next turn of events , whether we had sex in daytime, whether we talked about it with each other anytime or continued the same way.

Thank you and will be waiting for your reply.

Innocent Play With Mom

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Monday, May 25, 2015

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