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Indian babe Sanusha flashing tits hairy pussy and ass cheeks teaser pics

Hot pics of Indian babe Sanusha pulling down her pant to flash her hairy pussy and ass curves while hiking top to show and fondle her lovely tits.

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CD Kand movie teaser full of dirty words cleavage show and kissing masala video

Sexy lady kissing and smooching guy in Hindi aka Bollywood movie teaser of CD KandBusty Indian lady being stripped of saree showing cleavage and navel in teaser of CD Kand
Desi whore lady giving horny expressions and lipstick smeared thick lips in movie CD KandIndian busty Bollywood babe showing awesome cleavage in tight blouse in the movie CD Kand
Teaser of CD Kand movie featuring busty babes showing awesome cleavage and kissing using dirty words in this masala video. No full nudity.
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Horny Odisha couple from Berhampur sucking and fucking leaked MMS 2

Odisha couple naked in bed in missionary position and husband sucking boobs of wifeHorny Odisha man from Berhampur about to fuck wife missionary style squeezing her boobs
Odisha man from Berhampur fucking wife missionary style her tits jiggling and moan in pleasureOdisha housewife from Berhampur showing lovely tits and horny expressions during sex foreplay
Second part in which the horny Odisha guy gets on top of his wife to suck and fondles her juicy tits and then starts fucking her missionary style making her boobs jiggle and she moans and squirms in pleasure.
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Horny Odisha couple from Berhampur sucking and fucking leaked MMS 1

Odisha man from Berhampur flashing his ass cheeks while joining horny wife on the couch for fuckHorny Odisha couple from Berhampur kissing and enjoying during sex foreplay
Odisha man from Berhampur sucking big juicy boobs of wife sucking nipples during foreplayOdisha housewife from Berhampur getting stripped of her petticoat showing lovely boobs
First of six featuring horny Odisha couple from Berhampur getting naughty in bed kissing and caressing each other with the man sucking juicy tits of his wife and pulling off her petticoat to strip her completely naked.
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mom And Dad Enjoy Early Morning

i, this is the story of my parents having a passionate morning. My mom’s name is Kavita she is 45 years old but looks younger like she is her late 30’s, she has maintained a very hot body of 36-30-36. My dad’s name is Kamal and he is a handsome looking fellow of 50 years old. My parents have maintained a very active sex life and with age they have become sexually active, having sex at moment’s notice and pleasuring each, satisfying and enjoying their sex life.

So now straight to the story, it was early morning mom and dad were getting ready for office, dad was dressing up, and mom came out of the bathroom. She was just wearing blue color bra with black lace and black color panty. Dad looked at mom and said “you are looking so hot in that bra.” Mom blushed and said “yeah?!” Dad smiled and said “you will look even better without it.” And then went near mom and then took her to the bed. Mom and dad were on the bed on their knees, and then dad started kissing mom and he unhooked mom’s bra and said “you are looking very beautiful.” Dad took her bra off and kissed her boobs and gave a gentle bite on her nipples. He was sucking one of her boob and squeezing the other one and with the other hand he started to squirt her pussy. Dad then moved his hand to her waist and then took mom’s face in his hand and gave her a passionate smooch.

Dad then laid down mom gently on the bed, kissing her and sucked her boobs. Dad was kissing mom, licking her neck and squeezing her boobs. Dad then pulled her panty off and threw away it, him and mom then came face to face and mom started kissing him passionately. While kissing, dad was squirting her pussy and mom started to moan gently. Mom extended her hand and moved it down dad’s boxer and started to massage his dick. Dad said “ohhh ahh.” Dad then moved down on mom and spread her legs and kissed her pussy. He then licked her pussy and made it wet. Dad was eating mom’s pussy and pleasuring her, mom was moaning “aaaaahhahhahhaha ummmmm aaaaaummmm.”

Dad then moved up on mom kissing her stomach and boobs and came face to face with mom and she kissed him. Dad was fingering mom’s wet pussy. Dad then pulled his boxers out and pulled mom towards him, now both of them were on their knees, mom kissing dad and he had his wrapped around her waist and then moved his hand down her pussy and started squirting and fingering her. Mo kissed dad’s lips and then his neck and his chest. Now mom and dad lay down and dad was behind mom and he inserted his dick into her pussy from behind. Mom had her leg raised up in air; dad gently pushed his dick in and then started giving her gentle strokes. Dad increased his speed and then squeezed mom’s boob and kissed her neck.

Mom started to moan a bit loudly “aaaaaaahhahahaha ahahah ahhaha ahahaha uhhhhh aaaaaahh aahahhahaha ummmmm ahahahahah”, she was moving on the bed in pleasure biting her lips. Dad then kissed her boob and lightly sucked it then kissed mom. Dad continued fucking mom and now she was moaning loudly; he squeezed her boobs. Dad then took his dick out of her pussy and lay back and then mom hopped on top of him and said “ooohhhhh Kamal you brought me to such a great orgasm.” Dad then pushed his dick into mom’s pussy; she started to move her ass with her hand placed on his chest. Dad grabbed her by waist and mom was moaning. Mom took dad’s hand from her waist and moved it to her boobs, he then started squeezing them.

Dad then pulled her near him and mom started kissing dad excitedly, dad started bouncing mom with speed. Dad again grabbed mom’s waist and then moved down to her ass and squeezed them. Mom again started to move her ass with great pace and moaning loudly. Dad squeezed her boobs and mom laid flat on top of dad and he started fucking mom eagerly with his one hand wrapped around her body and the other one squeezing her ass. Mom again had a great orgasm and she came to face to face with dad and kissed him. Dad said “Kavita you are so wet I can feel your juices all over my dick.” Mom after hearing this kissed dad and said “your horny looks made me this wet.”

Now mom and dad came up on their knees and dad kissed mom on her neck and then her shoulder and then moved to boobs and started sucking them. Mom then pulled dad up and kissed him. After such an intense session mom and dad were breathing loudly, but they still had a little in them to satisfy. Dad had his hands wrapped around her waist and she had her hands wrapped around his neck, and kissing each other passionately. Dad then laid mom down and then kissed her neck and squeezed her boobs, mom “ummmm aaaaah” dad then inserted his dick into moms pussy and started stroking her after few easy shots he increased is pace and started fucking her speedy.

Mom “ohhhhhh aaahahaha aaahahahah aaaaaah ummmm uuuhmmmm aaaooaoaaooahaahahah aaaaaaahhhaahhaha uaaaauauaua” dad fucked mom for few more minutes and then came inside her. Dad laid on top of mom, with his face buried in mom’s cleavage, both of them breathing loudly. Mom then said “Kamal let’s get ready for office; we are already very late.” Dad kissed mom’s boobs and then her and got off her. Then both of them got ready and went to their offices. 

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Threesome – Me, Mom, Maid

Hello guys I am Vikram, 19 yrs old studying in Sybcom in Mumbai and more interested in older women above 35 yrs of age. Here I am with a story that will interest all.

As I told u all earlier, I and my mom Geeta enjoy sex ever since that day when I fucked her first. My sexcapades with mom were not only limited to bedroom in afternoon but also in kitchen bathroom living room etc as all these things make me damn horny. Once I even pinched her boobs while she was preparing medicines for my dadi though dadi was too ill to notice all these things.

Coming to the story I always had an eye on our maid Poonam even before I started fucking my mom. Let me describe her to u. She is in her early thirties and dark in complexion literally ebony types but with mouth-watering body. Her height is around 5’7 with huge boobs about 38 and a waist of 35 with an ass numbering up to 38/40. In short voluptuous!

Since I started fucking mom, I didn’t think much of her but as u all know maids usually come home in afternoons-the only time I get to fuck mommy. Sure v can use the bedroom but it’s difficult for me to be loyal to mom when Poonam is around.

Poonam stays with her maternal uncle as her husband is an alcoholic. She has a 6 yr old son. She has work at only our house and now has been working for us since almost 4 yrs.

Once she didn’t come to our home for about a whole week and mom was worried as Poonam never skipped work without informing mom. She called Poonam but there was no response. In the evening I went for a walk and that is when I saw Poonam coming out of a police station with an aunty and her son!! I was confused as to what happened. I was about to approach her but she left in a hurry without noticing me.

I went home and told mom she said we have no option but to wait until Poonam arrives. After 2 days I was feasting on my mom’s boobs in the afternoon when the doorbell rang. I was annoyed and told my asshole dada will open the door but he was fast asleep so mom wore her clothes and opened the door to see Poonam standing there.

She apologized to mom for not coming to work but did not say the reason. Then I told her I saw her at the police station. She was shocked and then started crying. Mom asked her to tell what happened she told I cannot tell in front of Vikram. Mom said its fine he is an adult now but Poonam was not comfortable. So I left the room but didn’t go away and heard through the door.

Then Poonam gave away and told mom that as she was away from her husband, she was hungry for sex and so she was fingering herself. One night when her uncle walked in and had sex with her. But because of her son she didn’t say anything but as this continued for 4 more days she complained to the police.

Mom consoled her gave her 5000rs. And told her to go home and come back tomorrow. I was damn horny hearing to Poonam. As soon as she left I grabbed my mom and started kissing her and undressing her not realizing the door was still ajar. I stripped my mom off her kurta and her salwar. She was here in her bra and panty. Dada dadi were asleep so I felt safe to devour my mom in the living room itself and started licking her whole body. She started moaning and took off my t-shirt and licked my chest. I bent down and started massaging her long sexy bulky legs with my mouth.

We were lost in our world when suddenly Poonam came back to return the money and was shocked on what she saw. My mom was in her bra and panty and I was in jeans kissing her thighs.

Fearing someone may see us mom pulled Poonam in and closed the door. Then she explained to her that v both were having sex for a few months now and that it’s perfectly normal. Suddenly I got an idea and I pulled my jeans and underwear down. Poonam was staring at my 6″ flesh erect as a rod. Sensing what I wanted mom removed her bra and started kissing Poonam. The bitch started protesting so I grabbed her hands and started kissing her boobs from above her clothes.

It was almost eve and my bastard dada may wake up, so I and mom forced Poonam into bedroom. Once there she gave away all her resistance and started stripping. I went mad with joy and tore off her bra. “Huuuuuummmmmm Vicky baba choosoo mera bhadwa pati ne muje saalo se nai chodaaa. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Then mom stripped off her and Poonam’s panty and started licking her cunt “ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bhabi ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaa and she had cummed.

My mom then threw Poonam on bed and both went into 69 position sucking each others’ clit. This scene made me horny as hell and I started masturbating. I had cummed within a few min. I then went to the bed and lay on it. Poonam sucked my cock making it rock hard again. I positioned randi Poonam on my lauda and she started bouncing up and down. “Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh poooooooooooooonnnnnaaaaammmmmmmmmm tere bable ko uchhalte dekh raha nai jaa rha! ” I moaned. Mom came and positioned her chut on my mouth and I started exploring it with my tongue.

Both the women were moaning like hell. Poonam was the 1st to cum followed by me and then my mom. V all lay back exhausted. It was nearing 6pm so Poonam wore her clothes kissed me and mom left. I then fucked mom for half hour before dad was due to arrive!

From then on v 3 have been having threesome almost every afternoon.

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Younger Brother Seduced

I was lying on my bed, tossing and turning. Sleep had eluded me once again. Ever since I saw my brother, Kamal through the crack in his door, I have not been able to get him out of my mind.

I am Uma, a 21 year old girl, just finished my graduation and had nothing to do. My widowed mother was a banker and my younger brother, Kamal, who was 2 years younger to me, a college student. In short, I and my brother were quiet close to each other, being alone most of the time at home, with our mother coming home late from her bank.

He had just come home from playing basketball with some of his friends. All sweaty, his clothes sticking to him, I watched as he removed his sweat soaked shirt and tossed it aside, moving his long, lean arms over his head as he pulled the shirt off. His naked chest gleamed, droplets of sweat trickling down to his navel.

I glanced down at his shorts. They were clinging to his small, round ass. The bulge in the front of his shorts was straining against the flimsy fabric. I watched, mesmerized as he bent down and removed his shorts and his underwear, his cock springing to life as the air kissed it. I watched him stretch. His thigh muscles rippled as his cock jutted out far in front of him.

I had never seen a more beautiful cock in my life. It was long and thick, with a big, bulbous head that begged to be sucked. His balls hung down like two fruits ready to be plucked into a waiting mouth.

I felt the juices start to flow between my legs. I licked my lips, wanting desperately to taste his cock.

He turned towards the door. I scurried back to my room, just in time to peek through the door and watch him walk to the bathroom to shower. I wanted so badly to climb into the shower with him. But I knew this was wrong. He was my brother, for goodness sake. Still, I longed to feel him inside me.

So, tonight, I lay in my bed fantasizing about him yet again. For the last few nights, I had not been able to sleep. I dreamed of his massive cock plunging deep into my pussy, pounding away at it. God, what would it feel like to have that wonderful cock inside me?

All I could do was using my fingers and imagine it was Kamal slamming into me. I pounded furiously at my hot, steaming cunt, trying to get relief. I shoved it deep inside me, feeling it hit hard against my walls. I rubbed hard on my clit, my fingers slick with my cunt juice. I could feel my orgasm mounting. I came hard, screaming my brother’s name.

Suddenly, I see a flash of something out of the corner of my eye. I turn my head and see movement. My door is open! Someone has been spying on me!

I jump from the bed and fling open my door. I look down the hall and see a light on in my brother’s room.

“Oh! My God, He saw that!”

I close my door and lock it, cursing myself for not locking it the first time. I lay back down in my bed, a flush creeping over my body. I close my eyes and wonder how I will face him. Oh well, it’s over and done with. I will just have to pretend everything is normal.

The next morning, I go downstairs for breakfast. My hair is tangled and there are dark circles under my eyes. Mom looks at me and asks if I had a rough night.

“I didn’t get much sleep,” I reply.

“Everything OK?” she asks. I just nod my head.

Just then, Kamal comes into the kitchen. He stops dead in his tracks and looks at me. Mom asks him if he wants anything for breakfast and he says no. He continues to stare at me and tells her that he is late meeting his friends. I can’t look up at him. My face is so red and I can feel the heat of his stare. He grabs his bag and heads out the door.

Mom tells me that she has a meeting that night and will be late coming home. She asks if I will be all right by myself. I assure her that I will be fine. I’ve stayed home by myself before. It’s no big deal.

I walk upstairs and down the hall to my room. I pause outside Kamal’s door. Should I go in? I know this is wrong, but I can’t help myself. I open the door to his room and look around. His clothes are lying on the bed. I grab them and inhale, his scent filling my nostrils. I lie in his bed and bring his shorts up to my nose again. The smell of him is getting me so excited that I lift up my nightgown and start rubbing my pussy. I rub harder and harder, until I cum hard. My body twitches with my orgasm.

I bring my arms up over my head and under the pillow, relaxing. I feel a piece of fabric under the pillow and I pull it out. It’s a pink panty. I realize that it is the one that I have been missing for the last few weeks. Goodness! My brother must have taken this out of the hamper!

What could it mean? Has he been fantasizing about me as well? How long has he had these? I put them back where I found them and exit his room, going down the hall to mine.

As I sit on my bed, I realize that I have to know if he has these same feelings. I head to the bathroom to shower, a plan forming in my head.

Later that evening, I am at my computer chatting with friends, when I hear Kamal come up the stairs. I hear him go into the bathroom and start the water running for a shower. Time for action!

I strip naked and walk down the hall to the bathroom. I open the door. Steam is rising and I can see Kamal’s form through the shower door. I open it and step in. Before he realizes what is happening, I am on my knees in front of him; his flaccid cock in my mouth. I feel his shaft start to grow and pulse in my mouth.

“Oh god, Sis,” I hear him whisper, hoarsely.

I feel his hands in my hair, guiding me as he thrusts deeply into my warm, wet mouth. I suck hard on him, tasting him. The water runs over our bodies as I bob my head up and down his thick shaft. I move faster, feeling his hands gripping my head, forcing me further down on him. I moan as he fucks my mouth hard and fierce. I grasp the base of his cock and move my hand up, following my mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” he moans. “That’s it, Sis. Just keep doing like that.”

I start sucking harder, moving my hand slowly around his meat, feeling the veins rolling under my palm. I work his balls in my other hand, massaging them. I can feel him getting more excited. His body starts to tremble and his hands in my hair tighten as he shoots his load deep down my throat.

I swallow, gulping his hot cum down, pulling back slightly to let the last bit of cum fill my mouth. I twirl my tongue around his cock, tasting his salty seed, licking and sucking him clean. He pulls out and looks down at me, grinning.

“Damn, Uma who knew my big sister could give head like a porno star?” he says, as he pulls me up by the hair.

He pushes me back against the shower wall and rams his tongue deep in my mouth. His hand grabs my breast and he squeezes hard, making me cry out.

“You like that, don’t you. You dirty little slut?”

“Ohhh god yes,” I moan.

He presses against me, his cock rising again, pushing against my sex. His hands are ruthless. He kneads and pulls on my tits, twisting my nipples. The pain is so sweet.

I grab his head and pull him back down so that I can ravage his mouth with my tongue. We kiss deeply, our tongues mingling. His hands are all over me, bruising my flesh. I feel them travel down to my thighs. I feel his fingers part my lips, teasing my wet clit. Suddenly, he plunges two fingers inside me, fucking my hot pussy. Moaning, I cling to him as he finger fucks me.

“Oh Sis, you lovely little slut I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long,” he whispers in my ear. “And I am going to fuck you so hard.”

He opens the shower door and pushes me out. He grabs my ass from behind and leads me into his room and throws me face down on his bed still soaking wet from the shower.

I feel his hot cock pressed against my ass. I feel his hands on my ass cheeks as he lifts my hips and spreads my legs apart and rams his cock deep into me. I cry out with pleasure as he takes me from behind, pounding my pussy.

“Oh yes, Kamal. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I scream.

With my cries, he thrusts harder into me, bruising my insides. His nails dig into my hips. I can feel his balls slapping against me as he pounds me.

“You like that Uma? You like being fucked by your brother?”

“Yes, Oh God yes!” I exclaim.

“Tell me, Uma. Tell me you like your brother’s cock filling up your fuck hole.”

My pussy flooding his cock, I cry out, “Oh yes, Kamal. I love my brother’s cock. It feels so good in my pussy. Fuck me, baby. Oh please fuck me.”

He threads his shaft in and out of my cunt, coating it in my slick juices. I squeeze his cock with my walls, wanting to feel him explode in me. He pulls out slowly, then jams it hard back into me, making me scream. He pounds at my pussy like a man possessed, slamming into me. The sound of our bodies slapping together and the sucking sounds of my pussy as he fucks me fill the room. I can smell our sex in the air and I become more excited. I feel his hand smack my ass as the sound echoes through the air.

I feel my body start to tremble. My hands grip the sheets and I move with him, squeezing his cock with my pussy. He slaps my ass again, harder this time and I scream loudly…trembling as my orgasm racks my body. My walls contract around his shaft, milking it. With one final thrust, I hear him cry out as he empties his seed deep inside me.

He collapses on top of me. Both of us slick with sweat and the remains of the shower. I can feel his heart pounding on my back and his breath heavy against my neck. His prick slides out of me as he rolls over onto his back. I look over at him and smile, knowing that this will definitely not be the last time.

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Hot Didi And Hot Mom Make Me Incest

Two years back, I Raj 21 yrs, in my family mom 46 dad 49 and elder sis 24 yrs. We are very open minded family, all are like friends. We share every thoughts two each other and occasionally we take drink together. I and elder sis (Tanya) were very good friend. We go everywhere together in movie, party and disco even our friends were very common. She has a boy friend and her friend was my girl friend. We four always go for movie together and even movie we kiss and do body sex in front of each other nothing to hide. Didi was very sexy that’s why she loves very much body contact of her boy friend and always says to me that its natural and life is for enjoy so enjoy baby with your girl friend. One day we was invitee in our common friend’s birthday party at there we all four was there. We take drink and smoke too much and after party when we are coming back didi and her bf (Asis) was in back seat and me and my gf (Ria) in front, at back seat they were making fun too much, they kissing each other and sometimes Asis pressing boobs of didi (Tanya) and she also enjoying and cooperate to do so.

I and my gf were watching through looking glass. After reaching home didi just smile and say that’s the life baby enjoy. Then I say also to her openly that what u think only u enjoys at back seat I also enjoy in driver seat which is u can’t see. Then she ask how is it possible u was driving then I smile and say Ria was not driving she hold my gear and rubbing and give me a good pleasure then she smile and say keep it up nice sexy Ria also. After that event we are very open to each other regarding sex topic. Many times we go to movie and kiss each other partner openly. On 31st night we 4 go to a pub for celebrating 31st night we enjoying lot of fun at pub by taking smoke, hukka and drink. Stepping on beats some sexy steps after that we return to basement garage of that pub to take our car seeing that one cpl enjoying sex in their car and security person take 500/- to do them so. Then I have idea; let’s do full enjoyment minimum 30mins there in our Scorpio car. Didi and her bf agreed, we paid that amount, didi go to back seats with her BF and I with Ria in middle seat.

We hug each other partner, smooching, kissing deep everything was going on; then Ria show me that my didi was topless and I see her boobs were open and sucked by her bf then we also do the same thing. Ria hold my dick and put it out from zip and start giving me a good blow job seeing it didi said wow what a sex u r Ria, making real fun in open place gr8. Then suddenly security came there and we cover ourselves and they force us to leave that place. So we leave and coming back to our house at 3.30 am. Then didi say what a nice party and night we enjoyed; then I say but it should 15 min more require because I was in heaven at that time just blow was required. Didi smile and say o my poor bro I can understand what else u require at that time. Saying it she hug me in her arm and whisper in my ear that u came in my bedroom. After changing my dress, I go to her room; at there, she was only in a hot pant and bra. seeing me she hug me and kiss me and say I just help u to come out from that little error which u can’t make so don’t take it otherwise. I said u can confident on me. I also kiss her deeply and start smooch her boobs. Now she holds my dick and start masturbating for me. I was really in heaven at that time. After 10mins I blow to her hand and kiss her hard and say thanks didi and happy New Year.

After that incident with didi we are very frank to each other but never try that thing again after a long gap just 1month one day night I and didi watching movie on TV at drawing room. Mom and dad were in there room, we can hear some moaning of mom then 1st I watch through key hole and seeing inside I was stun, mom and dad was nude and dad licking mom pussy and mom pressing dad’s head into it. Then didi cam and ask what going on then I offer her to see and she also see and smile and say slowly what sexy couple are they. Then again I start to see this time mom sucking dad’s dick. After seeing I feel hot that’s why I start rubbing and pressing my dick seeing it didi smile and say tu bhi garam ho gaya. I say “yes” can’t control now me so I have to masturbate. Didi smile and say it’s true that too hot scene we have seen now so reaction should be take place naturally. Then I ask her then you also feeling hot then she also boldly replied yes. Then I came close to her and start kissing her lips passionately. She also kisses me lot then I start pressing her boobs then she throw her top and bra and offer me her boob to suck. I suck her boobs so long. After that she open my zip and start masturbating my lund for me and make me cum. After that we go to sleep.

After a long gap we 4 (me & my GF, didi & her BF) have gone for boating at Nalban at night 7pm. the day was Sunday that’s why so much rush there. We not get a 2 seat paddle boat. At last we got one boat but 4 seats. There is no way so we take this and start our boating at 7.30pm. We have gone too far in dark and dense area at there we see all two seat boat with couple who were busy to make love each other. Kissing, smooching was common factor. Seeing it didi started kissing her BF deeply and me with my GF. We 4 now start our deep kissing and smooching.

After 10 min I saw didi’s BF start pressing didi’s boob and start unbutton of her shirt. Now didi on her bra and he pressing hard and hard and she is enjoying. Now my GF also start seeing their act we enjoying it. They without caring us busy on their job. Now didi starts to unzip her BF’s pant and took out her dick and start massaging that. He become harder and he pull out the boobs from bra and start sucking them. Now didi moaning and saying common honey drink my all milk. Now seeing these I became hot and start pressing my GF’s boob and unzip my pant myself and offer her to make me cum now. She starts sucking my dick in front of them; now didi seeing or act she also start sucking dick of her BF. Both the guys come out after 15 min and us all four smiles and say it is nice boating, let’s go back.

Now we four back at their places. I and didi taking our dinner start gossiping in our room about today’s incidence then didi says I like this type of event. I just smile and say I also enjoying lots to see u. she says u always do that. Then I ask her why not u allows him to fuck u? Then she said is that right place to be fucked. When I get right place then I must enjoy of my fucking session, so don’t worry. Then she move to bathroom to change her cloths then come back in a very sexy and surprising dress only in hot pant and bra. Seeing those melons like boobs I lose my control and start squeezing her boobs and kissing her lot then she say bhai what r u doing? Then I say her didi I can’t control myself and I need u now badly and start rubbing my dick on her ass. Now she also hug me tightly and kissing me so deep even licking my tongue also and by one hand she hold my dick and massaging my dick. Then I throw out my pant and became nude in front of her and also I throw her bra and start sucking her boobs. She completely free her body and make me do whatever I like to do then I remove her pant and make her nude. Then she guides my face on her pussy and offers me to lick her. I lick her pussy lots with my tongue and then she starts sucking my dick and after 10mins she make me cum but not swallow that and then move to bathroom.

After that we are very regular do these sex but not fuck her. After few months she had been married with her BF (Asis) and shifted at Goa because both are working in Hotel Industry. After settled there they enjoy their sex life very much, sometimes didi share with me about her experience over phone. Mean while in our home I am now regular viewer of mom-dad sex then masturbate. One night mom & dad back late night from a party but with another couple whom they introduce me that they are my dad’s friend and they will stay night at our flat. I go back to my room and thinking that tonight I can’t see mom-dad’s XXX movie. After 1hr I went to our drawing room to take some water and can listen some husky and moaning voice of mom from her room and I was very much surprise how is it possible 2day then I go back to peep in the room and seeing that I was completely surprise that mom’s boob was sucking by that uncle and dad was sucking boobs of that aunty. Then I understand that they were swapping their partners and enjoying life of sex. Again I being nude and started to view all the action of inside and masturbating myself slowly. Then mom starts sucking uncle’s dick. Dad joking by saying different lund chus kar kaisa maza aa raha hai? Then mom reply in same manner jo tumhe dusri chut chatkar aa raha hai. A long session happens between them and I also enjoy seeing them.

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Mom’s Cock Party In Paris

Greeting, I am Rohan, 18, from Gujarat. I am a very big fan of http://www.debonairscandal.com/ and today I am going to tell you guys about my mom’s first cock party and guys believe me it was really happened. In my family, there are three members. My father Bhargav mostly stays abroad. I Rohan, just cleared my 12th and my sexy hot mom, Ritu. She is a 39 year old MILF, with milky white body with perfect curves, she has a beautiful round face with big brown eyes and long black hairs touching her ass, she had a perfect pair of boobs, soft and firm in its place with brown nipples, coming down she had a flat tummy with a big round navel, further down she hide her weapons, her round ass and pink tight pussy with no hairs, in general she has perfectly maintained curves of 34-27-35 making her my goddess.

It was April of 2014, when my exams were over. I was planning for a tour to Paris along with my two cousins, Rakesh and Bhargav, both are studying with me. They are my mama’s sons. As we were too young to be let on our own, our family decided that we should be travelled with my mom. Within a fortnight we were on our flight to Paris. We reached there at 6 a.m. we relaxed and travelled a bit and then came back to our hotel. There were 2 rooms, one for my cousins and one for me and my mom. My mom went to take a shower and I went to my cousin’s room. They were drinking whiskey so I joined them and had some 3-4 pegs, after a while my mother came. She also joined us as it was a common thing in our house but she had only 2 pegs and said that, she is having a pain in legs so can I rub some oil on her legs. I was more than happy to do that, so I pour some oil on her legs and started to rub her beautiful sexy white legs, slowly I start to rub upper side of her legs exposing her milky white smooth thighs.

In relaxation my mom was moaning in slow tone. I was getting aroused by that and slowly monster inside my head awaken and I kissed her upper thighs, my mom was also little drunk so she didn’t opposed that. Watching myself kissing my mom’s thigh my Rakesh and Bhargav also joined me, Rakesh was kissing my mom’s left thigh while I was kissing her right, and meanwhile Bhargav was busy sucking my mom’s toe. Mom was also enjoying that, giving us more and more courage. I told my cousins to stop and ask them to help me remove my mom’s nighty, before we even try to remove her clothes, she stood up and removes her clothes herself and became completely naked, and we were stunned to see her naked, and then she said “what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy me boys” I just grabbed her and kissed on her lips and Rakesh was sucking her tits and Bhargav was busy playing with her pussy, after some time we also became naked and gave her our cocks to play.

She was very happy to see three cocks in front of her eyes and then she kissed our cocks and asked us to stop for a while, I asked my mom “is there any problem, slut?”, she smiled and tell us not to waste a single drop of cum, but to collect it into a glass. We were surprised but we agree with that. Mom was giving me a very nice blowjob and Rakesh was fucking her pussy while Bhargav was ass fucking her. Mom was really good at giving a blowjob, she was sucking my cock and also was playing with my balls, she took my 7 inch tool in her mouth and give it a really nice sucking, while mom was sitting on Bhargav, Bhargav 6 inch long cock was in my mom’s tight virgin ass making her scream, Rakesh was fucking my mom’s pink pussy with great lust and also was playing with her boobs.

Whole night we were fucking her changing our positions and each time we want to cum, we cum in the same glass. It was 4 in the morning and we were really tired as we each had cummed for at least 5-6 times and we had filled up one and a half glass with cum, my mom was really in bad shape, she was sweating a lot (we all were), her mouth was swollen so as her pussy and asshole, she was not able to put her legs together so she was lying on the bed with her legs wide open, I was sucking her swollen pussy while Rakesh was giving her a deep smooch and Bhargav was sucking her nipples. Then she asked me to bring the glass, I gave her two glass filled with cum, she was very happy to see that, she told us that, she always want to drink that much cum at a time and finally that moment is came, and then she taste our cum with her tongue and said “mmmm. It’s very tasty my boys.”

Then she took a sip from the glass and drinks her, in a minute she drink the whole glass and then she took another glass to a sip and she came to me and kissed me on my lips, I can taste my own cum along with my cousins but it was very tasty and it was arousing, then she took another sip and kissed Rakesh and then she took one more sip and kissed Bhargav. Then she pour rest of the glass on her boobs and asked us to suck it, we all were sucking her cum covered boobs wildly, and my slutty mom was enjoying each and every moment of it, that day I finally come to knew that my mom is a sex machine and we can use it any how we want, I will come back to you with another story to tell you guys what happened next.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Teacher Mom Crazy For His Son’s Penis

Do all women fantasize about their son’s penis? I am a 40 Year old woman with sexy boobs, hot ass and well shaped body. I am teaching in Delhi Primary School. I have one son who is 18 years old. My husband is a Principal and we married after I got pregnant in affair with my husband. We used to live together, as Delhi is a free city relative to other parts of India.

My fantasy is so secret and shocking that it would remain a secret if I don’t write here anonymously, my all time favorite writer who always gets my pussy wet when I read his stories. Then only I decided to confess and write to this writer and here is my story being said in his words. He is describing my feelings to you in sexier manner so that you can check your sex impressions suppressed in your mind and also in your unconsciousness. My fantasies are organized around incest only and I have gathered information about sexual fantasies related to incest relations. I know all the Indian myths, Greek stories and I know it very heartily. Incest sex is flowing in my blood and whenever I will find a chance to get a fuck with my close blood relatives, I will realize all my hottest fantasies there at a time only.

Recently my sex life has taken a twist so I am writing it to you to make your pants unfit in your body, your dick will tear your panties and you will rock your masturbation session yourself only.

The story is that my son got a car accident. He was lying on the bed and doctors treated him. He had got injury in his penis and it was a terrible thing because it may have made him a impotent man due to injury in his penis. Since I am her mother, I was very tensed and wanted to check his penis if it is working or not. So once he was sleeping, I caught his penis for few moments, it became such an erected that I was shocked. I started masturbating for my son. This was the only way I could have come to know that his penis is working and he can beget a son to her wife. This was going to be my fantasy stuff; I have always dreamy of sucking my son’s balls, his penis, his ass and his each and every organ. I was very possessive from his childhood, and now when he was an adult I wanted to control him in same manner. Massaging his all body, caressing his balls with oil, getting his forehead of penis oiled so that no infection could appear there in my son’s penis.

Now his penis was horribly stiffened, my pussy was getting wet and I was still fantasizing and forgot that I have held the dick of my son in my hands. Very soon unconsciously I closed my eyes and started masturbating with slow hand jerks. My son was awakening, I could not describe my feelings, but one thing was for sure that he was enjoying my actions. He cupped my big boobs and started sucking them, pinching my nipples and eating the boobs who fed him before.

I was in heaven, floating in lust, I just started moaning when he caught my both boobs. He started sucking both, in one by one manner. I loved his each and every suck on my nipples; my titties were capacitance and growing in size. Now my son was going to fuck me and he had made me horny enough. He just sat on his bed, I put off his shirt and started licking his dick now, he caught my hairs and now pushing my head to his dick, making up and down. He was now directing the oral sex scene.

I was damn crazy to suck the penis of my son. It was a nine inches long and six inches circumference massive penis. I was sucking it and caressing his balls, inserting my fingers in the anus of my son. He was feeling a little discomfort and for avenge, he pressed my head entirely on his dick. Now his penis was totally in my throat gagging me with discomfort. I spit a lot on his cock and started massaging it again. Now it was his turn to make me enjoying.

I sat on the sofa and he was sitting on the knees between my stretched legs. He just started removing my hairs from the hairy pussy. His penis was still erected like a pistol. I wanted it very soon in my pussy, but he was up to something else. He found the pussy hole. Inserted his little finger and opened the pussy lips with his both hands. He was gazing my pink pussy and I could see the red threads in his eyes, the lust, and the desire.

Now it was the time for action. He was licking my pussy, eating it like a burger, teething it with his small white dicks, I was groaning now. He inserted his four jointed fingers in my pussy and now I was mad to get his massive monster penis in my pussy.

He put his penis in my pussy, lightly pressing against me, cupping my boobs, I closed my eyes again. My dreams were becoming true now; he was fucking me; oh God! You are so nice, fuck me yeah. I said, and he stroked his penis in my pussy, a smashing shot there by my son and I was shocked, his penis punched the base of ovary. The long monster penis was amazing. He was fucking me, and I threw my legs on his shoulders, making my hole opened and clearly visible to him. He was filling it with his penis and caressing fondling my breasts cruelly. It was giving me immense deep pleasure. Very soon he ordered me to lie on my stomach and my ass was before him. He was sucking my asshole now. After making it wet with his saliva, he inserted his cock in my ass. My anus was itching for this action, when he was inserting his massive penis inside, I was feeling discomfort with a pleasure of getting my dreams realized.

His father’s penis was not strong enough to penetrate my tight ass, but I am proud of my son who fucked me anally. I enjoyed his each move and he loaded my ass with his cum. After five minutes his penis was again ready for his mom’s pussy. Now we made this game again and again.

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Kolkata MILF aunty showing big ass cheeks pussy and asshole teaser pics

Hot pics of Kolkata MILF aunty aka boudi posing in all fours showing big round ass cheeks pussy and asshole inviting her husband for a fuck.

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Indian lady taking off blouse showing big boobs stripping petticoat MMS

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