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Mom And Dad Have A Morning Quickie!!

Hi guys my name is Kunal I hope you liked my previous stories, this is the next part I am writing. As dad was home my parents were having a lot sex. For the first time readers my dad lives in Mumbai and has come to Delhi on vacation, he is 50 years old but looks like in his early 40s and my mom is 45 and looks like someone in late 30s. So I had placed my mom’s laptop on the webcam mode and synced it with my laptop. Now I have full view of their sex life, when I told mom about this she smiled at me and said “whatever makes my baby happy”.

So now straight to the story mom had a very important meeting at her office so she was getting ready. She was just wearing her bra and panty. She was wearing grey bra with black strap and matching panty, and was applying makeup. She got a call from the driver that he will come to pick her up in 30 min. After the call mom got up and wore a pink colored blouse that showed a little of her cleavage and wore her petticoat. She applied a small black mark above her lips, oh man how sexy that made her look. Dad came in the room and asked was she ready or she would need some time, mom told him that the driver will be hear in half an hour and that she wanted to go her presentation on e more time. Dad told her that she was ready and should relax a bit.

Mom was looking at her in the mirror and was starting to drape her sari when dad came near her and kissed on the back of her neck. Mom smiled and said “Kamal you are going to make me late”. Dad pinched mom’s tummy and gave another kiss on her neck and said “relax you will not be late”. Mom “OK come on seriously I have to get ready”. Dad “the car is not hear, just relax for a moment”, and then he took mom by her waist and hugged her and then gave her a small kiss, then he took mom and laid her flat on the bed and he was on top of her and he was looking at her, mom said “you will ruin my makeup and my dress.” Dad gave her a kiss on her boobs and then kissed mom passionately. Mom was also enjoying herself, she said “you are going to make me wet before the meeting!!” Dad asked her “do you want me to stop??” mom was now horny she said “no do continue” and kissed dad. Mom unbuttoned her blouse and dad kissed her boobs one by one and said “I think we have enough time for a little fun” and kissed mom stomach, to this mom replied “ if car comes, it will have to wait now” and gave a small giggle.

Dad undressed mom and took her petticoat off and then took hey panty off as well. Dad inserted a finger in cunt and said “Kavita you are so wet!!” mom smiled and said “and who is responsible for that???” Dad was gently fingering mom and then kissed mom pussy and then started eating her pussy. Mom was enjoying herself a lot and was moaning lightly. Mom was moaning “ahhhh Kamal ahhhhh ummmm ahhhhhh”. Dad “you are getting so wet down here.” Mom had now started to moan a bit louder “ummmmm ahhhhh umumum ummmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Dad took his t shirt and shorts off and now mom and dad both were naked.

Dad came and lay on the bed. Mom was kissing dad’s chest then his neck. Dad said “climb on”. Mom was now on top of dad and both the guys were really wet, mom took his dick and inserted it in her pussy. Dad was holding mom by her waist and giving her small and gentler stroke and mom started to moan again “ahhh uuuu ummm ummm um umumm ahhhhh”. Dad spanked mom ass and gave it a light squeeze. Mom kissed dads neck and then kissed him, dad continued stroking her. Mom both hands were on dads chest and his hands were on her ass and dad started giving mom hard stroke. Mom was screaming “ahhhh ahhha hhh ummm aummaummmm.

Mom got off dad. Dad took moms’ pussy from behind. Dad was behind mom and he inserted his dick into her pussy. Mom rotated her neck and was kissing dad. Now dad was stroking mom in fast pace mom tits were shaking really fast and with his right hand he squeezed her left boob. Mom was screaming “ahhhh ahhh ummmm ummm umm ahh ummmmmmmmmmm”. Dad kissed mom shoulder. Dad was giving real hard stroke, mom was pulling dads hair and mom was having a great orgasm “ahhhhhhh ummmmmm uaauauau ahhaaaaaaaahhhhhh ahahahah ahhhhhhh aaaaa ummmmmm”. Mom was having an orgasm and she was biting her lips and squeezing the pillow and screaming “aaaahhhhhhahahhahahaha ahhh ahhhhaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa”. Dad gave three hard strokes and then came inside mom. Mom was really breathless from the action and was breathing very loudly.

Dad was now on top of mom and both were staring at each other, mom “kissed dad still grasping for breath. Mom was licking dad’s neck and said “this was a great fuck”. Dad said “a nice quickie in the morning to start the day!!” Dad was sucking mom’s tits. Mom “come on get up or else I will get late”. Dad got off mom and lay back on the bed. Mom was standing naked in front of the mirror looking at her in the mirror and said “Kamal you ruined my hair and makeup, but I don’t mind because I am really happy this morning because of you!!” Mom looked at her cell phone “Kamal I got 5 missed calls from the driver” then she called her driver and told him that she will be downstairs in 20 min. mom started to get ready and after 15 min she was wearing a grey colored sari with pink blouse. Mom asked dad “how am I looking??” Dad “don’t ask me or you will be really late”. Mom giggled and came near and hugged him and gave a kiss.
Hey guys if you like my story do tell me .

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Fucked My Widow Aunty Even After Her 2 Marriages

Hi my dear suckers and fuckers, I am back with my second story and thanks a lot for huge response to my first story and my special thanks to Kamal and Sunitha. Comments and requests are all ways accepted on my mail lovingdynu(at) To be frank all the world and especially India changed a lot in terms of having with in relatives nothing but incest and it was happen to me in last year in Hyderabad. It was the story of sex between the boy and his aunty (father’s sister). Before going to sex part I want to tell about my auntie’s life which leads to this episode. She was married at age of 20 years and got separated after 2 years as my uncle is not good (don’t know much about that). Even though we are poor my grandparents tried a lot to get her married but not succeed. Finally one old man of age around 65 years becomes husband to my aunty of early twenties by force. My aunty was not happy but slowly habituates to him and become mother of 3 children and accepted the fate and destiny.

I am 25 with 5.8 height and nice physical to satisfy any women comes in to her life. I got a job in MNC and taken small room near my chacha’s house which is just 2 km from auntie’s house. I work for only 5 days and other 2 days are holidays for me. On weekends I use to go to my relatives around Hyderabad and in the same manner I went to my auntie’s house once in a month. We slowly become good friends rather than relatives. On one particular weekend I went to her house in early hours and went directly in to her bed room and shocked to see semi-nude aunty wearing bra and blouse after bath. I said sorry and get back in to hall but my mind is full of sexual thoughts after seeing whitish 36 sized boobs. I masturbated for 4 times for the whole day after that incident. On next weekend she called me and answered me to not worry and don’t think much, I made up my mind to seduce and fuck her in any cost but unable to go to her house as of weekend works in my office. Days are gone and once again my aunt’s life turns around and she became widow again. Uncle kept some property to her and she is not so sad with her life but accepted the destiny and going on.

After that I feel her as friend and went to console her on every weekend and succeed to some extent. In that processes I use to take soft drinks, chocolates, panipuri and other stuff to children’s and spend my weekends almost there, Sometimes I slept in her house on Friday nights and Saturday’s. Slowly all are doing fine and my visiting to her place increases and she feels happy with my arrival. Then on my birthday (Aug 29th) I went to her place with lot of chocolates at 11.00AM and opened the door with spare key which I have and entered in to the house and realized that it’s a Tuesday and children’s went to school as usual and I started search for my friend nothing but aunty. After a while a voice rose from bathroom that she is bathing and it may take 15 min more mean while go in to hall and watch your favourite cricket. I did same as per my aunty guidelines. She came with the kheer prepared for me and offers me, as she dressed in hurry with my arrival I observed that buttons of her blouse are not proper and her pallu is also not pinged properly. When she bends to give kheer her pallu falls down and her boobs got exposed. I was stunned to see top portion of two boobs and those are trying to come out in to this incest world.

I and aunty remind silent for a while and then she adjusted herself. Slowly we started discussion around family and she asked about my work, my friends and especially my girlfriends for which I replied that I don’t like girls but I like to talk with aunties and especially you. She smiles and asks the reason, I replied as I know about your first marriage, second marriage and present position, I also added that I am not saying with sympathy but I mean it because you are good with physically and mentally. She came closer and sit beside me, asked that what do you mean my physically. I don’t know how to answer and what to answer; she forced me again to tell. So I tell the truth that I have seen you semi-nude on that day and also masturbated 4 times and even now I saw your boobs which are trying to fall on my hands. She was stunned and asked me what masturbation is and tells me the reason for your masturbation. I got clue and confirmation that she is turning around and it’s time to make her horny so that we can have sex. So I started answering like you are just 36 years with 36 sized boobs but no use of it as you have no husband to taste it more over god provide you two husbands but not for long life and again same god provide me for you convenience.

I didn’t expect any gift from you but you have shown your boobs as gift. It’s your turn to use me as your wish and tried to stay away from her. I don’t know what she feel as she went directly in kitchen. Time is around 12.30 PM and children’s came back for lunch. I decided to leave but voice raised from kitchen that don’t go Munna, please have lunch here and more over I need to go with you for small shopping around. I feel happy and stay back with small ray of hope, we all have lunch and children’s went to school. As per the habit aunty prepared decoction after lunch and offers me to take, and bends at me but this time she intentionally loosed her pallu, removed all her buttons of her blouse. I was stunned with her action but unable to control myself and taken pallu down and kissed her in the middle of boobs in her bra. I was still on chair and kissing her neck, top portion of boobs and asked her more, she replied erotically we have 3 hours or time and your heaven is in front of you so do what you want and ask me what you need. I am very happy with her response and ask her to removed her bra slowing and ask her to bend such that two boobs will fall on my lips directly and she did the same, I started sucking her boobs, biting her nipples and finally removed her bra and sari completely.

She started moaning and rubbing my head and back like mmmmmmmmmm, slowly baba, we have time, bite my nipple slowly and concentrate on two boobs but not one re. I sucked two boobs one after other and my handing moving slowing all over the body and observe the hairy armpits and started licking of those also. I have taken dairy milk from my pocket and applied on the boobs, armpits and some on her lips and starting sucking again, she likes it a lot and we did sucking for next 15 min with exchange of chocolate and saliva from one mouth to other, from armpits to boob and from nipple to nipple. She felt thirsty and asked me for break but I am no mood to stop but she forced me to stop and went to take bottle from fridge, I followed her and hugged her when she is having Pepsi and removed everything and made her nude. She still have Pepsi in her hands and smiling at me, I have taken Pepsi and pour it on her boobs and started sucking. She started moaning like mmmmmmmm what are you doing Munnnna you have sucked with saliva, dairy milk and now Pepsi, I am no mood to stop as it was 36 sized boobs and me trying to take fully in my mouth. I have taken her in to bedroom with Pepsi and poured some under her armpits, on her pussy, remaining on my cock. She was surprised to see my 7 inch dick, with in no time I have widen her legs and starts sucking, she again started moaning but this time she make louder mmmmmmmmmmm hhhaaaaaaaaa haaaaaa come on Munna make it dry and get in to deeper, you aunty sucker come on suck it.

It was the first time in my life for someone to suck my pussy and I am very excited to receive it Munnna, I don’t know that sucking pussy is part of sex. You are awesommmmeee. Do what you want for next one hour, I am your slave Munnnna some on suck my dear , I did vigorously sucking of her pussy and rubbing her boobs , sometimes taken some white of her and sucked her lips to pass it in her mouth. We enjoyed like this and in the process I have taken her hand and kept on my dick and ask to suck but she reject it as she don’t know. I take my dick near to her mouth but she moves away so I ask like if you are my slave you should do what I ask and get closer to her mouth with my dick, she obeys it and starting kissing and then licking and then started sucking my dick, she is in thirties but her mind and body is at twenties, she started sucking and sometimes playing with my dick, slowly I moved around her and get in to 69 position and started sucking her pussy and anal for 10 minutes. She tired and asked me that are you not over after my long sucking and replied herself like you have more stamina when compare to my two husbands. I smiled and asked her to stand such that one leg should be on bed and other on land and I again started sucking her pussy.

She enjoyed very much with rubbing my head and forcing me to take some more deeper, after some time she pleaded me to stop here and get to in to action as I am waiting Munnnnna and we are short of time, I agreed with her and taken her on bed and inserted my dick in to her hairy pussy, I like missionary angle to fuck a women and started fucking her slowly as I am new and don’t want to hurt my aunty. She started moaning mmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa come on Munnnna, you have lot of experience as of I know but you are acting as innocent, you are aunty fucker, I will not leave me anymore, do it as fast as you can even tear my pussy. Speed of my fucking increases along with sucking of lips, boobs especially nipples and biting her hips. My dick hitting her clit and we are out of world and room was filling with smell of sperm and ovum.

I fucked her for about 20 minutes in same angle and asked her to turn in doggy style but she was losing her control and getting tired so she answered me that we can do later, I fucked her very fast to release my sperm and asked her permission to cum, she replied to cum in her mouth as she likes the taste, moreover she already mother of 3 and now she is widow. So not to take any chances I cummed in her mouth, she smiles at me and swallowed it completely, After release of my sperm I was down but pain started to my dick, I asked her to take my dick in to her mouth as I am paining, she did it and started sucking again for next 5 minute and I was relaxed, I thanked her for having unexpected birthday gift. She replied me as it was not gift but responsibility of your to suck and fuck me for every 3 days in every angle and every corner of my house. I am very happy and kissed her, dressed myself and get in to hall. She too dressed herself, changed the bed sheets and makes the room with air freshener. After 10 minutes children’s came and it started enjoying with them as relative.

So thank you friends for reading my real story and I want to share other fucking sessions with this aunty in coming days, any aunties and girls looks for physical satisfaction reach me on my mail and please don’t forgot to comment on this story especially aunties as it was dedicated to you
Signing off

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My First Sex With My Bhabhi!

Hello everyone, especially women and girls I’m Chandrakanth friends call me Chandu from Hyderabad. I am not skilled in writing stories and this is my first true story which I’ve experienced. If you find any grammatical mistakes kindly forgive me.

About me I am a 25 year old handsome male with 6’1 height and atheistic muscular body and working. I always love to have sex with a girl of my classmates and neighbors and every women I see but fear comes first to me and I can’t go further. I had fucked only three women who are not satisfied by their husbands’ .Girls/women who are from Hyderabad interested having fun feel free to contact me.

Coming to my story, I was at the age of 22 in my final year of B.Tech working on academic project in Hyderabad. That was a holi festival; my bhabi and her husband visited to my house and played holi along with drinking baangh and my bhabhi is 27 age with 38-32-40 dimensions and we were like good friends after her marriage with my cousin. I never took a chance of having sex, as I’m with my family I don’t wanna take risk and give a bad name for them. While playing I got a chance to apply colors to face and I took dark and bright colors on my hand and applying on my bhabi’s face and she is trying to block her face with hands and as she was wearing simple loose kurtha my hand touched her upside boobs and I was rubbing colors on them and she was enjoying it. I don’t know that time whether she was enjoying or not. They were very much soft like holding a soft toy in hands. And suddenly my mom entered said “that’s enough go and take bath lunch is ready”. Later after taking bath and having lunch we had good conversations and my mom ask them to stay for 2 more days. My cousin is a doctor; he had work in his place and told me to help my bhabi as she is having some bank work in Hyderabad and he left by the evening.

Now it is 8:00 pm I’m working on my project in my room and sleep at 12 or 1 in the night .We have a hall and two bed rooms, my parents sleep in one room and me and brother sleep in another. My brother works in Bangalore and I alone will be sleeping in my room. That time my granny was also at home so my mom told me to sleep in hall and bhabi and granny in my room. My computer is in my room I’m working on it. It was 12 pm and I went to bed normally and slept side to my granny and bhabi is on the side. Suddenly my granny got up for some water and I slide to my granny place and granny came adjusted in my place. She is sleeping with her loose kurtha. I can see her boob top angle view where some part came out. My fear and tension started growing so I started touching her hand slowly and slightly I hold her hand and thinking how to start and suddenly she held my hand tightly and I got freaked out what gonna happen but she held my hand for about 15min and I thought it is right chance for me to proceed and slowly I moved my hand on her boobs. She was moaning with low voice .My lord, those were awesome and needs two hands to cover her boobs and enjoying pressing her boobs and nipples for longer time.

She kept her hand in my short and playing with my penis and whispered in my ear that she is waiting for this moment. I felt like wow!! And slowly without any sound I went towards her started undressing her and trying to unhook her bra,as i’m facing much difficulty she was confirmed that it is my first time and she felt very lucky with me.

Later I moved my hand downward slowing in to her panty and rubbing her pussy lips with trimmed hair on it. I started biting her like I was starving for about 5 years. She is started moaning with big sounds and I shut her mouth with French kiss and saying to be quite or else my parent could wake up. She kept that in her mind and started kissing for about half n hour continuously and my one hand is busy rubbing her wet pussy by fingering deeply with my middle finger and I sense her end point with a rough surface and another with her large tits. I learned a technique which is named “tongue tornado” and applied on her for first time like a tornado creating with my tongue in her pussy for and she cummed in my mouth with in 2min. Her cum was hot and tasty and licked it all over her pussy and came back to my sleeping position and she climbed on me and started licking my banana which is very erect and hard like raw green banana and peeling.

She started holding my dick and biting as she has never seen such a big and hard penis. It is 7 inch long and 2.5 inch diameter. And she sat suddenly by inserting my penis in her pussy and I fucking her very hardly that my peeling penis touching her end point. At that we forgot about our granny sleeping beside us and we were enjoying as we are alone in my room. I cummed completely in her pussy as I haven’t masturbated for a week; her pussy drank lot of cum. And my granny has started moving as if her sleep is getting disturbed when the bed was moving and we stopped for that day as I know that she is staying for few more days and I have no hurdles to fear now. We slept kissing each other and massaging both of us body slightly. And in the morning 4am I woke up and slept in the hall sofa.

Next day I took her to a bank and she had her work there and while returning to home she asked me to take her to ice-cream parlor I ordered a black current milk shake for both of us and she is asking about my experience with her. Like I said was surprised when whispered in my ear that she is need to have sex with me. She was often asking that I’m I fucking a girl really for the first time? I said yes but she said my fucking manner was totally like an experienced and she never felt that satisfaction with her husband. She said finally this “the girl who marries me is really lucky”. We are done with milkshake and returned home and observed granny missing. I asked mom she said granny left to her village and me and bhabi are very much happy that our hormones blows like volcano inside and waiting for sleeping and as usual; then I got to my project work and writing my thesis and my parents are sleeping in their room and locked.

After a few minutes she came to me pulled down my shorts and started sucking my cock and I was about to finish my thesis work closed everything in the middle and undressed her completely and I locked my room. This time we thought of having sex on dim light and I have seen her body with little wrinkles on her belly but very soft and licked all her body and giving a French kiss to her pussy for about 30 min and this time I started doggy style holding her pony tail and fucking her like a whore and she started moaning very loudly where she is having lots of pain and saying not to stop and finally I cummed in her pussy and spare some she wants to swallow it. After a few minutes we hugged each other very tightly and fucked again like snake manna very tight, her boobs are totally pressed to my chest my tongue is playing with her tongue. Dick went very much deep in to her pussy and she started crying that I’ve seen tears flowing on her eyes. And again another stroke took place. I made 6 strokes till morning 5 am in various styles and again I dressed myself and walk in to the hall and slept till 9 am and my body temperature suddenly raised lack of energy.

Later that morning my mom left to the market to buy some vegetables and I and her again went into the bath room as there were no one at home and bathing together and rubbing all over her body with a liquid soap as if I won’t this chance again and I fucked her even with fever lifting her on to a wall in the shower and yesterday’s effect also affected her and her pussy was cherry red and she had a burning sensation there but she didn’t try to refuse and started enjoying and I thought even she is feeling the same and kept my mom in mind finished up fast where I cummed very less this time and my penis is paining a lot. We slept for a longer time and woke up at 7 had dinner and some pills and working on my thesis and finished in 2 hours. And the time has come and we did the same we did last night with some less effort and ended with kissing hugging licking.

Next day she left to her place, and every time she visit my home she come along with her husband and we try to meet and enjoy only small moments.3 days I was in complete heaven. Later I fucked my neighbor aunt who is 35 age with a tight body where I continue this experience in the next episode. Thank you for your time.

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Banged My Sister’s Ass

Hi I am Raj and I am back with another story. This story is about my didi Priti who is married and had just gave birth to a boy. She is 29 with a figure of 36-30-38. She lives in Delhi. She has just the right amount of flesh at the right places. She is 5’7” tall with long skinny and hairless legs. On her smooth and fair skin, her pink nipples look like cherries on a vanilla cake. She earlier had a bit smaller tits but even sine she had a child, her boobs have increased and probably is 36 now. She has maintained her figure even after her pregnancy. Her ass, the best thing about her is curvy, round and is in very good shape. Whenever she walks, her ass is delight to eyes.

Right from earlier days, I had an eye on her but I was unable to make any move. Much to my surprise, I finally managed to nail her when I went to Delhi to meet my nephew. I go to gym daily and in fact done a great job maintaining my body. I am athletic, muscular and handsome. I am 6’2’’ with a cock of 7’. So, when I reached her place I knew that her husband is out of town and she is all alone for a week. But, I had not met her for a long time so I was not thinking about having sex with her.

But as I reached there and she opened the door, I was shocked seeing my dream queen standing there in a blue top. I was taken aback at the site and all my previous thoughts returned and I was devising plan to fuck her. She welcomed me with a hug and I could literally feel her soft boobs on my chest. I patted her back and found out that she was not wearing bra. This turned me more and the dick was paining, so I quickly excused myself and went to bathroom and had masturbation of my life. When I came back, we talked a bit about our life and went to sleep. The whole night I was not able to sleep thinking about her. I jerked twice that night just imagining her awesome ass and the softness of her tits. Didi used to wear loose top and short pants. Both were extremely seductive. Her pants exposed her milky thighs and I could easily see her cleavage and enormous size of her boobs every time she bent a little. All this was making me more and more desperate and without any slightest opportunity to fuck her.

Much to my relief I got luckily soon. On the third day, when didi was cleaning standing on a chair, the chair tripped and she fell on the ground. She hurt her back and was not able to walk. I realized my opportunity and held her in my hands and took her to her room. When I was lifting her, my hand brushed her boobs but she ignored it. I caught her in my arms with one hand behind her neck and other on her back; I was already hard and pre-cumming. I put her on bed and came outside to call the doctor. But, I faked the call and told her that doctor has said to massage the back with moove before it will swell and cause further problems. I didn’t give her any chance to refuse and quickly took the moove from the drawer and approached towards her. Even if, she was going to deny but she didn’t object and agreed upon it.

I helped her to lie on her stomach and sat beside her. Her son was sleeping peacefully unaware of what was going to happen to his mother. I put some moove on my hand and slipped my hand inside her top. I wanted her to make her comfortable at first so, I didn’t anything foolish in starting. I was massaging her back; the swell was around the back just near her bra strap. It was difficult to reach there but I kept quiet. After sometime, I told her that it is not possible reach there and I have to lift her top. Again before she could reply, I lifted her top and exposed her naked back and brown bra. I continued massaging her and I could feel she was enjoying it as she was letting out slight moan time to time. Since, it was very near to her bra, I was hitting her strap once too often. I was making it look that I was not able to do it nicely, sometime hitting her strap too hard so that hooks were poking her. Without saying anything, I opened her bra and she also remained quiet. I was now slowly, increasing my area and within no time, I was massaging her whole back. Sometimes, I intentionally let my hand touch the sides of her boobs. She was not complaining and this gave me more and more courage.

While I was massaging with one hand with the other, I started feeling her butt over her tight short. I was massaging her ass cheeks and occasionally pinching them. She was moaning little by this time. Now, there was no stopping me and I started rubbing my hand all over her ass and on her thighs. After few minutes hearing no complain from her, I gained courage and removed her shorts in a flash. Now, she was lying in her panty. But, now she turned but before she could say anything I took her lips in my mouth. She was resisting but I was in complete control and was now holding her boobs and massaging them. She was throwing me back but I was dominating her. I continued squeezing, pinching her boobs and kissing her. I threw her on bed and started rubbing her pussy. Within few seconds, her panty became wet. I now inserted my fingers inside her panty and was rubbing her cunt. She was unable to control and was moaning in pleasure. Within few minutes, she stopped resisting and surrendered to my will.

First thing I did was removed her top and took her boobs in my mouth and was sucking her milk. The milk was flowing down her tits and was making the scene more erotic. I had grabbed her one boob with my hand and on the other one I was feeding. I had squeezed her boobs and was holding her nipples and was biting on to it. Didi only managed to moan all this time, occasionally she was squeezing her own boobs and milk was flying in the air. Her tits were so tight due to milk that when I pressed her boobs, it pained a lot and she let out scream every time. I made her sit and asked her to treat me like her son and feed me milk as she use to do it to her son. She sat, held my face in her hands and brought me near her tits. She held her left boob with her hand and carefully pointed her nipple towards my mouth and I started sucking her milk. After a while, she switched her position and this time offered me her right boob. I started sucking immediately but she said to me to leave some milk in case her son gets up. So after sucking, squeezing and pinching her nipples I let her go.

I continued feeding on her boobs like a boy and was fingering her cunt. She was grabbing my back, clutching it with her nails and forcing me towards her boobs. I obliged and turned towards other one after sucking first one dry. After sucking her boobs for 15 minutes, I went down to her pussy which was already dripping. I inserted my tongue inside and started playing with her clitoris. I was sucking her pussy and she was moving back and forth unable to control her pleasure. I inserted my two fingers inside and started fingering her. I was fucking her with my finger and she was unable to control. After sometime, I moved towards her removed my clothes and started rubbing my dick on her face. . I asked her to give me a blow-job. She said that she has tried before with her husband but she doesn’t like it. I said” I am your master and you slave. Do as commanded”. She opened her mouth and I put it inside. I wanted it rough so as she took it inside I started ramming her.

She was unable to control my cock and in no time struggling for breath. I showed no mercy and sat on her face. I lied down in 69 position and was sucking her pussy. I held her legs with my hand and was fucking her pussy with my tongue in full flow. Within no time, we both exploded and her juices were all over my face. I drank most of it, for the rest she cleaned my face with her tongue. I was too on verge of ejaculating so I withdrew my cock. Didi was still recovering from her orgasm; she was breathing heavily and was rubbing my cock. She was asking me fuck her and ends her misery once for all. I kept her legs over my shoulder and bent them over her head to expose her pussy. I entered inside her in a flash and started ramming her. I was showing no mercy and was hitting her pussy walls in full flow. With my every movement, the sound of chaap, chaaaap, chaaaaap was all around mixed with Priti di’s moaning and shouting. Didi was all ecstatic and was shouting to fuck harder. I was going at full pace and didi was all exhausted from the shouting when I changed the position for the first time. Now, I lied down and asked didi to ride me. She came and sat on my cock while facing away from me. I held her boobs from behind and started banging her. Didi was moving up and down slowly at first but quickly she gained speed and was going up and down much faster. As didi was hitting my dick, the sound of her pussy hitting my dick was making me mad and now I put my hand beneath her ass to support her and started hitting her from bottom too. Now I held didi in air by supporting her ass and was fucking her from behind. The scene of her hair all over face, sweat all over her body and sound signifying that my cock was inside her love hole was making whole act much more erotic. I fucked didi for 3 minutes and then let go.

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She was trying to move away but when I resisted she said “ now it’s enough let me go” to this I said that still I have whole night left just wait and watch what happens. She was surprised after listening this. When she started to go away, I caught her hands and forced her on the bed. She lied on the bed. I went in front of her and started rubbing my limp cock on her mouth. She started sucking it. She was doing very well; she was teasing me with her tongue and was slowly sucking it. But, I wanted more and faster so I climbed down and forced my cock inside her mouth and started fucking her mouth harder and harder. While she was sucking my cock, I was slapping her ass making it ready for future action. I forced my whole dick inside her mouth and kept it there for few seconds, she choked and tried to get away but I held her face and deep throat her. I kept in there for few more seconds and then let her go. I asked to climb on the bed and go on all fours. Priti di obliged and I inserted inside her cunt for the first time in doggy style.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

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