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My Bhabhi, My Sex Goddess

Hi everyone, I am back with a new story . for those who don’t know me. I am hiren a 24 years old average collage going boy. I don’t have heroic looks nor do I have a perfect shaped body. I don’t even have a 8 inch long huge dick……… but I do know one thing. The secrete to a women’s ultimate orgasm. 
This is a story about how I entered into the world of sex, how I lost my virginity. And the thanks goes to my hot sexy bhabhi. Wife of my elder brother. This incident happened almost 5 years back when i was just 18 years old. After marriage my bro took a flat in our same building. Just 4 months had passed after their marriage and my bro had to go to U.S for his project and would return only after 2 years. Theirs was a love marriage so they had enjoyed a lot before marriage only…….

So now coming back to the main story. At that time my bhabhi was just 22 years old hot sexy young girl. With a figure of 36C-28-34 she had a pair of awesome boobs which anyone would die to suck. she use to wear Panjabi dress in day and a sexy gown at nights.

After bros departure she use to stay alone all the time so my mom use to call her at our house which was just on the floor bellow their house. full day she use to spend with us and only return to her home at night to sleep. Then I noticed that her mood was getting much better she seamed to look and be happy, even when her husband was not with her. As time passed we also became good friends. Started chatting and shearing a lot about our life. And I don’t know when but I started having feelings towards her.

We use to go for walks, movies, shopping.and she was happy…….and that’s all what I wanted to see her happy. one day I asked her if she misses my bro. and I got a very shocking answer, she said “ NO y should I miss him” so I said “ he is your husband and he is not with u for almost last 6 months” to that she replied “how can I miss him when I meet him daily” . to that she added that they have a video chat daily so she doesn’t miss him much. days passed everything was normal my feelings were growing towards her but still I dint have any sexual thoughts for her.

One day my uncles family came to stay with us for few days. So I had to shift to my sweet bhabhies house on the 3rd floor along with me my cosine also came up to sleep. Then at night we 3 chatted for sometime and then went to sleep. But I dint have any planes to sleep soo early it was only 10:30 but my bhabhi was felling very sleepy so we all went to sleep. Bhabhi in her bedroom and I and my cosine in the hall. I did some timepass on my mobile and around 11:15 went to the kitchen to drink water . while passing the bedroom I heard some noise from inside. So I thought of going in but the door was locked from inside . but the curiosity was killing me so I started peeping through the keyhole and was shocked after what I saw.

I saw my sexy bhabhi sitting on the chair with her legs spread wide completely naked fingering herself and moaning with my bro on the computer screen …..they were some serious online sex…..so this is y she dint miss him much…..after sometime she reached her orgasm turned off her pc and went to sleep just like that naked. I also came to my bed but hell was I going to get sleep. I went to the bathroom and masturbated 3 fucking times and then just laid on the bed.

From the next night this became a routine for me. But after a week my uncles family left and I came back to my old place to sleep…… but I couldn’t stop thinking of all the hot shows which I enjoyed for a week . now my thoughts started to change towards her . now I wanted to see and feel her naked body, I wanted to fuck her. From now onwards I started taking chances on her like peeping at her cleavage whenever she bent down, brushing my hands on her boobs and ass and pretend like it happened unknowingly . she also never took it seriously and that gave me more courage. Now whenever we went for shopping I suggested her to buy western and a little sexy clothes to which she agreed . but that was not enough for me I wanted more…I wanted her naked on my bed …I wanted to fuck her…fulfill her desires . but was not getting any chance.

At last I got one chance after almost 3 months of taking chances it was the month of may my parents marriage anniversary so they planned to go on a trip for 10 days leaving me and my sweet bhabhi alone at home. I was very happy the day came when my parents left and we reached home after seeing them off . I was soo horny that wish I could just tear open her clothes and fuck her as soon as we entered the house . but I had to be patient . I had 10 days to execute what ever I wanted . it started by telling her to get her clothe to our house and stay here only till parents return and she agreed to it. That night we went out for a dinner and came home late . I could see the feeling of missing her online sex that night..and I was loving it. Coz more she misses it, its easier for me to seduce her . that night I told her to sleep in my room and slept in the hall coz my parents had their room locked as they don’t like anyone going in their room…

That night I again went to peep in my room and again saw he satisfying herself with her hands on my bed..i saw the complete show masturbated and went to sleep next day went as normal but at night I disconnected our net so that she cannot do her thing with my bro , she was very upset so I told her to come watch a movie, to which she agreed. I put on a light romantic movie which she likes. After the movie both of us were sitting in the hall and chatting and she was still little upset so I asked her the reason but she dint say anything but got more upset. I consoled her and took her in confidence and asked her again to which see replied how much she missing her husband and started crying

So I held her by her shoulder and wiped her tears and kissed her on her forehead and took her to the bed room and made her sit on my bed. And told her to sleep and I was about to leave but she stopped me and told me to sleep with her as she was felling lonely. After hearing this the devil inside me woke up. I just lied net to her on the bed and to my luck the bed was not too big means we were almost hugging each other .

After sometime she fell asleep but I was wide awake and was also very horny .slowly I put my hand on her waist and rested there for sometime . after that with lot of care I started moving my hand to her breast and finally touched it. They were soft as if made of cream .this was the first time I ever touched a girls breast . the felling was amazing . then I slowly unbuttoned all the 4 buttons and there they were my bhabhies firm, round, creamy, mouthwatering boobs as I was about to touch them she woke up. I got scared like hell and pretended to sleep. She dint say anything but buttoned her gown and slept again I dint have any more guts to go further and I also slept.

Next morning while having breakfast I couldn’t even look at her with shame, but she was acting normal as if nothing happened. But while eating she suddenly asked me “ what were u doing yesterday night” I was speechless I was just sitting with my head facing down . she again asked me “ look at me and answer , what were u doing yesterday night” I somehow gathered courage and looked at her and was shocked all her buttons were open and her boobs were out of her gown was there was a very big naughty smile on her face.

I couldn’t say anything and just kept starring at those beautiful structures then she say in a little harsh tone” what r u looking at come suck them” I was on cloud nine after that I sprung towards her held her in my arms and kissed her.then i took her to my bedroom and made her lay on my bed. i just stood there admiring her amazing body. this was my dream come true . in no time i removed her gown and to my surprise she was not wearing anything underneath……she was completely naked . i started licking and kissing her body like a mad dog…..then played with her boobs and sucked them like a child .she was shouting like hell in pleasure.

After some sucking and biting she guided my mouth to her lips between her legs she was wet….very wet…. Her love juice was flowing without any thought I drank all of it. It was sweet. Now was the time …the time to lose my virginity. I slowly pushed my dick in her pussy . god it was tight. I applied some force and I was in. and she was very happy to have someone inside her after a long time.

Then I started fucking her in a slow but study rhythm. She was loving it and so was i. I fucked her in missionary position for about 10 min and cummed inside her. The act was over but we still were not satisfied. We just laid on the bed hugging each other for sometime and then we were again ready for our second round. This time we started with her on top of me. She was jumping like mad… horny like hell.

I just enjoyed the view of her pumping my dick, her bouncing boobs and her satisfying moan . then came my turn to take in charge I wanted to fuck her in doggy style so I did this time I was not gentle u fucked her with all my force making her scream in pleasure. And soon cummed all over her ass. We cleaned our self’s and slept in the bed. Till my parents returned I fucked her at lest 3 times daily. And after that daily at her home till my brother returned.

Now my brother has returned but we still have lot of fun when he is in office.

Hope you liked reading the story ….plz do comment. 

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Real Sister Become My Real Girlfriend

This is a true story between me and my younger sister. This started on 31st Dec 2014. Till this incident I never thought anything wrong about her. We were having a very good brother & sister relation.

It was a wonderful New Year Celebration which I have never thought in my life. I am 28 years good looking guy from Pune, working in a reputed company. We are a small family with me (Vicky), my mom, dad & my younger sister (Tina). This story is about my real sister Tina she is 23 years old and she is also working in a company. As we are a small family, I and Tina always stay as very good friends. She knows my secrets of my girlfriends and my parties as well. She is a decent girl, she doesn’t have any boyfriend or she never had it before. But she is very good looking with 5.5 height and perfect body. As she is earning good she does lot of shopping for her and has very good fashion sense.

I have never thought anything wrong about Tina. She has her separate bedroom and I have mine. On few occasions I have seen her coming out of bathroom after bath, she use to just wrap the towel around her and immediately use to go in her bedroom for changing. But this is quite OK and nothing special.

It was 28th December and I told her that I will be going for New Year party with my girlfriend and will tell home that I am going with my friends. She said OK and I asked about her plan. She was willing to stay at home only. For new yea party I want to buy some cloths so I asked her if she want to come with me to mall, she said yes and we both went for shopping at Amanora Mall near to our house. It was so nice to be with her at shopping as she was wearing jeans and tube top with open hair was looking awesome and was feeling proud to be with such a beautiful girl as every guy in mall was looking at us as if we are a couple.

One of my office colleagues saw me in mall and came to say HI and said so she is our bhabhi looking at my sister. He did not know my girlfriend and thought Tina is my gf. We both laughed and I said she is my sister. Then we took t-shirt and jeans for me and my sister liked a skirt and top which she took for herself. I started thinking if my gf would have been so good looking as my sister and I lost in the thoughts if my gf would also wear something like mini and skirts. My sister caught my distraction and asked me what happened bro, I told her I want my gf too to wear skirts and shorts and by hearing this Tina with big heart said you gift the dress which she brought for her to my gf as a surprise. I asked if this is really OK with her, she said yes and I was happy and eagerly waiting for 31st Dec.

On 31st December I got a call from GF that she is going out with her office friends for party and cannot come with me. I felt very bad and had a big fight over this topic. I had already brought party tickets, followed by dinner at hotel Westin and will be staying at my friend’s house as no one was there. I felt sad as all plan got cancelled. I was upset all the day, in evening Tina came home from office and said hey bro you are still at home when are you going for party. I told her all about this and she said no problem we will enjoy at home with family. I said yes but was felling very sad from heart, Tina noticed my depression and talk with me “I can understand bro you must be feeling very bad as you planned so much and she ditched you, but let’s not spoil the year end.

If mom dad would have another program I could have surely come with you for party”. When we were talking mom called Tina and said that there is a program in society for 31st night so me & dad are going there. So now eventually it was only me & Tina at home. Tina told me about mom dad’s plan and asked me what I would eat so she can cook. I don’t know how I said “Tina you said that you can come with me for party if mom dad were not at home”? So now they are going out can we go out? Tina was little confused, I noticed the confusion and understand that she doesn’t want to come out with me and I left the room and went in my bedroom. Tina came in and said Vicky bhaiya please don’t get upset I am just feeling awkward that everyone will be coming with their girlfriends, wife and we both are brother and sister. I said come on its OK; we are just going to enjoy the party. Tina gave a smile and said OK fine I will tell mom that we both are going out and will come back by 1 AM. This brought a big smile on my face and we hugged and said let’s get ready.

I did clean shave, had nice bath and dressed in my new Jeans & T-shirt. I was 8:30 PM and I was ready waiting for Tina to get ready. I was losing patience, it was 9 PM and Tina was still not ready. Finally I knocked her door which was locked from inside and shouted on her to come out soon we are very late and I am bored now. Finally Tina came out at 9:15 and I lost my sense looking at her. She was wearing the new black skirt with pink sleeveless top. Her hair were open and she had done straightening nice glossy red lipstick which will make any guy crazy to suck her lips. She was wearing hills and was looking a beauty pageant. Aroma of her perfume was driving me crazy, and her makeup was making her look more beautiful. My jaws were open looking at her.

Tina said “what, girls take this much time to get ready for a party” Come lets go now we are already late. I took car keys and started driving toward Koregaon Park, hotel Westin. We reached there and saw all Hi Fi crowd and we can easily notice all were couples (For those who don’t know, Koregaon Park is one of the finest area in Pune and Westin Hotel is the 5 Star hotels). Tina was one of the best looking girl among the crowd and guys were staring at her, I been her brother was now really feeling awkward I was confused shall I hold her hand or put it on shoulder or at her back don’t know. Tina broke the ice and said Vicky bhaiya lets be like a couple for this party or else we won’t enjoy at all, and I asked so you mean to say I shall hold your hand, Tina said yes don’t think too much and let’s get inside. I told Tina not to call me bhaiya, She laughed and said OK Vicky I will try. With bit fear I hold her hand we went inside.

It was loud music and lot of rush on the floor, I noticed guys were rubbing their body with Tina’s back but it was ok, it usually happens in the pub. While dancing I got a push from someone and I fall on Tina’s body. She had used padded bra and I felt it. This was the time I started thinking why Tina is my sister, If Tina was not my sister I would have surely proposed her and would have loved her like crazy. I said Sorry Tina as I fall on you; she said it’s ok you remember we are here as a couple in party. I was not sure if this is a hint from her but I was thinking a lot about my real sister’s body. We decided to take a break from dance and sit for some time. I asked Tina if I can take a beer, she said yes and I took one and we went to the terrace which was a small open space for smoking. We just entered terrace and saw 3-4 couples were kissing. We both felt embarrassed but still we took two chairs and started enjoying fresh air.

I was looking at Tina’s body which was wet by sweating and with wet hair she is looking dam sexy. Tina said she want to do touch up and want to get fresh, as it is just 11:15 she asked me for car keys and went in car to do make up as her purse was in car. I said I will be waiting here. As I was waiting on terrace I was looking at the kissing couples and was thinking about Tina. She is the most beautiful girl and in party wear she was looking so seductive and sexy but is it wrong to think about own real sister I was in dilemma and getting an hard on I was getting 100’s of thoughts in my mind am I doing anything wrong, how to tell her my feelings for her, will she get angry, what if I will spoil my relation with her. Then I made up a decision not to be in hurry and go step by step. First to be her best friend so we can talk on more personal topics, casually hug her, spend more time with her. But I wanted to at least kiss her today and now was waiting for her to come.

Suddenly Tina came from behind and put her hand on my eyes and said guess who is it. I tried to be naughty and said oh seems to be someone sexy, I turned back and saw Tina, she was looking very sexy she had put some makeup and lipstick and was looking fresh and awesome. I admire her by saying Tina you are looking so beautiful, Tina why are you my sister I can’t even propose you. Tina blushed and I hugged her casually and kept hugging her for some time, I noticed she was also not ready to leave me. I moved my hands on her back and she did the same to me. Now it was about 2 minutes we were hugged to each other. With one hand I took her hair aside and gave a small kiss on her neck to which she hugged me tightly and made a sound of uff. But then Tina took a step back and said its just 5 minutes left for 12 lets go to dance floor inside and we went inside.

We started dancing again but this time I was touching her more and she was responding good to my touch. We got compliment from a couple next to us that we both look very beautiful together, are you guys married yet? We both smiled and Tina gave an answer no we are not married but we are together from long time. I kept both my hands on her shoulder and was looking at her eyes and said “So my GF for tonight, I hope you having good time with me”. Then the countdown started at 12 lights went off and all couple hugged their respective partners and without thinking anything me & Tine too hugged each other and wished Happy New Year. As all couples were giving kisses and wishes I too want to kiss Tina so I just kissed her chicks but very near to her lips I almost touched her lips as well. I don’t know if Tina noticed this or not because we were in happy and dancing mood.

I hugged Tina again and said thank you so much for coming with me. Tina too got emotional and said you are my sweet brother how can I see you upset and that too for a stupid girl. I asked Tina what you want as New Year gift from me, she said she wants nothing and she asked me what you want from me. I was paused for few seconds and slowly said “Tina, I want you to be my real GF for some Time”. Tina dint understand what I mean by it and she said then propose me. I took Tina to the terrace, there were already few couple. I hold her hand said Tina you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, your eyes are very beautiful, your lips are very tempting. I am feeling so lucky to be with you, to hold your hands, to dance with you, to hug you. I know we have a relation but the time we spend together and the way you are dressed and you are with me made me think of proposing you and I said Tina I love you.

Tina was having confused expression on her face and got tears in her eyes. She hugged me and I whispered in her ear I want to kiss you, she got shocked and looked in my eyes. I was keeping contact with her eyes and slowly started moving towards her red hot juicy lips as we came close our eyes closed automatically and the moment I kept my lips on her I was feeling like in heaven. I can’t imagine I am kissing my own real sister. We started moving our lips and soon we started kissing nicely to which she was responding well, I took her lower lips in my mouth and then our tongue started mixing in each other mouth. We almost kissed for 10 minutes and then we broke the kiss, we were not able to look in each other eyes. Tina smiled with embarrassment and said I will be back need to have glass of water. I was feeling so good and so proud to kiss the most sexy and beautiful girl.

Tina came back in 5 minutes and we sat in terrace, I hold her hand but we were not able to look in to each other eyes and were not able to talk. I asked, Tina are you fine? She said yes and kept her head on my shoulder. I asked did you like what we did, Tina said yes I have never kissed any guy you are the first one. I was feeling nice to hear this from her and she asked is this what you were going to do with Pooja (Pooja is my GF’s Name). I said much more than this. But you are my GF now don’t talk about Pooja. She smiled and said bhaiya I love you. I was thrilled to hear this and took her face in my hand kissed her with love again on her lips.

Party time was over and we were asked to leave the premise, so we got up and said lets go home now. Tina was not looking happy to go home. While getting in car I told her I was having some more plans with Pooja, but she is not here. Tina asked what more now. I told her that tonight I was going to take her to my friend (Rajeev) house just to talk and relax as you know I am so tired in this year and again from tomorrow my hectic schedule will start. Tina said I am not feeling tired and sleepy; we can go if you want to. I was excited to hear this but since our kiss we both dint spoke anything about it and we both were back to acting normal as brother and sister.

While driving I said to Tina that I really liked you very much as my girlfriend today and even forgot that you are my sweet little sister. We should go out for more often and whenever we will go out we shall be as a couple so we will enjoy more freely. Tina gave a smile and we reached my friends flat.

I had the keys but the door was locked from inside, which means someone was inside. So I called Rajeev and he said he is inside with his girlfriend, because in evening I told him my plan was cancel so he made his plan to be with his girlfriend. He said he will open the door. My heart was beating like hell because Rajeev is my best friend and he knows Tina is my sister and even Tina knows Rajeev very well. I was scared to the core. Rajeev opened the door and was shocked to see us both. I told him Pooja ditched me so Tina gave me company for the party and mom dad have gone out at their friends place and we don’t have our house keys so thought of coming here. Rajeev welcome us inside and his GF also came in the living room to greet us Happy New Year. We all were sitting in Living room and saw Tina was little uncomfortable because Rajeev was sitting very close to his GF and both of them know us as brother & sister.

Rajeev said lets sleep and asked his GF if she can sleep with Tina because how can someone ask brother and sister to sleep in 1 bed room. Tina was looking very upset from her face and I said Rajeev its OK you guys can sleep in 1 bedroom and we will have another bedroom, even Rajeev want to be with his GF. Both agree and went to their bedroom. I looked at Tina, she had a smile on her face but was nervous when I went close to hold her hand she was shivering. I think she came to know that once we get in bedroom we both will kiss again. I hold her hand and took her to the bedroom; I locked the door and made Tina sit on bed. She was looking down and was very nervous. I sat next to her took her hand in my hand and said Tina we are a couple tonight, right? And we were so comfortable with each other at the party. I am feeling so blessed that you came with me gave me a nice company and dint even made me think of Pooja even for 1 minute.

Your beauty and your presence have made me fall in love with you. She looked in my eyes with love and we hugged each other, this time very tight and putting a first kiss on her cheek I moved towards her lips, her red glossy lips were shivering were looking gorgeous. I started kissing her very slowly, Tina started responding and soon we were completely lip locked. I started moving my hand on her back and even she started rubbing my back.

Now I was sure that I can take a step towards fucking her but 100 questions were coming in my mind. She is my real sister, how will be our relation but without thinking too much I made a move and put my hand inside her top from back and started rubbing it on her back while kissing her. I took my hand towards her boobs, pressed it a bit from side. Tina broke the kiss and looked in my eyes and said bhaiya please no. I said Tina I love you and we are GF & BF for tonight, please let make this a memorable one and started kissing her again. I noticed that Tina liked kissing a lot. Soon I tried to take out her top, to which she felt shy and put her hands on her chest. I took the hand away and took my tongue out and stated licking her neck and then the upper parts of her boobs.

I unhooked her bra and now my sweet little real sister was topless. She was looking beauty queen with her long open hair; lipstick was disturbed and was making her look like a slut. I too removed my T-Shirt and we both hugged with naked body. Her nipples were erect and were touching my chest making both of us very horny. Even if we were doing all this but for every touch we both were feeling very shy because we are real brother & sister, I was feeling awkward so I asked her permission if I can suck her nipples to which she nods her head in yes it took her right nipple in my mouth. The moment I took in my mouth I heard Tina’s moaning which was bit louder than her earlier uff and my hand was on her left boob pressing it. Tina’s hand was on my head on my hair. I took her left boob in my mouth and started sucking it like a hungry man. I keep on sucking it for a while and then started kissing all her chest her neck and then Tina pulled me closer and gave me a hot smooch which I never had before in my life. I was feeling shy to put my hand down in her panty.

My dick was hard and wants to fuck her. After smooching we both got little exhausted, Tina kept her head on my chest. And I was playing with her boobs. I asked Tina, Thanks for everything and now I want to go ahead, can we have sex? Tina was shocked and looked in my eyes and said no bhaiya we are siblings and what if someone will come to know. I hugged her and said no one will come to know and this is only for tonight, you only said we are a couple tonight. Tina said but I have never done this it will pain and what if I will get pregnant. I said relax Tina I am your brother I will take care of all this, and made her lie on bed. I opened her skirt and now she was only in panty, he pussy shape was visible from her panty and I can also see cum spots on her panty. Tina was all wet and all set for having sex. I took off my jeans and I was in my jockey.

The hard on was visible and then I took off my jockey. My dick was never so hard, because I am going to fuck my real sister and that too she is so dam sexy. It is very big and I am a virgin. I said no it will not pain trust me, and if it will pain we will stop immediately. By saying this I gave her a kiss on her lips and made her sleep on bed. I took off her panty and it was cleanly shave as if she was ready for sex. It was all wet and I put my middle finger inside to which she screamed. I am sure Rajeev in next room must have heard it. But I was lost in the beauty of Tina. I kissed her pussy to which Tina responded with a moan and I kept on sucking her pussy. Tina got an early orgasm for this she was feeling very shy.

I looked at her face and she was looking a wonderful slut. I made her legs up and started rubbing my dick at her pussy. Tina was not able to control her desire and said bhaiya please fuck me. Hearing this word made me hornier and I started putting my dick inside slowly, Tina screamed loudly while I was breaking her virginity and asking me to stop. But I knew this pain is just for few minutes and with a stroke I put it inside and keep it inside without moving and slept on her body looking at her face. Tina was in tears; I kissed her on lips and sucked her tongue and while kissing I started moving my dick inside her pussy. Tina started enjoying all this. She was moving her hand on my back and with my every stroke she was nailing me on back. I started stroking bit faster to which she started moaning more. I was feeling in heaven whenever I was looking at Tina.

I can’t believe I am fucking my younger sister. I was about to cum and I said Tina I am Cumming and discharged a load of hot cum inside her pussy. We both were exhausted and I fall on her body and we dint speak anything. I was feeling embarrassed to look into her eyes but I did and Tina was in tears. I consoled her and kissed her saying I will be your BF until you get married. Till now almost all of her lipstick was eaten by me. We smiled and cleaned our self. As we don’t have any extra cloths we got back in our party dress and slept hugging each other.

In Morning we were about to leave home, Rajeev got up. He gave a smile and asked me in alone did you guys have fun last night. He came to know that we both had sex. I just smiled and told him that please keep this as secret and we left for home. Tina is now my sister in front of my parents but my GF whenever we are alone. Our relation got stronger day by day. We enjoyed a lot physically. Tina is getting beautiful day by day; she is taking care of her looks and her body for me. We both cannot get married so for fun we are now planning to go somewhere outside Pune as husband and wife for honeymoon.

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My Teacher Aunty – A Hot Incest Relation

Hi guys, I’m David only 22 years. I’m from Kottayam, Kerala. I am going to say a true story happened in my life last year. The heroine of the story is my aunty. She is a teacher but lost her job 2 years back. They had a kid of 8 years old. Let me tell her body status she is almost 36-34-38 and she looks great like a model. I got to have an eye on her from their marriage. The first time I saw her cleavage was while she cleaning the floor. And I saw her boobs while she feeding the baby. She got a perfect boobs and I never seen such a beautiful pair. So guys let’s move on to the incident.

They had an internet connection and she used to surf a lot. It was a holiday I was there with my aunty and uncle. Uncle is also a teacher and he is always busy with his job. He goes by 8 am and came back by 5pm and going to club by 5.30 and back at 8.30 or 9. And daughter goes by 8.30 in school bus and back at 4.30 o’clock. In that particular day I wake up at 8 o’clock and at about 10 o’clock aunt call me and said “David, I have a problem with my computer” and I went there it was not turning on because of ram problems. And I went there and I was in my shorts.

She was there just near me we together unscrewed the CPU and cleaned ram and meanwhile I got a view of her cleavage. After we finished our repairing job I accompanied her for surfing internet. When we entered a torrent site we saw a sex video played as an advertisement. I somehow avoided the page but she asked me is there a way to stop such advertisements. I said just avoid by your eyes. She laughed and said I’m married and I don’t have a problem with seeing such things.

Guys I know about it she was visiting some porn sites I accidentally saw some of those on history. I told her about it and she was amazed and she said don’t tell anyone. I asked her whether she saw it alone or with uncle. She said she is afraid to see it with uncle he is against all this and moreover he is a good teacher. She asked me whether I watch or not I said. I genuinely said yes and asked her shall we see it together. She agreed with a condition don’t tell anyone. I said ok and I asked about her favorite categories she said she don’t know about such categories. And I told her about it and I played a young boy having sex with an aged girl. She asked me does anyone get willing for such an act. I said if the aged girl is looking sexy, what we guys do?

She said oh really. I said aunty you too look sexy. She said laughing am not that aged I am only 35. I too laughed and never looked at me seducing she said all this just casually. But the video changed everything. My penis lost its control and it can be clearly seen from my shorts. I asked her shall I masturbate she said looking at the shorts “not here, in the toilet.” and I placed my hand on my penis and started to massage it from outside and I saw her watching me. And meantime she started to press her boobs slowly and said me ” you can take your penis in your hand but don’t spray your white fluid here and there only in the toilet”. I said ok and I removed my shorts and am in full nude in front of my aunt. She told me you got a big penis but it’s just same height of uncle’s. And you’re got some more width.

I asked aunty can you do me a favour; shall I see your boobs. Aunt said “no I can’t, if uncle knows about it will make me in danger.” I asked her shall I touch it from outside. She said it’s OK but only once. I slowly placed my hands on her boobs and started to press it with one hand other hand on my penis and I sprayed my cum on her face in no time. She was amazed with my act and directly went to toilet for cleaning.

But she forgot to lock the door and I followed her and saw her cleaning her face and especially her lips with her tongue and this made another hardon for me. She didn’t saw me standing nude at door side. At the same time she cleaned her face and started to remove dress. Because a bit of my cum was also stick on her nighty and now she was with only her bra and panties. She slowly placed her fingers into her panty and started fingering scolding my name slowly. I moved slowly and catch her from back and said I want to fuck you now. She said “no” but I lowered her panties and placed my penis in her pussy from back by making her standing in doggy position and started to fuck her slowly and removed her bra from back and after 10 minutes of fucking in the same position I sprayed my cum into her pussy but for my bad luck.

She fell on floor unconsciously and I was very much frightened and I lied her on the bathroom floor and cleaned especially her pussy dripping with my cum and placed her under shower and clean her with a towel and took her to bed and took some other cloths and made her wear those now she somehow responding with making sounds. I took my cloths and moved to toilet and went to kitchen and somehow cooked for her. I was very much frightened about all what happened. I looked the clock, time is about 2pm. I don’t know what to do if my uncle and her daughter see her in such a situation. I moved to her bed and placed her head in my laps and made her drink some lime juice.

Now she looked alright and she managed to speak what you done to me. I said I’m really sorry she said she need some rest and wake her up in 4.30 and I was happy that she is OK. I wake her up in 4.30 and she went to kitchen and told to pick her daughter from school bus and everything went good. On the next day she wake me up at 8.30 and the first thing I saw that day was her beautiful cleavage she said me after yesterday’s incident she had a pain on her back she asked me to massage her back with ointment. At 9 o’clock she came to my room with ointment and for the massage and meantime I just had my bath. I was in my towel wrapped around my waist.

I made her lie on the bed and removed her nighty and I found nothing underneath, started to massage her back. Her back was so smooth and I finished massaging her back. I asked her shall I massage her whole body she said nothing. I removed my towel and get some oil and started to massage her from head to toe. She was making sounds while I massaged her boobs. I started to pinch her nipples with one hand and fingered her with other hand. She asked me “David please stop it and fuck me harder” I sucked and bite on her nipples and sucked her pussy. She pleased me to fuck her I inserted my penis in her pussy and started to fuck her in missionary position and later in doggy style and later she ride on my penis by sitting on it.

Meantime I ejaculated 2 times in her pussy and she also cummed two or three times and we fucked for almost 1 hour we slept nude together and wake up after 2 hours and wake up on 1 o’clock and she went to kitchen without wearing anything and I too joined her nude. While she washing plates I poured water on her and she scolded me and I asked sorry and I went back her covering her boobs from behind and she said David not now. I took my penis inside her and fucked her in standing position. And I stopped ejaculated inside her. After our lunch we both slept together. We slept in a different way my penis inside her pussy I felt great sleeping like that.

When we wakeup I asked her about does she had any wild fantasy. She said she like to have sex in garden, inside rubber plantation, in open terrace, a threesome with me and an old student of her etc. fulfilled all the other fantasies except the last one. Now we had sex every month 2 or 3 times they are always long sessions.

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Fun With My Sister

Hello friends, my name are Arjun and I am a teenager. Like every teenage, I was also very excited towards to new world as our community always take teenagers as young and grown youth and parents also give permission to do lot of fun. I was also excited and happy as I was getting my driving license and permission to learn my dad car. I have one elder sister who uses to drive my dad’s car. It was last week thing when, I was learning driving from my sister and in spite of instruction, I had not stopped the car and did accident. Car was damage and I was scared that if dad will get to know about this, he will not allow me to learn again. I had requested my sister to get it repaired and requested not to tell anything to dad. She said OK but took a promise to do something for her. I was really scared that time; so said ok and everything went normal.

It was Sunday and mom dad went outside for entire day. We both were alone at home and she was doing something in her room. I went to her room and my steps stacked at her room door. She was only in bra panty and watching a blue film in her laptop. She saw me and instead of hiding things, she started smiling and said come Arjun, this is the time when you must fulfill your promise. I was seeing her surprisingly and went to her. She pulled me by pulling my short and removed it instantly. My dick was naked and it was slightly erected. I don’t have much hair on my dick. She smiled and touched my dick. My dick was touched first time by any female and it erected instantly. My sister started laughing and she started playing like a bell. She was ringing my dick like a bell and enjoying its erection.

I was annoyed and pulled my shorts up and she requested me not to go and asked me sit near to her and watched the film. It was my first blue film with a beautiful girl beside me and it was so hot and sexy. My dick was on full erection, pumping and jumping. My breath was warm and fast. My sister took my hand and kept it inside her bra. Her body was burning and too hot. I pulled my hand out and then took it again and kept inside her panty. Her pussy was hotter than her boobs. I was amazed and excited. She asked me to remove her bra and panty and made me nude. We both were lying naked on bed and watching a hot film. She was playing with my dick and pulling it and pressing my balls too. Whenever she was pressing my balls it pained me aaaaaaaaaa, slowly you bitch.

I was seeing in movie, girl was licking boy’s dick and balls and he was moaning pleasure. Movie sound was surrounding in room. I was breathing faster; my sister started pulling my dick foreskin back and started licking it and pressing my balls. Her tongue was very long and it was licking my dick like an ice-cream. She asked me do the same as boy was doing in blue film. I had taken her boobs in my hands and pressed them hard. She sat in such a position that I could suck her nipples too. My dick was pre cum and her pussy was wet. She was licking me hard and biting also.

She came into 69 positions and licking my legs too. I started licking her legs too as the boy was doing in blue film and touched my tongue to her pussy. Her pussy was wet in white juice and it smelt and tasted me sour. I removed my head from her pussy but she caught my neck in her legs and made me to lick her. Whenever, I touched or licked her pussy; she started pushing her butts over me and act like stroking her butts. I was licking her pre cum and pink pussy and it was looking like she peed on me. My mouth was completely wet and I was moaning hmmmm ooo my sister was enjoying this and while licking my dick she was sounding ymmmmm, yup, ymmm ops.

It made me completely mad and I was feeling a pain in my dick. I was feeling that something very hot was striking inside my dick and it wanted to come out but something was stopping it to come out. Ahahaha ohohoh. Oh! My God! It’s paining me. I am dying. Help me. Ohhhhh. My sister came over me and opened her pussy with her two fingers and kept my dick straight with other hand and sat and suddenly pushed down her butts. I was seeing what she was doing and suddenly I felt that my entire foreskin went down and I felt huge pain in dick. Ooooooooooooooo fuck you will kill me. I am dying oooooo it’s paining me. I caught my sister butts and said u bitch u are so hot.

I was pressing her beautiful boobs harder. After 5 five minutes of hot fuck I went on her and spread her legs. The pussy was waiting for my dick. She was moaning heavily Arjun fuck me harder. I can’t control. I was waiting for this time from last 2 years. Your dick made me horny. Please insert your dick and fuck me harder. I smelled her pussy and licked her pussy lips. She was moaning madly. Room filled with her moans. Aaaaa yesssss commonnnnn harder. Then I took my tool touched her pussy lips. She went mad and asked me to enter the pussy. I was about to enter her sweet hole but she cummed. I licked all her cum. It was little sour. It was my first time to taste the cum. I licked all her cum n then took my tool and put it in her hole.

She was tired. I fucked her like a mad dog. She came back to mood and was scolding me like you bloody dog fuck me hard. I am all yours. Use me as u want. Fuck me harder like a slut. My sister was moaning in pleasure and entire room was filled with her sexual voice ahahahah. Oooo ooo yes; it’s like she was completing with blue film girl who sounds fast and loud. She was trying to match her voice level. Ahahaha oooo. I felt like that entire juice was taken out from my body and feeling a current was flowing in my body. Then after sometime I too released sex juice and lied over her. Fucking in blue film was still on but we both were tired. We watched the complete film ones again and had sex like them only. I didn’t know that it was my sister’s first sex but mine was first sexual encounter and I really enjoyed it. 

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Starting With Mom

I am Rohan n I live in Delhi. I am 23 years old 6 feet height n athletic body. Mom name is Sonia; she is 5’4″ n age is 46 and she is housewife and her size is 36 30 38 and my dad is businessman so he is mostly busy n comes home late night. My younger brother is in college. He lives in hostel.

Now come to the main story, this is all started when I was 20. Me and my cousin mostly talk about sex and one day he asked to have sex with my mom that time I was angry but that line settle down in my mind so I can’t forget those words to have sex with my mom. As the time passes I started thinking about my mom’s body and started imagine her nude. Then one day no one at home except me n mom so I decided to try my luck because now I want to fuck my own mom. Me n mom had dinner then watch some serials and went to sleep. I asked my mom to sleep with her and she allowed me. I was beside her and I put my hand on her tummy then I slowly moved my hand to her thigh. Then she suddenly turn her face and I was acting like m sleeping then I gather some courage n put my hand on her ass n I was numb n scared but there is no reaction from her.

My thumb is in between her ass line then after some time she started moving to and fro n my thumb get inside her ass line more n more this is all happened about 15 min. Then she turned her side n face towards me and her pussy is on my palm then I lift my middle finger little up to insert it in her pussy but she suddenly hold my hand n rub it slowly for 5 min. Then she thought m sleeping so she put pressure on my finger to take it inside and her pussy is so soft I can feel it as she didn’t wear bra n panty inside gown during sleep this is happened about 10 min. Then she laid straight n I gather my courage again but I was too scared n numb but I put my hand on her boobs. There is no reaction from her I pressed it softly but she didn’t like that n throw my hand away.

Then I was scared n I went to sleep. Then next morning when I woke up she was not there n preparing breakfast for me. I went to bathroom and did brush n went to kitchen to have my breakfast n I found her normal like every morning then I had breakfast and she ordered me to bath because she need to buy some clothes and she want me to go with her n help her in choosing good. Then I went to bath n got ready then I went in her to check she is ready or not. When I entered in her room she was standing in front of mirror and she is wearing only pajami and bra then she asked me to close her bra’s hook. I did and her back is so soft n slippery. I wanna kiss it lick it but I controlled.

Then she wore kurti n I got car then we moved to market. There is a big shopping store we went in she ordered some saree then I suggest her to buy red one because I wanna fuck her in red saree like a new wedding bride. Then she moved to bra n panties table n she is looking so sexy and everyone staring at her then she buy white bra n flowery panty. Then we go back to home.

Mom- r u hungry?

Me- no m good

Mom- had something before going anywhere

Me- no mom I will have something in the market.

Then I left to buy energy drink for night. I came back at 8pm. Then we had dinner. And same watch serials n went to sleep today also no one at home except me n mom. So I go to her room to sleep. I was lying beside her but today she started talking and asked me how is life going and about gf n all. Then we both went to sleep but I was acting like m sleeping then I put my hand on her tummy but today she hold my hand n push to her boobs then I enjoyed softness of her boobs n pressed one very softly then she turned her side n ass on my side so I put my hand on her waist n gather some courage to touchy hard dick to her ass line then after trying 5 min. I got right place to set my dick. She is in deep sleep n her gown is pulled upto her knees then I pulled her gown to her ass slowly n put my hand on her nude ass.

Her ass is so soft I was feeling like to tear it n fuck it hardly whole night then I controlled my emotions n move my hand towards her pussy n I felt some small hairs on her pussy. Then suddenly she awake n I removed my hand very fast n start acting like I was in deep sleep. Then after 30min she slept again but this time her face is towards me so I tried to put my hand on her thigh n I did it very slowly then she is put her hand on my chest I thought she is in sleep but after 5 min. She starts moving her hand on my chest slowly n I got scared what to do now. She opened her eyes n come close to me n hugged me now I moved my hand on her ass then she kissed me on my lips n respond to her wildly. We kisses each other about 20 min.

Then I started kissing her neck n pressing her boobs n I tear her gown n start kissing her boobs n again licking her lips n sucking her lower lip and she was scratching my back n I bite her neck n kissing her shoulders and she is moaning ummmm hmmmm ahhhh hmmmmmm aaaahhhhh n I start sucking her nipples wildly n pressing her boobs hardly n bite on her right nipple n start rubbing her hairy pussy n turned her on. I started kissing n licking her back wildly roughly n biting a lot anywhere I want n set my dick in her ass line n pressing her boobs pinching her nipples kissing her back neck n removed her gown and my t-shirt n hugged her tightly. She started kissing my chest my neck n kiss on my right nipple then she did bite on my chest then bite on my ear n holding me very tightly n push me on bed then suddenly I don’t know what happened she comes to her senses n push me away n asked me to leave in anger n locked her room.

I got scared what will happen if she complained about this to dad. I start saying sorry to her then after 5 min. She came outside n said go to sleep didn’t create scene in the middle of the night and I went to sleep then next day she is in anger didn’t talk to me much. I was also scared now n don’t have courage to talk to her about that night now its 4 days n we didn’t talk about that. Now I don’t know what to do how to convince her because I wanna fuck her at any cost. If someone got good idea then please let me know I wanna fuck her.

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Sex With My Sexy 78 year old grandmother

Hello friends. I am Shivang from Mumbai. This story is mine and is what happened with me a couple of months back. It is about how I managed to fuck my own dadi (grandmother). The story will be a bit long but I assure you it’s worth shagging your dick and fingering your pussy on.

Those who don’t know me I am Shivang 21years old male from Mumbai. I love mature women and my dadi was no exception to it. I loved her and her body very much. My dadi is 78years old with a figure of 38-42-44. Yes she is fat as most of the old Indian women are.

Coming to the story I used to masturbate thinking about my dadi since many years. I dada dadi used to sleep in the same room and in the morning when I would sleep till late dadi would come into the room after her bath with just a towel on her boobs and a petticoat. She would soon drop the towel thinking I’m sleeping giving me full view of her naked boobs.

Dadi wears just sarees at home with blouse petticoat and panty but no bra. She thinks she is old enough to not drag attention from anyone and thus changes her clothes without closing the door imagining no one is eying her. I have seen her nude boobs numerous times until when I was 18 years old.

When I proceeded to college dadi encountered a very bad leg and spine strain due to which every night her legs and back started paining. Since my dada is very old (86years old) I used to apply Volini on her legs and back every night. When I applied on her back she would loosen her petticoat and I would drag it a bit down on the pretext that the whole back should be covered and used to see her ass crack.

Slowly I also started applying on her shoulders and for this she had to loosen her blouse giving me ample view of her boobs from so nearby. Once or twice while applying Volini on her legs I used my hands to penetrate deep inside and touched her pussy. I don’t know if she came to know about my intentions but she told me to stop applying then on saying its not paining.

I thought I had fucked up everything. Then a few months back I was going mad seeing her boobs almost every day and wanted to fuck her. So one day at night when everyone was asleep I pressed my dadi’s boobs while she slept next to me. I didn’t need too much courage as dadi never shouted or scolded me.

She woke up thought I am in sleep and removed my hand. This went on for 2/3 days. Then one evening when no one was home except my dada and dadi I made a plan. I started stroking my dick on her pictures and videos which I had taken over the years and made my 7″ rod erect. I then called dadi into my room and told her I have an itching sensation below my penis.

She stared at my nude penis for a few seconds then without giving any reaction examined it and told to apply some lotion and left the room. I was heartbroken as I felt I had shown my dick without any effect on dadi.

The next day I again showed her my dick but this time I didn’t erect it. It was night time and everyone was asleep. She took my dick in hand I immediately imagined her nude boobs and my dick started growing in her hand. I acted innocent and asked her how did this happen.

She gave a blank state at me but again slept away without any progress. I was very frustrated. I didn’t sleep the whole night. I could have blackmailed her with her pictures and nude videos I had taken but I wanted her consent in the fuck. So I waited patiently.

After a week one night I acted as if unable to sleep. She woke up and asked me what is wrong I told her nothing you are not interested in helping me. She asked what. I told my dick is still paining and every morning it rises but you never explain or help me and made an angry face. She laughed and told me to come to hall. I followed her there.

She asked me to remove my tracks. I denied saying you always see my penis and never let me see any body part of you. She was shocked so I gave an innocent expression. She smiled and took off her blouse. First time I was seeing her nude boobs so closely. I immediately took off my tracks and my dick started rising.

I then told her I had seen on net that if someone shakes your dick for sometime the pain is relieved. She started stroking my dick with her hand and as her boobs were infront of me I cummed within a few minutes. The cum was all over her face and boobs. I made up a scared expression and told sorry.

To my amazement she held out her tongue and licked the semen off her face. I was shocked!! She then laughed at me and told me “kamine tujhe kya lagta hai muje pata nahi ki tu mujhe chodne ke sapne dekh raha hai”. I couldn’t meet her eyes she smiled and started sucking my flaccid penis! I couldn’t believe it. My years of hard work were going to be paid off tonight.

I immediately held her mouth and kissed her hard on lips. She also responded and soon our tongues were playing with each other hmhmmumumumm I got a slight taste of my own cum which I didn’t like but I didn’t mind it. After that I bent down and started sucking her boobs.

Those boobs for whom I had shagged on day and night since years! They were now in my mouth. I was licking her boobs and nipples. She let out soft moans so as to not wake up anyone. Hmmhmhmhmmm chussss beta chussss aahhhahahaahahamm

I sucked her boobs for about 10minutes and she cummed. I then took off her saree petticoat and panty and my t-shirt. We were completely nude. I scanned my 78years old nude dadi with sagging boobs big belly huge thighs but a shaved pussy. I was very happy.

She then hugged me and we kissed again. I told her to go in 69. She didn’t know what is 69 so I taught her and soon I was licking her pussy and she was sucking my dick. She went so wild with my sucking that she bit my dick many times. This was the 1st time someone sucked her pussy.

We both cummed in each others’ mouth and yeah her cum was very yummmymyyy. I then asked her if she could take my dick in her pussy given her age. She slapped me playfully and said “haraami isse bhi bade bade lund maine liye hai chut me. Buddhi hu virgin nahi daal andar” This was the 1st time I heard such words from my dadi’s mouth. It made me very excited.

I erected my dick again and inserted in her pussy. Surprisingly the whole 7″ dick went in with 1 thrust. She told she has been using vibrators and so her pussy is not tight. I started fucking her in missionary position. She started soft moaning aahahahhahaa chod beta apni dadi ko aaahahahahahah pata nahi itne saal kyu nahi chudwaaya tujhse maine uuuuiiiiiiiiiaaiiaiaiai.

After many strokes she dug her nails in my back. I understood she is going to cum and increased my speed of thrusts!! She cummed and cummed very hard. My strokes were still on but she was completely exhausted. I cummed in her pussy itself and lay down beside her. I closed my eyes but soon opened up as my dadi slept on me her boobs on my chest and her lips on my lips.

I then asked her if she knew about my intentions then why didn’t she allow me to fuck her and instead use vibrator. She replied I wanted to know if you really love me or just my body. If you had forced me into sex I would have never given in but u waited patiently and so I allowed you to have my pussy.

I was very happy and I kissed her again. It was 3:30am. We wore our clothes came back to the room and slept. Next day morning mom dad left for office and dada had gone for a bath so she woke me up with a blowjob and I loved it!

Since that month I have been fucking her almost every night and sometimes in day time too.

So that is it guys. Thank u for your patience and I hope my story gave u enough orgasms.

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Blackmailed My Hot Mom

Hello http://www.debonairscandal.com/ readers, I am Craig and I am back with a mother true incident which happened between me and my hot mom.

Let me now say about my mom. My mom is a very sexy lady having big boobs and a tight ass. She has been my fascination and I have been very longing to fuck her. And my wish came true this January. My dad was out on a business trip and I was living with my mom alone in my house. One day, when I was away at college.

My mom told me that she would be at her boss’s farmhouse making a presentation for the upcoming general meeting and told me to come to her boss’s house after college to have lunch there and pick her up. I agreed and after college took my bike and went to my mom’s boss farmhouse. The farmhouse was on the outskirts of the town in a lonely area by the river. It was a very quiet place and was well furnished too since the boss was a rich bastard.

I parked my bike outside the house and called my mom, but she did not pick the phone up. I thought that she would be busy in making the presentation so I quietly went left the bike and went inside the farmhouse. As I was going to knock the door, to my surprise the door was unlocked. I thought it normal as there was no one around. So I went inside.I heard noises coming from the office room and so I quietly went up and started peeping from the open door.

To my surprise I saw my mom standing in front of her boss with only wearing a short skirt and bra on the top. Her nipples were poking out of the bra which hardly managed her large boobs. The skirt was very short that it hardly covered her pussy. She was wearing stockings in the legs and heels.

Seeing my mom in that hot sexy avatar I got a sudden hard-on. My mom was looking like a girl in the strip club. And her boss was busy throwing money at her, changing music to which my mom was dancing and stripping. I was terrified at this and thought to go and stop my mom, but I paused because an idea hit my mind. I took out my camera and started recording the whole scene.

After stripping my mom opened her boss’s pants and started stroking his dick with her boobs. Then she took it in her mouth and started licking it like a lollipop.

Then she sat on her boss’s lap and inserted the dick inside her pussy. She gave out a loud cry. After that she started riding on his dick and his boss was also thrusting it inside. After 5 minutes her boss said to try another position but she refused saying that I would be coming to pick her up. And agreed to come here every day to enjoy the show. As she was leaving I quickly packed my camera and went out. Then I knocked the door and my mom came to open it

Me: Mom why are you sweating?

Mom: Beta, the Ac was off and we had to make an important presentation so we did it in the hot room.

I knew what my mom was hiding. Moreover it looked like she had recently changed her dress, her saree was not made properly and her hair were loose. I could clearly see her cleavage from the saree hanging down. She was also not wearing any bras. But I remained quiet so that my mom did not could not suspect me.

I came inside and had the lunch. Then I asked her boss whether I could see his farmhouse and he agreed. I quietly went to the office room and placed my camera there. My camera was specially programmed one such that I could switch it on from my cell phone. Then I took my mom and went home.

The next day, as soon as my mom left, I started following her and saw her going to the same farmhouse. As she went in I quickly switched in the camera from my phone and then went away. This thing continued for 3 days and then there was the annual meeting. That night my mom did not come home. I called her and she said that she would be staying at her boss’s farmhouse for the night and would arrive early in his morning. I cut the phone and again switched on the camera. I thought that today it was her boss’s last day to enjoy and from tomorrow I would enjoy.

My mom arrived at 9 o clock in the morning tired and slept at once. Then she went for some shopping. I saw her taking the car from the garage and then went to her room and checked it. I saw that my mom had many vibrators, dildos, and massage oils, sexy clothes like bikinis and short skirts and one pen drive. I inserted that pen drive my laptop and saw that it contained videos of my mom being fucked by the boss and also with some of the staff like the GM and the HR.

Then there were many nude clicks of my mom with them. I was angry.When she came home, I went to her bedroom, inserted the pen drive into my laptop, took my pants off and started stroking my dick. My mom entered the room, saw me and thought that I was masturbating seeing porn on the net. She came near me and then gave me a good scolding and looked at the laptop. It was her fucking video. She looked at me and I showed her all the videos that I had recorded from the secret cam, all the nude pics and the things in her wardrobe.

Mom: where did you get all these?

Me: I spied on you and saw everything which you’re doing with your staff and your boss and I would show all these thing to dad.

Mom: please don’t do this. I would be ruined. I will do whatever you say.

Me: Ok. Then…… you should obey me at all costs. First you would quit that job of yours and second….

Mom: second what..?

Me: I would also have the fun which your boss had.

Mom: No, I would not do it. You’re my son

Me: Then I would show these things to dad.

Mom: Ok

That night I told mom to do the same stripping for me. She did and she was looking awesome. After stripping she took my dick into her mouth and started giving it a nice blowjob and said that my dick was larger than my father’s and her boss’s.

After that, I took her to the bed and started banging her doggy-style. She was moaning very loudly. After 2-3 strokes my huge10 inch cock was completely inside her pussy and she was moaning loudly

“Fuck me harder…harder…….harder, Oh Craig fuck your mom, punish her”. I increased my speed and cummed inside hereafter this I went to sleep.

The next day she resigned from the office and told dad that she had to take care of her son at home. From that day I used to fuck her in all positions making her moaning loudly making her my sex slave. I fucked her at every place – in the bathroom, outside in our lawn, I our garage and inside the car. She also started loving my cock and agreed to get fucked without being blackmailed.

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Fucked My Nani (My First Sex)

This was happened 8 years ago when I had completed my 12th standard n dick size was 5.8 inches. Like every boy at this age seeking sex. My nani was 65 years old that time and figure was 38 40 44 n she is fatty like old Indian women but her ass was awesome very tight n she is suffering from blood pressure problem so she decided to come our home to get good medicines. In the medicines one is sleeping pills which she takes before sleep.

At night she sleeps with me daily in my room. One night I can’t sleep n I start thinking about sex then I got an idea that nani is in deep sleep due to sleeping pills so why should not I take an advantage then I start touching her legs with my to check if she is in her senses or not. Her ass is towards me. So I start rubbing my legs thumb on her legs n she didn’t react then I got courage then I start lifting up her gown up to her ass. It takes at least 1 hour as I am also afraid what will happen if she wakes up but nothing wrong happened.

Now I put my palm on her ass n she still didn’t react. Now I am rubbing her ass very slowly finding her ass crack. Then I move my hand little forward n I found her pussy hairs then I tried to find pussy crack but I failed because I was afraid too then I came back to ass. I was in shorts n t-shirt then I pull down my shorts n underwear n start touching my dick head to her ass crack but I was unable to find hole then I used my finger to find hole then I hold my dick n touch it to ass hole n I was afraid too about pushing it in.

Then I gather some courage n start moving my dick in her ass then after 5 min. My dick head was in then I got more courage automatically then I become horny n thrusty bull n forgot about everything; now I just want to tear her ass n I push my dick more now n it is half in now then I found difficulty in pushing more so without taking any risk I start giving her jerks slowly n put my hand on my dick to hold it in better position then I gave her jerks about 5 min. Then I cummed in her ass then I fucked her ass about 3 times when my dick become hard I fuck her ass n also tried for her pussy but couldn’t find that so in the last round I insert my dick in her ass n cummed in her ass n wait to settle down my dick in normal position to come out automatically because I don’t wanna take it out from her ass and put my hand on her soft ass.

Then after 10 min it comes out and I cleaned my dick head on her gown n I go to sleep but I again wake up around 5am and now this time I want her pussy at any cost so I took my mobile phone n turn on its torch n searched for pussy then laugh at me because pussy hole is just below the ass hole which I couldn’t find in night then I start inserting dick in her pussy n it was get inside completely n easily then I gave her jerks very slowly for about half hour because I already cummed a lot so this time it takes half hour to cum again then after half hour I cummed in her pussy n take it out slowly and go to sleep again n next day she is normal she didn’t say anything now I don’t know if she knows or not what was happened that night.

Then I fucked her around one week daily sometime in day time also n her ass was tight at that age also n now she is around 75 but her ass is still tight like a sexy mature lady but that was my first sex n after that I got one chance one year to fuck her again but this time something different happened which was unexpected when I start touching my dick in her ass crack the suddenly she grabbed my dick n asked me what you doing n I got afraid what to do but she didn’t say anything n touch it to her pussy n I pushed it in n then she said do it roughly because I didn’t had sex for long now she start moaning in pleasure slowly umm hmmm ahhh fuck me ohhhh haaa.

Then she turned toward me n whispered in my ear that suck my boobs then I pulled down her gown from her shoulder n sucked her nipples and bite on her big boob n pressed then tightly and pressed her ass also very hardly n fucked her pussy badly n cummed a lot in her pussy n I also gave her pleasure by licking her pussy n fingering her pussy with 2 fingers n kissed her legs n now if we got chance again I will fuck her again and from then only I like mature ladies more than girls. Then after I fucked my bua as described in my previous story (hot n sweet bua) and now m planning to fuck my mom (starting with mom part-1) but didn’t get any good idea.
Need good suggestions from all of u how to proceed to fuck mom now and this is the toughest challenge for me now n m thrusty for her pussy please send me some good ideas.

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Lost My Virginity To Cousin Sister And Her Friend

Hi Friends , I am a regular reader of http://www.debonairscandal.com/ from past few years. At last i am writing story which was happened when i am about to complete my schooling with my cousin and her friend.Forgive for any mistakes.

This story happen when before few years.I am currently 24 working in MNC in hyderabad.I am born and brought up in a village from a part of Andhra pradesh. This story happen when myself studying in SSC during last few months of schooling.

I used to study in a private school which is 15km faraway from my village with limited transport. I am a topper of the school and as you are aware private schools extend the classes during exams.So i was forced to stay near to school taking a room. I stayed with few of bachelor for 15 days…..

One day my uncle came to me and informed about my cousin who is 3 years elder to me also joined a coaching institute to complete her backlogs and requested to stay with her and her friend who is of her sane age.I felt happy and readily agreed to stay with them .We managed to get a house for rent and we used to stay days went normal while i went to school and they used to go to coaching centre.

On one Sunday i have completed my classes early and went to room which turned my entire life.It was a pent house and there are few shops in ground floor no one else enters the first floor.When i was nearing the room i heard some moans from the room where i peeped in the room where i found my cousin friend was having sex with a guy.where i came to later from my cousin that he is her boy friend.I felt some thing different and my dick started to salute seeing the hard fuck he is fucking priya like a bitch she was moaning like hell.they have changed into different positions and fucked each other.both completed their fuck and later they went on 69 i have seen her cleanly shaven pussy with the love juices .

I am aroused seeing them fucking later i got a shock when a hand was fallen on my shoulder when i turned around i have seen my sister we both again watched the session with out a single word I found my sister hand is shivering.After few minutes she has taken me to the roof and informed not to tell to any one .we sat on the roof and my cousin has an eye on my dick .

After 45 mins we heard a call from my cousin friend when we went down we found main door is open and we heard water noise from bathroom.Again thing at the scene which i had seen my dick started growing where my cousin seen it had a naughty smile and asked me do you have boy friend ? i said “NO”.she again asked would you like priya nude.i lowered my head with shy and nodded my head stating yes.

She locked the main door and came direct to me and caught my dick from my trouser which was already erect.she pulled me towards the bathroom and called priya who was taking her bath after hard sex she opened the door nude and shocked to see me with my cousin.later she has seen my cousin holding my dick and her mouth is watering.she asked when i am came and my cousin sister told whole story to her and my cousin said lets have some fun as it will be secret between us.

Priya came out nude and removed my trouser and taken my dick in her mouth mean while my cousin made herself nude .I forgot to say about these beauties .Priya has an amazing curvy structure where any one see her will make their dick hard and think to fuck her .she has a nice big ass.Coming to my cousin sister she was also a sex bomb with 34b boobs .

Priya sucked my dick like a pro and my cousin came to me nude i crushed and sucked her boobs hard the room was filled with our moans.after 10 mins i ejaculated my cum inside priya’s mouth where she cleaned and swallowed entire cum.It was time for me to make her happy.my cousin taken charge on my dick and i crushed her juicy boobs and fingered her pussy.i licked and fingered priya’s pussy which is very hot .After few minutes my dick again came to full and its time to fuck.

My cousin taken chance lubricated my dick with the juices and directed my dick into her love hole which was very hot .I tried to insert my dick where it took 5 mins to insert my whole dick and later i rammed her pussy hard .priya started to suck us both and enjoying.After 15mins i signaled my cousin about my cum .she order to unload into her womb as she will take pills later.

She fell on me and we sucked each other and kissed for few mints where priya is busy cleaning and sucking my cousin pussy and my dick which was oozing our love juices.she started stroking my dick to make it erect.After 10 mins my dick gained its length and She came on top of me and wore a condom and directed my dick into her love hole .her love hole is lubricated as there was a recent fuck before one hour.She rammed me for 20mins both came at the same time and fell on each other smooching .

My cousin cleaned herself and went to get some thing from kitchen.after 5 mins we got up and cleaned ourself and sat together nude and had breakfast in the evening.my dick again again its length seeing the hotties on either side…Will continue the story based on the comments …

Please give me your feedback .Based on your response I will share you other incidents happened post this story.I am sorry if any mistakes.

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Amazing Sex With My Mature Aunty

Hello http://www.debonairscandal.com/ readers. I wanted to share this incident which took place a few years back. That incident completely changed my life since I was no longer a virgin. Even today as I am writing this story, I am completely aroused. Let’s get to the incident.

I used to watch a lot of porn movies and read incestuous stories. I was particularly into the mom-son, son-aunty kind of stuff. These stories used to make me go crazy and I used to fantasize my mom every day. Another thing that turned me on was my mom’s sisters. My mom had two sisters who were around 44-45 years of age with a good body. Among these two was one aunt who was so beautiful that whenever she went to shops or markets, she used to make men stare at her. Unlike her sisters, she was living in a small town. So she was very modest and did not use any makeup. Yet she was sexy.

It so happened that I had my college holidays and since she stayed alone because her husband used to work abroad, I went to stay with her and give her some company. As I said she was from a remote town and her house was not the fancy type. It was a small house with two bedrooms and the toilet was located in an extension of the house. There was no door for the toilet, instead a curtain that was drawn across the huge entrance. I reached her place and two days passed by peacefully. I used to watch her washing clothes, her hip and navel completely exposed and when she used to beat the clothes, her huge boobs used to get squished and her deep cleavage would be visible. These sights would make me very horny and at night I would masturbate very hardly.

On the third day of my stay, I woke up unusually early. Around six O’clock. After doing a few stretches, I wanted to go to the toilet. My aunt was nowhere to be seen. I thought she was out in the fields. I went to the back of our house. The curtains weren’t drawn. So I just pulled down my pants and went in. When I turned I saw my aunt completely naked, her boobs hanging sitting on the toilet. Her pussy looked clean and tasty. She saw me and my dick. I was surprised and came out immediately although I intended to stay there forever watching her naked. After some time she came out. I said sorry. She said at such early time she never used to use the curtains and she said sorry too. The day went on normally.

At night I wanted to get her laid at any cost. So I thought I will have a casual convo and then make my move. So I went to her room but she wasn’t there. I called out to her but no response. I went outside and when I went around to the back to the cow shed, she was sitting on the hay with the milkman. They were laughing and he was moving his hands all across her. I was shocked but decided to use it as an advantage. So I took out my phone and recorded their intimate moments. He went bolder and removed her blouse and bra. As he sat there squeezing her melons, I decided to intervene because I didn’t want to see him have so much fun. I shouted and my aunt looked at me in shock and shame. The milkman ran away.

I asked her what was all this. She told me that since her husband was abroad she used to feel very lonely and the milkman was a very good lover. I told her why she wanted to sleep with a milkman when I was there. She was again surprised. I told her if she does not agree to sleep with me, I will send the video of her love making to her husband. She begged me not to and agreed to have sex. I felt overjoyed. I took her inside to her bedroom. I asked her to take bath and wear a nice saree. She agreed. When she came out, I placed a garland of jasmine on her hair. I also had lit some incense and the room felt good. She came and sat next to me. I placed my hand on her blouse. She was shy and reluctant.

I brought her closer to me and began kissing her. She was slow to respond. I kissed her cheeks, her neck, her earlobes and finally her juicy lips. As we lip locked, I caressed her breasts with my hand. I removed the hooks and pulled off her blouse. She was wearing a white bra. I held them both in my hands and began shaking them vigorously. She was letting out soft moans. I removed her bra and bit her left nipples while squeezing her right one. Her nipples were soft and pink and I began sucking them. She placed her hand on my dick which had risen completely. She pulled it out and began stroking it. It was amazing.

She then took the whole thing in her mouth and began sucking on my dick. I came in about five minutes and dropped my cum in her mouth and over her face and breasts. Then I lay her on the bed and went inside her petticoat. Her panty was wet. I placed a few kisses and began rubbing it from the top. Then I removed her panties and inserted my finger in her love hole. She was full of ooh and aaahs. Slowly I began tongue fucking her and her juices were all over my face. We both could no longer contain ourselves. I pulled her petticoat and began applying saliva onto her vagina.

When she was well lubricated, I inserted my dick slowly inside. She let out a loud moan and I bent over and kissed her. I began slowly and then gradually increasing my pace. The sound of my balls hitting her inner thighs was quite loud in the silent night. I fucked her and kept fucking her like there was no tomorrow. I slapped her, abused her, and kissed her. And she seemed to be loving it. We then changed style and I took her on all fours.

After life ng hours of hardcore sex, she was tired. But I needed more. I asked her to give me a blowjob. When she finished, she lay on the bed tired and exhausted. I slept behind her and raised her thighs and inserted my dick in her ass hole. She was nearly in tears as it was very tight. I fucked her till morning.

The next morning, when I woke up she was in the kitchen naked. I crept behind and began fucking her on the table. We continued to have sex for two months till it was time for me to leave. After that we used to have sex whenever we could. Once she even had sex with my dad and we together had fucked her while my mom watched. I’ll tell about that in my next story.

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