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Soft Sex With Elder Sister

It all started way back in childhood my sister’s and my family were in Nepal for some quality family time. We all enjoyed going places like Pokhra and famous temples. All of us were staying in our relative’s house which was quite big with 3 floors and at least 2 bedrooms in each and we siblings were given upper floor so that we can create all the havoc we wanted we were 4 brothers and one sister Priya (fake). Days went and we enjoyed our stay and then one day something different or shall I say something amazing happened.

We were sleeping together on the 3 floor and everyone was downstairs and suddenly she asked me to kiss her, so I did and then we became intimate, I kissed her and she kissed me again and it kept on going until we heard someone coming up and she quickly said “bad may karayngay”(in her sweet little voice). I said nothing and we went to sleep and that was it for me in Nepal we never came this close together until after 6 years in India.

I was now 18 and she was 20 and all these 6 years we never spoke anything about Nepal to her but I never forgot that “bad may karayngay” sentence I used dream about her all these years wondering if we could have sex since now I knew all about female body, sex and kamasutra. So it was another family union that brought us together. There she was, her body like that of a princess, medium sized goods a solid tight butt and her lips were so great that I just wanted to suck them. She looked at me with her mesmerizing eyes and welcomed me with a tight hug which brought her boobs closer to me and I just wanted to grasp them and press them to feel what were they like and all this time I was thinking to get her alone with me and have sex.

And the long awaited time came now we were alone all my relatives were gone shopping leaving us behind, she didn’t wanted to go so I also made an excuse of being sick. Now was the time, we were watching television and she was sitting in front of me and then she laid down in front and I was left with my fantasies and that solid rack in front of me “Press them hold them grasp her in your arms ” my inner voice kept on shouting and finally I said :-

“tayr ko yad hay ham Nepal gay thay”

She said in quite a surprise “han, kyu?”

“Nahi bas aisay he “, I thought she might have forgotten everything. But that was not possible all these 6 years I have waited and waited this was not possible.

“aur kya chal rha hay zindgi may ” I said just to jeep our conversation going.

“kuch khass nahi bas time pass “,her casual answers were making me fell open towards her.

“Koi boyfriend bana?” I asked

“nahi “, replied in sadistic tone

“tayree koi girlfriend bani ” she asked turning back, her boobs now towards me

“kha Koi dhang ki Milii nahi”

“ek bhi nahi “, she came closer

“nahi yaar ” I widened my arms as an invitation

“So you are still a virgin?” I knew where she was going with this.

“Han may to apkay ‘bad may kartay hay ka intazaar kar rhay tha ‘

And that was the climax of our conversation; a broad smile was now on her lips perhaps she was happy that I remembered our scene in Nepal she said: “kiss me”

And we started kissing each other passionately she was above me taking charge kissing ferociously like a tigress on sex heat and I was enjoying myself, I backed up and said ” I have been waiting for this for so long “, I said in between our kisses and she replied “for six years I think”. She remembers! I was now in full heat, a rush is ecstasy flowed through me, I pushed her down and took the charge and began sucking and pressing her boobs with her shirt on, did not wanted to waste time taking it off and then she took it off swiftly as I ventured deep into a women’s body.

She was now half naked I took off my shirt and began pressing her boobs. “Oh they are so soft I want them, I want them I cried” “they are yours my sweet brother love them”. I was not stopping. I wanted to live those 6 years right now. We kissed again and again our tongues exploring each other’s mouth again and again. This was the time; now or never I pulled her pants down and began licking her panties aww! They felt great, I pushed down her panties and there the prize was, a fleshy red clitoris ready to be licked and I licked it twisted it round, she started moaning “awh awh! Do it more do it again” I realized she wasn’t a virgin her hymen had been ruptured already but it didn’t affect me I was still licking round and round. It was a rush it was fast it was wonderful. She was enjoying herself crying loud “awh awh! Do it again push it above I want more” she was surely having vaginal orgasms and it was time for her to give me a blowjob she opened my pants and as she was about to put my erect penis in her mouth the door bell rang, it was our parents, we quickly withdrew all our clothes without wasting a second and I was left saddened.

That day I was not able to have sex my fantasies about having sex with her were broken will I ever be able to have sex with my elder sister, I guess we will have to wait.

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My Hot And Sweet Mom

Hi…. I am Avinash.. This is a true experience (still happening) of mine with my hot and Sweet MOM..

My Mom n Dad got married 22 years back.. MOM was in high school and fall into love with DAD who was a Social Science Teacher.. They loved and also got caught by Principal in DADs Teachers room..while MOM was pissing into his mouth by lifting her Skirt behind the Book Self.. Dad had a extra responsibility of Maintaining school children to various Extra Curricular Activities and hence he had given an extra room..MOM was very active then… and she was active sports girl in the school..don’t know how they fell in love..

MOM says he said her you are beautiful..MOM liked..thats it!! That went on and DAD used to feel her in the room..had given MOM two three nice orgasms too.. MOM was from a strict orthodox family where lot n lot of restriction was there to MOM felt extra happy for DADS love and she started enjoying his love too.. That day also..he had played with her small boobs… and kissed her.. she felt an nice orgasm and felt like pissing.. but there was no toilet in that room.. she wanted to do it.. so she asked him.. he said don’t worry do it to my mouth.. and he took her behind the book shelf and asked her to pee.. she pissed into his mouth..and he was drinking…

Suddenly Princi came.. and caught!!!.. Finished..he immediately dismissed her from school and also punished dad by taking out from JOB… Dad requested..and begged.. but finally princi asked him to leave MOM for a night .. things will be fine.. DAD didn’t accept the offer and left the job… but same day Princi called MOMs home and told all.. It was in the night 8.30.. MOMs father kicked her out of home and throw her out..she was crying but he didn’t agree to forgive.. somebody passed the news to DAD.. My DAD the hero went there and took mom from there with him to BANGALORE the same night..but without telling anybody..

He came Bangalore.. He was nearly 30..Somehow got a job and started working.. stayed in Hotel room for months.. then started a new life with MOM by marrying her in a temple and took a rent home in a decent area…. This was the history.. Later MOM gave me birth after 2 years..when she was 19.. and to my sister after 5 more years.. now I am 22.. sis 15..MOM 42…!!!

Okay.. Now the main part.. I was active in masturbation..from my college only.. as all guys get attracted.. even I was attracted to my sister and even MOM.. sometimes I use to feel my sis body and get aroused.. and many times I had masturbated by smelling her used Panty..!! That was feeling great!!

But her panty use to have only her urine smell..and not her juice.. I wanted to taste her CUNT..but was scared.. still one night tried to see her!! And slightly slowly lifted her skirt..and looked at her beautiful Thighs.. felt it.. and saw the pink panty.. WOW it was heaven..smelled it.. and touched it from outer side.. very soft.. little wet.. slowly pulled it a little and felt the soft soft Public hairs over there..WOW..what a experience it was..!! masturbated twice that night..!! This was happening there after..but never had a idea to fuck MOM..

But one happened.. DAD was there at home..and I heard some noise of Ahhh!! From the went near their room and peeped.. WOW what a scene.. Dad was on her and squeezing her BOOBS.. Mom got a lovely she has less too much part.. Boobs are nice to see.. Not much Big but Nice size..and main attraction was her Butts.. little wide and big.. Dad was playing and MOM enjoying it..watched for some time.. Dad slowly lifted her Nighty and playing with her Thighs.. It was very very beautiful..Creamy..Soft and shiny look..lifted more and I got to see her Panty.. Same Pick Color..little dark pink.. Dad was rubbing on it.. MOM widened the legs.. I could see the Shape.. Thighs…Panty.. WOW..There lips were locked for some time..and he pressing her BOOB harder….MOM got up.. n removed her nighty… My fav!!

Her under arms has dark black hairs..but not much.. little… dad started smelling it.. and licking over there.. pressing other boob!! Mom closed her Eyes..and trying to reach his Cock in her left hand.. could see How MOM enjoying it.. she was flying.. Dad..removed her BRA.. I saw her lovely Boobs… he pressed one by one..sucked it.. mom was telling him.. bite more..!!! pressed him in between more tighter.. and lied off.. he was on her.. and playing with Boobs. Slowly came down..licking her entire body and licked her panties.. !!!

I was waiting him to remove it and to watch my MOMS pussy..but he didn’t.. instead.. he sat down putting his legs down from the Cot.. Mom came down of Cot… pulled his Underwear..and held his cock.. and started kissing it and sucking.. What a scene it was..DAD’s was little bigger than mine only..but strongly erected,, may be around 6 or bit more inches.. but straight and the tip was round.. not harp as MINE.. She was sucking it harder and I could not believe she was sucking it like a pro..playing with his balls.. licked his anus.. sucked his cock more n more.. and dad was finally ready to cum.. but she told him not to… asked him to lick her pussy.. lied on bed and spread her legs..

Slowly rubbing her panty..and pressing one hand on Boob…. DAD went on the bed.. .. his phone started ringing.. (My luck it was).. Dad picked the call..some thing urgent.. he was shocked and told.. we need to go.. I will go first.. U get ready I wl send the car back.. I must leave now..u come after an hour.. no prob.. okay?.. I went back to room.. MOM stayed in her room.. DAD went off in a hurry.. I was under shock by seeing my her thighs and Boobs..

MOM was till there inside room..but door was locked.. went slowly near the room.. and tried to hear something.. nothing came.. disappointed and came back to room.. Started masturbating thinking of her..was in the peak.. COCK was full hard stroke in my right hands.. dreaming of licking moms pussy.. and her BOOBS.. closed my eyes.. didn’t know when MOM opened the door.. but she saw it.. I didn’t see her..she saw what I was doing.. but without telling anything she went to kitchen and called me in a loud voice.. PUTTU… I came out..and went to kitchen.. COCK was still hard..she said.. I need to go now.. I l take a light bath and go to city for some urgent matter..u be here till I come.. if sis comes give her food.. I told yes.. I hugged her and kissed her as I use to do when ever I feel like..its just a MOM SON love.. but this time intentionally I placed my face on her BOOB and pressed it…. She hugged me tightly..and told leave I will go to bathroom.. I left her..and I stood near the bathroom.. no sound..

After some time I got that sound.. the forceful sound of her piss… that sound comes when girls piss.. that too when the urine was full in bladder and doing it after long gap.. the force and sound will be more.. I could hear that sound her her urination..imagined my self to be there while she piss.. and feel that in my hand..!! later I started hearing the sound of her singing and taking bath.. fifteen mins she came off..and went to bed room to dress up.. I went to my bed room..was fully desperate.. wanted to fuck MOM.. was thinking If sis came now.. no doubt I will beg her or force her.. I will feel her..or definitely I will drink her piss.. I wanted dreams started to grow.. was dreaming.. and cock got erected again..

Suddenly one thing came to mind.. usually SIS leave her inner wear in a small basket in the bath room.. and wash it every night in the washing machine or MOM will wash in day time.. so I was thinking. Sister’s Panty may be there in the basket which she left morning..I went to bath room and opened the bamboo basket..!! and shocked.. there lies MOMS PANTY!! Just ten minutes before she had left it there.. Dark Pick..100 size panty.. Grabbed it..and it was wet.. looked at the center.. it was wet and wet and wet.. oily..the smell.. was the best smell I had till that date.. it was awesome.. smelled it.. smelled it and smelled it.. licked it.. salty salty taste.. was flying in heaven.. damn good taste.. licked it.. and put it to my pocket and went to bed room.. closed the door.. removed my clothes.. started playing.. on MOMs panty.. smelled it smelled it and licked.. and started stroking my cock.. lost my self.. and put the panty into my mouth.. and started chewing the centre part of the panty where the juice was there.. chewing the panty enjoyed my masturbation..

And MOM called… Puttu.. I answered what..having panty in my mouth.. she asked me what r u eating.. I said.. Nothing..a piece of apple… took out the panty from mouth.. and asked what.. she said.. give me that small hand bag…which sis had taken yesterday.. I was in end stage of I told in a low voice what a min mom.. completed my game.. left all the semen on moms panty into centre part… completely made it wet and soaked in semen.. that thick semen remained on the panty!! White thick semen..on her panty.. just kept the panty behind the computer monitor in the room table and took the bag for her.. opened the door..

MOM came inside..wearing a white color saree.. with a light pink lipstick.. tight blouse to show her BIG boobs.. and wow.. she was sexy in every aspect.. asked me what were u doing.. you r so tired!!! I said nothing..but my mouth.. that smell of her panty directly hit her nose.. she closed her nose.. and asked whats the smell here.. I said nothing MOM..and hugged her to hide my mouth.. she too hugged me and asked me what!!! Lifted my face up!! Looked at my eyes..and asked.. what were u doing?.. don’t tell to MOM…. I didn’t answer..looked at her eyes.. and again pressed my face on her boobs…

She lifted me up and asked.. whats wrong?.. u r something different today.. mmmm.. seems u were masturbating?.. is it?.. I got shocked by her question..she continued.. I tell your dad every time to close the door..stupid he is.. never control himself.. u might have seen we both having sex.. and got disturbed and started masturbating.. is it?.. tell truth.. I looked at her and said.. MOM..sorry.. but yes. I was doing it..she asked me.. then what was in mouth.. I said nothing..she hugged me.. and pressed me on her boobs.. and told.. PUTTU..its common at this age.. getting attracting to females.. but should not be towards MOM .. right?.. I said.. Sorry MOM.. I had no attraction or lust before..but today after seeing you both.. I lost myself..first time I masturbated imagining YOU… I loved it MOM..u r truly beautiful.. sorry for this..

She asked me..first time?.. u masturbated first time today?.. I said no MOM..doing it from years.. but first time thinking on you..

OK..fine.. Nothing far as I know.. most of the men.. do this on their mom or sisters.. is it?.. I sadi yes MOM..may be common for sisters.. but thinking on MOM is very rare.. as when guys reach this age MOM either would be aged or lost their figure.. but u have maintained it na.. so got attracted.. she said.. its for DAD.. he wants me to be like this.. and I follow his instruction and made myself like this even now.. finally she said.. leave it now.. u stop your stupid act.. and behave normal ok.. now I have to leave to city.. I said..oka.. but she still had doubt and asked me.. tell me what was in your mouth.. its smelling like.. piss.. as if you have drank piss.. whats wrong?.. I said nothing..she then checked my bed.. checked under pillow.. and all.. I MOM please.. leave it.. u go its time now.. she turned towards table and saw the peak of her panty behind the monitor.. she looked t my face.. and smiled at me.. I asked what?..she told.. I never expected this..even as same as your DAD?.. even he likes all those weird and

stupid things.. u also.. the same?.. I said what? if I don’t know any thing.. she pulled out the panty from there.. and for that force… little semen poured onto her hands.. she was like WACK.. whats this?.. chichi.. little semen were got absorbed by panty.. but still much was remaining there.. some on her hands.. she looked at it.. and looked at me.. whats this?.. u did this?.. I said yes.. I was eating your Panty MOM.. I had seen u n dad desperated.. and wanted to masturbate…was doing it and u disturbed me by calling..and again after u came out.. I wanted to do this.. I had done many times with chinnis Panty (sis) went to there..and got your wet panty.. made me mad.. lost myself.. and did this.. and yes.. when u called me.. I was chewing your panty with full of your pussy juices and piss!! I loved it MOM…

She was under shock for my story..pulled me near her.. and looked at my eyes…and told.. whats the prob PUTTU.. why this?.. wont you get a girl friend?.. young and beautiful one.. can love her or even try to have sex also.. its common now a days.. and u can ask her only to give her wet panty.. but why this on your MOM n SIS?.. I had no ans.. I said don’t know MOM..butI loved a WOMEN for first time for the fullest.. YOU..want you MOM.. I want you..

MOM again looked at my eyes..hugged me tightly on her Boobs and said.. control yourself son.. please.. I said..leave it MOM.. don’t worry.. I l be alright..she again looked at my eyes.. and smiled.. I liked the smell of lips and shape..without asking.. just kissed her lips in lighting speed… she was shocked.. and smilingly said.. stupid.. and hugged me again.. I said.. Mom.. I love r the most beautiful women I have seen.. and dreamt of.. I want you pleas… be mine.. I don’t want anything else..she again lifted my face.. and I kissed her again.. she told kiss slowly puttu.. slowly.

I was shocked..and felt like flying.. asked her.. u teach me MOM.. she slowly took up my face.. and kissed my lips.. I enjoyed..slowly kissed.. and she slowly inserted her tongue inside my mouth.. licked my tongue.. teeth.. inside mouth and all.. I was shivering.. I too licked her lips..ate all her lipstick of strawberry taste… licked her inside mouth.. teeth… slowly sucked her lower lips.. again and again.. she lost.. hugged me tightly in her boobs.. I hugged her tightly.. COCK was hard again..kissed her cheek.. and told love you MOM.. she smiled at me and said.. LOVE you too MAN..u have grown up so much… so much that to love your own MOM.. and make her feel orgasm..!! great.. smiled at me.. I again hugged her and put my one hand on her BUTTS..slowly rubbed on it.. she told.. hey.. whats this?.. stop it.. I didn’t..rubbed again.. and pressed it slowly..

she took off my hands.. and holed it in two hands.. I kissed her lips..closed my eyes.. and kissed again.. she too.. then I slowly kissed on her Boob.. tried to bite.. she told.. no.. stains will remain.. leave it.. the time CAR horn sound came… she said DAD sent car..its time I l go now.. will talk when I come back.. ok.. control yourself.. don’t go behind the limit.. I said..ok.. cool.. u carry on..she pushed me away.. and before going.. asked me leave the panty there only in the basket..

I said. No MOM let me do it one more round..and fill it again.. she looked at panty.. it was filled with semen.. she took it.. and told.. good.. thick semen.. youngna?.. too much load man.. I said..yes.. I get too much..she said.. it will be as you are young.. I asked like it?.. she told yes.. its my fav!!.. she slowly licked it by her tongue tip.. and said.. yummy PUTTU.. this is very nice.. tasting my own SONS semen.. she licked again.. and said I am going out of control.. I said..then come on.. MOM..let me eat you please.. even I am loosing.. she said.. control man.. I still not ready for it with you.. But I am liking this semen..she licked all the semen from her panty.. and said.. its tasty.. liked it SON.. I said..thanks MOM..again kissed her lips.. and said all your lipstick gone.. she said.. let me put again.. by the time MOB rang again.. she picked and said..

yes Honey.. left now….and cut the call.. and told me.. PUTTU..let me put lipstick again.. please control yourself.. and stop this oka..,, I said.. MOM I cant control..and I know u also cant.. when u had licked my semen.. let me lick yours too.. please… she said.. stupid.. and took a lipstick of same color and started putting it.. I slowly lifted her saree..and felt her thighs.. and kissed it.. licked it.. it was heavenly.. soft and white .. wow… it was superb.. I kissed it licked it..slowly lifted more,.. MOM said no..please its time.. I didn’t leave..lifted more… and felt the BUTTS>.. big one.. kissed the ass cheek.. and bite it.. she turned this side.. and pushed me..

I told please..let me see it.. she lifted me and hugged me.. what r u trying to do?.. please stop…I told I cant.. I just pulled out my COCK from Shorts..and showed mom.. see this.. how can I control… MOM was shocked to see..almost 6 inches.. sharp in the tip.. and straight.. but thick there after… Started jerking it.. MOM took it to hand and said.. Not bad..almost DADS.. but better than it.. lovely son.. and gave a light jerk for some seconds.. and told.. enough now.. u carry on your masturbation.. imagine your MOM.. and fuck how ever you want.. that’s better k?.. I said no MOM..want in real.. please.. she said.. that’s will see later.. now carry on your masturbation…

I asked her give me something..she told.. okay.. take my panty..anyway its almost wet because of all this.. u do it as u want.. she removed tha blue panty… fresh.. but wet in the middle.. and lovely smell.. gave it me and told.. I will be back after an hour..u carry on.. I said..okay MOM.. thanks for this.. u carry on.. but please don disappoint me.. I pleaded her..she left in a hurry.. and gone..

I was in heaven..smelling her panty again.. tasting it.. licking the juice.. started playing with my cock again.. played for nearly ten mins.. slowly.. got a message from MOM.. read.. PUTTU LOAD IT AGAIN WITH YOUR FRESH CREAM.. I L COME AFTER AN HOUR..I WANT TO EAT IT AGAIN…!!!

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Shweta Hardcore Sex With Her Son

Hi my name is Rajkumar and I am a Mumbai based boy of 18 years of age with beautiful physique and great build with 7 inches of beautiful shaft. My mother’s name is Shweta and she is very beautiful long hairs fair complexion 5’6″ in height brown eyes and 34-34-34 in size. Now coming to the story; we live in a house in Mumbai with all luxuries as my father is a rich man.

One day he got informed that he has to go to Delhi for 20 days and he left me and my mom at home. My vacations were going on and I spent time in home mostly. One day when I was masturbating in my room my mother came in and saw my shooting my load of cum on my laptop. (I was cumming at pictures of hot actresses)

She left my room but I was embarrassed and afraid if she will tell father or even talk to me about it. At dinner we spoke nothing and she never mentioned anything about it Next day I was playing my iPod near swimming pool when she came in a two piece blue and orange bikini (it was having two bras outer one shorter than inner one showing it) with a white towel with flowers printed on it and tied on one side of her body by a knot but revealing her milky thighs and legs. She started swimming and my tool was fully erect in my pyjamas.

She saw that and came out of pool and came near me and said that something is itching on my back please see. I saw a wicked smile on her face and took advantage of the situation and started to lick her back with my tongue. I said that your bra string is coming in my way she said that you van open it if you want. I opened it with my teeth and started to lick again. Then I opened my pyjamas and my cock was released from its prison and I started stroking it with one hand. She said that there is itching under towel too so I took my cock and started rubbing in her towel she said lower and finally I reached to her pussy and I with one stroke was full in her she moaned and I opened the knot of her towel and started pounding her with my full force. Then I lifted her up and started pounding her in doggy style for 30 minutes continuously. She almost fainted when I shouted that I m gonna shoot. She said you can cum in my pussy and I shot loads of cum in her pussy then I tongued her pussy to make her orgasm 3 times. Then we both went to our rooms.

Next day she came to in two piece blue and green bikini with a short white skirt and a net till her waist with a lace of beads going around her body. I was mesmerized by her beauty. My tool was again in standing position but she said that it is not the right time. She said that I am going to market for shopping would you like to come with me I said yes why not?

Then we reached a shop and I was shocked to see that it was a lingerie shop. There was only a man about 50 years of age and he knew my father. She entered and selected a bunch of lingerie and entered the trial room and asked me to come in too. I obeyed as she said and then she said that you tell me which is the sexiest I picked a bra with outer blue and inner red piece with a hot leather skirt below. She asked me to go out. After a while she called me in and I was shocked to see her beauty. I said that I want to fuck you now. She said okay but slowly otherwise he will know and tell your father. I said okay and started kissing on her lips then neck then boobs. I descended down but started to knead her melons with my hands she started to moan she meanwhile opened my pants and started to stroke my cock.

Then I unhooked her skirt and turned her around and started pounding her with my full force I forgot that we are in a public place. She tried to lower her moans but the man heard and he came inside as we have not locked the door. Before we can say anything he opened his pants and started pounding my mother’s asshole. We pounded it for 20 minutes. Then we released her and I lie down on the ground and I made her sit over my cock and he started fucking her face. I said that I am gonna pound her hard so don’t take your cock out of her mouth. He thursted his cock deep into her throat and I started to fuck her strongly. Tears came from her eyes I said sorry mom but I am helpless my cock does not obey me and after 20 minutes we switched places. Then fucking her mouth for about 30 minutes I took her boobs and started fucking them with my cock she moaned and moaned loudly.

After about 20 minutes I said that I am gonna cum but he said that I am nowhere near climax. She said that I will do it for you but leave my pussy for my son now as he only cum in my pussy; he released her and I shot in her cunt. She took his cock and started to give him a blowjob while I was capturing it with my video camera in my phone. After about 50 minutes of intense mouth fucking he cummed in her mouth and she drank all of it. Then she took the lingerie for free and kissed him on his lips while going.

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Step Father Taught Young Teen About Sex

My real father was not to be seen anywhere. I and my younger sister did not know what a father was till this man came into our mother’s life and he started living with us. Wow! he was very strong, he was very skilful and he knew everything, cooking he knew, stitching he knew, cleaning up he knew, he could wash the dishes fast and clean, he could drive very well, he was good looking also, he was older to us and we called him dad but somehow he was a man who sometimes called me girl friend and treated me like a friend more rather than like a daughter.

I started to like his company. Yes he was someone whose smell was nice, his touch was warm, he hugged me and I used to feel nice. I came of age and then the first time I had my periods he knew exactly how it felt and I shared it with him too including my mother. I started to ovulate and when the discharge used to happen I was sure he would see and I used to tell him about it. It was all normal and then I started to like him and he was becoming very strict with me.

Now as he was strict I wanted to be his GF and not his Daughter. I was also scared about mom and what if she came to know about this. I did not like him neglecting me or then ignoring me. I did not like being told to go in and to be away when he and mom were with friends and they were drinking and cracking jokes, I wanted to be a part of it all. Yes I was a younger teen and so as I stepped into my teenage and was already a woman by starting to have my periods.

I used to ask him to rub my back, I asked him to rub near my ass and he used to do it and then I used to get wet and the wet feeling was exciting and so I started to let him touch me even more. I used to lay down with him and watch TV and then ask him to rub my back and then used to turn and take his hand and put it into my panty and let him rub me in front, my pussy used to go wet with his rubbing and I used to also touch his penis/dick and feel the change of its size and I could feel it becoming stiff.

I used to kiss him on his lips and then started to touch his penis in the dark as I used to lie beside him.

I started to miss his hugging and then one day he blasted and punished me and I got angry and thought I will never speak to him again. Again I was wrong, I could not keep away. Mom and he were not married and he was a person who I did not want to leave and did not want him to go away. He was planning on going away and I did not want that to happen and so started to talk to him again and then I started to go back to letting him massage my breasts by taking his hands and telling him massage karo na please – accha lagta hai. Then I would make sure I am not wearing a panty and wear a loose bottom, and then I used to slowly take his hands and direct it to between my legs and make him go to the point where he would be near my vagina/pussy.

It used to feel nice and then one day I took his hand and made it go over my pussy/vagina and then told him “papa – sab kuch karo na please”. He was shocked but then he slowly started to massage my pussy and it felt nice. Wow it was lovely, then he slowly started to do it daily and I used to slowly put my hand into his shorts to hold his penis/dick. I used to feel it growing in size and it was fun to feel it. It used to be small and then used to grow to so much bigger. Now he started to put his finger into my pussy and it hurt a bit first time and then he sucked his finger and then started to put it into my pussy. It felt nice and heavenly.

Wow! It hurts but the hurt was not actually a hurt but a nice feeling. I used to start getting wet and he used to send his finger deeper into my pussy.

Now he used to shake it in and out of my pussy and I used to get wet and wet and wetter. Then I asked him about sex and he took out his dick from inside his shorts and it was big thing. I liked it and used to hold it so started to hold it and saw it too now. Then he said take and suck it like a lollypop and so I did that and liked the taste after a while. First time I did not like the taste, but I started liking it and then he spread my legs and started to lick my pussy. I then liked that too and after three days of starting with all the touching and feeling he suddenly got up and started to rub his dick on my pussy.

He saw it was wet and then he put spit on his dick and then he started to send it inside my pussy. My pussy was paining as his dick was big and then I kept quiet and said papa do it and do it hard I will not shout. He then started to send it into me and the pain was terrible but once he stopped pushing it in it was feeling nice. It was a wow feeling to have his dick inside my pussy. He then started to move it in and out and he was fucking me. He fucked me and then slowly started to get into me deeper I liked it, I was bleeding already and I knew he will take care and he will not do anything wrong and so it was okay and so let him do it to me and I lay back and enjoyed his dick going inside, now I knew he will never leave and go.

I had him to myself also and from that day it all changed. He started treating me like a GF and not like a kid, next he and me started to have sex everyday and we were enjoying it and my mom did not know about it at all. If she knew then she would have thrown him and me both out of the house. So she did not know and I did not feel the need to tell her.

Today I am old enough to have my own BF and well its better since I already know what to do and so my BF is happy with me and I my BF told me he will marry me because I am the best in the world.

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Mom And Son Enjoy In Dad’s Absence – Part II

Hello Friends this is Shravan here from Bangalore. I am presenting to you my latest story. The following story is completely a fiction. I thank my fried Ravi for his valuable contributions. I hope you all will like it.. Please comment your feedbacks to me.
This is the continuation to my previous story…enjoy

Early in the morning Sheela went to her son Ravi’s room to wake him up as he had to go to office. Her husband Manohar was in Bangalore on business trip. Sheela was smiling when she opened the door of her son’s room. She recollected the incredible sex she had with her son the previous day. It was her first sex with her own son and it was the best sex she ever had so far. Her son was great and she enjoyed his cock inside her pussy immensely.

Sheela entered inside the room and saw Ravi sleeping. She went near his bed and shook her son and told him to wake up.

Sheela: “ Ravi get up. You have to go to office”

Ravi looked at his mom and the previous days incidents flashed through his mind. He smiled and pulled his Mom onto his bed. Sheela laughed and hugged her son.

Sheela: “Get up son. You have to leave for office. You will be late”

Ravi: “Mom you enjoyed yesterday with me na?

Sheela blushed and nodded her head.

Sheel: “You made me very happy son”

Ravi:” I will always keep you happy Mom. I love you”

Sheela: “I love you too son”

Ravi: “Mom give me a Good Morning Kiss”

Sheela smiled at him and the brought her face near her son’s and kissed his lips.

Ravi crushed his lips into his mother’s lips and started kissing her passionately. Their tongues played with each others. Sheela played with Ravi’s hairs and Ravi squeezed and played with Sheela’s breasts over her saree. After kissing for several minutes, they broke up.

Sheela: “Get ready son. I will prepare breakfast for you “saying this Sheela went out of the room and Ravi got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a bath.

After half an hour Ravi came and sat at the dining table and his mom brought his breakfast and tea.

Sheela: “You are getting late. Have breakfast quickly and go”

Ravi held his mom’s hand and pulled her to him and made her sit on his lap. Sheela blushed.

Ravi kissed his mom’s lips for some time and told: “Mom you feed me the dosa from your hand”

Sheela laughed and started feeding dosa to her son from her own hands. Sheela and Ravi were enjoying this moment a lot.

Sheela took the cup of tea in her hand and made her son drink it fully. Ravi was squeezing in his mom’s boobs over her dress while he drank tea from the cup. Sheela was enjoying her son’s touch on her boobs.

Sheela rose up from her son’s lap and Ravi went to the door to leave for his office.

Before Ravi opened the door, he turned around hugged his mom and kissed her lips and played with her tongue for several minutes and then let go of her and left for office.

Sheela closed the door behind her and went to the kitchen to do her chores while thinking about how good her new relationship with her son felt.

In the evening at around 6pm Ravi returned home. He rang the doorbell and Sheela came and opened the door.

Sheela smiled looking at her son. Ravi entered the house and closed the door behind him. He hugged his mom and told “Mom I missed you a lot today”

Sheela: I missed you too son. Now go and get fresh.”

Ravi: “Mom when will dad come? Did he tell you anything?”

Sheela: “He told that he will come by 9pm flight and will have dinner outside and come home”

Ravi: “Oh. Ok Mom. I will get fresh then”

Ravi let go of his mom and went to his room to get fresh.

After sometime Sheela brought a glass of juice to Ravi and handed it to him. Ravi drank it and told his Mom to prepare some snacks. Sheela went to kitchen to prepare something for Ravi.

After half an hour Sheela came with a plate of pakodas to Ravi’s room. She didn’t find him in kitchen and called for him “Ravi where are you?”

Ravi: “ Mom I am in bathroom keep the plate over there on the table and come here”

Sheela entered the bathroom and smiled at her son who was in the bath tub.

Ravi: “Weather is too hot so I got into bath tub”

Sheela smiled at her son.

Ravi: “Mom are you not feeling the heat?”

Sheila: “Son I can feel it too”

Ravi: “Then come inside the bathtub and relax in the cold water. Come mom”

Sheela blushed at her son’s proposal and said “Hehe.. It’s ok son”

Ravi: “Mom come on. Come in the tub for some time. You will feel relaxed”

Sheela : “ Ok beta. I will come”

Sheela removed her Saree and went near the bathtub only in her blouse and petticoat

Ravi looked at her and smiled and said “Mom you are wearing bra and panty right?”

Sheela: “ Yes son”

Ravi:” Then get rid of the blouse and petticoat and get into the bath tub in just your bra and panty”

Sheela blushed and got rid of her blouse and petticoat. She was now in just bra and panty.

Ravi: “Wow mom you are looking sexy in this black coloured bra and panty. Come inside the bathtub mom “

Ravi held his mom’s hand and helped her to get into the bathtub and made her sit on his lap with her back against his chest. Sheela shivered as the cold water touched her body.

Ravi hugged his mom and kissed his mom on the neck which made Sheela moan in pleasure.

Ravi put his hands on his mom’s belly and started circling his finger around her belly button, making Sheela giggle.

Sheela: “This is so nice beta”

Ravi: “I am also enjoying having you with me in the bath tub”

Sheela: “I Love you beta”

Ravi: “I love u too mom”

Sheela turned around and kissed her son on his lips. Ravi started kissing her passionately. Their tongues played with each others. Ravi squeezed his mom’s breasts over her bra which made Sheela moan.

Ravi: “Mom, your breasts are wonderful and big. I love them a lot” and he squeezed them more making Sheela moan more.

Sheela: “Son please do it slowly.Aaaaah”

Ravi: “Mom I am loving this. Don’t you?”

Sheela : “ Oh yes beta. Mmmmm”

Ravi: “ Mom you know what I liked the most in you? ”

Sheela: “What son?”

Ravi moved his hand over her ass and said “Mom I love your big round ass”

Sheela blushed at her son’s liking

Ravi “Mom today I will enjoy your ass and make it mine”

Ravi kissed his mom’s neck and unhooked her bra and threw it away. He started kissing her bare back which made Sheela moan loudly.

Sheela: “Son you are so nice. I am enjoying a lot..Aaaah”

Ravi: “Mom your whole body is so hot mom. I love you mom. I like to lick each and every part of your body”

Ravi turned his mom around and put his mouth on her breasts and started sucking them. Sheela held Ravi’s hairs and enjoyed the feeling of her sucking on her breasts.

Ravi started sucking harder and started chewing on her breasts. He took his hand and covered his mom’s other breast with it and started squeezing them and pinching her nipple.

Sheela moaned a bit and said “Aaah. Son please be gentle.”

Ravi kept on sucking his mom’s one boob and squeezing the other. Sheela was enjoying the feeling and was biting her lips, controlling her moans of pleasure.

After sucking his moms left breast for some time, Ravi started sucking his mom’s right breast with enthusiasm. Both Sheela and Ravi were enjoying a lot.

Ravi” Mom get rid of your panty now”

Sheela smiled at her son and held the waistband of her panty and pulled it down her legs.

Ravi was amazed to see that his mom had shaved her pussy hairs and her pussy was looking very attractive now.

Ravi: “Wow mom you shaved your pussy for me. Awesome.. It looks so great”

Ravi drained the water from bathtub and made his mom to sit at the opposite side of the bath tub.

Sheela spread her legs wide for her son and showed him her cleanly shaved pussy.
Ravi knelt forward and kissed his mom’s pussy making her moan loudly.

Ravi inserted his tongue inside his mom’s pussy and licked its full length. Sheela was enjoying immensely now. Ravi inserted his finger inside her pussy and started finger fucking her and simultaneously he licked her pussy.

Sheela was very horny by now and she shouted “Fuck me son. Fuck me now”

Ravi looked at Sheela and smiled” Mom I will fuck you, but today I will be fucking that big ass of yours”

Sheila: “What? My ass? It will hurt. Your dad also hasn’t don’t it”

Ravi: “Don’t worry mom. You will love it. I will be gently. I want your ass. Mom turn around and sit on your legs and hands, like a dog”

Sheela listened to her son and turned around and positioned herself like a dog , showing her big round ass to her son.

Ravi was amazed at the sight of his mom’s ass in front of him. He placed his hands over her ass cheeks and squeezed them, making her moan. He then slapped his mom’s ass, which made Sheela scream in pain “Don’t hit me”

Ravi got rid of his underwear and positioned himself behind his mom’ ass.

Ravi placed his dick near her ass hole and he started pushing it inside with force. Sheela’s ass hole was very tight, so it took Ravi some time to finally enter fully inside her asshole.

“Oh god! That hurt a lot!” Sheela moaned.

Ravi started fucking his mom’s ass slowly. His cock slowly lunged in and out. The slow pushes continued until Ravi was sure his mom’s ass was thoroughly adjusted to his cock..

Ravi then started to ram his cock deep Sheela’s ass. Sheela let out a loud moan as she was enjoying a lot now. Ravi had the perfect view of the lovely ass in front of him and the dick stuck in it. Ravi’s thrusts continued, they started off slow and gradually picked up pace. The sensation was absolutely incredible for Ravi.

“You have such a wonderful ass.” Ravi exclaimed spanking his mom’s buttocks.

“Ahhh!” She moaned simultaneously from the spank received and the pleasure of her son’s cock inside her.

Ravi’s cock was ramming in out at a good speed.

“Yeah, mom you like that don’t you?!” Ravi moaned.

Sheela: “Yes! I love it!”

Ravi no longer held anything back and fucked Sheela’s ass with everything he had.

“Aaaah….fuck me!” Sheela moaned.

She reached a hand under her belly till it arrived at her pussy and inserted two fingers. She began to rub her pussy. She fingered herself and in no time at all, warm pussy juices trickled down her hand. Meanwhile an intense sensation was gathering deep inside Ravi’s cock. He knew it was almost time.

He rammed harder and harder, faster and faster. He could feel every inch of Sheela’s tight warm ass clench his cock.

“Oh yeah! I’m cumming!” Ravi moaned.

Ravi could no longer take it. With one last deep push, he came to a stop and he started shooting his warm cum inside Sheela’s ass.

The feeling of having Ravi’s hot liquid enter her ass was overwhelming, and seconds later she came too.. A minute or two passed and the cock inside her hole was slowly removed.

“You have a very tight ass mom.” He smiled slapping his mom’s ass once again.

Sheela turned around and kissed her son tightly on his lips and played with his tongue. Her first ass fuck was great and her own son was giving the ultimate pleasure of sex which she had never even dreamt of. She looked at her son and knew that he loved her a lot and she will enjoy with him forever from now on.

I hope you all liked the story. 

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Mom And Son Enjoy In Dad’s Absence – Part I

Hello Friends this is Shravan here from Bangalore. I am presenting to you my latest story. The following story is completely a fiction. I thank My fried Ravi for his valuable contributions. I hope you all will like it.. Please comment your feedbacks to me.
Ravi is a 23 year old guy, who finished his degree and has been working from past 1 year. His dad Manohar is a cloth merchant and is usually involved in his business, staying away from home for long hours and also going on business trips to various places. Ravi’s mom Sheela is a 44 year old housewife. Sheela is a beautiful lady with a stunning figure of 38-34-42. Both mom and son are very friendly and they care for each other a lot.

During one summer weekend Manohar was out on business trip to Bangalore. Ravi came from office and on entering the hall he shouted “Hi Mom. I am Home”.

Sheela came to the hall and looking at her son said “Hey son. How was your day?:”

Ravi replied “Mom it was very boring. Too much of work.”

Sheela consolingly said “Oh poor son of mine. Don’t worry son. Get fresh now. I will prepare tea for you”

Ravi smiled and said “Hmmm sure mom” . Ravi went into his room, got fresh and went to the kitchen where his mom was preparing tea. He went behind her and hugged her, as he had always done.

Sheela laughed and said “What are you doing Son? Leave me. Your tea is ready”

Ravi made a silly face and said “Mom. Don’t you like me hugging you? Ok I will go”. Saying this Ravi went to the hall and sat on the sofa.

Sheela came to hall with tea in her hands and said “Are you angry at me? I am sorry son”

Ravi smiled and said” It’s ok mom. Come and sit here, next to me”

Sheela sat down on the sofa next to Ravi and handed him the cup of tea.

Ravi decided to play with his mom. So he said “Mom this tea isn’t sweet at all. Check it “

Sheela took the tea in her hands and took a sip and said “Son its sweet”

Ravi told her to give him the cup of tea and took a sip. “Yes mom. Now it has become sweet”

Sheela looked surprised and asked him “What do you mean son?”

Ravi laughed and said” Now the tea has become sweet as it has touched your sweet lips”.

Sheela too laughed and said “You are very naughty”

Ravi laughingly said” Hehe. I am innocent”

Sheela laughed and said “No, You are not”.

Ravi smiled and after sometime asked “Hey, mom shall we dance together”

Sheela laughed and said” Dance? I don’t know to dance son”

Ravi got up and played a Romantic song from the stereo and assuringly told “Mom I will teach you. It’s easy. Mom Come here.”

Sheela blushed and got up from her sofa and went near her son.

Ravi “Don’t worry mom. I will teach you how to dance. Put your arms around my shoulder. I will keep my hands on your waist. Do as I tell you. Mom when I move my right leg front, you move your left leg behind. Ok”

Sheela took in what Ravi said and she started dancing with her son to the romantic tune that was being played in the background.

Ravi was enjoying holding his mom close and dancing with her. He moved his hands lower to sides of her ass and teasingly said “Mom along with leg movements. You will have to move this also “. Saying this he patted on his mom’s ass.

Sheela slapped Ravi’s hand and smilingly said “Hey leave it. You are very naughty”

Ravi replied “Mom its Common in dancing. Come closer to me”. Saying this Ravi pulled his mom closer to him and they both started dancing to the music.

Ravi asked his mom “Mom how are you feeling?”

Sheela smiled “Nice beta … Feeling very happy”

Ravi felt happy “Good, then come closer to me Mom. You will enjoy more”. He pulled his mom closer to him. Now Sheela’s breasts were crushed with Ravi’s chest.

Ravi looked into his Mom’s eyes and said” Wow mom. It feels so nice”

Sheela questioned him “What feels so nice beta?”

Ravi gave a mischievous smile “Something hot and soft is on my chest mom. It feels so nice. What is it?”.

Sheela smiled and pinched Ravi and told “You have become very naughty. Is this the way to speak with your mom? You shouldn’t speak with mom like this”

“So what mom? I am your best friend too. Mom tell me na, what is it that I am feeling so hot and soft on my chest “

Ravi kept his hands on Sheela’s waist and pulled her close to him with a jerk.

Sheela blushed and told her Son “Ouch..You know what you are feeling. I am feeling very shy. You are very naughty”

Ravi: “No mom. Tell me please. Promise is on me”

Sheela: “Son don’t put promise on yourself”

Ravi: “Then tell me mom. Don’t hesitate.”

Sheela: “Son you are feeling your moms breasts “

Ravi: “It’s so soft and it’s big too …”

Sheela:” Shut up beta … I am your mom. You are very bad”

Ravi: “What can I do mom? You are so beautiful”

Sheela: “Hehe. Thanks beta. But I am becoming old now”

Ravi touched his mom’s face and said “No mom. What makes you say that? You look very young. Dad looks very old in front of you. Hehe“

Sheela: “Son, I have only you who cares and loves me. Your dad doesn’t have time for me. I feel that I am old now; you keep me happy and make me laugh. I love you son”

Ravi: “Don’t worry mom. I will always be there for you. I love u more than anyone and I will always love u, my beautiful Mom.

Sheela: “Thank you so much Beta”

Sheela rested her head on Ravi’s shoulder and they continued to dance.

Ravi moved his hands from his mom’s waist to her ass and let his hands roam over her ass for some time.” Mom you are so nice, so caring, loving, and so soft”

Sheela giggled “Thank you beta. Now remove your hand son.. I m your mom not your girlfriend”

Ravi: “Ok mom. But I like it. It’s so soft just like your boobs.” saying this Ravi squeezed her ass softly and giggled.

Sheela laughed and said “You are very naughty. You shouldn’t speak with your mom like this and you shouldn’t touch her like this”

Ravi hugged his mom tight and said” Sorry mom. You are my love, my best friend. You are the best Mom”

Sheela felt happy hearing her son and said “I love you my boy. You are my very sweet son”

Sheela and Ravi danced for some more time, hugging each other and crushing each other’s body.

Ravi knew that his mom was tiered so he held her hand and took her to the sofa.

Sheela tried to sit next to her son on sofa. But Ravi stopped her and said “Hey mom wait. Please sit on my lap”

Sheela laughed at her son’s request “Hey why should I sit on your lap. I am your mom and also I am very heavy. Hehe”

Ravi: “Oh come on mom. Please sit on my lap.” Saying this Ravi pulled his mom and made her sit on his lap.

Sheela blushed and sat comfortably on her sons lap.

Ravi held his moms waist and said “Wow mom. I feel so nice you r heavy but so soft”

Sheela hit Ravi on his shoulder and said “You are very bad. What has happened to you?”

Ravi: “Hehe. Nothing Mom”

Ravi dropped his eyes to his mom’s breasts. Sheela’s cleavage was visible as pallu of her saree had slipped a bit from its place”

Sheela: “Hey what are you doing? Where are you looking?”

Ravi felt embarrassed, but composed himself soon “Just looking at how big your breasts are mom. They are so soft and big. Hehe”

Sheela felt embarrassed “Idiot. You are very bad. Don’t speak with me.”

Ravi defended himself “Mom what is there to be angry in it? I just spoke about your breasts. I have seen them when I was young and you have fed me from it. There is nothing wrong “

Sheela laughed at her sons words and patted his face.

Ravi: “Mom I have got one wish. Please don’t get angry. I want to do something which I used to do when I was baby. I want to do it again”

Sheela: “What is it son? Tell me”

Ravi: “Mom when I was a baby, you used to cover my face in your pallu and used to breastfeed me. Mom I want to experience it again. Please mom”

Sheela was shocked at hearing her son and said” Son what are u saying? This is not possible. You have grown up now. I can’t do it now. It’s not right”

Ravi pleaded “Mom please. I am still a kid for you. I am your son. I have drunk milk from them. I want to do it again. I have right on them. Please don’t say no mom”

Sheela: “Son you are not a kid anymore. I can’t do it.”

Ravi: “Mom please. I am your son. I love you a lot. Think of old days, and how good it was for you. I don’t remember it .Please fulfill my wish mom. I love you a lot. I am still your kid”

Sheela recollected the old memories of how she breastfed her son and how nice it felt looking at her baby drink her milk. Sheela was overwhelmed now. Sheela heeded to her son’s request, after all she loved her son and she knew he loved her more. She felt nothing wrong as he was her son. So Sheela agreed. “Ok beta. I will breastfeed you”

Ravi was overjoyed and hugged his mom and kissed her cheeks. “Thank you mom. You are so sweet. I love you. Ok let us go to the bed, there you can breastfeed me comfortably like old days”

Sheela giggled and got up. Ravi held her hands and took her to her bedroom. Sheela sat down with her legs cross folded. Ravi came on the bed and kept his head on his mom’s lap. Ravi looked into his moms eyes and told “Mom I love you”

Sheela smiled at him and she unhooked her blouse and then unclasped her bra and removed it. She kept her breasts covered with pallu. Sheela brushed Ravi’s hairs with her hands and took his face inside her pallu and told “Son fulfill your wish. I love you my baby”

Ravi looked at his mom’s breasts and he was thrilled “Wow mom they are so beautiful and white. They are so big. And your nipple is black and hard. It’s awesome mom “

Sheela blushed at her son’s comments and brought his face closer to her breasts.

Ravi looked at his moms breasts up close. He kissed her boobs at first and then he opened his mouth and covered his mom’s breasts with his mouth and started sucking on it.

Sheela was thrilled and moaned at her son’s actions.

Ravi started sucking harder and started chewing on her boobs. He took his hand and covered his mom’s free breast with it and started squeezing them and pinching her nipple.

Sheela moaned a bit and said “Aaah. Son please be gentle.”

Ravi started biting his moms nipple and kept on sucking and enjoying the thrill of being breastfed

Ravi moaned “Your boobs are so soft and warm. Mom I am feeling good”

Ravi kept on sucking his mom’s one boob and squeezing the other. Sheela was enjoying the feeling and was biting her lips, controlling her moans of pleasure.

Ravi pulled his mom’s pallu aside and Sheela’s naked breasts were now in front of him in full glory. He enjoyed the feeling of sucking his mom’s breasts.

After sucking his moms left breast for some time, Ravi started sucking his mom’s right breast with enthusiasm. Both Sheela and Ravi were enjoying a lot. After sucking and massaging Sheela’s breasts for almost half an hour, Ravi sat up and looked at his mom and said “Mom that was wonderful. Thank you. I loved it and want to do it again and again”

Sheela blushed and replied “Hehe. You are my son and you can have my breasts whenever you want son. You are very naughty”

Sheela’s boobs were still exposed and she didn’t cover it. Ravi moved forward and hugged his mom tight and crushed his mom’s naked breasts onto his chest. Sheela moaned at the feeling. Ravi looked into his mom’s eyes and saw love in them. Ravi brought his face near his mom’s and kissed her lips with his lips.

Sheela pushed Ravi away “Son this is not right. Stop it”

“Mom I love you a lot. There is nothing wrong in what I am doing. I love you and I am going to show how much I love you”. Saying this Ravi crushed his lips again into his mother’s lips and started kissing her passionately. Sheela started enjoying and she too started kissing Ravi with equal enthusiasm and passion.

Their tongues played with each others. Sheela played with Ravi’s hairs and Ravi squeezed and played with Sheela’s breasts. Sheela and Ravi were now totally consumed in love and lust.

By now they both were feeling less inhibited. Now they both knew that they wanted each other.

Ravi pushed his mom to the bed on her back. He then undid the knot of her petticoat and pulled it down her ankles with help of his mom who raised her ass so that the petticoat is removed. Sheela was feeling very shy and she closed her eyes. Ravi looked at his mom’s panty and he was spellbound at what lay beneath it. With shivering hand Ravi eagerly began to pull her panties down. He swallowed hard as his mother’s bush revealed itself. Between the bush lay his mother’s cunt. It looked beautiful and he wanted to touch it.

Ravi paused for some time and looked in awe at his naked mom. Sheela looked gorgeous lying naked on bed. Ravi looked at his mom’s cunt and he took his face closer to the bush and put his face close to her cunt.

He then put his lips upon his mother’s cunt lips. Sheela moaned as her son’s lips touched her pussy. Ravi started licking his mom’s pussy eagerly making Sheela moan out loudly in pleasure. Ravi inserted his tongue inside his mom’s pussy and licked its full length. Sheela was enjoying immensely now. Soon the excitement was unbearable for Sheela and she exploded with loud moan and grunts. Ravi eagerly drank all the cum and he licked his mom’s pussy clean. Ravi looked at his mom’s face and saw the look of happiness, pleasure and excitement.

Ravi stood up and started undressing himself. Soon Ravi was naked in front of his mom.Sheela was awed, her heart beating faster as her eyes stayed fixed upon her naked son, his hard cock standing proudly in front of her. Seeing Ravi like this before her turned Sheela on.

Ravi smiled at his mom and being fully naked he got on top of his mom. Ravi pressed his naked body tightly against her. Sheela shivered as a surge of sexual excitement went through her body; this forbidden embrace with her son almost making her cum.

Sheela put her arms around Ravi’s neck and they kissed passionately, using their tongues to fully explore each other’s mouth. Ravi rolled over and told “Mom I have something which you will love. Just look at”.

Sheela rose up giggling and took a moment to examine Ravi’s impressive cock with her hands. It was long and thick. Sheela started shaking Ravi’s cock. Ravi was enjoying the thrill of his moms touch. He blurted out “Mom Please kiss my cock. Suck it like a ice candy. Please”.

Sheela had never given a blowjob before. She hesitated a bit, but then she decided to do it and she bent down and kissed his cock. Ravi moaned loudly at this touch of his mom’s lips on his cock. Ravi started moaning loudly, and told her how great it felt, and Sheela grew more confident, using her full lips to suck the tip of his cock. Ravi wouldn’t let her stop at that, though. He groaned, instinctively pushing his hips upward. Sensing it was OK with her, Ravi held Sheela’s head in his hands and began to fuck her mouth. Sheela loved it, and encouraged her son further.

“Oh, Oh mom I am Cumming!”Ravi yelled he came. Sheela felt his hot cum spraying in her mouth. She had never done that before, but she relished his taste, hungrily squeezing his cock for more.

Ravi lay back, drained. “Oh god Mom, that was so good. I never dreamed it could feel that good.”

Sheela blushed. “I’m glad you liked it baby.”

Ravi sat up on bed and pushed Sheela on bed on her back. Sheela smiled and knew what her son had in mind. She wanted it more than anything now. She voluntarily spread her legs wide for her son to explore and she braced herself for the onslaught on her pussy from her son’s young cock.

Ravi held his cock in his hand and brought it near his mom’s pussy. Ravi pushed his hips forward causing his cock to lock itself between her closed thighs. She gasped, and then spread her legs wide offering herself to Ravi. He pushed his cock further ahead and felt her warm wet pussy begin to open up to his cock.

Sheela gasped again. Then in one quick upwards thrust Ravi entered her. His cock slid in to her easily. As soon as he was deep inside her cunt, she let out a loud low moan.

Sheela: “Fuck me son, fuck your mom.”

Ravi enjoyed the feeling of his cock inside his mom’s pussy. He reached down, grabbed her ass cheeks and began slamming his cock in and out of her as hard and as fast as he could.

Sheela’s loud moans caused Ravi to pound into her faster.

Sheela:”Yes baby, Fuck me, I am Cumming. That’s right baby, come on, fuck me harder. Make Mom cum. Oh baby, please keep on going, fuck me faster.”

Sheela couldn’t last longer and she had an intense orgasm. This made Ravi to cum and he deposited all his cum in his mom’s pussy.

Both were grunting and moaning while they had orgasms as Ravi collapsed on top of Sheela.

Sheela looked into Ravi’s eyes and said “Oh baby you have just made me so very happy.”

Ravi looked into his mom’s eyes and kissed her again; confirming himself that he did fuck his mom just now and he would get to fuck her again from now on.

I hope you all liked the story. 

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Fucked My Hot Sexy Mom

I am Vinoth from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I am 19 year old guy 6 feet height and 60 kg weight; tall handsome and athletic body. This is completely a fiction story. To tell about my mom her name is Lalitha 40 from Coimbatore. She has a sexy figure 36-32-38 that can make any guy to fall for her. She has a sexy ass that swings while she walks. My father works in Chennai. He comes home once a month.

I & my mom live in a double bedroom house. One room is for me and another room for my mom. My dad’s uncle (Balu) lives near our home. He visits our home often. He is an old man of 60 years old black tall and muscular. He used to talk to my mom closely. As my mom is a house wife she will be always at home. I never doubted their relationship. Until that day.

Daily I used to go home after 7pm only as I had football practice in college. One day I had stomach pain so went home at 2pm. As I entered the house door was locked. I thought my mom will be bathing but I saw Balu uncle’s chapels was near the door. So I got doubt and thought of checking it. I went near my mom’s bedroom window and opened it.

I was shocked on seeing that scene. My uncle was fucking mom from behind. All I could see is my mom’s boobs hanging down. It was shaking a lot. I don’t know what to do and I got an instant hard-on. I took my mobile out and captured the video of them fucking. My mom was shouting ‘vegama idi vegama idi ‘aaahhhhh aaahhhhh’. I silently shoot the video for a while and left my home and went to internet cafe and started browsing for few hours and jacked off there even.

I went to my home at 7.30 as usual my mom was acting like nothing happened. I too talked with her normally. From that moment I wanted to fuck her hard. At night when she went to sleep I told her that I’m afraid to sleep alone and I told her that I want to sleep with her. She told OK. So I was happy as I knew that I’m gonna fuck her tonight.

At night when I went to sleep she was already sleeping in a red nighty. I went behind her and slept. I placed my hand on her ass; she never told anything I thought she was sleeping. So I moved my hand to her boob’s I pressed it. She didn’t tell anything so I opened her nighty buttons. Suddenly she woke up.

Mom: what are u doing? Are u mad? I’m ur mom.

Me: if you tell about this even I will tell about something

Mom: what are u going to say?

Me: about your link with Balu uncle

Mom: what are u talking about? (And started shouting at me)

I opened my mobile and showed her the video. She was shocked and started crying.

Mom: please delete this video. Don’t tell dad about this please

Me: don’t worry mom I won’t say dad about this. But you have to do one thing for me

Mom: what do u want? I can give you anything

Me: I want u. I want to have sex with u

She agreed to have sex with me

I kissed her in forehead, cheeks and then lips and smooched her hard. I kissed her earlobes and her neck. I removed her nighty. Wow I was seeing heaven; my dream girl my mom was in just bra and panties (black color). I touched her boobs over her bra and then removed her bra and started kissing her boobs I massaged one boobs and kissed another boobs. Then made her stand up and removed her panty and removed my shirt and pant.

Both became nude within minutes. I made her sit on bed and inserted my cock inside her mouth. I can’t believe that my super sexy mom was giving me a blowjob. She was doing it like a professional. And within few minutes I was about to cum she told me to cum inside her mouth. And she drank all my cum

Then I lied on bed and licked her pussy I loved the sounds she made ‘aaaahhhh yaaa aaaahhh yaaa’. She pleaded me to fuck her.

I made her stand in doggy position and inserted my penis from her back. She was shouting aaahhhhh fuck me da fuck me Vinoth aahhhhh fast fast aaaaaahhhhhhhh please fast, fuck me fuck me yaaaayaaaa and I fucked her a lot and then we slept there hugging each other.

Next day morning my mom woke me up at 7 am. She was looking sexy in red saree. Her hair was wet that indicated she just now came out of shower. I hugged her and kissed in lips and pulled her on bed. She asked me to leave her but I refused and removed her pallu and she started accompanying me I removed her pallu and bra and made her totally nude and pushed her inside bathroom. There I opened the shower even I become nude and kissed her madly. I applied soap on both our bodies and fucked her in the shower. After bath she continued her daily routine work and I was busy with TV

The next morning she woke me up with a cup of coffee it was already 8am. When I opened my eyes my sexy mom was standing there in a red saree I could find wet patches on her body that means just now came out of shower. Her hair was wet she was looking like a sex goddess I pulled her into the bed she refused and asked me to bath and come. But I insisted her and pulled her into bed and placed a kiss on her lips and then even she started fighting with my tongue. Then she pushed me and ran from bed laughing and I went to bath and had an exciting session after bath. Till now I’m fucking her daily I have fucked her in every place in my home kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hall etc.

I have fucked her even when she was speaking in phone with my dad. I have fucked her even in our car. . We go to shopping together buy some lingerie.

Mail me for further stories. Hope u guys enjoyed my story.

Hey guys. Excuse me for my mistakes as this is my first story

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