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Mom Giving Bath To Me

Hello. My name is Abhishek Raghuwansi and i am from Bhopal. All the girls and ladies can approach me for having amazing sex with me. I promise u won’t regret it. Well i am here to share my real experience with my mom. It’s completely true and not fake. I will tell the exact incidence what happened and how it happened. 

Now coming to the story. I was always a good looking boy with 5’11″ height. It all happened when i was in 12th class and preparing for competitive exams. I used to go to school and after that to my coaching in the evening. I had very lovely mother-son relations with my mom and so is with my dad. I had a elder sister and she was 3 years elder to me. It was summer and it was really hot those days. After school and coaching sessions i used to get very exhausted. I was hardly able to study anything after coming back from coaching. After having my dinner, immediately i used to go to sleep. During summer i had the habit of sleeping shirt less. I remove my vest also. So it was just my boxers and nothing else. And also as i had my separate room nobody had any problem with that. Now every day in the morning my mom used to come and wake me up. And as u know during morning time penis is erect and bulges out from ur undergarments. In order to hide it i always kept a blanket on myself till my waist level. Now one day when she came to wake me up, i was sleeping inverted. She saw my back and woke me up. She said look at ur back Abhishek. How dirty it is. Don’t u take bath properly? I replied that yes i do but when it comes to cleaning the back, my hands are not able to reach there properly. And also i don’t have much time as i have to go to school daily. She was quite satisfied with the answer and said ok problem. Now every Saturday i will bath u and will clean u properly. I said no mom, its ok. I can manage on my own but she denied to my appeal. My school was of 5 days a week and Saturday, Sunday was used to be a holiday. Now finally Saturday came. My dad went to office and sister to her college as usual. At around 11am my mom called me and asked to remove clothes. I was getting very shy from inside. Till that time my mom went to get her clothes as after giving bath to me she has to take bath. Slowly i removed my jeans and shirt and went inside the bathroom. Now i was only in my undergarments. Then she asked me to pull my hands up and removed my vest also. Now i was only in my underwear. Moreover i used to wear cut shape underwear so it was just covering my penis. Now my penis started to get erect slowly. She asked me to sit on small stool started pouring water on me. Then she took soap and started applying on my hands, neck, chest, back side, legs. As time was passing and she was getting closer to my thighs my penis got harder and erect.

I was shivering but i tried to control it. I was both nervous and excited at the same time. When she was applying soap on my thighs, my penis got hard and was trying to come out from the underwear. It was clearly visible but mom tried to ignore it. There was complete silence in the bathroom except the sound of water as we were not talking. We both knew that currently the conditions are very intense. Later on after applying soap she started rubbing all over my body, her soft hands on my body were driving me crazy. I was unable to control the excitement inside me. Anyhow i did it. Then she started cleaning me with water and after 2-3 mins finally she broke the silence and said that now u take ur bath and come out soon as i also have to take bath. I finally felt a bit relieved as she didn’t asked me to remove my underwear in front of her. Thanks to her that she understood me. After 5 mins i came out from the bathroom and went to my room. Later the whole day and night i was thinking abt this only and for the first time i thought to have sex with my mom. And best thing to approach her was to seduce her when she is giving me bath using my erect penis. So for the next 3 Saturday’s she gave me bath in the same manner and she got used to of seeing my erect cock in my underwear. Then another Saturday came when she was about to bath me for the 5th time. That day i didn’t woke up in the morning. At 10:30 again my mom came to woke me up and said now as i am free, I can give u bath.

Mom: Abhishek wake up. I have to give u bath.

Me: no mom. I am sleepy. Plz let me sleep.

Mom: c’mon beta, don’t waste time. Then i also have to take bath and have lots of house hold work to do.

Me: mom u go. I will take bath myself today.

Finally she left. After 10 mins i finally woke up suddenly and saw that my mom is bathing. I went to door and talked to my mom

Me: mom i woke up. U can bath me now.

Mom: (angrily) what is this Abhishek. When i was asking u to wake up, u were not listening to me

Me: i am sorry na mom. Please let me come in.

Mom: ok wait.

It took mom about 2-3 mins to open the door. Till the time i removed my clothes and was only in my underwear. As she opened then i was shocked to see my mom. She was wearing only petticoat and a bra and she was fully wet. I wasn’t expecting her to come in front of me like this. I knew that she was bathing but i thought that she might wear her saree again. So this sexy view of my mom completely shook me. I went inside the bathroom and tried not to stare at her boobs. They were huge and were looking awesome in white bra. As her bra and petticoat were wet, i was able to see her nipples and her petticoat was stick to her thighs and i was able to sense it that she was not wearing panty inside. So finally she started bathing me as usual, the only difference was that my dick was rock hard in my underwear and it was trying to come out. Also i was having a mesmerizing view of boobs. They were jumping inside the bra.

This time my mom was also able to sense it that my cock is getting large and was at its peak and the reason was she herself in half nudity. After bathing i thought she might leave me alone as usual but i was wrong. This time she asked me to remove my underwear also as she was already wet and don’t want to leave the bathroom. This simply meant that i had to change myself in front of her and leave. So for a moment i paused and was thinking what to do. She again said Abhishek remove ur underwear looking into my eyes. She knew i was getting very shy. So she said its ok Abhishek i am ur mom and u don’t have to hide it from me. Without saying anything i turned around and removed my underwear. Since i was facing the opposite side my mom saw my ass. She took soap in her hand started applying on my ass. Then my ass crack. I was getting out of my mind. I was unable to control my feelings. I took my right hand towards my cock and hold it. It was very hard and hot. I started shifting the fore skin to and fro. My mom noticed me that i am touching my cock. She asked me what happened. I said nothing mom, it’s just that my cock is getting real hard and hot. She said ok turn around and let me see. As i turned around she was quite shocked to see my cock. She was continuously staring at it. She said beta i didn’t knew u r a grown-up boy now. My cock was 7 inches long and was very broad like a grown up man. She hold my cock and said yes it’s really getting hard and hotter.

Then she took her other hand and started touching my balls. Then she said that u shud masturbate to control ur cock. Ur cock really needs it. For a moment i went completely blank and was thinking did my mom really used that word ‘masturbate’ and was asking me do it. I came to my senses and asked her innocently what does masturbate means?? She started laughing and said it’s a simple technique used to control the urge of having sex. Then i asked her how do we do it even though i was knowing everything abt it. Then my mom said ‘ok i will show it to u’ and she started moving my foreskin to and fro. I couldn’t believe it that my mom itself was helping me in masturbation. She gained speed and i started enjoying it. Now she was stroking my cock fast and within no time i cummed. My sperm came out in huge quantity and it spread all over her face. I was still making sound and was saying ‘wow’ again n again. Immediately i saw my mom’s face and said sry to her. She said its ok. Then i thanked to my mom and hugged her. While hugging i was able to feel her boobs, my hands were exploring her curves, my semi-erect penis was touching her vagina. I hugged her about 30 secs and then dried myself and came out of the bathroom.

Guys this is the first part, soon i will release the 2nd part of the story. Till then email me ur important feedbacks. 

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Accidental Sex With Mother

Coming to the story, I the only child of my parents was at home for my semester vacation. My parents were at late 40s and were leading a hot sexual life. I used to peep into their room but never got a chance to see any encounters. But the moaning of mother at some nights really made me hot. My mother is bit fatty with good features and i am an average healthy boy- i am too illiterate to explain the size and figures.

Our house was under renovation and we all were forced to sleep in the same room. I slept early as i was very tired of football match. At night some strange noises woke me up. Light from the street light was spread in the room and i could clearly see my father riding on my mother and she moans. After some time them changes position and mother came on top of father and she climaxed. Father was not yet finished and he asked mother to lie down and again started pounding. My mother started moaning loudly and kept on telling father to use more force and make it wild. They completely forgot that am in room.

Me could not believe the situation and didn’t know how to react. I pretended sleeping. Mean time father climaxed and both exchanged good night wishes. To my surprise father slept in his bed and mother came to sleep with me in my bed. My cock was completely erected. Both of them slept immediately, but i could not sleep and started masturbating. Mother was snoring just inches away from me. She was straight from the fuck and was wearing only a transparent nighty of knee length only. She was facing away from me and her ass was completely facing me. I got very nervous and tried to touch her, slowly touched my finger to her sexy ass, slowly moved my finger. There was no reaction as she was in sound sleep. I managed to keep my trembling hands to her ass cheeks and rub it.

I was in a different world and start lifting her nighty as i wanted to see her nudity. Managed to pull the nighty above waist high and could see her round ass clearly. Could not control myself, i became nude and started touching my cock to her ass cheeks. Rock hard cock started rubbing her ass cheeks fully. Somehow I got courage and i tried to insert the cock to her pussy through the back side. It was never easy and after some time i got a feeling that i am entering into some open channels. This time i was mad and never bothered that father is sleeping just meters away. I started moving my cock to and fro and the speed of movement increased. The movement became fast and i was frightened that mother will wake up any time.

5. My action continued for five minutes and she was virtually shaken vigorously by my action. She moved yawning which was like a missile to my heart. She started sleeping with her face upward. I kept quiet for some time but the unfinished urge in me forced to rub my cock in her thighs and upper areas. Her neatly shaven pussy was visible to me and i managed to kept hand over it and started rubbing it. There was no reaction from her side. I got courage and kept on massaging. She spread her leg lightly so that i could massage her pussy fully, never knew this action was deliberate or not.

I was lying facing her and tried to pull her gently towards me, again to my surprise she turned towards me without much resistance. My cock was touching her wet and juicy pussy lips and i started rubbing it. I kept on rubbing at the same time trying to insert. Somehow i could insert my big cock into her pussy, pushed it gently. Then i gained some momentum and my cock started entering her pussy fully. She shows no reaction and i kept on pumping in her sweet pussy. This time she showed a reaction by putting the hand around my shoulders. I thought she is awaken. I stopped pumping but my cock was inside her pussy. I kept quiet for some time and there was no further reaction from her. I started pumping again this time with much vigor.

She was shaken very much and my rhythmic movement was going for an explosion inside her, but she immediately turned pulling my cock outside mercilessly. She is now sleeping with her legs wide apart and my cock started shivering seeing her wide pussy. I wanted to finish it at any cost. I waited few minutes, gathered some courage and stood in my knees, my cock facing her pussy. Again started rubbing my cock and again to my surprise she kept on keeping legs wide. I slowly pulled her nighty above so that her boobs are visible to me. It were of huge size and the nipples were black. Am seeing boobs in the close range and so was very excited. My cock started entering the juicy pussy and i started pumping again, it was almost coming fully in and out. Juices were oozing out and my movements became fast and fast. I pumped with full strength and in between i kissed her boobs also.

Some strange sounds came out and i kept on hammering her in a rhythm. At last i had to explode and my mother’s big pussy accepted my cum fully. I lied on her for two to three minutes, lowered her nighty. I could not believe what happened and i was fortunate to fuck my mother with my father’s juice inside. Am sure her pussy was wet because of my father’s juice only.

This incident completely changed my life, i was not sure whether she knew it was me who fucked her at night. I was thinking she might have thought that father got aroused at night again and he only fucked her. That doubt was in my mind all the time, but her behavior towards me had no change at all.

But in the next week when my father was away on tour, i realized that she knew i only fucked her. She was ready to open up and was eager to give me a space in her sex life, she managed both father and son expertly and even made arrangements to watch their show fully (of course, without the knowledge of father).

I may share other true experiences in other stories, hope you enjoyed my live experience. Comments are welcome..

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And Finally I Proposed To My Mom

Hi All,

This is my first but 100% true real life story. Let me first tell about myself, I am 6 Feet well-built guy from Mumbai. In my family I have one younger sister, father and my beautiful and voluptuous mom. I am not show off guys who have 9-10 inch dick, I have a normal size 5.5 inch tool.

Ok, now let me come to the background and incident which brought my dream come true. We grew up in Mumbai and my father is in a government job, and we are a happy family. My mother is a house wife and very traditional and emotional kind of lady. My Mom’s figure is 36-30-36 and she is around 5’8” tall, wheatish skin and a wonderful figure to die for. I started to lust for my mom when I entered in hostel during my engineering in Trichy. This was the time that I learnt about Incest and searched on internet and found that in many instances it was true, however after those fantasy jerk offs about mom, I had this regret and guilty feeling and any advances towards this direction can all together change my life forever.

It was the time, when I got a job after my engineering and joined an investment banking firm in Mumbai only. My dad got transferred to another city and sister joined MBBS College in Karnataka. Now only Mom and I used to live I our house and every day I was getting more and more desperate to suck those melons and chew her cunt till it gets dry. I made a strategy to make my dream come true like this:
Step:1 Make myself so desirable that I can seduce my Mom
Step2: Use Emotional trap to make her feel that having sex with own son is not wrong
Step3: Propose her with all dignity to make her feel like a teenager.

Because of my regular exercise during college days I have become a hot hunk.
Now coming to that day it was monsoon season and because of heavy rains, we used to spend most of our time at home only, but you know the season was quite conducive for hot fucking, and I used this opportunity to fullest. By every means I started to show my bare chiseled chest and bulging biceps to my Mom, be it after bath or during exercise and many a time I observed that she was kind of drooling at it. Now this weekend of Aug, I told Mom that it has been quite a few months that I’ve not been on vacation, so let’s plan a trip a Goa and requested her to not share this with Sis or Father as they may not allow this. For my happiness my Mom agreed, though she did not have a full idea what Goa is all about? We reached by train to station in Goa, and I had booked a very nice near sea shore cottage and made special request to decorate it for honeymoon couple. When we reached there, room was decorated with Rose petals and though I could see Mom was feeling a little uncomfortable I tried to ease it out saying that this is how generally they greet in Goa as this is perfect honeymoon destination. In the evening I requested Mom to go to beach and I got my swimming trunks, and Mom was in saree only (which was pink chiffon saree, and it was revealing her figure like anything). After reaching beach I requested Mom to come in water but she was hesitant. See this I took out my vest and in seminude condition and almost dragged her playfully in water and she got drenched. After some time she started to enjoy it and after spending some hours we went back to our cottage.

We were in Goa for four days, and I wanted to take the plunge in first night itself to propose her, so that if this works out rest three days I could have fucked her like a rabbit, but sure this was not that easy. In that night after taking shower and dinner, when we were going to bed I was in one hot vest with my shorts and Mom changed to light salwar suit which was hugging her body.
Now this was the time to execute Step-2. On the bed during our chit chat, when there was only dim light in room, I asked Mom: “Do you feel proud that I am her son”?
Mom: Of course Abhi, I love you so much beta and I am very proud of you, btu why did you ask this question?”

Me: “Mom, you know, in this world you are the person to which I can trust fully and be honest with, please assure me that you will forgive whatever big mistake I do in life”
Mom: “Of course Abhi, you know what Beta, you are my weakness, it is not in my control to get upset with you so long, but why you are asking these kind of question in this happy vacation?”
Me:” Mom, today I want to share something with you, and this may change our life forever, but if it is already in my mind, by not sharing with you I am only feeling guilty to cheating on you. But I can only gather courage to discuss these things with you, only when you will assure that you will not angry with me? Because if you feel bad after hearing this I may not be able to talk to you after this”
Mom: “Abhi beta, what is it? Ok I promise whatever it is on earth, I will not get angry with you, now tell me what’s bothering you?”
Me: “Mom, I don’t know how this started but when I got separated with you during my college, due to emotional attraction or something, I started feeling differently about. It’s not only about Mom-Son relation, but many a times I wish and sometimes I saw in dream as if you are some other woman in my dream and I am proposing to you as my partner or wife. It is like you have become my dream girl, and I am badly attracted towards you. I am not able to concentrate anything but you.
I tried every possible way, in these years but I can’t get you off my mind, so Mom only you can help me out. For this night, please without getting angry, can you forget that I am your son and treat me as your lover? I love you Mom, can you please my Girlfriend for this night only? (Step-3)”
Mom” Oh Boy, Abhi, I am in shock. I don’t know what to say, I didn’t even in my dream thought that you will say this!!!”
Me:” Mom as I have already shared this with you and proposed to you, there is no going back from here, even if I will not share with you, but I can’t live with your refusal”
Mom: “Oh baby, why you have come so far, I don’t know what to do, my mind is blank.”
Me: “Please Mom be mine for this night, I have come from you only, and I want to unite with you fully once”
Mom; “I don’t know son. Ok, if this is the only solution, for your happiness, I accept it.”

Continues in Part-2…

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My Sexy Step-mom Priyanka

Hello friends. I’m Amit Kapoor, currently doing B.Tech from a Private college in Delhi. My age is 23 and I’m the most handsome boy of my college as well as most fair in complexion too. I’m 6 feet tall, with a great muscular body, as I work out daily. I’m basically from a small town in Uttarakhand.

This incident took place in my life, when I completed my schooling, and shifted to Delhi, with my step mom and dad. Actually, my real mom divorced my dad, and left me with dad only. My step mom’s name is Priyanka Kaur. She’s a Punjaban, and very beautiful, with thick long black hairs, beautiful eyes, and very very fair complexion with red cheeks. Her figure is 36-34-39, a bit plump. She loves me very much and I too, She’s a typically traditional lady and she’s a Punjaban, but then also I never saw her wearing anything else than a saree, may be she used to wear suits before her marriage, but at home she wears saree only. My dad, Mr. Anvay Kapoor is a very big businessman of Delhi. OK, here starts the main story, when I shifted to Delhi, along with mom and dad. . .

We shifted to Delhi. It’s a very nice place. All was going on fine. One day, dad received a phone call from a Company in U. S. A. For doing his business there for that company in partnership. He agreed and in a month, he shifted there. Here, I and mom were living happily. One day, I opened the website – by mistake. I started reading an incest story, and after reading a little part of it, I was shocked that it was about sex relationship between mom and son. I closed it. That night, I was thinking about that story only. I couldn’t control and again opened that site on my laptop and read the whole story. I jerked off heavily after reading that. From that night, I became a regular reader and biggest fan of incest stories and my feelings towards my mom changed. I finally decided to seduce her and as she’s my step mom, and she do not have any sex relationship with dad, it was not a sin to fuck her.

One day, I just took the printout of four incest stories from net. I packed the printed papers in an envelope and wrote mom’s name on that. On the backside of that envelope I wrote “do not show it to your son, if really want to seduce him, you can read more stories at”. I just placed that envelope near the door and went to college. When I returned, I observed that mom was smiling naughtily after seeing me. I understood that she’d read the stories. In the evening, while I was wearing only my boxers and was doing exercise, mom was observing me and was staring at my shining body. I was happy. During dinner, she said “Amy, I also want to be fit like you, can you help me”? I replied “why not mom, tomorrow wake up early”. She said “OK”. Next day around 5 AM she woke up and I too. I showed her yoga DVD and said “from tomorrow, you will do yoga, by watching this DVD”. She said “OK, but what should I avoid to eat”? I replied “all the fatty stuff and sweets”. From the next day, she seriously started yoga practice at home as well as diet control too. In a few months, she was very fit. I think now her figure was 36-29-34. Our neighbor aunty was around 55 years old, but she used to wear salwaar with sleeveless kurtis. Mom said “should I also wear salwaar kurtis”? I said “mom, you’re 34 only and you’re very fit n beautiful too. Not only the salwaar kurti, apart from that, if you wear jeans and top, will they also suit on you. “She was happy, and she replied “then instead of salwaar soot, may I get a pair of jeans and top from market”? I replied “of course mom, you’ll look like the fairy of heaven if you wear jeans-top.

Next day she bought jeans and top and wore it. Then she came in front of me and said “how am I looking “? I just kissed her cheeks and said “like a 20 year young girl”. She blushed and left the place. That night, I came to know that she also is a regular reader of Indian incest stories on computer. Next day when I returned from college, mom was wearing a white top with jeggings. I said “wow mom, when do you bought jeggings”? She said “yesterday only, does it looking good”? I said “yes my fairy”. This time she hugged me tightly and kissed my cheeks and said “thank you Amy”. Then she raised her hands and said “can you see this sweat spot around on my armpit, it sweats heavily”. I asked “do you shave your underarms”? She said “not yet”. I replied “then you should shave it, as hairs are the main cause of sweat, you should go to beauty parlor for cleaning your body”. She agreed and that day she went to beauty parlor. When she returned, I was just “wow!” She got her hairs curled a from bottom, facial, waxing and armpits hairs clean. She also tucked a pink hairband in her hairs. She asked “Amy, now are you happy”? I replied “wow mom, you’re looking like a young 20 year girl”. She smiled and said “you can call me Priya, not mom, this’ll motivate me to take care of my fitness and beauty”. I said “As you wish Priya”. Next day, I and mom went to a shopping mall and we purchased a black sleeveless top for mom. After coming home, mom wore that top with jeggings and asked “now how am I looking”? I replied “like a film actress”. She said “you look like an actor, that’s why I’ve to look like an actress”. I just hugged her and said “oh Priya, you’re looking very hot”. She was a bit shy after hearing this. Then she left the place.

In the evening, I was wearing only my undergarments and watching T. V. Suddenly mom came and said “wow! You look very hot Amy”. I said “you too Priya”. Then she said “boys are always lucky, they can wear only their undergarments and there’s no issue in it”. I replied “OH Priya, you can also wear only your bra and panty at home, I have no problem”. Suddenly she stood and removed her top and jogging, and now she was only in her bra and panty. Suddenly my dick raised and became erected. She then pulled off my baniyan and kissed on my chest. I then said “Priya, your skin is as smooth as butter”. She said “thanks”. I then kissed her soft red cheeks and said “it’s my pleasure to have such a beautiful lady as my mom”. She replied “Awww how sweet”. I then placed my hand on her milky thighs and parted a kiss on her thighs. Then I removed the hairband from her hairs and said “now you look sexier”. Then she kissed my cheeks and we both went to sleep. I was lying on my bad and was watching a romantic movie, suddenly mom entered in my room. She was in her bra and panty only. She lied beside me and rested her head on my chest. Then she started playing with my armpit hairs by her fingers. Suddenly, a kissing scene started in the movie we were watching. Mom said” is it fun in kissing”? I replied” dad never kissed you”? She said “no”. Then I said “yes, it’s very exciting and couples love to kiss, taste each other saliva’s, and suck each other’s lips. Suddenly she hold my hand and said “can we kiss once”? I then just grabbed her and finally we locked each other lips and kissed heavily. After then I released mom and said “how is it”? She then grabbed me and we again French kissed. Then I said “do you know ice-cream kiss”? She said “what’s that”? I said “just a minute”, and brought a cone of ice cream from the freezer. Then I said “Priya, you lick it from one side, and I’ll lick it from opposite side”. We started licking the ice cream and after the ice cream melted, we were licking each other’s tongues. We licked each other’s tongues heavily.

Then she asked “it’s amazing, but are there some more types of kisses”? I said “yes Priya, there are many type of kisses, like strawberry kiss, cream kiss, chocolate kiss etc. Then I kissed her sweaty armpit and said “it’s called armpit kissing”. Then she too kissed my armpit. After that, I said “do you ever seen a porn video”? She said “not yet”. Then I said “let me show you”, and started an incest porn video on my laptop. In the video, the mom and son kissed, then son was about to remove mom’s top, but suddenly I stopped the video. Mom asked “why do you stopped it”? I replied “do you wanna see sex and nudity now”? She replied “let’s play the video yaar, we are 18+”. I started the video again. In the video son removed mom’s top and then started sucking her nipples. I said “Prius, what do you think about her boobs size”? She replied “it might be 32″. I said “and what about yours”? She smiled and replied “36″. Then I said “wow! If 32 size boobs are so big, than your 36 size is larger than this one in the video”. She said “of course”. Then in the video, mom sucked son’s dick. Suddenly mom said “what about your dick”? I replied “I don’t know about size, but it’s definitely bigger than in the video”. Then she said “OH wow!”. Then I stopped the video again, and said “it’s time to sleep now”.

She suddenly held my dick and said “it’s time for fun yaar”. Then I kissed her heavily and pulled off her bra. I said “Prius, you are thousand times sexy than the lady in the video”. She suddenly pushed me on bed and sat on my thighs, then she started licking my chest, navel, biceps, and armpits and then she pulled off my clothes. She started sucking my dick, hairs around it, and my thighs. She gave me a perfect blowjob. After that I sucked her nipples heavily and was sucking it very hungrily. Then I brought the bottle of honey and massaged her whole upper body, including boobs, armpits, face, and hands neck and after that I licked her whole upper body heavily. Then I finally pulled off her panty. Then I said ” Priya, please put lipstick on your lips, I wanna kiss you again. She went to her room, and put red lipstick on her lips and then she poured malai on her pussy. After she came back, I kissed her heavily and spoiled her red lips. Then I started licking her pussy, until the malai got totally licked. Then finally I inserted my dick in her pussy. She was moaning like a ah, mmmhhhhh, yyyeeaahhh, aww Amyyy. . . it continued for long time. Then I again sucked her boobs, then I fucked her in doggy style. After the whole fucking session ended, I jerked off on her face and inside her mouth. After that we both bathed with each other.

After bathing, we made each other wear the clothes. Then she prepared dinner for me. She was wearing a short tight sleeveless top and a micro skirt. We again kissed each other. From then, we’re enjoying our sex life a lot. Whenever I want, I suck her boobs, and she also became pregnant after a few months, but she aborted her child. Due to the pregnancy, her boobs got full of milk and I sucked them. This is how we enjoyed our sex life.

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The Perfect Wife: Forever After

Soon after my encounter with my elder cousin Neenu, I made up my mind to get my younger cousin too. I told about my wish to Meenu to which she agreed after some persuasion. Meenu was a normal Kerala girl; she was not hot, but cute. She had a petite body, and had small breasts. She looked way younger than an eighteen year old. Since my aunt started helping out in my uncle’s business, having sex with her was very rare. Since my cousin joined engineering at my college, we were like bunnies, having sex whenever and wherever we got a chance.

I went to stay at my uncle’s house during Christmas vacation and I had planned on fucking Meenu then. On the first day, I asked Neenu to ignore what I do with her sister, and leave the room when I make my move. She agreed with a naughty smile and informed me that she would be watching me; she wanted see me nail her sis. We were watching TV after my aunt and uncle left. I was sitting next to Meenu. She was wearing a cotton pants and T-shirt. I was sitting close to her and kept my hand on her thigh on the pretext of getting the remote. My cousin saw this and she had a very naughty smile on her face, which she was trying to hide. I signaled her to go, to which she gave a wink and informed us that she is going to take a nap, and she went upstairs. I was pretty sure she would be watching from upstairs on what I did, but that just made me hornier.

After she left, I started rubbing my Meenu’s thigh slowly, to which she didn’t respond. I moved my hand up towards pussy, and tried to rub her pussy; she just parted her legs to give me more access, and this really surprised me (I did not expect such a bold move from her side). Since I got a green signal I started rubbing her on top of her dress. We did not look at each other, but simply sat there staring at the TV. I could feel her heat; she was wet underneath her dress. I moved my hand up and inserted into her dress, inside her panty. She was startled by what I did, but she didn’t gave the slightest opposition. I slid my finger inside her pussy, and it went in quite easily. Now I was sure that she wasn’t a virgin and had some prior sexual encounter. But I was too horny to be bothered by that. I moved forward and started kissing her to which she responded well. I was rubbing her pussy and inserted one more finger in her. I started removing her dress to which she stopped me. She then got up and walked towards the bedroom. I quickly followed her, and once inside, I pushed her into the bed and removed her T-shirt and her bra in one go, and feasted my eyes her firm round boobs with the nipples pointing out. Her boobs were small, but firm and round. I went forward and sucked her nipples while I removed her pants. She was trying to put her hands into my pants. I bit her nipple slightly to which she gave out a slight moan. She was really wet, and her panty was totally drenched. I removed my dress and took out my cock. She was looking at it curiously. I gave her a kiss while I was positioning myself to fuck her.

I parted her legs and started rubbing my dick into over her pussy. It excited her a lot and she started moving her hips. I slowly pushed my dick into her pussy. It was tight; contrary to what I had thought. I was really horny and thought I would shoot my load into her just when I entered. I waited to calm myself down a bit, and then started moving. I started with slow movements. She was enjoying each of my thrust, as it was clearly visible in her face. She shivered a bit and squeezed my hand. I understood she had cummed again. I shifted positions and continued fucking her, changing my speed occasionally. All my experience had given me a great stamina to last in bed. I was fucking her for a long time, mostly in doggy style and in missionary position itself. My cousin cummed a number of times, and I finally had a huge orgasm. I unloaded all of my seeds deep in her, filling her womb up. I didn’t remove my dick, instead I kept it inside her and hugged and kissed her. I laid there in that position with my cousin for some time, until she fell asleep.

Later, I walked outside the bedroom naked and saw my elder cousin Neenu was standing there with a grin from ear to ear. She was wearing a T-Shirt and a skirt, and wasn’t wearing any underwear (she doesn’t wear any when I’m around). She asked me how it was. I didn’t reply to that question, instead pushed her to the wall and started kissing her. She was surprised that I was still horny. I lifted her skirt and pushed my dick in her completely in one big push. She left out a slight scream as she wasn’t expecting that. I then lifted her up and had a session with her then itself. I banged her like that till I came again.

At night, I had promised Neenu that we’ll have a threesome. I went to their bedroom after texting her so she could pretend to be sleeping. I woke Meenu up by fingering her and she pushed me away. She asked me to go to my room as her sister was there. But I acted as if I didn’t care and started kissing her. That’s when she saw Neenu was awake and looking at us (she was in the same bed). There was fright in Meenu’s face, but that was soon when I explained everything and started fondling her sister’s boobs. Meenu was very much surprised about everything that was happening without her knowledge. She couldn’t believe that I was banging her mom too.

I later fucked Meenu first and then Neenu. I also alternated between each of them, pushing inside Meenu first and then Neenu and so on. Meenu was really good at licking and fingering her sister’s pussy too. At the end I came inside Meenu’s pussy as she ‘wanted to make up for what she had missed’.

A few days later, Meenu confided in me that she was lesbian (at least, used to be) and used to have sex with her best friend Diya (and I was the first boy she had sex with). She used to go to Diya’s house after tuition and it became a routine process to have sex. They were in love and both of them wanted each other in their life. I met Diya at her house soon after, as my younger cousin Meenu wanted to set us up. She was not the hottest girl I met, nor the cutest. But still, there was something of her that caught my interest. And before I knew it, we were lovers (and this one I could marry). Diya didn’t mind the fact that I was fucking both my cousins and their mother. She actually wanted to live with me and Meenu together. She was the one – the perfect girl for me, the one who fits into my life perfectly. We decided that Diya and Meenu would join my college after plus 2, so that we could be together more.

Nearly three months after fucking my younger cousin, things took a turn for the worse. I learned through the hard way that i-pill doesn’t always work; Meenu was pregnant. My aunt was furious when she came to know about this, and things got uglier when she learned I was fucking both her daughters and Diya. She didn’t speak to me for about a month or so, till she finally accepted that her daughters need me. Meenu needed an abortion. My aunt allowed me to have sex with her after that too, but she didn’t like being naked in front of her daughters. But occasionally her daughters would walk in on me while I’m banging their mom and it would end up in a group session.

My college life turned out to be the best when Meenu and Diya joined there, as Neenu and Meenu moved into my house, and soon joined by Diya too (my house was big with enough rooms and was near to my college). They stayed in my house till they finished their course. I turned down my campus selection so that I could stay with them till all of them graduated. I slept with them each night, having sex daily. I was living the dream and never ever had to masturbate again.

After college Neenu married a rich NRI business man from London. She moved abroad with him. I soon after married Diya officially, and Meenu unofficially and moved to London, where Neenu had found jobs for all of us so that we could be nearby. Neenu has two children now, both of which are mine. I sleep with both my wife’s and Neenu occasionally comes by visiting (and getting banged). My aunt is getting old now and isn’t much into sex as before, yet we do have some mischief from time to time.

This is the end of my story. I hope you like it and please do tell me if you did by sending your feedback ..

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Fucking My Big Ass Aunty

Hi everybody. I am Bittu , from Hyderabad but I study in Bangalore.
Coming to the story first let me describe you about myself and my sexy aunt. I am 5ft 11 inches, very fair, smart & soft boy. I am here to share my real life experience. Now I am 19. It actually happened when I was in my intermediate second year. You can imagine how boys at that age are sex starved. The same happened to me; and about my aunty. . . . . . Her name is Madhu. . . She is 5ft 4 inches, medium complexion, good looking with damn hot figure and big ass. Her sizes are 34-28-36. The best thing about her body is her hips and her ass. It is very big and bulgy which could be clearly seen because she wears tight sarees. We stay on the first floor, my aunt and uncle stays at the ground floor.

At first I used to not have any bad intentions on her but the day I started noticing her swaying ass, I have created a lust towards fucking her. I purposefully started touching her hips without her knowledge and another best thing about her is while working her saree gets misplaced and her 1 boob used to be out all the time. I used to get a hard on watching that and i used to relieve myself in the bathroom thinking of fucking her big ass.

Luckily one day i was alone in my home watching TV. . . . . Madhu came to our flat for some purpose, I was in bedroom and she was reading newspaper in living room, after finishing the newspaper she went near the fridge and bent down to take out something . . . . I can clearly see Madhu’s huge ass. . . . God I just wanted to run towards her rip that saree right off and fuck her in that position. . . . . . She was looking damn hot in that position.

Imagine a lady with huge ass bending down to take something . . . she would be in standing doggy position. . . . What would you do? Yes!. . . the same happened to me. . . . . . I couldn’t control myself . . . and today I was in so many moods.

Madhu went into the kitchen for preparing something. So I courage and went into the kitchen. She noticed me entering the kitchen, so I drank water and left the kitchen.

I waited for 10 minutes and again went into kitchen . . . . . this time she didn’t notice me because she was busy with some work and her 1 boob was outside. . . . Seeing that i got a hard on and my big cock was struggling to come out of my boxers.

I just went behind her . . . grabbed her boob and bare stomach with my hands. . . . She was shocked and was screaming and i was continuously squeezing her big boob hard.

Madhu: Bittu! What are you doing?!

Me: I love you aunty.

Madhu: Don’t talk like a fool. . . . First leave me.

Me: You are so sexy aunty. . . . I want to make love to you.

Saying this i pressed my cock into her ass cheeks . . . . . but she got out of my grip and slapped me.

Madhu: Are you mad? . . . What you are doing is not correct!

Me: Please aunty, I want to lose my virginity to you.

Hearing that I was virgin she saw into my eyes and said I am your aunt . . . how can I do it with you? I couldn’t control myself . . . so this time without asking her I grabbed her ass cheeks tightly and locked my lips with hers. At first she didn’t respond but after sometime she started responding to my kiss. We kissed for about 10 minutes meanwhile I was squeezing her ass cheeks. . . . . God! They were sooooooooooooooo soft and bouncyyyyy.

After smooching slowly kissed her neck and came down to her bog boobs. . . . I removed her saree pallu and there they are. . . . . . Big round shaped mangoes which I wish to squeeze and suck for a lifetime. I was in so much hurry that I tore the hooks of her blouse. . . . WOW! What a sight . . . . . she was not wearing any bra, her two 34D sized boobs are lying in front of me naked. . . . Her nipples were big and her nipples were semi erect. . . . . . You could compare them with a cherry placed in the middle of cone ice cream.

I just caught hold of them and started sucking the left nipple while i as squeezing and pinching her right boob. . . . . . . . She was moaning with a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure like aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. . . . . . . ammmmmaaaaaaaa. . . . . . . . . . uhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . shhhaaaaaaa. . . . bittttttuuuuuuuuu. . . . . ahhhhhhhh. I sucked her boobs for 5 minutes and went down kissing her stomach and her navel area. . . . . . She was moaning with pleasure. . . . . . While licking her navel I undid her saree and petticoat. . . . Now she was only in her panty. . . . . . . . Her thighs were bulgy so I kissed them slowly and went near her pussy. . . . . . . .

I removed her panty aside and planted a kiss on her pussy . . . . . . . her body shivered. . . . she closed her eyes and was making soft moans ahhhhh uffffff ammmmmmaaaa ahhhhhh Bitttttuuuuuuu make me cum Bituuuuuuu. . . . . . . . . Hearing those words I parted her pussy lips and was sucking and licking it for which she started making loud moans. . . . ahhhhhhhhh uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. . . I inserted my finger in her pussy and started to finger it vigorously. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . She was moaning ahhhhhh offff Bittuuuuuu. . . . I’m going to cum ahhhhha ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . . . . and she came with a loud moan. . . . . she was breathing heavily. I went near her and kissed her.

She stood up and within a flash she removed my boxer. She was stunned by seeing the size of my cock. She measured it with her hands . . . . . and said oh my god! your cock is so big and fat. . . . Will it fit in my pussy? Saying this she removed the foreskin and was jerking it. . . . . . . . . she inserted the head of my cock in her mouth and woooooooowwwwww I was n cloud9. . . . . she started to give me blow job. . . . . after 10 mins of her sucking I said aunty i’m going to cum. . . . she increased her pace without removing it from her mouth. . . . . . . ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . . I came inside her mouth with a big moan. . . . . . . . She sucked every drop from my cock and said you have lot of adult juice in you. . . . . . . . . . I said i have never spilled this much in my life.

Saying that i lifted her and said aunty your hips and your ass are so bulgy. . . . . . . I love them so much. . . . does uncle take good care of them. . . . . . . . . . she replied. . . . . he was never interested in her. . . . . and intercourse between them lasted maximum for 5 minutes. I was not satisfied and sex starved all these years.

Hearing this I said doesn’t worry aunty I will take good care of you and your desires . . . . . saying her i hugged her and I was squeezing her ass cheeks. . . . . . Suddenly i spanked them. . . . . . She let out a moan. . . . My cock was hard again. . . . . I said aunty I want to fuck you. . . . she said I’m all yours. . . I made her sit on the kitchen platform , widely spread her legs and entered her pussy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . God! It was so hot and slippery. I didn’t know that entering a pussy would give me this much pleasure. I started fucking her and she was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaa uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . . . Bittttuuuuuuuuuuuuu. . . . . I started increasing my speed and her moans became louder. . . . . . The whole kitchen was filled with THAP THAP THAP sounds of my balls hitting her bare skin.

I removed my cock and we I slept on the ground and she inserted my cock by sitting and facing towards me. She was fucking me. . . . After sometime I started fucking her harder and harder . . . . . . . she was moaning very loudly. . . . My balls were hitting her ass crack. . . . . . . . . After some time i slowed down my speed and stopped. . . . . . She said . . . . . you’ve got a good leg muscles. . . . . . Your uncle never did it that fast. . .

I made her stand in doggy position and started fucking her. . . . . . my cock was hitting her ass hardly. . . . . . . it was my favorite position. . . . . her ass was jiggling due to my moments. . . . . . . pressure started building up in me. . . so I increased my pace and her moans also increased. . . . ahhhh sloooooowllllllyyyyy Bitttttuuuuuuu ahhhhhmmmmmaaaaaa. . . . .
I said aunty I’m going to come. . . . . . . . She said . . . . . cum inside me . . . . I want to feel your sperms inside me, ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh….

Hearing that I caught hold of her body . . . made her stand and fucked her hardly and with a looooooooooooud moan I came inside her. . . . . . We both sat on the ground trying to catch our breaths. . . . My cock was dripping with cum. . . . . . She said. . . I’ve never enjoyed sex this much before. . . We cleaned ourselves and had our lunch. . . . That day we had sex for 4 more times . . . . . each time we tried new different positions. After that we rarely used to get a chance to have sex because everybody used to be around. We never missed a single chance of having it. . . . . . . once I went to her house for bringing eggs. . . . . she was working in the kitchen. . . . I just went back of her. . . . . lifted her saree up and fucked her without even removing my jeans. . . it lasted for 10 mins. . . . . so whenever we get a chance we used to have quick sex. Now im studying in Bangalore and she is staying in Hyderabad. . . . . . So we didn’t meet for 2 years. .

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My Sweet Sister After Her Marriage

Hello friends my name is Ravi and this story is about me and my younger sister Pooja , let me first tell you about her she is now 30 yrs big boobs and a nice butt. Believe me I have not seen a better girl than her till now she is dam sexy. Now let us come to story. This story is about 5 yrs old when I and she were unmarried. Our parents were searching a good boy for her but we did not succeed and it took us about 4 years to search boy for her. I started feeling for her when she was 20 yrs, I used to see her from terrace when she used to have bath, I used to go to terrace when she used to take bath in bathroom. I used to see how she takes off her clothes. She used to press her both boobs after taking off clothes and then having bath. Her bump was amazing. I used to look for the but crack and masturbate on the terrace.. I used to smell her panty and bra whenever I got time. And also jerk sometime on them when I got a chance. She was dam hot. Then after 4 years we got boy for her and she was married. But after a year or so when i used to go there she was not much happy, I inquired few time but she did not tell me.

Time passed but she was not happy then one day when I visited their home I put kasam to her, she please tell me what is the matter why r you not happy but she told me that I will not understand and said don’t worry. But I insisted and give her my kasam, and then she told me she will tell me latter. I said OK. Then at the night when we were about to sleep I went to her room. Let me tell you first that they have small home, only two rooms, one room was occupied by their father-in-law and other by her and her husband. But whenever I used to go there i used to sleep in her room and jiju in the lobby. That day jiju was not at home. So I and my sis had to sleep in that room. It was normal as before that also we slept in same room. She said wait I will tell u. Then it was about 11:30 pm when all slept and it was me and sis in room then i asked her again please tell me trust me. If there is any problem I will try to solve it. She started crying. I said what happened she said I can’t tell u. I said pls trust me. If u won’t tell me then with whom will you share it? U can’t tell mom as she is not well. She said ok but promises me you won’t tell anyone. I said I promise.

Then she said your jiju is not.. I said what.. She said he has no desire for sex. It has been 1 year and we only had 3 or 4 times. Oh god I said.. Is that the problem? But I asked why it is so. Have you asked him? She told me number of times but he is not interested at all in it. Oh. And she started crying. I went near to her and hugged her. She was still weeping. I said please don’t cry. I was afraid if i should ask her if I can help her. But I did not say it.

I just kept hugging her and my monster got up. She was so hot I could not hold it. Then she opened her arms and we hugged and her boobs crushed with my chest. This went for some time. And then I pushed her back toward me and now my monster was hard.. It was hitting her belly. Then I told something in her ears. I first kissed her on ears and said didi can i tell you something. She said what.. I said my monster is hard now. She said I can see. It is hitting my belly. She said what the plan is. I said whatever you say. She said do what you want. I said I was waiting for your green signal.. She said I was always green for you. I said is it? Then I pushed her towards me and was crushing her buts. I said I was dying for this buy. Then I crushed her boobs over her nightie. Then I said can I do whatever I want today she said yes I am yours till 5 am. Then I kissed every part of her body for 15 mins. She was moaning sometimes. Ahahah.. Then i opened her nightie. She was not wearing anything inside. I just went directly to her chut. And parted two vertical lips and kissed them. She said your jiju never did that. I said I am here not you don’t need to worry.

I then told her do you have some honey at home. She said yes but it is in kitchen. I said bring it. She said why you need it. I said get it first them I will tell you. She wore the nightie again and got the honey. Then I again opened her nightie and she slept with her belly upwards. I again parted her vertical lips and put some honey in the chut. She said what you are doing. I said just enjoy.. She said ok do what you want. I then put my tongue in the chooth. And honey wants deep, and then did tough fucking for some time. And then i started licking her chooth like a dog. She was morning.. She said that I am so gooood, she is enjoying it a lot.

This went for 10 mins when all the honey was finished in the chooth and then I told her to do same to me.. She said what. I told her to get up and I put some honey on my lund and told her to suck it. She first said no but there was yes in his no. Then she held my gun and started licking. It felt so good. All this went for 10 mins and I told her let us start the real action she said she is ready. Let us know waste the time. I put my lund her the chooth and started stroking. After 5 or 6 pushes it went inside. And it was so good. I told did that I was thinking that real brother and sister will not taste good but i was wrong. She smiled and said “do it fast”. It was puch puch sound in the room.. She was at its peak and I told her that I am about to come she told me come inside me. I said r u sure. She said yes! Do it. Then I loaded all my juice in her chooth.. I was exhausted and so was she.. After 1 hour we did again in doggie style and then again in morning at 3 a.m.

After that I felt didi was happy day by day.

Pl. Send your feedback.

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How I Fucked My Didi

Hi guys. Dis is Sonu, hope you guys enjoying well. So let me introduce myself. I’m from Bangalore completed my engineering. Here comes the story. My didi name is Pari. She is elder my mom and dad work together in a same company; my sis was senior to me in our college.

So let’s cum to the point when i was going to the market my sis asked me that she also wanna join me. I said it is like going to rain so you stay at home me n my sis quarreling for few minutes den i got to see her cleavage wow. What a beautiful glimpse it was. My lund got erected n I came to my sense n told her that ok cum soon. She said thanks n came with me. V were going to market suddenly a small pug came in front of my bike so I stopped suddenly then her boobs hit my back it was like some soft sponge cushions I wanted them to bite here itself but controlled. Den it started raining heavily so i parked my bike n both went n stood near the tree now i can see her boobs partially she stood in front of me these scene made me really horny n i moved lil bit front so that my erect lund touches her ass i was afraid what if she do when she see me like this. So i again i went little bit front now my lund was touching her ass it was an awesome moment i ever had. It was thundering so she came back little bit now it was like my lund was in her gand. She thought that some branch of a tree is touching so she dint care. Then it stopped raining n we moved to market she was buying some fruits n stood there, one Hijra came to me and asked me money i said i don’t have a penny, Hijra said so what . You have a pennies n he screwed my balls n kissed my chick my sis was watching n laughing out loudly i was embarrassed i got erection again my sis saw this n laughing out loudly n said you got erection because of Hijra too. I was feeling shy but i asked her what do you mean by Hijra too? She said nothing n told me lets go home. We went home n changed our dresses i was on my bed thinking of my sis boobs n bumps i was jerking off then i slept n woke up at 4 in the evening. I asked her to make a cup of tea n i took tea n went to up stairs n i was smoking suddenly my sis came up n caught me smoking she told me that she is going to complaint it to dad i begged her not to say she said but on one condition i readily accepted she asked how did you feel when Hijra screwed ur balls. I was embarrassed n said i liked it a lot.

To this she got shock. Later we went down n i was thinking to seduce her. I went to the sofa n sat in front of TV and sis came n slept on my lap n was about to sleep i was in boxer i tested her first whether she is sleeping or not it was confirmed that she is sleeping so slowly i took my lund out n jerking off slowly. My sis hair was in knot i slowly removed the knot my sis hair is so beautiful n long n black. So i took her hair n spread on my laps n i was jerking off my lund in between her hair with other hand i wad caressing her hair slowly it was awesome feeling (guys try it, the feel you get when you r jerking off between hair is awesome) she slowly opened her eyes n smiled at me n closed her eyes again. Suddenly bell rang. I stood suddenly n wore my boxer n was going to open the door but my sister’s got stuck in boxer n she said ouch. . She saw her hair was in my boxer n i removed my boxer partially n took her hair of suddenly she looked at my lund n was surprised n i adjusted my boxer n went to open the door. It was our neighbors n asked me that if you don’t mind can i watch ur TV because our TV cable connection got cut off, i said never mind aunty n please cum in n she came inside n started watching TV. My didi was on full fire she went stairs n called me to come, i said I’m going out I’ll come later n take care of aunty n i smiled at aunty n said bye n went away i was in tension what would she do now. I was doing with tensions.

Later i went home n aunty was about to leave i said her to stay for some time she said she had a lot of work. From inside my didi said teri tarha koi khali nahi rehtha you pervert i looked at me seriously.  Aunty thought we were fighting as usual. She said bye n left. I was about to go my didi threw jhaadu on me n told me to stop i was trying to say sorry but she was not listening to me. . I don’t know what to do. . I got an idea n removed my boxer totally i showed my lund to my didi she stopped shouting n turned n again started yelling at me i went behind her n hugged her tightly she said to leave i took her hand n placed on my lund she was running away i threw her on the sofa n was jerking off slowly in front of didi. She said she is going to complaint it. Suddenly mom shouted on us to open the door

To be continued. . . .

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My Mom And Me Showing Assholes

My mom is a very pretty woman. She is 5.8 tall and has a flat tummy with well sized breast and ass. I have been facing her quite a lot but she never entertained me for anything due to which reason I never approached her for any of my desires. Perhaps she never knew I had those feelings for her.

At times I sneak in to see her naked in the bathroom or in her room and I simply loved everything about her. She has pubic hair which has grown after a shave; not very long. She had the perfect body. I also knew that she is very active in sex because I see her approaching my dad always and my dad at times tells her that he tired and she used to get annoyed. But when they do it, they are wild because I hear them. My mom sc reams. Once again another night when my dad was away, she keeps the door close for like 1 hour every night and it happens only when my dad is away. I was curious to find out and walked into the room suddenly. I saw her comprises naked on the bed and Fingering her Pussy with a magazine in her hand. I saw that the magazine had young guys showing off their body. When I walked in she got a shock and told me to get out at once. I said sorry and went out. She came out in no time and explained that she was tired and went to sleep and forgot to put the clothes on. That was a lie. I said Ok and kept quite. I rushed into the toilet and started wanking with her used panty while smelling it and checking the part that touches her Pussy. I continuously looked for a chance to approach her bit wad scared.

She has a habit of listening to my phone calls on the parallel line when I talk to my friends and I have always been careful while talking to my friends. Next day, my friend too seems his mom naked and tells me all about her. So do I. I purposely called my friend and started a conversation and as expected my mom stayed listening to the conversation. I asked my friend, I’d he saw his mom naked, he went on telling me all. I started my story now knowing she is listening. I said that I have seen my mom naked and I love it. I said I love her so much that I would die if I don’t get to touch her. I also made sure I say all I wanted to tell her such as I love the smell of her pussy and I wank on her panties. I said I have seen her beautiful Pussy but love to see the ass hole.

After I hung the phone, mom came out of the room and was looking at me like shocked. I pretended innocent and still love her to death sexually. I expected her to react and yell at me but she said nothing. She rushed into the wash room for a wash and I started wanking on her underwear which was in her cupboard. I was relaxed w my feelings and she came out with her towel on. As she went to room, I was watching her shaved legs and above shoulders. Unusual, she didn’t close the door completely. I could see her through the door gap, I started watching. She dropped the towel with get butt facing me; I so was going crazy and wondered. She was walking in the room completely naked as if she wanted me to see her naked. Then she dropped her hair clip and bent down and she for a second while bending down opened her bum cheeks and I could see her ass hole so well. I was about to cum without even touching my dick. Then she slowly put her clothes on and I ran back and say in front of the TV. She came and says next on the couch and I was trying to hide my hard-on. She is so pretty. Slim, tall, fair, long dark hair, pointed pierced nose and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She doesn’t talk to me much usually, my parents believe in bring strict kid, so she watching TV quietly was normal. I couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to go and wank again. She looked at me as I got up like wondering what I am up to now. As I was entering the bathroom I noticed she was watching me, now I know she there is something running in her mind. As I entered, I saw her white thong hanging and I took it in my hand, it was wet, it was still at add if she dipped the part in the pussy and hung it there. I smelled it and it was fresh. So she was wet hearing me. I wanked and came on the panty and this time without any fear and happily as if now I am allowed to do it.

I came out and she was still watching TV. She was dressed as normal. Not revealing. I asked get when is dad back and her first question was “why”. I replied, just. That led to a conversation. She asked me why my friend calls me every day and what I talk to them. I said nothing, she told me to be honest, that sounded like I know it and let talk. I said actually he likes his mom. She was not shocked obviously and knows what I meant. And she asked what about his mom. I said she likes en too. She told me Please don’t tell all these to your dad or he will kill you, I read the lines in between and said I am telling you Coz I trust you where I to Ok her assurance too that this is a secret. She acknowledged saying yes. Her next c question was what they do. I made up a story that they make love in his father’s absence. She made me feel comfortable by saying it happens. I couldn’t control but said that I like her too. She was Ok and asked me why. I went on saying how much I like her etc. I then begged her to show me jet pay and ass and she pulled her dress up at once and stood. I knelled down and started kissing her Pussy. She opens her pussy with the fingers and told me to put my tongue in there and she started moaning. As I tried to make her ass; she told me open her ass and checks her ass hole since I love it. I had a huge hard on. She turned around and bent down and I opened her ass and checked her hole. It was so nice and pink. She allowed me to see it as much I want and then she asked me if I want to luck it too. I started licking her asshole. She asked me to roll my tongue in as much possible and I did it. She helped me making her asshole wide with her both the hands.

She asked me to lie down and she sat on my mouth with Hey asshole exactly on my mouth. She was rubbing her asshole and pay in my mouth. Then she knelled down and asked me to slowly finger the asshole and make it wide I did it and then she said to lick it. She loved me playing with her asshole and wanted more. I was ready to do anything. She then asked me to finger the hole well and stick my finger and she wanted to see me sucking my finger as I take it out from her asshole. She then told me to sit down and took my dick out and told me that my dick is better than my dad’s and that dad doesn’t play with her asshole and v she demanded that I do everything she says. She asked me to bend down while I am on the couch and she pulled my dick from behind and stayed sticking it. She also sucks my asshole and told me that she wants it that way. She fingered my asshole and stuck it and told me that she wants to pee on me. I wanted to see her peeing. So I agreed. She dragged me to the bathroom and asked me to kneel down and she opens her pussy with her fingers and started spraying pee on me. She peed all over me. Then she asked me take a wash and come to her again and she demanded that I don’t wank. I had ac wash and went v to her room and I saw her with a dildo. She said that dad is so boring so she wants to do all with me and asked me to bend down and she will fuck my ass with that. She put some oil and started putting it in my ass. It v was hurting but fun at v the same time. She told me that she doesn’t care if it hurts but she wants this so bi kept quite. She started fucking my ass faster then asked me turn around and she said she wants the other half of the dildo in her ass and she put oil and n her how and inserted that. We both had one dildo in assess. Then she pulled out and started getting fucked by me. Tight Pussy and she said that my dad’s was snarl so it never got big. My mother is the best fuck I have ever had. 

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Shaadi Ke Pehle Didi Nervous

My sister was getting married. We all were really happy for her. She was nervous for obvious reasons but she was scared that something might go wrong. Obviously there was something that she was not telling us. However i happened to be the only one who could see it. I wanted to be a good brother and so i went to her in private and asked her what the real problem was. She tried to hide it but then she too realized that i understood her tension.

She said thee was something which she was worried about but i was too young to be explained that. I told her that i was 18 now and grown up enough to understand anything. She said it was not something she should be telling me. I told her that i was the only one who understood that she had a secret problem and she was not willing to share it with me now? She thought about it for a moment and asked me to not tell anybody else about it. I promised her what she wanted. She told me that she had never had sex before.

I blushed with this but i tried my best to hide it. She asked me if i could handle it. I told her that she would not have to have sex in the marriage. She told me that she was worried about the marriage night. I told her it was gonna be fine.

She told me that she needed to do it before so that she could make it perfect on the d day. I thought about it and her vulnerability and went close to her. I took of my shirt and stripped of my pants along with my underwear in front of her. I shut the door and told her that this was how a man looked like naked. She was shocked of course. Then i told her that if she had to do it then it it should be someone in the family who could keep it a secret. She got the point but still thought it was not a good idea. I made her stand in front of me and hugged her.

Now i should describe her to you. She if fat and chubby and tall. She is not sexy but is not very ugly either. I would not date a girl with her appearances but i would fuck any girl if i have to. So i kissed her on the lips but she did not respond. I asked her to kiss me back and kissed her again on the lips. However she did not respond this time too. I figured she was not into it so i moved away and picked up my underwear to put it back on. But she stopped me from behind and told me that she was gonna do it but then it had to be our secret. I promised her not to tell anyone. She made the kiss this time. I kissed her back.

I tried to take it slow because i wanted to enjoy he for as long as i could. I was not so hard at the moment because she was not so hot. I kissed her lips for like minutes and then i parted he lips with mine and put my tongue inside it. She moved away and asked me to stop doing the sick thing. I told her that it was a french kiss and she should learn it. I also told her to do as i said and not overreact or ask questions. She said she would try.

I kissed her again and tongued her mouth. I clashed with her tongue and she did the same to me. Her tongue was fat too. I asked her to remove her clothes now. She was reluctant about it at first but she did it for the sake of learning. Her breasts were rather hue and were hanging like sacks of potatoes over her fat belly. I had never imagined how a fat women would look like. I tried to see where her pussy was but it was hidden behind her flab. I picked her mass up from her belly and touched her pussy. She let out a scream and i held her mouth. I told her that if she screams people would find out and that will be awful. She put a finger on her lips and said she would keep it low. She told me that she was really getting excited. I told her that it was nothing and that we were gonna have ore fun.

She asked me to assure her that i would not make her pregnant. I said i would not make her pregnant but then he had to cooperate with me. I made her lie on the bed ad smelled her pussy. It was hairy and sweat. I explained to her that hairy pussies are not good and that she should shave it later. She said she would do so. I told her that i was gonna lick her pussy through her hair for now but then i would do it again when she has shaved. She did not object to that. I put my lips over the gap between her pussy lips and kissed then like i had kissed her lips. Fat people have fat pussies too. Her chubbiness was going to tire me more easily but i bent on to make it long. I licked her hard and fingered her too until she came. She was moaning loudly trying to shut her pain.

She asked me to stop but i did not. When i did stop after her orgasm and she gained her breadth she asked me to do it again. I said i would do it but she would have to return the favor then. She said she would. I was thinking of a blowjob. I licked her again and this time she held for a while before cumming. It must have hurt her while cumming because of her fat. Her muscled must be paining. I told her it was her turn to impress me. She asked be for her part. I told her that she had to suck my penis and it would be called a blowjob. She ewed on it and said she would not do it. I told her she had to do it to her hubby later and she had to practice it. I also added that this pleased the men much more than anything else. She reluctantly went down on me. She put her lips around my dick and began to suck. I told her that only sucking won’t help, she also had to move her lips around my dick.

I held her head and moved her up and down my shaft. She got with an easy pace. She sucked me for a while and then asked me how much time she had to do it for. I told her not to ask questions and then told her that i had to release those fluid too which she had and so until then she had to blow me. I wasnt so hard and i knew i could hold it for long enough. She kept blowing for like half and hour and i still did not cum. I kept talking to her. I told her that she was doing really good. I praised her technique and also kept asking her if she was enjoying. I told her that she was giving me a lot of pleasure. I told her that her husband was gonna love her for it. She too started enjoying now. She got tired of the pose and so i made her lie on the bed and went 69. She came before me as usual and then her sucking became sloppy.

She asked to cum faster. I scolded her and told her that hah to do a better job if she wanted me to cum faster. She lay me down and got on top of me and started pumping my cock. Her breasts were dangling this while and it was an awesome sight. I told her she had a nice pair of breasts and she should feed them to me later so that i would find out how good they actually were. She told me that i was great. She blew me for another few minutes and then i came.

Before i came i grunted and asked her to cleanly swallow every drop of it. She swallowed the first load and then coughed. She told me that she did not like my taste. I told her that she had to eat all of it anyway. I made her lick my cum from my thighs and the bed. I knew she did not know anything about sex and so i could make her do anything. I told her that if she did not want to get pregnant then she had to take my dick in her ass i entered her ass with a thump. She shrieked in pained and muscles hurt my penis too i had hardly pumped twice or thrice before we both gave p. I told her that i had to fuck her from the front. She asked me if this would make her pregnant.

I told her that i would try my best not to make her pregnant and anyways she could take pills later too. She thought for a while but she wanted it too so she agreed for the pussy pass.I lay on top of her flab and entered her pussy. It was less tight but none the less tight. She was a virgin and i could feel it. I told her that it was gonna hurt for a while but she should not give up. She was screaming and so i stuffed her mouth with the blanket i fucked her hard while holding my hand over her mouth.

She had the pain but she got to terms with it after a while. When i got tired of drilling her i asked her to lie over me and ride me. I made her hips move initially but then she got the pace herself. Her flesh was crushing me but it kept me from cumming too. I took the pressure for my sister. I pulled her down to myself and sucked her tits. I suckled her nipples but i also sucker her tits. I licked her sweaty cleavage and kissed her neck and stuff. She was really getting horny i grabbed her by the boobs and told her to keep doing it. I squeezed her tits hard kept compelling her to do it further and further.

She marked my words and did it harder and harder. I made her lie beside me and fucked her. This was by far the most fuckable position. She came once in this position but i still kept fucking her. I knew she could not cum anymore than this and so i fucked her for her life. She was exhausted and so was i. I said we would now move to the shower. We switched for a hot bath and kept kissing for the mean while. I asked her blow me so the i could cum too. It did not take long this time.

I came soon and she drank as instructed. I asked her if she enjoyed it. She said it was the best sex of her life, as if she had any before. We were bathing hen she told me that i had to lick her after she had shaved. I thanked her for reminding me. She shaved in front of me. She was clumsy but she got through. I told her that i felt like peeing. And she told me what did she have to do with it now. I thought of something and told her that she was to drink some of my piss and the rest would go to her ass. She accepted the idea without a second thought. She drank a little and the rest i let out in her asshole.

She asked me if i could open her ass make it loose now. I told her that i would be more than happy to do it. So i butt-fucked her against the wall. I spanked her hard and her ass was red. I figured i had been hard on her so now i made up for my harshness. I kissed her long in the shower and asked her to do anything she liked to me. She aid she wanted to pee on me too. I told her i would take it for her and so i did. When we got out of the shower i licked her pussy for sometime and then we changed up. I told her she could come to me again if she liked and if she had any doubts. She said i was of much help and that she wold never be able to thank me.

I told her that she was my sister and she did not need to thank me and even if she did want to thank me then she should come to sleep with me for nights before her marriage. And guess what? She did come to me for the nights. We fucked several times and she did get better at it. I was actually upset when she left because this meant i would never get to fuck her. But i was wrong. It had been two years since her marriage. She comes to our house during holidays and fucks me then. She says i am better than her husband at it. When i go to her house then too we fuck and we arrange for encounters in motel rooms too. We are proud of that moment when she first broke her trouble out to me and here we are now.

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Sex Lesson With Hot Sisters

Hi folks. Hand shake for boys and boobs shake for girls. I’m going to narrate a fictional story. This story is about how I got a chance to fuck two of my sisters together. Just imagine whatever is happening. It is not a real story.

I’m a 20 year old college going guy. I have had several physical relationships with girls from my college. There were difficult times and joyful times during these relationships. One person who helped me a lot during both tough times and easy times was my 23 year old sister Dipika. I got caught once by her during one such encounter with a college girl. She was quite cool about it and often offered help later on. It was awkward in the beginning but she is a kind of person whom anyone can easily gel with. I too got comfortable talking these things with her gradually. She used to give tips on how to impress girls and how to be good on bed and all. Although she never had sex, she had full knowledge about all sex related matters. She was an incredible hottie herself with amazing and eye-popping assets. I always wondered why she hasn’t bedded anyone yet. In fact I even asked her about it and she gave that “I’m a one man woman” crap.

Now, I had a cousin sister Manisha who was 25 year old, who was being forced to get married by her parents. But she was reluctant to get married. She often gave some or the other reasons to ward off marriage proposals. Her parents were puzzled by her behavior. Once my uncle and aunt (Manisha’s parents) came to our house with Manisha casually and they were discussing about her marriage. Meanwhile Manisha went inside to talk to my sis Dipika. Manisha revealed to my sister that the reason she was avoiding marriage is fear of sex. She had a couple of close friends who were sexually abused. So her mindset about sex was different. Dipika tried to convince her by giving her sex lecture but Manisha was not convinced. She even told her about her lecture being successful with me. Manisha was shocked to hear that and later they decided to talk about it with me. I was waiting outside with parents while they both came out. Dipika told Manisha’s parents that Manisha is a bit stressed out about marriage. So if they could let them go out on a trip for a day, may be that could change her mind. She promised to them that Manisha will get better. It sounded like a good idea and they gave a go-ahead. Obviously I was also of their age (may be younger, but the only guy) and I was also supposed to go with them.

So, we went to a resort, enjoyed the nature and were sitting by a private pool. Manisha was swimming in a swim suit while I was sun-bathing on a lay-back chair sipping on a glass of beer. Her camel-toe was visible even before she jumped into the pool. Her boobs were mouth-watering and her cleavage was very inviting. Dipika came and lied on a lay-back chair wearing a sexy tube top and mini shorts denim. I had not seen her wearing such skimpy clothes before and she was looking like a princess. Grabbing and sipping from another glass of beer, Dipika asked, “Isn’t she sexy?” “Yeah! Incredible!” I uttered. She further continued and explained the reason behind rejecting her marriage proposals was fear of sex. I didn’t know how to respond. Dipika said “I want you to make love to her and make her ready for marriage. We have discussed about this and Manisha has accepted.” Manisha came out and stood in front of us in a wet suit. It was a weird offer and I couldn’t oppose looking at that hot piece standing before me. It was a weird offer since she was almost 5 years elder to me. She was wearing that to seduce me. However I accepted and said lets go inside and talk.
I told Dipika that I don’t have any condoms. She handed me a box of dotted condoms. They had planned everything; I just had to go with the flow. Finally the time came where Manisha had to be alone with me, but she was scared.

She insisted Dipika to stay with us. I was never naked before Dipika ever, so it was awkward, but Manisha insisted. We were even shy to undress before Dipika. To ease the situation, Dipika herself took off her clothes. I was stunned to see her naked. I was more stunned to see her sculpted body. Manisha took off her clothes getting inspired from Dipika. “I never knew you had such a hot body”, I told Dipika. She smiled and winked. I took off my clothes as well. “I never knew you had such a hot tool” Dipika told me. I smiled and winked at her. Dipika came close to me and touched me in a seductive way to invite Manisha to the act. Dipika was doing naughty stuff to me so that Manisha will get horny and join in. I was dazzled by my own sister’s touches. I was simply concentrating on her. I couldn’t control, I caught Dipika’s chin and smooched her. I could sense some rejection in her eyes at the beginning, but started enjoying my lips as soon as I started moving my hands on her boobs and pussy. We forgot Manisha and started enjoying ourselves. She was shagging my dick and I was squeezing her tits. Manisha was fingering her pussy and she decided to join us. She hopped on the bed and slept next to me. She put her hand on my dick and that’s when I broke the kiss with Dipika.

I turned my face towards Manisha and she kissed me. My left hand was squeezing Manisha’s boobs and right hand was on Dipika’s pussy. Manisha was now shagging my cock and kissing me and Dipika was licking my chest and neck. When we broke the kiss, Dipika asked Manisha to suck my dick, to which Manisha refused within an instant. Then Dipika herself took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. She was as good a cock-sucker as any porn star in the world. I started totally enjoying her tongue, lips on my cock. Manisha was observing this. Hesitantly she also reached my cock and Dipika slowly left it for her. Manisha kissed the tip of my cock once. I smiled at her and told her to take in her mouth. She took my dick head inside a little and sucked it. I pulled Dipika up and started kissing her breasts. I was going out of limits with my elder sisters. Manisha slowly started enjoying my cock, she started taking it deep. Dipika meanwhile sat on my face and put her delicious pink pussy on my mouth. I started eating her out and she went crazy. In just a couple of minutes, she orgasm and collapsed on my face. I too did orgasm in Manisha’s mouth without informing her. Her mouth was full of my cum and she didn’t like it. She spit everything out on my crotch. Dipika got down and told her she was so sexy. She asked her to taste my cum. Manisha refused and Dipika licked it a little and tasted it. She was so intimidating and Manisha also forced herself to lick it.

Both virgin pussies were waiting to get fucked. Manisha was too scared. She asked Dipika to get fucked first so that she could watch and learn. To my surprise, my sexy sister obliged. “Fuck me bro!” she said. I was baffled with that. She slept on bed with her legs spread wide and invited me with both her hands. I lovingly slept on top of her and kissed her. I spit on her cunt and got it wet. I slid my cock on her vagina opening for some time. As she got more comfortable, she said, “do it bro. make your sister a woman” I pushed my cock inside her tight pussy. After a couple of failed attempts, I pierced her and she bled. Manisha was observing sitting on the below side of the bed. Dipika was in pain and Manisha helped us to clean up. Also, that got her very scared. Dipika asked me to fuck again and I did this time with a condom on. This time Dipika started to enjoy. She moaned heavily with every pounding she received. Manisha was horny and wet, waiting for her turn. I reached another orgasm and took out my penis out of Dipika’s pussy. She removed the condom and drunk every drop of my cum. This time I was tired after that wonderful session. I lay on bed with my flaccid dick lying on my stomach.

Manisha couldn’t resist and she came to kiss my balls and soft cock. Satisfied and happy Dipika told Manisha, “Give my awesome bro some time to pick up. Just now he has done too much hard work”, and kissed me. Horny Manisha jumped on top of us and we all kissed together. Just when Manisha was smooch me hard, Dipika slipped out of bed and prepared drinks for us. I definitely needed some, while Manisha was getting much hornier. She poured wine on Manisha’s body and asked me to suck it up. I delightfully drank all of it and I started sucking Manisha’s pussy. Manisha started moaning. Dipika left it to us and she sat on a sofa puffing on a cigarette. Manisha had orgasm to my sucking itself. While she was fully wet, I pushed my dick inside her and took her virginity. Manisha didn’t bleed since her hymen was already torn by intense work out. I fucked her harder while Dipika hugged me from behind. She offered a smoke to relax and caressed my body. We had more sex sessions at night and finally Manisha overcame the fear of sex. Now she is happily married while I and Dipika are enjoying sex whenever we can.

I hope the story brought all my readers a wild orgasm. Leave your comments.

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