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First Sex With Mom On Summer Vacation

Hello readers,
I am going to narrate a real heart throbbing story happened in my life. It all happened when I was 19, after my second year exams. My name is Nidhin I am living in Kochi. My father works abroad. I have a younger brother named Sajith. He is studying in 10th standard and he is totally involved in studies since it was exam time for him. Mom was busy working in Government Office. She is smart and active in all social activities. My father really loved my mom. She was very keen in the studies of both of us.

I was very active in college. Girls are really fond of me and most of the time I care them like my sisters. I never thought girls in other way. My masturbation habit was increasing and most of the time I disturbed. Though strong passion inside, but not know how to fantasize. It was a rare kind of phenomena. I was thinking of older aunties and think about their sex and enjoyed. I had a special weakness on ladies wearing sarees. I often looked to the naval part of teachers and ladies. I thought of kissing that part and melting with them.

I studied in NIT Calicut which is away from Kochi. Every week I come to home but my brother and neighbours will be there often. I used to go to friends house during weekend. But this time when I came back only my young mother was there at home. She looks like film star Ambika. When I rang the bell, she opened the door and surprised to see me. I entered inside. The home is sweet home which I like very much since it is very cool inside. The breeze of the fan and the smell of coconut oil with jasmine flavour stuck in the nose. It was 11.30 am

I asked mom ‘How are you?’

She was surprised, normally I won’t ask such things instead would go directly to room and busy with my business, but this time I had plans. I started thinking mom in other way. She wore saree and her belly and navel was visible. I stared there for few moments. I don’t know whether she got my mind, but she covered her belly with the end. I understand that she had her bath and in good health.

She replied ‘mmm OK but what happened to you?’
‘Mom after exams I am bit tired I need relaxation, I want to lie on your lap and sleep.’
She told ‘OK go and have bath. I’ll prepare food and we can have sleep, OK.
‘OK mom’ I told and gone to up stair and had my bath thinking of taking first step towards mom to satisfy my sexual needs.
I bathed and put after shower which made my body fine. I am athletic and have good muscles. After the bath I wore white under wear and pyjama and white shirt went down and called mummy for food. She served good meals. I missed her special taste for more than one month since I couldn’t come during weekends during exam time.

I sat on the chair and had the lunch. She stood behind the chair and served curries from my right side. When she leaned to serve I could see the wheatish belly portion which made me heart throbbed. I could sense the special smell from her armpit which made my bottom hard. I had enough food and asked mom to have her food. She went to kitchen and had some food and came back to the hall where I was watching TV. She came and told me, Nidhi come to my room and have good relaxation. You can watch TV there. I suddenly switched off the TV and went to her room. She knows that nobody would come till evening 5 pm. She often used to sleep after noon. She won’t respond to phone calls and door bells during this time. I don’t know her intention but she didn’t show any sign.
She put the AC and closed the door and told ‘AC would lose otherwise’ cool breeze started to flow. I realized I am with a young lady whom I fantasized and nobody is there. She immediately sat on the bed and put the legs over and put some space for me to sit beside. She invited ‘Come Nidhi sit here’. I went and sat near mom. She adjusted to sit at the other end of the bed and told me to put the lap on her big thighs. Her thighs are soft and I enjoyed the smooth and softness though her saree fabric was between my head and her thighs. I looked to mom’s face in laying position and put my right hand on her face and told ‘mom you are looking so beautiful’ and softly caressed her cheeks.

She became shy and holds my hands and kissed on the wrist and told ‘you are my beautiful son’. I feel the love on you dear; she kissed for few minutes.Then she pulled my head such that my nose could get the smell of armpit clearly. I entered in the world of sexual thoughts and became mad. I don’t know whether it was her technique of seducing me but things went like that after.

I moaned and rubbed her armpit in a way to being comfort from cold AC, she gave covering using her armpit and pressed for giving heat but things went uncontrolled for her too.
She was also forgetting the fact that I am her son. She then pushed my head downward to feel her breasts. It was like a cushion. I rubbed my heads to her breasts too. We both did not know what was happening between us. I rubbed and kissed her necks for heat and lowered to her cleavage and pushed my nose and lips towards down.

I was succeeded in kissing between her cleavages unknowingly the saree covered her blouse was scrolled down. She was seen in just blouses in front of me. It was first time a girl (young lady) sat in front of me just in blouses. From that point I understand we both are driven by goddess of pure love and there is no barrier of relation between us. I got the nerve to remove her blouse and my hands searched the hooks though it was new I succeed in opening, she wear cotton type bra inside house. I had to unhook that too by moving my hand to her back. After all the efforts the bloused lady is now liking a milking lady in front of me; her eyes were closed enjoying every acts.

That day ended in licking of clit, 69 position, fucking, drinking of semen, and everything. We had that every day till the end of my vacation and lived like husband and wife during 1pm to 5pm. Often I go to her bed at night and sleep there hugging and kissing my mom cum wife. It was beautiful experience which made me control sexual fantasies and we were like friends to share anything. Dear friends I was in heaven during vacations and holidays.

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Love And Lust For My Lovely Mommy

Hello Guys. I’m a regular reader of Myself Pranjal, I’m a good looking guy with good body and height. Now I’ll introduce my mom Pridhi. She is so charming, straight hair, fair looks, good body and descent height. My mom had divorced my dad when I was just 3 years old. From last 17 years, she is taking care of me. She is handling home and her office at the same time. And I’m taking care of her too. Now coming to the incident, which happened a week ago. I never had such intention towards her but after becoming a regular reader of ISS, I had those evil thoughts. At starting, I thought it’s a sin to think about her, as she is my mom. But at last I thought, she is also a woman and I may get such feelings for her. But I never expressed to her. I’m just waiting for a right chance. She really dresses well, wears kurti, leggings, dress and some times sarees also to office. No one can tell her that she is 43 years old because she looks like a 28 to 35 years old lady. She takes too much care of her self. I had lust and love for her. Somehow I collected guts and started my mission to seduce her towards me.

One day after her office, she came to home and I was watching movie titanic. Adult scenes are going on tv and she was also watching it with so much of interest. I caught her and after that, she did her work. I thought my plan is working little bit on her. Then I started to roam on shorts in home. I have 4 pack abs, so I thought she would get little interest in me and most important thing is, we sleep in one room and on the same bed. I’m having many sleepless nights, because I wanted to complete my mission successfully. I masturbate always in washroom by thinking of the semi nude scenes of her body, which I saw many times when she’s changing her dress.

Then after a few days I noticed some changes in her behavior. She wears a dress at home usually but she started to wear gown. Now my vacations are also over. So I have to start my second year in college. After college time, I spent that time only at home to think how to get her in bed. She came at 7 after that, she did her work and prepared dinner about 10:30 pm. She got free from all work and watched TV for entertainment and I’m also watching with her. I always play movies which contain some adult scenes. This went for a few days and on one Saturday morning, when I was sleeping only on shorts, she was awake but half sleepy. She was staring at my dick which is erect. I noticed her 1st time, she puts hand on her mouth and had a smile on face and went away. I thought this is the time, the time for a chance. It’s Saturday, so her office is closed.

I’m behaving naughtily with her. I think she got my intentions in the evening. While she was sleeping in room, called me there. I was shocked after watching, she was only in her leggings. She removed her bra and kurti. She told me to apply oil on back. I did that. I’m moving my hands on her butt and in underarms, it’s working, but I thought, let’s get her in my full control. So I waited till night. While on bed, I was sleeping my face towards her back and she wore a gown. So, I put my hand on her back and I started rubbing. Then slowly I moved towards her tummy. She got me but she didn’t tell any thing to me. She is also enjoying this, so I pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly from back. She said “Stop, it’s not fair, it’s a sin. I’m your mom and you are my son, we can’t do this and blah blah blah.” But I said, I know you didn’t have sex for a long time, you need this manhood. She is also enjoying, but she is hesitating to say that she wants it.

I started to kiss on her forehead and on cheeks, licking her neck and ears. She lost her control and started enjoying with me and giving company, telling me that “keep this between us only, don’t tell to anyone.” I was pressing her big boobs. She was moaning like hell. I was biting her on her boobs and I removed her gown. She is only in her panty and bra and I’m in my shorts. I started to lick her body like a dog, licking her underarms and her belly.  I removed her bra and started sucking her boobs. I’m enjoying it and it’s an amazing moment. She is also enjoying and she was telling me, “This came after a long time of 16 years. I never had sex in the whole time.” She told me that she satisfied herself with her fingers only for so long period. I told, now I’m here. She said. “Naughty boy, I know you had lust on me but how can I come directly towards you. This made me crazy.” She was pinching me with her nails and biting me. We did a lip lock, exchanged each other saliva. She removed my shorts, underwear and started sucking my dick. She told me, “You made me wild, son.” She is sucking my dick like no other day exists and went in to heaven. OMG. I cummed in her mouth. She licked it and told me it’s very salty.

Then I was resting on bed. She was driving me crazy and charging me. Then I stood up and removed her panty. I saw her pussy. It’s a clean shaved pussy. It was very very wet and smelling. I didn’t control my self and started licking it. Her hands on my head was driving me crazy. She told me, “you are a perfect man for me.” Then she said, “Now go beta. Don’t wait me more, I’m waiting from last 16 years. Please enter in your birth place.” This made me crazy and with my rock solid dick, I started fucking her and she was crying. Her pussy was very tight and in few minutes bleeding started from her pussy. I didn’t stop and fucked her like hell. We tried each and every position at that night. I made her fully satisfied. And now, we are having bath together in bath tub. We had sex in almost all corners of our home like on couch, bathtub, kitchen platform, on floor. We sleep nude on bed. Minimum in a day, I’m fucking her 4 times now. She is wearing short nighty at day time in home. We are enjoying it very much. It’s an ultimate pleasure to fuck mom. This feeling can’t be described guys. You too try on your moms.

Will be back with other stories. Please tell me, how is my story?

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My Mommy Is most Hot And Sexy

Hello friends.I’m today going to narrate the most sexy and horny story to you all. I’m Akhilesh Bajaj,my age is 24 and I’m currently doing M.E. from a very big college of Delhi. I’m very very fair and handsome with a great muscular body. Girls stares at me a lot and many of them just tries to become my friend. I’m most famous among all the girls. We are basically from Himachal, and as its cold and hilly region, all in our family are very very fair in color and beautiful too. My dad, Mr.Tejpratap Bajaj, works in a multinational company of Australia and visit us once in two years. We are very rich. Now let me tell you about my mommy. Her name is Abhilashaa Bajaj and she is a homemaker. She is well educated,and very very fair n beautiful. She is 5 ft 7 inches tall and her figure is 38-36-36 which is a little plump. She is very traditional and I haven’t seen her in anything else than a saree.

After completing B.E, I was selected for doing M.E. from a very big college of Delhi. I finally decided to shift there along with mom, as she would be alone at home. We shifted to Delhi within a month. All the things were going on perfectly till my friend told me about iss incest stories. In a few days, I became a regular reader of incest stories. From then I used to observe mom’s beauty. I finally decided to seduce her. I chat everyday with dad through a social networking site by mobile. Then one evening I said “mom, can we take a net connection on our computer? It’ll be helpful for my studies and you can also chat with dad whenever you want.” She replied “OK, I’ll talk to your dad.” Next day we got net connection to our computer. I also made mom’s account on that social networking site and in few days she started using that site a lot. Now I decided to take the first step.

I made a fake account on that site by a lady’s name, and I sent mom a friend request. She accepted my friend request. Within a month, I became a very close friend of mom. One day I sent her incest mom son sex stories through that fake account. She didn’t replied for some days. I became very confused. One morning when I came out of bathroom after bathing, with just a towel on my waist. Mom just entered my room. I then intentionally dropped off my towel and mom was then just staring at my long fair dick. She just stared at it for a moment and left the room. When I came from college and opened that fake account, I saw mom’s reply. It was written “hey! I felt very awkward when I read that story. But today I saw my son’s dick accidentally and I’m glad to say that he’s very very sexy. I just wanna seduce him now.” I became very happy. I replied “I’m sending you some of the most erotic incest stories. You read them and seduce him your way.” Next day I observed that mom was frequently passing smiles to me. Then in the evening mom said “you are very fit, I also wanna become fit. May I join you for the morning walk from tomorrow?” I replied” sure.” From next day she started to go for morning walk with me. After a few days of regular morning walk, one day she asked “may I buy some salwar suits for me, as its not comfortable for me to walk in saree”. I replied “mom, you are free to wear anything, don’t ask me, I’ll have no objection.” When I returned from the college, I was amazed to see that mom was wearing a red color full sleeves salwar suit and her hairs were loosened long till her butts. She asked “How am I looking”? I replied “very very beautiful” and kissed her cheeks tightly. She became very happy.

At night I again opened that fake account on my mobile and mom was online. She messaged me “I wore salwaar suit after 25 years, and my son was very happy when he saw me. He kissed my cheeks. I’m very happy”. I replied “it’s not enough! You should become more stylish and revealing day by day, if you want your son. You should also show off your beauties to him”. Next day evening, while mom was cooking in the kitchen, she switched off the fan and was now completely sweaty wet. She came out of the kitchen and opened the three front buttons of her kurti. Her bra and cleavage was clearly visible.She bent a little down and I was starring on her beauties. She became very happy. For a few days she was coming to morning walk with me in salwaar suit. Then one day she asked “may I buy a tracksuit for my morning walk as its more comfortable”. I replied “you are free to wear anything, don’t ask me.” She bought two track suits next day. I stopped to go for morning walk due to exams but she was regular. She also started power yoga at home after the walk. In three months, she became very very slim and fit. Now her figure was 38-28-32, which is very very hot.

One day,when I returned from my college,I was shocked to see that mom was wearing a net sleeves white kurti and a skin tight legging. I changed the clothes and wore nothing on top, as it was very hot. Suddenly mom entered my room and asked “how am I looking?” I kissed her cheeks tightly and said “you are becoming more beautiful day by day.” For the first time she kissed my bare chest and said “thanks”. I jerked off five times that day. Next day morning while I was sleeping, mom came to my room and sat beside me. She first checked if I was really sleeping, then she licked my chest a little and kissed it and said “wake up young boy.” I suddenly sat and kissed her boobs cleavage and said” I woke up young lady”. She asked “why you kissed here”? I replied “If you can kiss my chest then I can also”. She passed a smile and left the room. After some days, one day when I came from college, mom said “today I visited beauty parlor, and got my all unwanted hairs cleaned, including hands, legs and armpits. Her body was shining like a plastic doll. Then she loosened her hairs and asked “How am I looking”. Her hairs were little bit curled from down. I kissed her cheeks and said “gorgeous.”

After six days, one morning after bathing, I came out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around my waist. I sat in front of the mirror, put shaving cream into my armpits and started shaving them. Suddenly mom entered my room and said “can you teach me this?” I said “OK, but you’ve to wear a sleeveless for this”. She just went to my bathroom and when she came out, my dick became a monster after seeing her. She was wearing my wet banjyan which I washed. Her flat belly and bra was completely visible,and as her boobs are large, my baniyan was very tight to her. She sat beside me and started following me. In five minutes, her armpits were completely shaved. I said “as your armpits are cleaned, you can now wear sleeveless kurtis also”. After she left the room, I went to my bathroom and saw that my mobile was kept there and it’s camera was on by mistake and mom’s clothes changing video was taken. I became nude, sat on commode and played the video. In that, after closing the door from inside, mom took off her kurti and for the first time I saw her in bra. Then she sniffed my wet underwear and baniyan, wore it and gone out. I jerked off heavily after watching this. She bought five sleeveless kurtis next day. When I returned from college, I was amazed to see that mom was wearing a tight low neck sleeveless kurti and a caphry. She just kissed my chest and said “how I’m looking?” I just kissed her boobs cleavage and said “like a hot young girl”. She passed a smile. Then she raised her hands and said” are my armpits shaved completely”? I just then kissed her armpit and said” yes”. I opened that fake account again and sent 20 incest videos to mom’s account.

At night, I observed that mom was watching the videos I sent her. I was very very happy. Next day while I was watching T.V, mom sat beside me. She kissed my cheeks and said “good morning”. I also kissed her cleavage line and said “good morning”. She was behaving like the milf which she watched in the video. She shifted more close to me and put her hand on my thigh and slowly started rubbing it. Suddenly she looked into my eyes and phone rang. It was dad’s phone. She talked to dad for an hour. At night, while I was about to sleep mom came and sat beside me. She was wearing a nighty, which was too short that even her thighs were not covered properly.It was very low neck, sleeveless with just two strings on the shoulder and one string at the back.She then kissed my chest and said “I saw your dick and it was very long and fair when your towel dropped. You are very hot. I wish if I could see it again”. I replied “you are also very hot and you were looking very sexy in my wet baniyan.” I then kissed her cleavage and said “good night”. Next day when I returned from college, I became excited to see that mom was wearing a tides and a white top, which was like my baniyan. I just kissed her cleavage tightly and said “very very sexy”. She passed a smile.

After I changed my clothes, mom came and sat in front of me and crossed her legs. Her milky white thighs were fully visible. She then said “I’m feeling a little itching at the back, can you help me?” I then rubbed her back with my figures and she said “thanks”. In the evening, she sat beside me and started rubbing her hand on my thighs. Then she slowly opened my zipper and said “I wanna see it again”. I replied “no mom, its not right. You are hot and beautiful but you are my mom”. She holded my hand and took me to her room. Then she opened her account and showed me that incest story and said “read it”. I started reading it and then I stopped and said “I’m feeling awkward”. Mom said “baby, please read the whole”. I read it completely and said “mom, it’s not true”. She than played one of the incest video I sent her. In that first mom and boy kissed and then mom opened her son’s zip and kissed his dick. I stopped the video but mom played it again. Then son sucked his mom’s boobs and finally licked her pussy and fucked her. I just ran to my room. Mom also came there. Then she pulled her top a little down where the cleavage was and said “do you like my beauties?” I said “mom please!” But then she put her one hand on my lips and said “sssshhhh”. Then she held my erect dick and said “this shows that you likes my beauties.” I then just held her very tightly and finally our lips were interlocked and we kissed passionately. We tasted our salivas and licked each others tongues also. After the kiss broke, I said “mom you go and wear my sweaty wet baniyan, you look sexy in that”. She wore it and came. It was a very erotic smell of my sweat. Then she licked my whole upper body and finally she made me fully nude by pulling off my underwear. Then she gave me a perfect blowjob.

I then pushed her on my bed and pulled off the wet baniyan she wore. I licked her upper body heavily and we even spitted in each others mouths. Finally I pulled off her bra and sucked her boobs nipples hungrily. I even licked her sweaty armpits heavily. Finally I pulled her panty off and licked her pussy heavily. I brought the bowl of curd from the fridge and dropped it on mom’s boobs and pussy and started licking her whole body. Finally I then inserted my dick inside her pussy and heavily fucked her. She was moaning. I then fucked her in doggy style and we enjoyed for a long time. Then we bathed together and slept together. From next day, our life totally changed. Now every morning, we kiss and lick our tongues. Mom also became pregnant but she aborted, but due to the pregnancy, her breasts got filled with milk and I sucked it every morning. Now I press her boobs whenever I wish and she also sucks my dick whenever she wishes. I use condoms and we do sex in every two days. I lick her armpits and boobs sweat after she does her exercise and she also licks my armpits when I come from morning walk. We now use to shave each others armpits and pubic hairs and I also bought more short dresses for mom, which makes her more sexy, including lingerie, micro skirts,string bra and panties etc.We enjoy our sexy life a lot. Hope you like my story.

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My Sexy Mom Live Cam Show

Hello everyone, my name is karan. This story is about my lonely sexy mom and how she got involved in the world of internet sex. And how I managed to make it possible for me after catching her red handed. My mom name is kavita mehra, age 42, you guys can imagine her by my explanation which I am gonna say now. She is 5’6″ fair color, her hair is dark brown till her hips. she generally use clutches to hang her hairs, uses lip gloss. She generally wears plain saree and sleevless blouse, backless or string one. Her underarms are cleaned always but a quite dark, may be because of hair removal cream. Her body is complete fair in color. She mostly wears saree below her navel but few stretch marks are visible, which is 4-5 inch down her navel. Her blouse is quite deep always which shows her huge melons which can be noticed from the transparent saree pallu. Her locket is always inside her big cleavage.

Now coming to the story, I live with my parents, and we three lives in raipur city of chattisgarh state. My dad is a govt servant. And my mom is a housewife. I am in 12th standard. My dad is generally busy in office and when at home still busy at work. My mom is lonely from inside. I am very fond of incest stories and after reading variety of mom son sex stories, I decided to trick my mom somehow. By the thought of tricking my mom made me horny. She is well educated. But still she is weak at computer. She knows basics like how to operate computer and how to play songs/movies. But she doesn’t know how to use any software.

One day she asked me how to use internet to get new recipes of food. I told her I will teach you after my school. I came by 1 pm and told her I will teach by 2 pm. She did her household work and came to me. I taught her basics how to connect and disconnect internet. And how to use Google. It was very easy she said and got it very first time. After using 3-4 days she said the site is asking for the email address for the free subscription. I taught her to make email and how to use it. And while making an account I told her you should change your password as it should not be disclosed to any one. She said ok I will change it. And she started using the internet. Now, the world of internet is opened for her to explore more and more. I knew her email id. So my mind thought to trick her. I texted her from my account, simply ‘hi’, suddenly got the sound of receiving message. I got to know she is still online. I texted one more from another account a fake one. And she saw both. But didn’t reply any. I came to her and said I sent you message why aren’t you replying. She said I don’t know who is texting. I said, check it then. It’s me. She didn’t said anything about other one.

I sent few links of porn site from fake account. She got stuck on computer Surfing. As I was sitting in next room and her room was locked. After an hour she came from room and was quite refreshed. I asked her how is internet working. She said, it’s good. And I sent one text an hour later from fake one that why are you not replying. This is a random text to random id. If you didn’t like just tell me. If you like it I will send you more. She then replied, I can’t chat with you but you keep mailing me these links. I was amazed and got excited. I replied the stories are far better than the xxx videos. I will send you the links. She said ok. I will see. I sent the lonely housewives, lonely mom, desperate mom/wives stories and slightly started sending the mom son stories. She mailed back, “Is it real stories? Is it possible? Does it happens in reality?”

I said yes depends on the women how they carry this. And she was completely in incest stories. After a week I saw her computer history. It was filled with mature mom young boys, mom son, etc kind of links. Now my trick was working on her. I asked her one day when dad was on duty, let’s go for shopping mom, I wanna get some clothes and undergarments. She said ok, even I have to get some stuff. She got ready. We left for market. She asked me to stop at medical store. I said what happen to you mom? Is everything Ok? She said yeah it’s women’s thing. I got it. And I reached jockey store. She asked me go and get some. I asked her to company me inside. She agreed. She came inside I bought few garments. She was looking at female section. I reached there and asked her to buy something if you want. She said no I will get it later. I said, it doesn’t make any sense of coming back again. Get something now what you want. She asked a man to show some bras of 36 size. I saw her. She saw me. We manage to avoid the contact. He showed few patterns. She selected the simple one. I said mom get this one, which was quite sexy and transparent. She said I don’t wear these kind of. I said “ok, but it will suit you for sure.” The conversation was going on in front of the seller. She said to keep shut by her eyes. I stopped. She said to pack the same I chose. And she smiled. This was the first clue which was making us more closer and frank.

And I started again chatting on net with her she replied. I asked her do you started thinking of your son in the sexual way? She said not yet but sometimes I feel excited. And she explained the situation happened on the store. I asked her to show her on cam. After denying few times, she agreed. She came on cam only with the bra. I asked her to show the face. She didn’t show any more and logged out. I masturbated a lot. That was going pretty well. She texted me that she too wanna see me. I got nervous. I said I won’t show my face. She agreed. When I put on cam and I was nude with erected dick. She saw mine and logged out. When I ask her what happened, she didn’t reply. And finally I realized she would have seen the background. She might be in her doubt of me. To confirm she asked me to show the face Next day. I came online and asked her to show the face too. She agreed. And when we on the cam. I know today something will go wrong or great would happen. We both switched on the cam, she saw me and I saw her. She logged out without saying anything. I was caught by her in live cam. She came to my room. I was still nude. She was in dark blue saree. She asked, you planned everything right? I said yes mom.

She sat beside me. And leaned on my lap and took my dick head in her lips, started giving blowjob. I held her hair and started doing it faster. And after 5 mins, I took her and kissed her. She closed her eyes and started kissing wildly. And soft moan can be heard which is more to go. I slowly took her saree and lifted to her waist. She was giving me handjob by the time. I started rubbing over her panty and slided it. She unbuttoned her blouse and sat on my lap. Kissing was going wild and can’t be stopped. She stopped for a moment and smiled. And started kissing again. And guided my penis to her trimmed pussy juicy hole. It was so wet like she already had an orgasm. And started moving up and down. After few minutes she asked me to come over her. She was on bed on her back. And asked me to pound her with her sexy expression, biting her own lips. I kissed her and started fucking her like animal. She kept her legs on my shoulder and asked me to fuck harder and faster. After few minutes we both came to an end and she asked me to explode outside, not inside. I was about to explode and took my penis out and shot on her. Drops were on her whole body from navel to her eyes. We kissed again and slept over each other for a while.

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Mother Reads Son’s Mind And Penis

This incident happened years ago when I was 22. I am from Kerala and studied there in a local college and completed my degree. I have three sisters, two elder and one younger. Though I have many experiences, this pertains to be an incident with my mother.

By the time I completed Degree, my sisters had got married and gone away. I was living with my father and mother only in our big ancestral house, with a servant girl to help. Like any boy of 22, I too was horny always and I had relationship with the servant girl. We used to do everything except releasing my semen into her cunt.  Seeing women naked was not a big thing then. We had a private pond and ladies used to bathe there almost naked wearing only a towel around their waist. To be frank, I had seen my mothers pussy as well as many of my aunt’s pussies, while bathing with them, when I was a child. I used to watch their pussies intently and I used to get pleasure even though I did not know what is it about.

Now back to the story. I did not know my mother was awe at me having sex with the servant girl until the day she cautioned me against a new girl who came as help. She told me to be careful with the new girl as she belonged to another caste and cautioned me that she could cause trouble. Days went by and I was getting hornier day by day.

On one occasion, my father was out for two weeks and the servant girl was also on leave. I was desperate with my dick which is always in an excited state. One night mother called me for dinner and I went down, but my penis was in full erection. It was visible through the dhoti which I was wearing, it seems. I was very horny and I caught myself staring at mother’s big breasts. She was 48 at that time with big breasts and firm, fair body and tempting hips. May be because of my excited state, I saw a new mother in front of me, a sexually attractive fully developed woman. My mother noticed my change in the mood and she also stared me silently. Then only I realized that I was not eating and I was staring at my mom’s boobs. By automatic response, I took my eyes away from her and my hands reached my groin to push down the erect penis. Mother noticed that also and as a much more experienced person, that too a woman, she must have understood that I was horny looking at her.

I was embarrassed, so I finished my dinner and went upstairs to my room to sleep. Instead of sleeping, I started fondling my dick and enjoying my self. Downstairs, I heard my mother closing the doors for the night and going to her room to sleep in her room. The light was switched off in my room while I went to bed but suddenly the lights came on and I saw my mother there. I was busy masturbating and I did not know what to do. Then suddenly the lights went off, I felt my mother’s fingers enveloping my penis, in a tight grip. It was unbelievable. We did not speak any thing. I caught her boobs and pressed. She slowly removed her blouse and the bra. I mouthed it and reached her waist feeling her pussy over cloths. Then she allowed me to remove her clothes one by one.

I placed my self on top of her and started kissing her. We were still not uttering a word each other,  I got up and switched on the lights after closing the windows. She protested mildly but I told her I wanted see her fully. Her pussy was just like the way I used see when I was a child. Big, really big and hairy, glistening with fluid of pleasure released by my touch. I am a tall person with a firm body, fair like my mother. My mother is a big made woman. I kissed it again and again. To my surprise she showed the exact spot on her pussy to be licked and I learnt the art of pussy licking from my mother that night. We spent about two hours like that kissing, licking, sucking etc,. She asked me about the girls I had fun with and I told her. I also told her about the fun I had with my eldest and younger sisters. She told she was aware of it. Finally she took my penis fully in her mouth and gave me a wonderful blow job. I came in her mouth to mine and my mother’s fullest satisfaction. She had not reached menopause, so did not want to take the risk of getting pregnant. Of course we had fun many times after that night also, whenever we got opportunity. By the time I had become greedy to taste new pussies, I sought my mother’s help to achieve it.

One of my targets was her cousin. I told mother that her cousin is also like mother, so I lust her also. In contrast to my mother she was small woman with small tits. She had two daughters, one was of same age of my sister. Mother was in confusion, how to achieve it as she wanted our sexual relation a secret. Finally she told me a way. She asked me to approach her directly, when she comes here. If she create a scene, mother would manage it. I did exactly that. This cousin who was only a few years younger to my mother was staying nearby and was a regular visitor to our house. One after noon, this lady came to our house and came to my room, upstairs. I gave a surprise to her by grabbing her boobs from behind and planting a kiss on her neck. She was shocked and pushed me away. By that time my dhoti had got loosened and dropped to the floor. I was not wearing an underwear and my erect manhood was visible. She looked at it twice and went down in protest. I knew she would complain to my mother. I remained in my room. By the time I went down in the evening for Tea, she had gone. While giving tea, my mother told that everything was okay. I did not know what was meant by it, whether she is ready to have sex with me or whether she would not tell any other person.

I did not ask mother what they talked about or how she pacified her. And it happened the very next day afternoon. My mom’s cousin came to my room without showing any emotion. I did not waste time. This time I approached from the front and grabbed her boobs firmly by kissing her lips. There was no protest from her. I took her in my hands and placed her in my laps. At that time, she told me that she used to breastfeed me when my mother was away. This was a big news to me. I looked at her small well shaped breasts with new admiration and sucked it. She seemed happy. I decided to remove her clothes. (Those days they used to wear one dhoti as underwear and one dhoti over it as regular dress) So I had to remove two clothes to reach her pussy. Her pussy, of course was small compared to my mother but was well lubricated. I put my fingers in it first, then my tongue and finally my fully grown dick. I don’t know why she was very fond of fondling my penis and was happy to give a blow job. After the first load was released into my mother’s cousin’s mouth, my manhood became ready again within no time. I inserted my tool deep into her pussy and stated pumping. It was heaven. By the time my mother came from downstairs to see what was happening, she saw us engaged.(sexual intercourse) She sat there with a smile on her face, we finished and noticed mother’s presence. It was just great. After that, we went down and had tea. When she left for her house, she was having a smile of satisfaction on her face and I saw the lady cousins exchanging an understanding smile.

Till this day, I do not know how my mother managed to pacify her cousin and get her for me.  I have more incidents to tell involving my other relations and sisters also which I will do later. Hope you enjoyed the narration of my experience. Please share your experiences with me, both ladies and gentlemen.

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Fucked Mom With Her Invitation When Dad Not At Home

Hi all, this is yuva (name changed), this is my first story. Please forgive for the mistakes. Let’s come to the story, my age is 21 and my mom age is 42. It all started while surfing internet, unknowingly landed into incest sex stories. In the beginning, I only read it for fantasy, later on I became addicted. Then on, my intentions changed about my mom and I was waiting for every chance to see her skin. (mom name: radha , boob size:36 , fair complexion , height:5.5)

Let’s come to the main story, how I seduced or got a chance to fuck her. It was the time I had 15 days holidays from college. I was not having many friends so I used to stay at home only. My mom used to take bath in the noon after finishing all the work….before going to take bath she will arrange all the dress she wants to wear and go into the bathroom with only wearing the towel. So I decided to do some work in the bedroom where her clothes was placed so that I can see her body. After 1o minutes, she came out of the bathroom and stunningly saw me and asked what are you doing here, I replied that, I have to arrange these documents for my college. It was an awesome view. I can see a little bit of cleavage, then I started doing my work and partially seeing my mom. Mom seamlessly wore the underwear and petticoat first, then came the time for me, while changing her bra at that point of time, I turned back and saw as if I finished my job and going to the hall, that’s the moment I saw my mom’s boobs fully. She noticed that I was seeing her boobs only and didn’t mind and fluently covered with her bra. After coming out I couldn’t resist and I went and shagged 3 to 4 times thinking that. And the next day came, same scenario as above till I saw my mom’s boobs, this time mom knew all the things I wanted from her and she asked why are you doing like this, I was in full shock and I didn’t even move an inch from there and mom told that this is common in this age and sent me out of the room and she changed the dress and came back to the hall and called me for the conversation and asked why are you in this kind of situation. I slowly explained all the things that happened in the internet, that stories and then said nothing and went back..

This is the climax, after those incidents one fine day, when dad was in night shift, mom and me were watching tv, after some time we sat for dinner and finished, mom told that she is going to sleep and told me to sleep but I continued watching tv. After 5 minutes, mom called me to come to the bed room. I went in, she was in nighty, as soon as I went in she asked me to rub some moov to her back and I said no and turned my face, immediately she came near me and held my hands and said you can have me. I was in a shock and heaven. It was a mixed reaction for me ..then after 10 to 15 seconds, I calmed down and took mom to bed. There we had a beautiful conversations at first, she told to feel comfortable and don’t think that we are doing a sin so that we can enjoy and said these things must be as a secret and must not be revealed and I nodded for everything. She told to close the door and increase the volume of the tv such that no one can hear our moans, then the first move started by my mom itself. She was sitting in the bed and I was standing in front of her she pulled my shorts and my inners then came my rock solid dick, after seeing that she gave a smooth shag and I told to give me a blow job for that she refused and I asked her to remove her nighty, she told feel free to take my clothes off. Now I felt some comfort and made her lie down in the bed and lifted her nighty up her stomach and I slept on top of her and I was kissing her all over after some time, came down and pulled her panty down and the first time I saw my mom’s pussy, it was with some bush and the lips was awesome. I started to smell her pussy, the fragrance made me mad and I started licking her pussy in ecstasy. She started to moan now and we were in full swing. Then I removed her nighty and she was bare by the time, then I entered for the first time in the pussy, for the first push, I stopped there itself and started to kiss her boobs. While kissing her boobs that mangalsutra came across, then came some power to me and fucked her to the core, after 5 minutes I was about to cum, I told to mom, she told to cum inside and said she had undergone operation for that and within seconds I came to the climax and I was exhausted.

We were lying one next to each other, after few minutes she stood up and went to the bathroom and urinated and came back and told me to clean the cum and sleep. I was not in a mood to sleep so, I told mom, I need this one more time, mom said ok, but quick. I nodded my head and started hitting and after 1 minute I asked her, I want fuck your ass, mom said no to that in the first and accepted and told you are the first one to enter my ass, then made my mom bend in doggy style and applied some spit on my cock and entered her. She jerked with some pain and after a minute or so it became smooth and I am tired so I cant cum. Mom understood and said stop it, I’ll give you a hand job and she gave a hand job and the cum oozed out, suddenly mom took it in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. She drank all the juices and then we ended our night lying nude.

This is my story guys please give me feed back so that I can clear my mistakes next time.

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This Could Be The Story Of Your Mom And You!

This is siva from tirunelveli, southern district of tamilnadu. I’m a typical 22 year old jobless guy who completed engineering with average grade. Myself most of the time confined to my room and love to be alone. Me and my mom are living alone in our home, since my father left to gulf when I was 2 years old. He rarely visits india. Since, I am the only son, I was given special attention and care by my mom. I was grown up by my mom till now. Her name is Uma, She is a very strict mother but very kind person. She is just a normal mother just like your mother. My mother used to bath me till I was in 6th grade. Coming to her physique, she is not a damn sexy woman, I’m not gonna lie that she has 40″ breast. At the age of 14, I found her bra size was 34. I love her alot. Whenever she used to hug me I never felt anything bad. She even kissed me in the lips when I was young. Everything was normal till I found something unusual with my mom’s attitude when I was in my sixth grade.

She always wear saree and she used to raise her arm, whenever she talks to a guy. It gives a clear picture of one side of the boob and most of the stomach. She does it every single time, it doesn’t matter, if she is talking to a stranger. I even told her many times not to do that. But, she used to say that was nothing. Days rolled by, I used to sleep with her in the same bed. I began to wet(cum) my underwear, when I was in my seventh grade. I even asked her about the white stuff in my underwear. She told its normal and asked me to shave the area regularly. Most of the mornings, I had huge erections which I felt embarrasing infront of my mom. At nights, I used to hug her and put my legs over her and it let my penis rubbing her legs (not in bad intension). I sometimes used to sleep with my face dug in between her breasts. It was quiet normal for a seventh grade boy. After few days, she asked me to sleep alone in my room. Years roll by, I was 16, one day, one politician guy, who used to finance for us whenever needed, visited our home. He was drunken like hell. He was sitting and talking with my mom. As usual, my mom raised her arm showing her assets. He was watching directly at my mom’s navel and I was shocked that my mom didn’t say anything. She asked me to go to my room. I went to my room and I was watching a movie and after two hours, I came out, the guy was not there and My mom was in her room taking rest.

In my eleventh grade, the bullies in my class used to talk about “Kai adikathu”(masturbation in tamil). I never even know what does that mean. I was curious but they didn’t tell me a word. At that time, browsing center is the best place to satisfy the adolescence. I used to visit alone and search for nude pictures of girls (not porn). I used get a big erection and even pre cum at there. The center in charge was a lady, who found that my cabin’s door was open. She saw me watching nude pictures, she simply closed the door and went, didn’t say a word. I realized how people are money-minded. As days goes on, I got internet connection at home and watched my first porn. I realized how sex pleasure can be achieved by hand. I began to discover pleasure and shagged a lot. I even had masturbated more than five times a day, thankfully, I didn’t get any side effects. I’m pretty shy guy and afraid to talk to girls, so no girlfriends till I attended my college. As I was in +2, It was important to clear the public exams, mom used to wake me up at 5 in the morning to study. Even I used to study. That was a summer, my mom used to sleep in the hall, where I used to study. Since, It was very hot climate, She loosen her saree and blouse and sleep. My mom never wears bra. One morning, I was trying to study while my mom lying in front of me. I studied for half an hour and had a glance at my mom. My mom was completely tired and her whole body is exposed. Her saree was lifted up to the thigh and her saree was completely gone and her cleavage and navel was an absolute feast for my eyes. I got an immediate erection. For the first time, my view towards mom has changed.

This happened every morning. One day, I thought to masturbate watching her. She was exposed as usual and lowered my shorts held my “sunni” (penis in tamil) in one hand and book on another hand. I was watching her navel and stroking my sunni. I stroked faster and faster. I was sweating and her nipple impression was visible. I was about to cum, the milkman ringed my door bell. I was shocked and hid my cock with the book. I cummed like anything on the pages. My mom woke up slowly and didn’t see me. I covered myself and cleaned my penis and the book later. I again did this couple of times. I had special classes on sundays. But one sunday, it was cancelled and I reached the home early. I found the bike of the politician in front of the home. I entered inside, found no one was there. I went to my mom’s room and found her standing in her pavadai (petticoat), she just had bath and the politician guy is lying in the bed, all dressed.

My mom was a bit shocked and tried to act normal. I entered the room and sat in the bed. Mom enquired about my classes and wore blouse in front of me and that guy. The guy asked, ” Enna uma! Bra lam poda matiya?” (Hey uma! Don’t you wear bra?). She replied, not in the hot summer. I was mind-struck and almost fainted after listening all this. Later, he left the house. I asked my mom, Why she was changing her dress infront of him. She replied he is like her brother and It does’nt matter. I went back to my room and was thinking of it again and again, at one stage, I got horny and began to masturbate. I heard some footsteps and stopped masturbating and It was my mom she entered my mom, while I covered myself with my blanket.

My mom asked sorry for what happened in the afternoon and she confessed that she is in relationship with him. I was shocked and asked what happens if dad knows about this. She started to cry and I lied her head on my lap. Her cheeks were rubbing my balls, she realized after a minute and woke up. She asked me whether I was wearing anything inside. I told no. She smiled and said “romba kai adikatha da” (don’t masturbate too much). I was shocked again and asked how she knew this, She told she knew everything about me. I even knew how many times I shagged watching her and how many times I shagged on her panties. I was dumbstruck and didn’t utter a word. She told everybody makes mistake, we have to forget everything. (saying that I should not interfere with her relationship with the politician). Days rolled by, Me and mom was getting closer and closer, I was in my second year. I found used condoms in the dustbin and asked my mom, did guna (politician) visit today? she told yes and I asked her to clean the dustbin. She smiled and hit my head in a pet way.

My mom used to sleep in my room and she wants to bath me. I said ok. I was waiting in the bathroom with towel and underwear inside. She entered the bathroom with saree lifted upto the knee. She asked me to take off the towel. With little hesitation I did, She told its been ages since she last bathed me. She poured water all over my body and caressed and soaped every part of my body from the top. She asked me to stand and she was sitting in a small stool. She soaped my thighs and placed her hand on my briefs. She asked me, “do u shave regularly?” I said yes.. She asked “Thola uruchi soap podriya?” (Will U peel the foreskin and soap?) I said mmm.. She lowered my brief and I was already in semi-erection. My sunni begin to erect fully and balls were hanging like cherry fruits. She glanced my sunni for a while and I rubbed my cock. She said wait.. and poured water and applied soap along the shaft, She peeled the foreskin and rubbed with her finger, she rubbed my balls and smiled. I asked why, she said, you have grown a lot. She then shaked my shaft twice and It was heavenly. Then she stopped and poured water again and cleaned me. Then she dried me off with the towel.

I could not control any longer I hugged her with my nude body rubbing over her. She told “sunniya aruka poren paaru!” (I’m gonna chop your penis off) in a funny note. I replied ok go on. She hugged me back and said, “Ithuku than da ivlo naal kathutu irunthen” ( I have waited this long for this moment). I got courrage on hearing this and removed her saree. She told , “Ipo venam Night vachuklam” (Not now, We will have it tonight). I said ok and waited till night. It was 10pm, I was waiting in my room with my underwear. She entered my room . She was wearing blouse and petticoat alone. She asked me “Enna da, Amma va okka ready a?” (Are u ready to have ur mom?). She confessed that she had slept with three guys after her dad, She told my dad is not a good man and he used to drink and beat her everyday without any job. Once he left to gulf, he spend all the money in parties and send only a little to mom. She added that, she was not a bitch. She only sleeps with the guy who helped her. I was shocked but was eager to have my first sex. She told she is dying to have a young cock like mine for ages and she was waiting for me to fuck her. She said I am matured enough to pleasurize a woman.

On hearing this, I got erection and hugged her and kissed her vigorously. She was moaning and enjoying my innocence. I removed her blouse and for the first time, I look at a woman’s breast for real. I put her on bed sucked her nipples. She shouted “ahhh pundaya nakku da”. ( suck my pussy). I removed her petticoat. Her pussy was already leaking and I licked her juices hardly and she was lifting her hip and shouting.. mmmm,,, ahhhh.. sivaa ,, thevdiya payale (son of a bitch). Now she lied above me and kissed my chest and stomach and lowered my briefs. My cock was already drippping. She said , Ivlo naal kai adichathu pothum, amma oomburen da” (Enough of masturbating, Mom is gonna suck u). She had my sunni in her mouth and sucked like a professional. She peeled my skin and licked the dick head’s bottom. It was sensational and it hit my nerves and my cock began to pump. I said “amma, kanji vara poguthu”, (Mom, Am gonna cum). She stopped licking and waited for me to calm down. I got up and lied over her. She spread her legs and asked , “panna theriyuma?”(Knw how to do it?). I smiled and hit my cock into her pussy. Ahhh,, It was painful at first and I thrusted again and again.. She screamed “thevdiya payale, nallaa panra da” (Son of a bitch, u r doing it great). I pumped again and again and I made sure not to cum early. But, I can’t hold longer I cummed my load into her pussy. She was biting my neck and shaking her hip. In ten jerks, I unloaded all my semen in to her cunt.

I slept next to her, we both lied nude and she kissed me. She asked me not to feel guilt and told its happening everywhere, but, people will not show up. I was convinced but felt guilt a little bit. I slept with her couple of times after that till I found a girlfriend. My mom still has her affairs for money and I have no problem with that. If this story made u to cum, Please, leave ur comments below. 

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Unforgettable Incest With Elder Sister

I am Suraj, 22 years old. This is my story of incest with my real elder sister – her name is lata. She is 26 years old and does job. In my family, we have my mother father , me and elder sister. Now coming back to story. My sister is a decent looking girl. She mostly wears jeans and suits and in home, skirts and nighty. In parties sometimes she wears saree too, her figure is 34b- 32-33 and she is 5.5 tall. And I am fit and average guy- knows how to show myself. I am 72 kg and 5.9 tall. Since we live in small house – me and lata sleeps in same room on same bed while parents in other room.

So the story starts as there was a party in my sister office and there was a Dj and prom., the condition was she needs to have a guy partner. But the problem was there wasn’t one that time. Some were in other town and some were busy. Then my luck came in. My sister one day told me about this and asked any friend comes with her. Just he has to go with her and enjoy and dance a bit, nothing more. So I told her I couldn’t find and I said di I can come with you as your bf. Since I am in another city through out the year and no one knows me. She didn’t agree. But 2 days before she agreed due to lack of options. So that day we went for shopping. I must say di clothe’s choice is great. She made me buy a awesome suit and she herself bought a black saree- everything was black: blouse, bra… Lata di looks great and beautiful, sexy always when she wears a saree. So on the party day. We went to party. As it was a prom, we had to dance as couples too. It was during that dance I got a thought to have sex with lata di. During dance I touched her hips, neck, back legs almost everywhere. I was erect instantly. Lata di noticed it during the dance that I am fully erect due to her. But she said nothing. There in the party, truth and dare session was there. And luck was favouring me. My sister chose to dare and the dare was to kiss her bf in front of everyone with his shirt open for continuously 5 mins and it’s a french kiss too. The moment di got, she was surprised and fear what to do. She can’t tell anybody and she had to perform. So I initiated and holded her around hips. I hugged her and whispered di kiss me, no one else will know and I told her now open my shirt buttons. Then I started kissing her and she was not at all participating for few seconds. Then suddenly she started kissing and opened my shirt button. As soon lata di hands were holding my waist and chest while kissing, I was fully hard. Di noticed that. We kept on kissing for 3 mins with end of French kiss. My lips and neck was marked with her dark maroon black lipstick.

After the party we came home. My sister said sorry for what happened. But I said di I am happy with that. I love you lata di. I want more di. She was shocked. After a while she asked why you were hard there. I told her it was my first time being so close with any girl. Then few days went but I couldn’t stop thinking to have sex with her. One evening I intentionally changed clothes in front of her., just in underwear for 4-5 mins, while she was reading a magazine. Then I asked di trying different shirts and going in front of her to get her attention. She could see my penis little hard and my nude body. She was suggesting me shirts and I was getting her attention. Finally she said you have good body. Then she said you wear underwear of matching clothes. I said why to wear matching –she replied, we girls wear matching clothes.

Me – so u have many panties of matching color?

Lata di- yes

Me- but I have only few. But I have matching for this one. Should I change.

Lata di- yes obviously.

So intentionally I took out my other underwear and started changing in front of her. That moment di agin was looking in magazine. So while changing I said di tell me how it looks. She then watched my nude dick. I kept my self nude for 2 mins around showing her then I wore. And this trick worked almost – she said you have great penis and asked suraj what size you have.

Me- di what size means??

Lata di- that (pointing towards penis)

Me –what di

Lata di- your penis(instantly looking magazine then)

Me – never measured. What size you like ??

Lata di – 6 to 7

Me – I guess mine would me.

Then after same night, I planned and asked didi to give her massage. She allowed me. She was in skirts and white top. I said her that I’ll massage her head first, then neck and back. I was slowly massaging her head and seduced her almost. Di didn’t allowed me to put my hands inside her top from back so I have to massage her above top, then I moved down. I took her toes and fingers and started massaging. Slowly I moved up till below thighs. She didn’t stop me. I decided I won’t stop and would lift her skirts. So I moved up to her thighs and started massaging her slow in seductive way. Lata di held my hand when I did, but I forced and said di just feel and relax. She allowed me somehow. I lifted her skirts and could see her panty. Oohh my god she was wearing v shaped lace one – pink panty. I massaged her thighs and then made her turn back to massage her butts. She was almost seduced. So to try more again, I made her lie on back and this time started massaging hips and navel. I was massaging below her boobs and on shoulders above boobs. She didn’t allowed on her boobs saying in taunting way – that her bf can do that. I said why I’m your bro and I have first right on ur body. She laughed and I couldn’t do but that night lata di thanked me, kissed my arms, head, cheeks, neck, and also she slept lying on me intentionally. She even put her hands inside my tshirt and slept with her one leg on me!!!

Now next night after dinner I again started changing in front of her in lower and she was wearing night suit. I have always loved while she wear night suit because in that her figure looks more sexy and beautiful. I was in desperate mood of sex that night after last night massage session. So I laid beside her and she was doing chatting on mobile. So I messaged her on whatsapp di I love u. Would you be my gf. I did dis because I was little scared too. So she after few mins replies. Why me?? I said I love u in chat. Now our chat was like dis almost:

Me – di I love you. want to make u my gf

Lata di – hmmm

Me – reply

Lata di- we are bro –sis

Me – so what we already have kissed once-

Lata di- that was just a situation

Me- but I loved that kissing.

Then she stopped replying and she was constantly looking towards me. So I took her hands and put it on my penis above lower. She just kept her hand and didn’t respond. So I kissed her neck from besides. I tried kissing her then on lips suddenly she slapped me hard.

Lata di- what r u doing? I cant.

Then I again tried to kiss her this time I succeeded but after few seconds she pushed me and slapped again. That hurted man!!! Then I couldn’t dare and lied down on bed looking to mobile. After around 20 mins lata do lied next to me and she put the chadar on us and lied in a way that her one leg was on my leg while her hands on my shoulder and chest. She said bhai sorry I shouldn’t have slapped you. I wasn’t in good mood. Then suddenly she kept her hands on my penis smooching her hands. I didn’t respond. Then started opening my lower knot and put her hands inside my underwear. She instantly asked bhai size kya h – I said around 6. And she started giving me hand job. I couldn’t resist and kissed her on lips deeply.

Then it all started. Di came in me while her one hand was inside my underwear and one inside my t-shirt, we were kissing madly. We kissed deeply. Lata kissed my neck, cheeks hands head …..then after few minutes she asked suraj hum galat toh ni kar rahe naa?? I said lie on me di and I put my one hand inside her lower – opened the lower button and zip and started fingering her. And I whispered in her ears di – kaisa lag raha h- acha ki galat. She didn’t reply. I said di no one would know about our incest,  just I wanna fuck u.

Lata was lying on me – I was fingering her hard and her hands on my penis moving slowing. She was lying. I could feel her breath on my neck and even she bit me hard. Then again we started kissing on lips and I came on her. I made my self fully nude then and started opening her night suit top buttons and removed her lower too. Lata was looking absolutely fabulous in bra and panty – both were of red color.

Again started kissing her lips, neck shoulders arms and then I moved down her bra and sucked her boobs. Her nipples were dark brown with perfect circle around it and perfect round too. I sucked licked and kissed her. She was moaning aahhh..ooh my bro.. aaram see…..she was holding my hairs tightly while I sucked it. Slowly I moved down kissing her hips navel, rolling my tongue inside her navel. I moved her panty down. First lata di didn’t allow me to kiss there- but forcibly I opened her legs and started kissing her. She was cleaned shaved but her hairs were medium. I was rolling my tongue in her hairy pussy and sucked it.. I was tongue fucking her pussy and she was moaning loud. Aah suraj oooohh amaaa bhaiiiii….oops…when I suddenly sucked hard and she cummed. She slapped again as she couldn’t take it. After giving her oral I came on her, opened her thighs and put my dick on her vagina.

Di was holding penis, giving slow hand job keeping it on her pussy. Slowly precum started to come and fell on her wet pussy. I pressed di’s one boob and bit it. Due to biting, she left my penis and I was so excited, I inserted instantly. I was completely inside her in 3 strokes. She was moaning hard aah suraj..making all sounds.. my penis was inside her for 7-8 mins and I cummed inside her pussy. Aahh oohhh what was a moment. After this, we got separated. We laid next to each other cuddling, kissing her and there and lata always holding my dick.

Then after around 20 mins, di got dirty idea. She said she would spank my butts. So we made the arrangement and lata sat on bed – I lied my butts on her lap. She started spanking slowly –firstly spanked my both butts for 3 times- then suddenly her one hand was on my penis giving hand job and I was doing aahh ooh and another hand fingers was in my ass hole. First she inserted 1 finger then 2 then 3 – then I was little uncomfortable saying di I cant take. But she didn’t listen and fucking my holes with her 3 fingers – it was like with hand she was spanking and other in my ass. Lata was enjoying fucking with fingers in my ass –she did it for 15 mins I guess. Then another idea came in her mind and she took me to bathroom. She made me stand wide open legs and washed my penis, balls and ass with shampoo. I could feel her gentle hands. As she washed me I was again hard after spanking and fingering in my ass.

Then she made me understood why she washed me. She made me bent down and lata started licking balls and ass. She licked my ass and doing fingering. I was made agin turned back- made my open legs and she gave me blow job. Her one hand was inside my ass. With this combination I couldn’t resist and cummed in 10 mins again in her mouth. Di said me to again bend and she spitted my cum in my ass nad started fingering it. She made me to move to bed and lie while all time her fingerswere in my ass. I lied on bed facing bed and opened my legs. Lata di sat on my thighs and started kissing balls and my ass. Lata di did it for 10 and I was so much in pleasure, never had it. Atlast we sat on chair and di on me and I fucked her while she was sitting on my laps. I felt her body and it was much better. My dick was inside her and I was sucking her boobs. Once again I cummed little and kissed hard. Iske baad we slept after few minutes.

I would never forget this sex and after this, di made me to have sex with her office boss who is 33 years old and unmarried. 

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