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Caught Smelling My Chachi’s Panty

Hello everyone how are you doing? Taking care of yourself ? Good ! So here is my story it happened when i was 20 years old filled with testosterone and just wanted to get my dick throbbed in any aunty’s lips and get it aggressively sucked . So i was a boy who just got out of my teens sexually charged and desperate

I just finished my 2nd semester and i thought of visiting my Chachi house and it was 4 hours drive from my place and it was a yearly plan . So the semester was over and i havent visited my Chachi in 2 years now so i was wondering how she must have been looking and how she was doing even i think she was thinking how i was looking she as never really friendly with me and was never so accustomed to be frank with boys as she was a lady with 3 kids ,

She was a fine looking lady with slim figure firm boobs of 32 size , 5’11 in height , chinky eyes , tanned skin , big ass , lips were like Angelina jolie pouted out , pink in colour She always spins a key ring when she visited to the shop for top up purpose and always had a sexy smile I can tell you she was a whore whose feelings were stabbed in internally and always wanted some cocks always smiled and talked to the boys outside the shops , alumuri wala , to shopkeepers to almost everyone she smiled talked to her and once i even saw in a local tea shop she was surrounded by 3 boys and and was talking without any sign of hesitation

As for me i was a 5’5 boy , fair , and lean and thin but a cock anyone would die to eat it for yes it was 8 inch for a normal 20 years old boy

It was 3 pm i reached her house there were her kids and Chachi wasnt at home so i asked them where is chacha they told Chacha for touring and will be back in 4 days , so i asked where is chachi they told : “mummy tho shopping karney gayi hey mall par mummy ahh jayengi tori der mey” , so i offered them the sweets i brought for them and then i went to my dadi’s room she is always my favorite and always will be she is the coolest granny i can ever have in my 7 future births so she greeted me with hug , i touched her toes ( Indian culture shows respect and admiration for elder ones and so greetings) i took my bath at it took 1 hour whole to clean myself up it was 4O’clock

Then what i suddenly heard a door bell as the kids were sleeping in their house i went to open the door and as i opened oh my god my chachi was there she was looking like a sex bomb as i have seen her after so long too my cock got instantly hard she was wearing a purple colour salwar with red tight leggings , high heels , make upfull with pink lips stick and sunglasses , long fingernails coloured and dark pink lip stick , her hair pony tailed , she didnt wore a bra too as it was summer and it was just calling me to grab those big dhud(boobs) , and the best feature was her thighs oh my god so big big tights , she is never ashamed of it as her legs and leggings could be completely seen and she was confident about it , God i have never seen a confident women like her in my life plus she had become a bit fat too as what i had seen her 2 years ago , my god what to say i felt like taking out my cock and slapping my cock in her face i was wearing a pyjama and a boxer brief so it was easy to hide my boner

She greeted me saying : ” arey jay beta , tum ahh gayea ? MYYYY GOOOODDDDD kitney lambey hogayea ho tum pura hero lag rahey ho ”

I said : “yes chachi hehe”

Chachi :” Okay chalo , ab mere pass time nahi yeh tumey jo karna hey karo , mey chali bacho ko tuition dene”

I was not that happy i guess he was not that happy seeing me , but neways chacha would come back in 3 days so it was totally fine . That night after resting talking to granny about my college and what i did. the kids came in and called me for dinner i went and took my seat and was joking and playing with my kids , suddenly she entered and by god what to say it opened my eyes i saw her coming, wearing a pink saree with navel can be seen clearly and blouse with visible cleavage i tried to change my mind from it and was successful she didnt treated me well during dinner too and i could feel she was not happy seeing me , anyways i went to sleep that night

The next day i woke up having a full boner , my 8 inch penis with its foreskin back and its veins can be seen so i went to the bathroom and wash up and then went to have tea suddenly a call came and i heard my chachi quarreling with my chacha i asked what happened

ME: Kya hua kisa phone tha aur app jakra kyu kar rahithi”?
Chachi : “kuch nahi jay , tumara chacha ko high fever hey aur project bhi bohot baki hey so unoney kaha unko aur 3 din lagengey aney par”
ME : Ohhh chachi very sad , dont worry who ajanengey
Chachi : humm , tho tumey shopping wagera karna hoga jara please mere liyea
ME : Okay no problem

As i had some money with me, i thought for bringing some sweets for my Chachi so i called “Chachi , Chachi ??? kahaho app, mithay lalu apkeliyea…. Chachi????? , i search for her in a room couldnt find her , secondly i went to another room i didnt saw here there too , finally i went towards my the tv room and there i saw my chachi in the sofa in brown saree playing with her hair in light brown blouse , one part of her boobs were uncovered with her pallu and with no bra so the left boobs was hanging out , hair all opened with no make up this time , she was laying down like a queen and told me in a very seductive way

Chachi : Kya hua jay ?
Me ( Stammering manner) : Ch .. chachi mene shocha apkeyliyea mithai lalu
Chachi : nahi mey mithay nahi khaungi
ME : chachi kha bhi lona please ,
Chachi : Okay beta

So i went to wear my underpants and suddenly she entered in the room with me in my pants and underpant covering my penis as fast as i can

She came close to me and told me giving a smile

Chachi : Jayyy , tum itneybhi handsome nahi ho jo bina paisey key tumey mithai dedengey

My dick was rock hard and was almost touching her saree as she was very close to precum already started floating i thought of grabbing her in her waist and pull her down and put my 8inch sword in her mouth straight away but i controlled.That day it was very close and i have a felling my chachi wanted me to get seduced by her sexy classy charm/days were passing and i had to do all the shopping and all the extra work i was pissed off cause she wasnt treating me well and wouldnt talk to me nicely as well

That night after returning from the shop i was tired i gave her everything and told her that i will take some rest now and so that i will lay down in my room a bit she said okay

Then i went to my room my dadi entered and told me that as the puja will be taken place she told me i cannot lay down here , so approached my chachi and told her that , she told me i can take rest in her room , so i went in her room and layed down , opposite to the room was the kitchen and she was working there , as i turned side i saw bunch of panties and bras and stockings and leggings.sick thoughts came running to my mind , my penis was hard and i was full on horny so what i decided to do is to act asif i am sleeping and after sometimes i will steal one of them and take it with me

So it was around 9:30 , no one was coming to her room and the kids were sleeping and i had to pee as the bathroom lights were not working i decided to go outside near the drain and too pee i went i was aware that the kitchen window was there but i thought i will just pee

So i slided my pants down as i was wearing a jokey under-pant tight one i slided that down to my keeps with my ass can be seen and my 8inch tool outside and so i took out my tool and i starting peeing

Suddenly i heard a sound “UHGRMMM UHGRRMMM i was shocked to see my chachi’s kitchen window was open and she entered and saw my ass and me peeing seeing that i peed half and ran across my room

After reaching the room i couldnt sleep i had sick thoughts in my head of gliding that cock into my chachi’s dick sucking lips , and saw the bunch of panties and bras , i was daring as i took one of the panties with was a pink one and started smelling them , those were sweaty and i started to roll them in my black dick and smell them around i was all red i was having no sense and sound of whats happening around and was not aware that my chachi is watching me from the peep hole

I started creasing my cock shaft with her panties and her bra hanging on my shoulder

Suddenly she entered the room and i was shock

Chachi ” OHHH MYYY GOOODD , jay yeh tum kya karrahey ho , mujea biswas nahi horaha , Jay yeh kya hey ???
Me : Cha…chachi kuch nahi mey tho bas …..
Chachi : chup karo tum , mey yeh kya dekrahi hu ?

She was wearing a saree with hair bunned up and asusual her one part of her boobs always uncovered and hanging out in a soft silk multi colour blouse

I got more harder and i pulled her towards me and with my dick can be seen by her and i wasnt ashamed , pulled her towards me by her waist and as i tried to do anything at first i was shocked she grabbed me by my ass and pushed me by the sofa and told me

Chachi : Jayyyy , tum tho kuch bhi nahi ho ismamleymey , mey tumsey jada janti thu so tum bete rahi

my condition was , i was hanging 3 bras of her in my shoulder with a panty rolled on my dick and totally naked with only my socks and my under-pant rolled down by my keens

ME : Cha… chachi mujea shayad jana chaiyea (i got nervous as usually a 20 year old would , who never had sex before that too in inter family )

As i tough of walking out , i pulled up my under-pant , douged her and then though of running but as i tried she caught me by her hair and told me

Chachi : tu kaha bhag raha hey , tere jeso ko to mey roj chodu

By listening to this i got hot and then pull me towards me and started to caressing me by my ass and my stomach i was felling hot and started to smooch me ,me too i started responding her

She applied lip balm and i totally ruined it as i smooched her wildly

She then started rubbing my dick which was inside my under-pant and told me

Chachi : Ajj tho tera lund mere muuh parr pakka !!!

Then she bent down and stroking my dick which was inside my under-pant and told me

Chachi : wahhhhh bhaiiiii , andar tho khasana hey , kya khata hey jo itni bari talwar chuparakha hey ?

Then see started kissing my dick over my under-pant and i was in seventh heaven i was caressing her hair , she was looking at me from down with her chinky eyes and fat lips

Slowly slowly she slid my under-pant and she said

Chachi : OHHHHHHHHHHH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , with a shocking look in her eyes

Itni bari lollypop tho bazar mey bhi nahi mile

I never seen my black dick erected as hell before the foreskin was totally pulled back and the veins were bursting and it was wiggling in front of her face as she pulled my dick out of my underpant.she took my underwear and put it round her neck and winked at me

Slowly slowly she kissed the tip of my penis with her dick sucking lips then started to slowly slowly started taking the whole thing inside her mouth and totaly down to her throat she was chocking and her eyes too watered up she was making sound : OGGGGGG OGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGOGGgaaaaaa OGGGGGG gaaaaaaOOOOOOOG oGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

After she sucked my dick i was full on took her in her bed lifted one of her legs pulled her panty out and then slowly slowly started to insert my penis , she had a tight pussy , as i started to insert my dick she cried : AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH , direy jay direy



As she started to shout loudly i took my under-pant and put it in her put so she couldnt shout

I fucked her then so hardly that night made her my bitch , after giving it a pause

She told me : WAHHH AJJ THO PURA CHACHA ka role nibarahahey Mee i got angry and fucked her more

Took her in my arms and fucked , in a missionary position i fucked her.she sucked my balls like a lollypop and sucked my dick like she never had a ice cream. I didnt make her full naked while fucking her i just opened one part of the blouse and started to suck those huge while boobs , she moaned : UFFFFFFFF ISSSSSHHHHHHHH


I was shocked to see a ring piercing in her pussy but she never complained about my hair in my 8 inch.Finally i cummed on her mouth and her blouse and her boobs and even some on her hair

Later after 2 days i had to go back to my place as the holidays were over , she told me goodbye and to come back soon if i can , we txt and chat in phone whenever chacha is out for office and thats it

Sometimes i think we should not be shy and should ask the person we would have a lust on

After that incident i am thinking again to visit her place which happened 5 years ago. but will the same thing happen ? if so Would you come with me too ?

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Ultimate Sex – Mother And Son

Hi guys this is my story of true incest. Incest is really best. This is my story of sexual relation of mine with my mother. My mother got married at age of 18 and before her 1st wedding anniversary I was born. My mother is widow since the age of 36. That time I was just 17. I have 2 younger sisters. One is now 17 and other is of 11 while I’m 20 at present.

My name is Sunny & mother name is Archana. This is story of my summers 2014. I live in Jaipur but studies in another city. So it was summer time and I was back to my city for holidays. Since my mother was alone it was either me or my sister would sleep with my mom. But in this summer when I went home my mother asked me sleep for whole 2 months with her. I agreed. Now my mother is 40 yet she looks stunning hot with her figure maintained. Her stats are 34c-32-33 yep she is now of these few women who looks sexy and beautiful. Any young guy or men will desire to have her. So in holidays I decided to take mom to watch movies with her and somehow she agrees after my requests.

I asked her to dress properly as she had stopped doing that and enjoying. So with this we started watching movies regularly. After around 15 days now my mom would go with me now to buy my undergarments with me too (she would comment what underwear look good on me or not) and also she would now her period pads with me for first time (that time she told me that she can became mother now also-reason was before my father death that have decided to have another kid). Guys believe me this is very interesting story and I am gonna tell about Archana many things in between story.

One evening after watching movie I took mom for dinner and she was wearing pink saree and looking sexy and hot. Her blouse and petticoat was also dark pink while bra was dark red, lace type bra. At hotel there was a lucky draw going for couples to have stay for 3 nights and that night the hotel manager took us wrong and thought we were couples .So after dinner we came to know we have won. My mother got shocked. At home same night I told mom just stay with me in hotel. But my mother denied. So I have to say no. That night I decided to have sex with my mom as she attracted me much.

So to do this I started taking mom outside for dinners and movies and sometimes in park too at night. I also started helping mom in kitchen more to spend time with her more. After few days one night I decided to change in front of mom in bedroom and that worked little. She watched my dick above underwear while I changed to lower. From that night mom started sleeping facing towards me and in same blanket. And from that day I always changed in front of mom.

Next morning it was weekend I was listening songs on TV and mom came in to bring breakfast. That day she was wearing a green saree that too below navel. I took mom’s hands and put my one hand on her waist and other in her hand and started dancing. My mother is a good dancer. I danced with her for 25 minutes and all the time we danced like couple. I was making her roll and steeping on me and holding mom with her hips only and while dancing smooching her back. I also touched her bare hip, shoulders, neck and I got hard due to her beauty and somehow my mom noticed it. During dancing I could still feel her touch she ran her hands above my lower over my dick for 3 times. Every time her hands touch my dick it made me harder and Archana could feel that.

During dance mom kept her hand for few minutes there making me harder. So I got little courage to kiss mom now. When she ran her hands for 3rd time I dared to kiss her lips. As soon I kissed her lips –her lips between her lips and my tongue licking her lips and there – I kissed Archana for almost 10 minutes and during that time mom held my dick very hard. Mom was kissing me deeply and holding my dick her hands even she put out my dick from underwear from side and started tickling me. For 10 min I thought mom too wanted. But after a beautiful kiss my mom slapped me hard on my face.

Guys I didn’t told you my mom from childhood always give punishment to me. Yep she was strict mom. So here again I have done mistake. Her punishment was always same; she would beat my butt with scale. This time too, she said you need a punishment and asked me take out my lower after she slapped (i was surprised) and she started spanking me. When mom decided to punish me I can’t dare to question because this makes my punishment harder. My mother has very strong hands. She was beating me like hell. She spanked me for almost 20 minutes. Mom would never say me about mistake she would just beat me up. This time she just spanked my both butts till I was in pain. But the kiss was all over me, I didn’t have much effect of that spanking on me. But this was first time mom has spanked with her hands and after so many years and that too bare butt. I was sure now I can have her now.

In the evening I could remember how my mom holds my dick, so I took up dare and this time while she was in kitchen I held her from back. She was wearing same green saree. My hands were on her bare hips and I dared to kiss her neck from back. She continued her work while I was kissing her neck. So I pressed her right breasts and this time after a minute mom didn’t slapped but said me after dinner I have to again pull out my lower. This time I got little scared because same day again getting beaten up and punishment will be severe. So after dinner my mom came to bedroom and before she said anything I put down my lower and I was spanked this time harder. I was like tears gonna flow. After that nothing happened.

But after that day also me and mom kept going out and have fun. So 2 days after we were in hotel for lunch and we were sitting in corner position, it was little sideways- no one can see you sitting there. That day mom was wearing salwar and I was in pyjama kurta. There I dared and started smooching moms thighs. She didn’t stop me. Then after we had starter mom herself started pressing my thighs. I was shocked little. But I was enjoying much. Then I put my hand on her thighs smooching her and kept doing it. Mom was seduced so she started holding my penis below kurta and above pyjama. As she holds it I was erect fully. Mom kept giving me hand job above pyjama and I was even pre cummed. I stopped mom as I could cum any moment. Then the same night I asked mom to shave me beard. She agreed. I already had planned how to do. I asked mom I will sit on chair and she can sit on my laps and then do. Even I wasn’t wearing underwear- were only in pyjama kurta.

Then mom sat and she started- I got instantly hard from her scent and as I held her. I told mom to sit more towards penis as it was hurting me. Mom shifted and almost my hard dick was touching her vagina almost. She felt that my dick was hard. She didn’t respond. Then I held her butts and started pressing- then also she didn’t responded. So I intentionally put my hands inside her kurta on her bare waist to hold her. Slowly I moved my finger to her navel and rolled it inside it. It was really deep navel. Mom was enjoying. With one hand I put my hand inside my pyjama and started moving penis to make her feel. Then she moved forward more to feel. By the time shaving was over almost, so I asked mom to clean my penis hairs. First she hesitated but she agreed finally. I was standing and mom lowered my pyjama and saw half erect penis. She didn’t say anything. As she started cutting hairs there I got almost full erect. She said oh relax my dear it’s your mom not gf. I said you are my gf- does mother shaves and cuts son’s hair there. She blushed. During whole time she holds my dick with one hand, I can’t resist. But mom after cutting moved and didn’t say word. Now I was sure I can fuck her.

Next day my mother slept in saree (saree was thin and silky type- I could feel her body above saree too) as she was tired (I guess) and I couldn’t resist to kiss her, after lying for some time besides her in night. So I held her hands and kept my legs upon her legs and came upon her. My one hand was on her navel and other on her hairs. After few minutes I opened up her hairs yet she was awake. Mom didn’t stop me this time and I said finally mom I love you much. She didn’t respond to that. I was on her and mean time I removed her nose ring that she had been wearing since her marriage. Mom didn’t stop me from removing it.

Uske baad I dropped her pallu from her neck and I could see Archana big breasts from up and her beauty.It was this moment I decided I am gonna fuck mom today night. I kept staring her eyes, she was awake. I took out my t-shirt and embraced her in my chest, and I dared and kissed her lips and also I start licking moms face with my tongue, making her face wet with my saliva. Archana got shocked suddenly and she said what I am doing. I said mom” I love you and I want to give u physical pleasure. Mom today night you are mine, just enjoy me as your lover not son .She resisted and I said I know it’s had been 6 years for u and now u can do with me. There will be no problem. I am man now and just give yourself to me- I am gonna give you once more your suhaagraat back. So then she said I too love you son very much & want to have relations since when your father died, but u r my son. I said mom so what, you can enjoy with me – no one will know.

I took her hand and kept on my penis and kept kissing her lips until she started kissing back and that went to French kiss. We kissed almost for 15 minutes. While I opened my knot of lower and put her hand on my dick inside underwear. As she kept it she holds tightly like she is ready. I waited for around minute to see her reaction and she kept holding and then started giving me hand job making it hard. Then to tease her I said mom take out your hand u don’t want to make my dick hard. But she didn’t listen to me and was giving me hand job. I said while she was giving me hand job- mom you are very beautiful and as son it’s my responsibility to fulfill all your need and make you happy. So I will fulfill your physical need. You will have all pleasure. Then I allowed mom to give me hand job for almost 10-12 min, as I could feel her lust for dick for years.

Again I kissed her on lips and it all started. I kissed Archana hard on lips, cheeks neck eyes, ears, head everywhere. Mom told me now to call by her name Archana but I kept calling her mom. I felt sexier in that way. While kissing I removed Archana saree and started sucking her navel deeply. My tongue was rolling over her deep navel. Uske baad I moved down to give her foot job kissing her knees, toes and toes fingers and she was moaning madly. Then I moved up again and opened her blouse and bra. The scene was awesome, she big boobs much fair and dark nipples. I sucker her breasts deeply and hard, even bite them. I opened the knot of her petticoat and she was wearing black panty. From her panty I could see that she was cleaned shaved there, that excited me more. She told me she shaved yesterday after she shaved me. Archana called me to kiss her lips and I was so happy to have sex with this diva. She was now only in panty.

Archana then quickly made me nude and started kissing me all over. She asked me Sunny u want to have oral and I replied quickly yes mom. I tell u she is the best in giving oral better than my girlfriend. She sucked my dick in her mouth till almost throat and licking with her tongue, I thought I am gonna cum at that moment only. She sucked licked and wrapped her tongue for 20 min. That time she told me she would like to eat my cum also. Then it was my turn – I made her lie on bed and opened her panty lace and her pink pussy cleaned shaved attracted me so much I kissed her there instantly. Archana was pushing my head hard like that she was waiting for me to suck her pussy for years. I then sucked her pussy hard. Licked my tongue and even inserted inside her. She tasted good. Archana has maintained her pussy well better than my girlfriend.

Uske baad Archana asked me in this way- Sunny mere bete mere andar daal naa apna lund, ab ni rah jaa raha- I was surprised to listen this. Uske baad I made Archana to lie in missionary position and put her one leg up above my shoulder and started fucking her. She was so wet that my dick went easily inside her. I started fucking her deep, my dick again and again inside her pussy. While I fucked her she told me that I have better dick then my father and she has the best sex of her life till now. Iske baad I started to fuck her harder pumping in her. While I fucked her I kiss her and her nails were scratching my back. Then I changed position and did in doggy style (while I was doing in doggy I wanted to fuck her ass also). I inserted my dick slowly inside her pussy in doggy style and she took in little pain and she was moaning much. After 4-5 minutes of fucking I started to spank her butts slowly and she enjoyed that. As I spanked her I fucked her hard that she couldn’t able to take sometimes. Iske baad I asked mom that I want to fuck her anal. She said no but I forced her and as soon I entered half she was moaning loudly in pain. I kept inserting inside her and my dick was fully inside her –Archana was in pain asking me to take out but I kept fucking her ass. She told me she had only 2 times before only this. So I kept fucking for 15 min till she her pain was less.

Uske baad again for last time I fucked her in missionary position. But now I took her to my study table and made her sat on table and while I was standing I fucked her deeply. I was on the verge to cum. Mom told me that she can become mother now also, so don’t cum inside her. But I decided to cum inside her and did it so. She slapped me because she was near her cycle so her chances were much. Uske baaad I again had cummed her in her mouth. That night was awesome. We slept nude whole night. Next day we bathed together and whole day we did sex.

Friends tell me how was story by commenting below. If u like I will write more and have also done incest with my younger sister too finally when she came to know about me and mom. I can write that also. 

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Great Fuck Time With Sexy Mom

Hi, I m Ravi, 25 year, unmarried from Pune. I am 5.11ft, 65 kg, fair skin with athletic and strong body. I am working in computer organization. I stay with my parent in Pune. My father is working in nationalize bank. My mother is housewife. I have elder married sister who stay at Hyderabad.

My mom is 50yr old, very fair skin with shoulder length silky hair. She is 5.6ft tall, 60 kg and looks beautiful n sexy. She always wears clean cloths and keeps herself fresh n energetic. She wears all type of cloths including western dresses. Her figure is 37 32 33 and looks very young. Her name is Sudha. She is not happy very much in sexual life with my father which I knew after the incident.

Before 9 months, my father went to Madras for his bank work and likely to stay for nearly a month. I am very close to my mom and we live like friends and share all sorts of things. We use to go out in market or mall or garden on regular basis and tease each other too. It is normal to touch each other in some talk or while wishing. In fifteen days of my father gone, we felt boring in the house in routine works so I told my mom to go out in week end. She agreed as well n I told her to decide the place so as we leave on Saturday morning.

We start on Saturday morning n reached in a 45/50 minutes at our place. We checked in the room which was booked by my mom. It was a big suit room with sitting arrangement. The place was with full greenery n we had nice panoramic view from the room. We ordered the tea n breakfast and I went for freshen up n change my cloths to t shirt n short.

As we had no plan to go out my mom too changed her cloths. She wore black low neck t shirt n payjama. When she came out, I was stunned to see her and thinking that what a sexy figure she has. I could see her nice white cleavage clear and could feel her boobs as well. I was starring at her. She noticed that n said how m I looking? I said mom you are looking beautiful and younger. She joined me on sofa and we started our tea n breakfast.

During the time, I was looking at her and she caught me and smile at me. After tea she rests her head on sofa and now I can see her big boobs under her t shirt. Oh what a boobs she has. I just looking at her boobs and thinking how great if I have her boobs in my hands. She looked at me and asked me what you are thinking n why looking close to my body. I said nothing mom but you looks gorgeous. You look great in this t-shirt.

She came close to me and kept her palm on my legs and told me that she is now 50 and old. I said mom you looks like a girl of nearly 35 year. She laughed and holds my hand n press the hand. I was really thinking to enjoy with her. She was slowly massaging my hand and thinking. I moved more close to her n out shoulder touched. She kept my hand on her leg n kept her palm on my legs and rubbing the leg. I too start rubbing her soft leg.

When she was looking at me, I felt her eyes with different intention. I was little confused about her intention. I kept my other hand behind the soft and touched her shoulder. She was unmoved and smiled sexy at me. I land my hand on her shoulder n start massaging slow. I felt she is leaning on me more in few minutes. I looked at her and asked her to lean on my shoulder if she is comfortable.

She leaned her head on my shoulder n hold my hand crossing the finger. I could feel her deep n warm breathes. I tried to move my hand below her shoulder n some time touch her cleavage. She now leaned on me in such a way that my hand can touch her boobs easily. I find her hand moving on my legs. I jerked my body in such a way that my hand fall on her boobs. Now my palm on her boobs and she was unmoved. I became open now and placed my palm on her boob and hold soft. She came more close to me and pressing my chest. I now start pushing her boob slow and waiting for her reaction. She moved her hand between my leg n placed her palm on my cock. My cock was tight before that n jerking in the short.

We keep on doing for few minutes and now it was very clear that we like that. Ravi, is it right? Mom, I do not know but I like you very much. I love you mom, holding her boobs firm n pressing. If you are not agreeing we can stop. Ravi, I love you too. You are now very young dear and pressed my cock firm. You know Ravi, your father do not have interest in such things since long. I am away from sexual pleasure since few years.

Mom, if you think, I can take care of you now. I really like you. You are such a beautiful n sexy lady I have ever seen. I want you mom. I want you too, my dear. I hold her in my both arms and taken her body with my mine and pressing her tight. I brought her face up and kissed her lips. She responded me and kissed me deep n passionate. We keep on kissing deep n hard for few minutes. I was really hot n my cock was very tight.

I lay in her laps now n asked her to remove her t shirt. She said you remove my n your t shirt. I removed and catch her boobs in my hands and start pressing n pushing gentle. I said mom gorgeous boobs you have. You are very sexy mom. I want you mom. She said why you are calling me mom now. I pressed her boobs hard and said do you like me honey. Yes my darling I like the way you press n push my boobs. Darling, can I suck your boobs. Ohh my baby, you can do whatever you like. I am for you now.

She holds my cock in her palm n start pressing n massaging. My cock was really tight now. She removed my short and looking at my tight cock. Oh my love, what a tight cock you have. Your cock is big n thick. I like to massage you cock. You can domy darling. I removed her nicker n now we are naked. I looked her pussy. Nice short hair around her pussy. I kept my hand on her pussy n pressed. My finger was moving on her pussy lips and she moan ohhh ohhhh dear, feel so nice; press n push n suck my boobs ahhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh. Feel so nice ohhhh; we kept on kissing n I was pressing boobs for 10minutes or so. We were very hot n horny now.

My darling, I want to fuck yr pussy. I also wants your tight cock my love. Give me yr tight cock. Honey, my Sudha, I want to fuck you lot. Oh my dear, fuck me more n more. My pussy is for your tight cock now. Come on me dear, and insert your cock inside my pussy. Dear fuck me slow. Oh honey, I will fuck as you like. I hold her tight in my arms and kept my cock on her pussy hole and pressed the cock. My cock inserted in her pussy and she moan ohhh very big cock dear ahhh apply cream and fuck me. I applied the cream on cock n pressed in the pussy. My half cock inside her pussy and she asked me to insert more. I took my cock and hold her tight and pressed y cock inside her pussy with force and inserted my full cock. She moans loud ohhh nooo dear ohhh very big n tight cock; ohhh paining my love; ohhhhh dear fuck me slow; ohhhhh ahhhhhh and I kissed her for few minutes.

She is now comfortable with my cock and asking me to fuck ahhhh ohhhh fuck me now ahhhh ohhhh fuckme hard n deep now ahhh ohhhhhh ahhhh fuckme deep n hard ahhhh ohhh I mfeeling nice ahhhh fuck me more deep. Finally we both had cummed lot.

I hold her tight n start kissing all over. She kissed me and said I love you my dear. I love you to sweety.

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Me And Servant Rajan Married My Mom

Hi everyone, this is Aakash Sinha again after, I loved the response you gave me to my previous stories. I have been receiving many compliments, and if you continue to give me all the love and support, i will for sure become the most loved writer of this site. 
Now getting back to where we left,

Mom had agreed to marry both me and Rajan, we were just waiting for the right time to do it. Dad had told me about one of his business trips to China, he had to go for almost 2 weeks, so i had this window of opportunity in my mind. I thought of telling this to mom, one day when she was cooking in the kitchen, wearing her black saree. I went to her and hugged her from behind, kissed her on her back, smelling her smooth back. She asked.

Mom: What happened aakash, control yourselves.
Me: Come on mom, even dad is not here now.
Mom: Still beta, anybody might walk in, you should be careful.
Me: I am careful mom, all the doors are locked, its only you me and Rajan,who is taking bath right now.
Mom: Ok, let me cook now,otherwise you won’t get lunch.
Me: I know how to get my lunch mom.

Saying this I made mom move towards me, I removed her pallu, she was only in her blouse, her boobs were popping out of her blouse, I made her sit on the kitchen’s slab and i touched her boobs.

Mom: Aakash, all the spices will burn, let me cook.
Me: Mom, your little baby needs food, it is there in your milk tanks.

Saying this i opened the hooks of her blouse, then her bra and started playing with the milky boobs, i sucked them, milk was not there but still me and mom were having a great time, i looked at mom, she closed her eyes and was enjoying. I kissed her on her lips.

Me: Mom, what about our plan of getting married?
Mom: I am ready to become your wife any day aakash, but its not really required we are having the best of times.
Me: No mom, i will fuck your pussy only the day i make you my wife.
Mom: Okay beta, you just tell me i am ready to do everything what you say.
Me: Dad is going abroad for a fortnight.

Mom: Oh yes, I know that.
Me: We can get married that time, there will be enough time for it.
Mom: Yes, that would do.
Me: Then start preparing for your wedding now mom.
Mom: Can’t wait beta.

I bent down, spread moms leg, went inside her saree and started licking her pussy, she started moaning again, grabbing my hairs. Few minutes later,i looked up to see a

hand grabbing mom’s boos, it was Rajan, he came back from bathroom, he was kissing mom deeply. I told Rajan.

Me: Hey guess what, our wedding is next week get prepared.
Rajan: I am ready for the wedding night.

Saying that he pulled his cock out, and gave it to mom, mom shook it well. Soon she gave both of us blowjob. Later,then she cooked for us and served her masters.

Days passed and the time of dad leaving us came finally, everybody was happy instead of him, he asked me to take care of mom. I promised do so, mom was smiling secretly all this time.

Finally dad went in the morning. I closed the door and came back to shut the garage, i saw mom and Rajan kissing there, his hands were inside her nighty, i came and told them.

Me: What are you guys doing, now the whole house is ours, do whatever you want to do,come inside.

But they didn’t listen to me, so i closed the shutter from inside and joined them, Rajan made mom sit on the bike, they were kissing madly, Rajan was grabbing her boobs. I must say,doing it in the garage just added to the fun. Rajan opened mom’s nighty and she was sitting on the bike completely nude. The scene turned me on and i went and sat behind her, holding her from behind i was kissing her back.

I raised her arms and sniffed her armpits, they were erotic as ever. Rajan pulled his cock out. He thrusted it into mom’s pussy with full force, even mom was enjoying this rough session,he gave some forceful strokes, mom was loving it, she was biting my lips hard at that time, very soon Rajan cummed. Both of them were sweating a lot. They felt relaxed. Both of them came to their senses after that hard session. I gave them their clothes, mom put on her nighty and we went inside. After we went inside mom made tea for all of us. I started talking about the marriage.

Me: So mom, tell me how will the marriage unfold.
Mom: We can have our engagement,sangeet,haldi and then marriage. Since you have given me the engagement ring so that is out of the table.
Me: So we can have our haldi ceremony,that can be fun.
Mom: Yes, but we cannot invite people.
Me: We three are enough, we can have the best of haldi ceremonies.
Mom: Stop being kinky for a while aakash, i will be your wife after that you can have me with all authorities.
Me: come on mom, We will have fun don’t worry. So we can start from tomorrow. Marriage can be day after. And that very night would be our wedding night.

Mom just blushed like a to-be-married girl. I came forward and kissed her on the lips. She kissed and then moved me away to go to the toilet. Of course i followed her in the toilet, watching her poop. She scolded me and asked me to go out but i remained there all the time, we brushed together with the same toothbrush, had bath together in the shower. We had a nap that day. Later in the day, mom asked me to take her to the market to get some stuff for the marriage. I took out the car and took her to the market. She went to the tailor shop, she took out her old wedding saree.

She told me that last time she wore was on her marriage, now she had even more special moment in her life, so she is going to wear it on our wedding day again. We went inside the tailor shop, she showed him the dress and asked him to make it fitting for her. He took her measurements and promised to get it ready by tomorrow. We went to the market, she bought her stuffs from there. Later we went to the beauty parlour as she had to get her eyebrows and waxing done. I strictly told mom not to get and pubic hairs and armpits shaved. She agreed on that. Finally after 4 hours, we came back home. The day ended quietly as all of us waited for the next day for the things to unfold.

Next day, Rajan woke me up. I came to the living room and asked where mom is, he said she is in her bedroom and asked us to get ready. I went to the bathroom, mom had already kept kurta and pyjama ready for me. I took bath quickly and came,so did Rajan. We came back ready and called mom, soon she came to us. We were surprised to see her, she was wearing a yellow saree and yellow blouse, she had also removed her sindoor. She was looking like a young girl getting married. She took some haldi and applied on me, and said that as your mom, i am going to apply haldi on my son first. I pulled her forward, and held her waist. She told

Mom: Not now aakash, there are lot of rituals left.
Me: I know only one ritual mom.

Saying this i took some haldi and applied on mom’s face, Rajan too joined me and we started opening mom’s saree, soon she was only in her petticot running away from us, all of us removed our clothe and our haldi ceremony became a haldi massage ceremony, we were applying haldi on each other, we went to the bathroom, mom the made both of us sit down and applied haldi on our body, she was massaging us well. I applied some haldi on her breasts and asked her to massage me with them, she then bent forward and rubbed her boobs against my chest and gave me a massage. Rajan got up and applied haldi all over her body, she was filled with it all over, she gave us a body to body massage. We became a sandwich with mom between us and had a wonderful session, out cock got hard and mom shook it there. She gave out cocks a nice titty-fuck with her boobs.

Rajan and i both cummed there, Rajan then took both our cums in his hands, he took some haldi and mixed it with our cum, now he applied he paste on moms face and boobs. Saying

“Now the haldi ceremony is complete madam, since you have applied the holy material with the sperm of your husbands. Mom was too kinky to feel awful that time, she was enjoying it that time and we massaged her breasts with the paste. Soon we were completely filled with he haldi, mom opened the shower and started cleaning us, she made us sit on the stool and started cleaning our back, our chest. She applied soap all over us.

Frequently we caught mom and kissed her lips and boobs, she applied soap on her body and rubbed her body against her, after more than an hour, this ended, we closed the shower and came back to the room where mom took the towel and dried our body, we put on new clothes and had our lunch. Mom didn’t let us fuck that day as we wanted to keep it on hold till our marriage.

In the evening mom told me to take her to the market again. We went there,she picked her wedding dress. Then she went to the beauty parlour again, i asked

Me: You went there yesterday too mo, again today?
Mom: Our Marriage will be incomplete without me getting mehendi on my hands beta. I want to do it with all the purity.
Me: Ok mom, but make it fast.

For the time being, i went to a medicine shop, brought full packets of condoms, I then went to a flower shop asking them to decorate the wedding bed with flowers. Mom liked rose and jasmine, so i ordered full decoration of bed with rose and jasmine. I took the garlands and other stuff required for the marriage. I also went to wine shop and got few bottles of wine and whiskey for our fun. I returned to mom, she was already waiting outside, she came and sat inside the car. She showed her hands, In one hand my name was written and in the other hand Rajan’s name was there, Mom was happy doing that, we kissed for a moment. I told mom about the works i finished, we went back home. Mom went to sleep early.

Me and Rajan had other plans though, it was our last day as bachelor, so we had to make the fullest use of it. We went to a local bar, we had our drinks and food. We went to the red light area of the city. We found a good whore of around 20 years of age, She took 3000 bucks from us. She took us inside, we told her that we were going to be married tomorrow, so she promised us to give us a great memorable night. She gave both of us nice blowjob, she was a professional and took our cock deep inside her mouth, she sucked our balls also, since it had been a while since I fucked a pussy, i was hungry for it, i instantly took out my cock and thrusted it into her pussy.

Rajan inserted his cock in her mouth, i started giving her forceful strokes as she screamed loud. Soon i came inside her. Rajan then came over and fucked her hard, i took my cock into her mouth she sucked it dry. We got out of there and returned back, at night again we had drinks at home,I made rajan sit with the drinks, i went to the laundry bag and brought the panty and bra mom wore today,Rajan was surprised to see it. I told ” Remember? It all started from here, both of us smelling mom’s worn out panties and bra, and masturbating together, lets end it today with doing it all over again” .Rajan took it and smelled the panties, he got instant hard on, we masturbated again that night and put our huge loads into mom’s panties.After that Rajan and I talked for a while.

Rajan: So, Finally our dream came true, we got the lady of our dreams.
Me: All because of you, I owe you big time Rajan.
Rajan: Its not like you gave me your mother to fuck, what else could i have asked for.
Me: Thankyou Rajan, or should i say papa, you are going to marry my mom tomorrow.
Rajan: Hahaha we are”Sautans”(husband of same woman) too.
Me: Yes it feels so kinky, i love this life of ours.
Rajan: Yes lets go to sleep now, Save some energy now, you have to get married tomorrow.
Me: yup…goodnight man.

We went to sleep that day, waiting for the following days, which were the most awesome of our lives. Do read the next part of the story where me and Rajan will get married to my beloved mother and our awesome wedding night.

Thank you for all the love and support, i would be grateful if you give your comments and suggestions here.

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Hot Lovemaking Of A Mom And Son

I am Ramesh from Kota, Rajasthan. I am 19 year old guy 6 feet height and 60 kg weight; tall handsome and athletic body. This is completely a fiction story. To tell about my mom her name is Sasmita age 37. She has a sexy figure 36-32-38 that can make any guy to fall for her. She has a sexy ass that swings while she walks. My father works in Delhi. He comes home once a month. I am doing my engineering 2nd yr in Kota. So I and mom stay at the home most of the time. Mom and I are just like a friend and we share most of the thing to each other. I have no girl friend till now and I have no bad intention towards mom also but when I saw mom came out of bathroom just towel wrapped around her body I can’t believe my eye that mom has such a sexy figure. From that day my feelings towards mom changes and I saw mom as a women who is hot and sexy at her age.

As dad was not in home I got many time to spend with mom and I always tried to saw her cleavage, navel etc. most of the time mom wear silk type saree in which she look extra sexy and got chance to saw her boobs and bare back when she bend for any house hold work. My sexual feeling towards mom started to increase day by day so I always masturbate thinking of mom so I always hug mom and kiss on cheek whenever I got a chance. On a pleasant Sunday I woke up at 8 o clock and search mom. I can’t find him on her bedroom and bathroom also so I went to kitchen and saw mom she was making breakfast. She was looking extra hot as I thought she was just came out of shower her hair were wet and she was wearing a beautiful silk saree so I went behind her and hug her and placed my hand on her shoulder and wish good morning and without my knowledge my penis got an instant hand on as it touches her ass, she might feel my penis but didn’t tell anything. I have a cricket match so I went after breakfast giving a small hug to mom but I have not much courage to seduce mom. After match I told my friends about my problem but without mentioning mom they gave me some tips.

I came to home went to bathroom for fresh up and changes my clothes and went straight to kitchen, mom was preparing chicken for us I can’t control myself any more so hug her from behind and place hand on her waist and my penis got its full erection in one second and I start message her waist mom got shock and try to move away but I held her more tightly. She asks what are u doing and I told her that everyone have sexual desire and I am fulfilling my mom’s desire. I started to kiss her neck and kissing her bare back part. Suddenly I turned her toward me, she was telling me something but I lock he lip by mine and smooch her for five minute at that time my hand busy at squeezing her ass. After the kiss I placed my hand on her boobs and started squeezing it smoothly she was also enjoying this and produce soft moan like aaahhh. I too got exited and kissing her all over body part then I lift her in my arm and took her to the bedroom. I took near to my bed and pushed her on the bed removed the loose end of her sari while kissing her I unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. She wildly responded my kisses and pulled off my t-shirt.

I kissed on her bare breasts; while kissing I pulled off her sari and petticoat. She wore no panties. She pulled off my boxer. Mom was surprised and overwhelmed to see the size of my cock. She parted her thighs and guided my cock to her wet pussy. I put my cock in her opening and pushed gently though a little tight, the full 9” slipped in. I started moving slowly first and gradually increased speed. I sucked her breasts one after the other. Mom ran her fingers through my hair when I am sucking her breasts. I pounded her pussy and she moaned loudly due to the pleasure she is getting. I closed my lips with mine to reduce the sound. She became tense and I feel she came. I gave deep strokes and about to come. I whispered in mom’s ear. Mom, I am to come, shall I withdraw.” No, no honey, don’t withdraw come in me and don’t fear and I’m safe. Mom whispered in my ear and embraced me tightly. I came in her heavily and thread after thread of my hot semen flew in to her. I exhausted and collapsed on mom and slept for some time. After I woke up I went to dining table for lunch, mom was ready with chicken curry waiting for me. I got erection on my penis by saw mom only in bra and saree wrapped around her body. After having lunch mom kissed me on my lips and we kissed passionately by leaning on the wall for a very long time. I removed her clothes and made her complete nude, lifted her in my arms and laid her on the dining table. She removed my pant and underwear and pulled me over her on the table.

She had parted her legs and I thrust my stiff cock deep into her and started fucking. I load my stock deep into her belly. We lay on the dining table for some time. Mom woke me up after half an hour and said go and take rest in the bedroom.” I walked to the bedroom naked and slept on the bed when I woke up I took mom to bathroom for take a shower together. In the night after dinner I thanked mom for preparing my choice dinner. Mom said it is my duty to keep you happy. Mom went near the sink to clean the utensils. I went behind her and lifted her in my arms and walked towards the bedroom on the way to bedroom mom said areh, what are you doing. Let me clean the kitchen. That can be done tomorrow and we have to do many things in the bedroom. I said and she laughed and said you are too crazy yes. I said and laid her on the bed. I started removing her dress. She removed my t-shirt and short. She was surprised to see my cock become stiff and ready.

I told mom please mom, don’t wear any under garments when I am home. She smiled and kissing on my lips, said OK baba, as you wish. She pulled me on her and I squeezed her breasts and kissed her lips. While I am pushing my tongue in to her mouth, my hard cock was searching the passage to enter. Mom opened her legs and my hard cock slipped deep into her wet cunt. I started fucking slowly first and gradually increased speed. Simultaneously I squeezed her breasts and kissed and sucked her lips and nipples. Mom became hot and started moaning. Finally I drained my hot semen into my mom’s hungry cunt and collapsed on her. Mom kissed my lips and caressing my limp penis she said your dad has never fucked me like neither this nor I could get such pleasure from him even in the earlier days of our marriage. I’m really lucky to have a son like you who can give me such heavenly pleasure. I drew my mom to my tight embrace and we fell asleep. This is not the end of this story it’s just the beginning. Next part will be released soon. Hey friends if u like this story then give feedback to me. I hope u will like this story. Thanks.

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Beginning Of My Sex Life With My Brother

Hey everyone this is Deepika. I was one of those traditional Indian girls who are even shy to look at boys a year back. But it is quite strange how things have changed in a matter of a year. I suddenly took interest in porn and was learning each and every thing I could about sex, thanks to internet. It’s all because of my friends, I joined college recently and had to make friends and fortunately I got a really amazing group of girls so funny and never hesitant to talk about sex and stuff. After a month or so after getting to know each other well the dark side of everyone started to creep out, I don’t mean dark side literally though , but we used to talk about drinking and watching porn, masturbating and stuff like that. Unfortunately I’m from a really conservative family and I haven’t done any of those fun things that the girls used to. And I became their topic of the day suddenly; they started teasing me that I’m still a kindergarten kid and stuff like that. This started to drive me crazy and so I decided to have a short at porn.

Really soon I was fascinated by porn started masturbating regularly and was now able to talk about stuff to my friends, I really wanted to give a try in sex as 2 of my friends lost their virginity to their boyfriends, me on the other hand was still not ready for stuff like that and moreover I won’t be able to deal with my family. I thought and finally found a solution. It was none other than my brother. He is 2 years younger to me. He is a sweet guy and always supports me when I’m in trouble. So y not him be the one to have me. Coming to the description my bro is in love with sports, he plays all the stuff available. As a result he has a well toned body. I love his abs and it has got some striking definition. And talking about me I’m a fair girl, not so much into fitness and yet I have figure which is not skinny but neither too chubby. My greatest asset is my boobs and many of my friends too say this.

After going through all this emotional battle in my mind I thought of seducing my bro. I completely started to change my activities at home; I started spending a lot of time with him. I used to wear tight dresses and hit on him whenever possible. I started playing pillow fights with him and fall on him pressing my boobs over his chest. I would give him a lot of chances to see my cleavage. But he wasn’t giving any sort of positive responses so far and this made me upset but one day as I bent down to pick up a glass I caught him staring at my boobs and he quickly turned away, that was it , I was gaining confidence and I started to ask him about his girlfriends.
Me: Do u have a girlfriend?
Him: Girlfriend!! Don’t be kidding. Don’t u know about our dad??
Me: Yeah, but u could have one secretly right?
Him: May be but I’m not so good at talking to girls. I kind of get nervous. What about u? Do u have a boyfriend?
Me: Nah, but I’m interested to.
Him: Oh, make sure u r not caught.
Me: Haha. You are still a kid. But I could help u in talking with girls; I’ll teach u how to talk with girls if u wanted.
Him: yeah, y not?

That was the starting point, I started giving him tips about impressing girls and he too would actively listen. And I wanted to use this as an advantage; I asked to him, “Do u know how to kiss? Because girls like good kissers”

Him: I have seen in some movies, but I have no idea.

Me: Do u mind if I teach u??

Him: What? Is that OK for u?

Me: y not, I have no problems. Now come closer and close ur eyes.

Him: (hesitantly) OK.

I started to approach his lips, he was breathing fast and my heart too was pounding but I somehow managed not to show, because I’m the boss now right? I slowly placed my lips over his’ and wow what a feeling it was, I started to kiss him and he started to respond slowly and damn he really is a good kisser. I even started to doubt if this was his first kiss. And I didn’t even notice that he had his hand over my hips and he was rubbing it quite hard . I think he was completely turned on. Then I broke the kiss and told
“The lesson is over for today” with a cunning smile on my face.

Him: I’m waiting for the next class.

Then after 2 days he was late after his practise and came back really tired. And I was watching TV in the hall. As he entered the hall he was giving me a wicked look and stared at my boobs as he passed by. I could see the desire in his eyes but he was holding back a bit because I’m older than him and he generally is not too gutsy in these things. I went with a cup of tea to his room, locked the door inside, he was inside the bathroom when I went in. He came out after a shower with only his boxers on and I was wearing a tight black sleeveless chudi with no dupattah.

Wow what amazing body he has, I was literally unable to take my eyes off him but I somehow managed to and gave him the tea. He had it and fell on the bed saying he was really tired. I asked him, “would u like a massage??” He at once had a big smile on his face and I think he knew what was coming. He told yes and I slowly started to massage his hand and in a matter of seconds I could see a bulge over his boxers. I gave him a smile and he smiled back and closed his eyes. From there I went to his shoulders and neck and I could see him getting restless, as I reached his thighs I slightly bent down so that he could see my cleavage. he was so turned on and I slowly slid my hands in to his boxers and I even touched his balls. he started to moan. Wow that turned me on like hell and I’m already wet by touching my brother’s beautiful body.

And suddenly he got up. He was staring at my eyes and slowly he started grabbing me from the back and fell on the bed. Now I’m lying over my brother wrapped around his arms. My boobs were tightly pressed to his chest. My heart started to skip a beat. I realized that this was the moment to let him take over. He gently started smooching my lips and I responded to his kiss. We were playing with our tongues and kissed passionately for around 10 minutes. Then made me lay on the bed and started to press my boobs. I was losing control and I started to moan. He started kissing my boobs over my dress and started to rub my pussy with his hands. I voice started trembling and it was really turning me on. But suddenly I heard a voice shouting Deepika come over. Yeah it was my mom. I had to leave. Unfortunately I couldn’t do much with my brother that day. But then we had a great opportunity when our parents had to visit our sick aunt. I’ll share with you the incident in the next part.

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