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Steam Between Bro And Sister

Hello Friends, this is Gunjan from Mumbai; would love to share my exp in this site as I have enjoyed myself reading stories from here, coming to what happened and how it all started with my brother. My parents are NRI we studied there in US and we are back to India; our family 4 members; me elder brother and parents. Brother’s name is Chetan. 4 yrs back we shifted to India.We got well settled here; dad cardio surgeon, mom ortho surgeon, and I were doing my MBBS, brother was working in a non-medical field.

It All started 4 months back, normally we have parties at home arranged by our parents mostly we just 4 or sometimes once in a while dad’s friends. There was a college function nearing and I was participating in dance. So was practicing at home and mom used to guide me as she knows classical? I was wearing a short and slip and was practicing. It was sat evening, party time for our family, so both dad and bro came with all the stuff. That time I noticed bro was keen looking at me his eyes were something diff than normal. I just ignored and stopped dancing and joined with them. From next day onwards I noticed him, I felt like he was eying on me showing more interest in me looking for chance to talk with me parsing me on my dressing sense, giving advises and tips on wearing clothes and etc.

I just read till then about incest but now started to feel it in real; it was kind exciting me, so I thought to myself OK let’s see if this is real or just my feelings. So thought of showing myself more and see his reaction. So I started to wear loose clothes; on situations I used to give him good view of my cleavage (melons), thighs, and hip. We have a swimming pool at home, so thought of just in 2piece. I could see he was very happy to see me in that costume, he initially gave me a hug, started to play with me, pushing me into water, like this it went on for days. I could see him hugging me more being close to me, touch my hands hold them, so things were going like this, but one thing we got very close to each other in this process, we used to go to together to movies, pubs.

One day we were playing volleyball in the swimming pool, me n bro other team mom n dad, in the game he touched me a lot and later we played tug of war like we were catching the volley ball me n mom, dad was pulling mom n bro was pulling me. Now he caught hold of my hip initially bit away, little while later he was tight close to me. I could feel his dick on my butt pressing me. Now I got confirmed that yes he has those intentions. Then few min later mom and dad left, I was also about to get out, he insisted to stay n play with him, I said OK. Then we sat for a while had some juice and chit chatted for a while mom came and said they are leaving as they have something urgent once our parents left, bro started conversation with me, I was in 2piece , he was in his briefs

Bro- how’s your bf?
Me: I said no bf
Bro: Did you break up?
Me: Yes
Bro: what happened?
Me: he was boring
Bro: boring, why, what happened?
Me: He is just the same every day, same dialogues same stuff
Bro: So who’s the next?
Me: not this time
Bro: why sis? A girl like you single doesn’t look nice
Me: ?
Bro: I know you sis, you like stuff.
Me: how do you know?
Bro: saw you couple of times.
Me: I know, you saw me, and you were with my friend that time, I saw you too
Bro: ya she was so good, after that I have dated her couple of times.
Me: Hmm, I know she had said to me.
Bro: she is so wild and likes to get handled rough.
Me: oh I did not know that.
Bro: but not wild like you.
Me: stop it
Bro: why say it is not true, I heard those sounds and words from you that time
Me: leave that bro; it’s just fun
Bro: you know after you people finished that guy came and sat with us, thank god no one knows there that you were my sis, the guys commented like anything.
Me: what did he say? Tell me
Bro: Do you really want to listen?
Me: Yes!
Bro: hope it won’t hurt you.
Me: no!
Bro: he said guys what a bitch she was, she will get your heart race, it was like fucking a wild dog.
Me: hmm I will take it as a comment.
Bro: shameless
Me: when you do it is it not the same
Bro: just kidding
Me: lets again party with a group
Bro: oh sis getting hottie
Me: oh come on lets na
Bro: OK lets plan for tomorrow
Me: no today
Bro: it takes time, seems you are getting.
Me: bro stop na plz its been a while
Bro: so u want a date
Me: even that would do
Bro: that’s why have a bf
Me: no
Bro: let’s have a beer and think about it
Me: OK and slipped in to pool to swim for a while.
while I was swimming he came with beer and started to splash water on me, then push me inside water and then started to wrestle with me; he hold me tight and same I could feel his hardness, even I pushed my back towards him. I just moved from his grip and turned towards him and pulled his undie down and ran from there laughing at him and went straight to my room and locked from inside. Had a bath changed my clothes and went down to kitchen to eat. Something was preparing for breakfast; he came from back and hug me and said please prepare for me also, I said what.

bro: he said prepare for me also
Me: no you have to cook yourself
Bro: I am trying to but not the food is not getting cooked
Me: then give more heat
Bro: hmm yes I am trying to give heat still not cooking
Bro: teach me na
Me: ask your gf she will teach you
Me: only if you know to give proper heat you will get steam and only then it will get cooked.
I was wearing a mini skirt very small just to my bums he was in towel, while talking to me he was rubbing his on my bums, and when he slowly started to pull that skirt up in talks, I was aware what he was doing; then he pulled his dick out n put it on my bums, on panty, I was wearing a G-string panty and could feel his dick. He put his hand on my belly and was pushing me towards him (pressing me back) I too did the same.
Me: bro what are you doing
Bro: trying to produce steam.
Me: you need to work hard for that
Bro: ya, I know doing the same
Friends will continue in next part. 

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One Hour In Train With Mother

The story starts before 6 years from today. I was then 18 years and my mom Nisha was 38 years and my dad was 42 years. I was district level cricket champion and also a very good student. My mother was a lecturer of physics in a college nearby and my father was an administrative officer. Overall we were rich. Mom had a dream that I will be a doctor one day. I ranked so good in West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam that I got selected in Calcutta Medical College which is the best medical college in West Bengal. After I got admitted in college I had 2 months before the classes’ starts. I asked parents for an outing. But my father had lots of work so mother decided to make trip to Sikkim with me. It was expected. We reserved in 1st class AC 2 tier compartment of Uttarbanga Express from Sealdah.

At right time the train departure from station. From here the real story starts. There was only me and mom in our coop. I was chatting with mom. We both were really happy. Mom was wearing a blue sari with golden boutique works. She was looking more a heroine than a lecturer. I said that to her. She smiled and said don’t flatter me you idiot. Then she said no you aren’t idiot you are going to be a doctor and it’s you who is intelligent not so dull like me, I couldn’t be a doctor but you will be my son, I’m proud of you. And she kissed on my forehead. I in reply put my on her shoulder and said mom if I’m anything today that is only because of you and dad. I love you mom. Mom sighed but said nothing. I also remained silent suddenly I understood one of my finger is touching moms breast. Mom probably didn’t notice that. It was a very beautiful feeling. I don’t know why I didn’t move my finger.

My dick was becoming erect, suddenly I said myself what is it? I’m lusting own mom. But I couldn’t resist myself I was thinking to press my mom’s breast but could not get enough courage. Suddenly mom’s phone rang. It was dad. Before dad could say a word, mom kept saying dad in various way to take care of him. It was 8 pm. Dad talked with me too. Then at 9 pm we took our dinner. I was just putting on my earphone mom said-‘hey keep that bloody earphone out and chat with mom’. I said its pleasure. Actually I was thinking that mom is going to sleep. We stared to chat. Suddenly mom asked me whether I had any girlfriend. Really I did not have any. Mom became surprised. Said-impossible, any girl will like you. You are not fair that’s right but not so dark also and so muscular body you have, you are 6 feet 2 inches tall. I said that there are so many girls who wanted me but I didn’t want them so I didn’t accepted. Mom said which type of woman you like?

I said the truth that probably changed my life. I said like you. It seemed that mom is shocked. But she happily said, why because girls like me are tall? I said mom please don’t tease me. You are the ideal woman. Very beautiful, talented, devoted to family, what’s more is needed? Mom started to laugh. But I don’t know what a demon arose in me. I hugged mom very tightly and kissed on her cheek. She said nothing. I kept her holding. I tried not to shiver but it was very hard. My cock was full erect. I was in full power of sex. Probably mom could understand the situation. She said well my dear it’s time to go to bed and she made free herself from me and went to toilet. I was wearing pajamas. I lowered my pajama and take out my 10 inch long cock out. Started to stroke it and closed my eyes in pleasure. I was nearly in heaven.

I was nearly going to cum when mom entered in room and said oh sorry. Then I opened my eyes and just then my body shivered like anything and I threw cum. It was in such pressure that a huge amount of cum hit mom’s face. I became cold in fear and took my pajamas. I was speechless but with great effort I said I’m sorry mom. But mom seemed not to hear it and removed cum from her face and again went to toilet. I was waiting for her with great fear. She entered in the room and said now go to bed. I without saying a word went to bed. Mom also turned the light off and lay. I was thinking that all the fun is going to end. But in reality it was something different.

I woke up by mom’s pushing. Actually the masturbation of last night made me really tired. As I woke up mom handed me my brush and toothpaste and said to get ready fast as we are going to reach within an hour. I didn’t see any anger or disappointment in mom’s face. Becoming fresh I came and mom gave me a Burger and coffee. I ate silently. As I ate mom asked naughtily so why my handsome is silent? I said nothing. As I ended my coffee mom came and sat beside me. Taking my arm in her lap said look son which you have done isn’t guilt. It’s me to blame that I came without asking you. And with making me hard again she hugged me. I said then you have forgiven me mom? Mom said what to forgive sweetie? I love you and kissed me on lips. It made me mad and also gave courage. I asked whether I can kiss her again. She said with smile ok baby. I kissed her. It was my first kiss of my life. I was in my most lovely dream. We broke after nearly 5 minutes.

Mom said you know what you are a very good kisser; even better than your dad. I said English movies. Mom laughed and said if you don’t mind may I see your cock? I became stunned. But making me more surprised mom came closer to me and lowered my pajama and underwear. My cock came out and hit in mom’s face. Mom took my cock in her hand and said how long it is? I could say nothing. Mom said, dear don’t be so excited because your mom has many things to give you an idiot could not see its night not dawn look at your wrist watch. I surprised that it was 1:30am. Mom said son we have 5 hours. Let your mom have all she needs from her busy husband. I said nothing laid her on bed and started to remove her nighty. She kept saying I am a noble woman I love sex so much but never get any physical relation with any other. But you are a part of your father. So fuck me. Fuck me like your father used to do.

I made her naked. And started saying mom let show you what your son is and without hesitation inserted my cock inside her pussy. She shouted in pleasure I started fucking hard. Mom said be slow sun it hurts me. I was not in a state of hearing and I ejaculated cum before 5 minutes and laid on her. After a long time she said son never be so fast at beginning. At first foreplay is important. I said mom its 2:15 now. We still have a lot of time. Mom without saying a word took my cock in her hand started sucking. Mom sucked like there is no tomorrow. She sucked for 20 minutes but I didn’t cum.

Then after sucking her pussy and playing with her 38D boobs I again started fucking her. This time I fucked continuously for 2 and half hour and then cum a lot. By this time mom ejaculated cum for 16 times. She rally became tired. I also got pleasure. Then we went to sleep together. Mom said that I’m better than dad in everything and blessed for my upcoming life. I said mom I can fuck you anytime it’s the highest blessings for me. We next day woke up at right time and reached to our hotel at Gangtok at 2 pm. Total tour was awesome.

Now I’m married to a girl of our college. We both practice at a village hospital. She is very beautiful and sexy too. I love her very much. She also loves me. Probably she loves me far more than I love her. We have very wild type of sex life. After M.B.B.S we are preparing for M.D also. My physical relation with mom is no more as I don’t want to cheat my dear wife. And my mom before a month of my marriage said me to devote all sex powers to her. I did so.

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Rani – The Sexiest Mother

I narrated the brief encounter with my mother Rani in the previous story. After that function at sashimi’s house, we came back to our village. My mother Rani was more open now and I could see the change in the way she dressed and carried herself out. Earlier she never let the dupatta slip from her mounds and she always covered her head. Now, I saw, that she let it loose and let it show the humongous boobs from over her suit where she let the bra go, at night.

One fine day, a man from the neighborhood, a 36 year old government employee had come to collect some stuff from the next house. As we all are not very well off , most of us have kucha houses and nearly all of us have cows and buffaloes to make up for financial constraints. He collected his stuff and started to move back to his house. He did not know that I was watching him from my rooftop. That time, my mother Rani was in the grassy cowshed and was tending to the cows with dry grass. She was moving a lot and had tied her dupatta right across her neck. Her magnificent towers of heaven were visible over her mauve suit. In fact, her nipples were already erect making tents in them and the outlines of those womanly motherly treasures were visible.

She walked daintily holding the dry grass in her hand and spread it quickly in front of the lucky animal and she was very quick in her movement. Her boobies spun and wobbled inside her suit and made it rather sure that she was not wearing anything inside. The poor guy was watching her from a distance and he stopped where the light was dim in the courtyard so that he could not be noticed in the blanket of darkness and started checking out my mother. In no time, he had an erection and he could not resist the raw beauty and effervescence of my mother’s puppies and in a fraction of seconds, he was caressing his cock in darkness thinking nobody saw him. I even saw him taking strokes at his cock over his pyajama while he stood there feasting on mother’s raw and wholesome sexiness. He stood there for some time and then moved away from that place when my mother was done in the cowshed.

Such incidents were common around my mother Rani. The secret of her untold beauty and lusty looks was that she was quite tall. She was certainly above 5 feet 6 inches tall. The most deadly and lecherous scene was when she carried the thatch of grass over her head which she had cut for the cattle, and she walked the narrow lanes towards her home dressed in nice suits. Her body had a lot of sweat and her suit clung sexily to her voluptuous body. The places where the sweat was much made her suit stuck to her body and this made one hell of a scene.

Many days passed and soon it was Karva Chauth. My father, the useless smoker, was away this time, on some official tour. My sister being married was not at home. I had gone with my mother to the market yesterday in the evening to collect various items for the auspicious day. In fact, I had gone with my mother to the market. We went to a garment store there and my mother also bought some long vests of light red color. She bought them in a way so that I could not see her shopping her private inner clothes. But I was watching and casting lecherous glances all the time. She bought bangles, kaajal and other cosmetics too. I was so mad with lust to reason anything when I was near her all the time. She kept my cock flagged all the time. When we came back to our home after a small walk through the market, she also met some of her friends who had come for the same purpose.

They exchanged some sniffing them to my hearts delight. She had bought a couple of floral panties and I was sure she was wearing the pink one who flowers had come alive every time I sniffed and jacked off on them; jokes about me as they all turned around and looked at me. My mother flushed red and then I guessed it must have been a lewd joke as is common between these village damsels and ladies.

We slept in different rooms when we came back home after enjoying a hearty meal which my mother had made. I woke up at around 4 O’clock when I heard the loud tinkling of the sonorous bell which my mother was shaking. I got up and took a peek in her room from the window grill. Lo and behold, there was my sumptuous mother so full with flesh that she was oozing sexiness at all her desirable places. She had taken bath, put on jewels and had done a little make up too escalating the beauty of her face with suitable lipstick and lip liner, suitably mascara toned eyelashes with kajal and she also had applied rouge on her cheeks.

She also had her shining golden mangalsutra with beads of black pearls and it was comfortably ensconced in the valley of maddening breasts. She also had exhibited some two three more necklaces making her swan like neck look adorable. Her ears flashed expensive jewelry too and she did not wear it normally in the house. She was wearing her red embroidered expensive suit and she looked amazing in it. Its red color was shining and amplifying the cuteness of her face. She was sitting on the floor and chanting some mantras while I looked at her chuchies from close by. A small portion of her red chemise was visible from under her suit and it added further sexiness and one could imagine that this chemise touched her innermost parts besides her bra and panties on which I had masturbated a countless times. I had remembered her panties by heart as every day I went to bathroom to get hold of her used panties on whom I masturbated after.

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Exploring Mom While Making Her Modern

Hello  readers. I am back with an Incest story of me and my mom. Thanks for all your feedback on my girlfriend stories. So, as I said before I am 21 year old male and 5’7 height. And talking about my mom, she is 44 now and looks very pretty. Her sizes are 34-32-36 which means nice boobs and little stomach out which also looks sexy.

My true experience with mom happened this May, when I went home after completing my bachelor’s in Chennai. My father went to Singapore for two weeks on some official conference. My mother told me that she had a get-to-together of her old friends next week and she wanted new dress for that function. She asked me out for shopping. I was lazy and said let’s buy online. She asked how to see trail and all. Then I said I used before and everything will be good there. So, she told to show on the net. I opened the site and shown her all the varieties. She was confused with the sizes which were online. Till now, I was normal with my mom. At this point, I got crazy ideas about her in mind. I told her to see her sizes and tell me which size. She said I can’t decide like this.

Then I brought a tape and told her to take measurements. She was shy to take measurements but I forced her that offers will get over before midnight. So she decided to measure and told her measurements (which I mentioned above). So we started selecting dresses and she needed only salwar kameez. I convinced her to take variety of dresses but she did not listen to me. So, I decided to show her sleeveless. She said no and said that she did not wear till now. Then again I started convincing her and said that in cities it is very common. Old people are also wearing those I said. She thought of trying once and said ok. So, we selected a nice pink sleeveless salwar and ordered for 50% off. She was very happy to get the discount.

The delivery came in four days. When I was outside, she called me and said that delivery came. I went running to home to see my lovely mom in that new sexy pink sleeveless. I went home and she was doing work in the kitchen. I told her to wear the dress. She said no not now. But I started forcing her to wear. She finally convinced and said she wanted to have a bath and after that she will show. I was eagerly waiting for her to come. After 15 minutes, she came in that beautiful pink sleeveless and I was amused to see her.

Mom: How is it on me?
Me: Very nice mom. You look beautiful.
Mom: Ha! Ha! Ha! Don’t joke. I am not a college girl now. I am old woman.
Me: Come on. 44, is not old. Many older ladies wear such kind of dresses.
Then she was very happy and was looking herself in mirror. She lifted her hands while tying her hair. Wow. I like a woman’s armpits a lot. That time I noticed lot of hair in her armpits.
Me: Mom what is that?
Mom: what happened? What are you talking about?
Me: Remove your hair in armpits. You can’t go to function like that.
Mom: OMG!! How to do that? Every time your dad used to remove it with his razor and it will pain also. Now even he is not there.
Me: It’s OK mom. I know how to do that. I have a trimmer. No need to shave. I will trim it neatly.
Mom: What is that? You use that?
Me: See. This is trimmer. It will just cut through. Mine is body groomer and you can cut hair all over the body.
Mom: Oh! All over the body!
Me: Yeah! Now change your dress or else it will spoil.
Mom: No, I am shy and you can’t do like that to me. You don’t have experience.
Me: It’s OK mom. I can handle. Don’t worry. You can’t wear this dress without trimming your armpits.

Finally, she agreed after lot of convincing and even then she was so shy. I told her to come quick. She wore a towel around her boobs only exposing her armpits and shoulders.
Me: Come here mom.
Mom: Do it carefully. I am afraid. I did not use this trimmer till now.
Now I started trimming and she closed her eyes. After trimming I said to open her eyes. She was surprised because there was no pain. But I could see some hair cut pieces. So, I went hear and blew the hair. That time I smelled her armpit sweat and it was amazing. I got fully aroused. She noticed my expressions and asked what happened. I said nothing.
Mom: This is very nice. I did not have any pain. Do you use this for whole body?
Me: Yes mom. I use for beard, armpits, stomach and there.
Mom: What there? Still where!
Me: It’s there, mom. The area below my stomach
Mom: Oh! Be careful son! How will you do it like that? Is it clean now?
Me: No mom. I did not shave from a month.
Mom: OK. Do it now. Shave carefully.
I was surprised how she asked like that and I was also happy for that. So I started to remove my boxers and it’s already hard.
Mom: Why are you removing totally? I just asked to pull your boxer a bit down and shave it idiot.

I was very much depressed by that and said sorry mom. She saw my naked erected 6.5” dick. She said it ok, now continue. So without pulling it up I started trimming it. Suddenly, I shouted “ouch” because there was a little cut on my balls. She was afraid and within no time she took my balls in her mouth as it was bleeding. Everything happened in a flash and I was very happy for what happened. She shouted at me “Idiot. Is this the way to trim? It is very sensual part. Don’t play with it and be careful. It was fully erect now and my mom observed it. She was amazed to see that and asked why is it shaking so much. I said I don’t know.

Then I said her to remove her hair also with that trimmer. She was shocked to hear that from me and shouted badly. I said it’s not healthy to put more hair for long time and I convinced her. She agreed but hesitant to do herself. I said I will do and within no time pulled her towel. She was surprised and tried to hide her boobs. I started trimming without listening to her and trimmed entire pussy. She was getting so much pleasure; I could find her wet pussy. I trimmed and blew her and planted a kiss on her clitoris. She shivered and pushed me away and shouted. I know that she liked it. She shouted “stop it you ass hole.” I could not do anything and started to stroke my dick.

Mom: What are you doing? Stop it stupid.
Me: I want to do mom. Help me if you want to but don’t stop me.
Mom: OK. What help you want?
Me: Just stroke it.
She started to stroke it and slowly took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it very badly. I was in heaven because my girlfriend never sucked my dick like this.
I pushed her away and started to lick her pussy. She could not control at all and started moaning aaaaah ahhh usssss ummmm, lick it well. Your dad didn’t lick till now. Ahhh hmmmm.” I licked her pussy well and felt on her boobs and sucked them like a mad dog. She was enjoying a lot. She forgot that I’m her son. I loved it and again I started licking her pussy and made her cum. She was very happy and sucked my dick. “Aaaahhh mom, u r so good; ahhh, you suck it so well. I’m cumming, ahhh” I was shouting. Cum on me bacha she said and I cummed on her face and boobs. She loved and licked cum and said it’s very strong. We were tired and slept on bed for some time.

Hope you all liked it. It’s lengthy but I narrated everything what happened. Please give reviews here .

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Exploring Mom While Making Her Modern – Part II

Hello all thank you for your feedback and encouragement on my first part. I am now coming with the later part of the story which is sex obviously. It all happened in a slow process and I hope you enjoy my experience.

I and my mom did not face each other much after that incident of nice pussy licking, dick sucking and cumming on each other. So two days after that came her get-together party and she went to the party very beautifully in that pink sleeveless salwar and black leggings with superb hot girl type make-up. I was amazed to see her like that. She said bye to me and went. After she went, I locked the door, removed my clothes and masturbated on our bed thinking about her. I felt so good and eagerly waiting for her to come.

Finally she came at 9:00pm after her dinner in the function. Her face was glowing and I asked what happened. She was very happy and said that everyone praised her for her beauty even in this age and her dress was center of attraction in the party. I was very happy and said that this credit goes to me. She kissed on my forehead and asked whether I ate. I said “No, I am waiting for you.” So she made something and brought to eat. She sat beside me while I was eating and both were watching some English movie. She likes English movies a lot. She was still wearing that dress and did not change her dress.

I am getting aroused by seeing her. As I am beside, I was touching her bare shoulder with my shoulder. Within no time I got aroused. There was a tent in my boxers as I did not wear underwear. I finished eating and got up to wash my hands. When I got up she saw my hard-on and surprised. She asked me what happened. I said nothing and went to wash and came back to sit beside her and started touching her. This time I think she got doubt and to divert she told to change the channel. I changed to another English channel and there was kiss scene in that and my dick could not control anymore. She saw towards my dick and understood that I was horny.

Now, I slowly kept my hand on her shoulder and slowly I was going down near to her boobs. She was concentrating on the movie so I lifted her hand and touched her armpit. It was little wet. She removed my hand and shouted “what are you doing idiot?” I said nothing and caught hold of her boobs tightly. She pushed me away and slapped me. Then I started crying in front of her. She could not see me like that and came near to hug me. I hugged her tightly and my dick was touching her stomach. Now she too got aroused. She made me sit beside and said “bacha. This is not good get hard for own mother. It spoils our relation.” Then I opened ISS and showed the incest section of mom and son stories.

She was shocked to see all those stories. Then I said this is all common in cities and I saw many people like that and again I started to press her boobs. She got angry and did not get convinced. Then I opened porn of mom and son. She was very horny now and could not control at all. I could see that in her face. She shouted at me “You motherfucker. Are you watching porn always?” I said “Yes mom but only mom and son.” She was confused what to say and then I leaned and started kissing her on her lips. She tried to push me but I opposed her by holding her tightly. Her boobs were pressing towards me and my dick was pushing her. So he does not have an option and just kept silent. She was also kissing me madly. After breaking the kiss she said “Let’s stop it please. It is enough now.” I did not listen and removed her sleeveless top. Wow, her boobs are hanging inside that sexy pink color padded bra. She tried to hide herself but I pulled her hands and bra at a time. I jumped onto her boobs and started biting her nipples. She started moaning “aaahhhh aahhh slowly idiot.”

I removed her leggings also and now I could see that pink trimmed pussy glistening with her pre-cum. She did not wear a panty. I was about to lick her pussy and she told to stop. I asked why. She told “First you get naked. I am so shy to be naked when you are not naked.” Now I got very happy that she started co-operating me. I removed my t-shirt and she pulled my boxer and my dick hit her face. Suddenly she started sucking it and I was in heaven. She sucked for 10 minutes and then I said it’s my turn and jumped on her pussy. She said “No. Let me enjoy your dick sometime. So, come into the 69 position.” Now we are sucking and licking each other at the same time.

After doing that for 15 minutes, I started licking her armpits. She said no because it is sweaty but I ignored it. I played with her body for so much time and licked her at every inch of her body.
Mom: Bacha. I want to cum.
Me: Wait mom. I will put you dick inside your pussy.
Mom: No. I don’t want it. I just want to cum like that day. That is enough. Till now I fucked only your father and I don’t want to get fucked by other person.
Me: Mom. Don’t do like this. I love you. That is enough for any person to fuck each other.
She did not listen to me but I took my dick into my hand and inserted into her pussy without her permission.
Mom: Aaaaahhh. What have you done bastard?
Me: it will be fine mom. Be happy and enjoy my cock which needs you so much.
Mom: please do it fast. I don’t want it for so much time.
Me: Please close your mouth and just moan in happiness.
I said that and started to fuck her with some force. She too started to enjoy it after 5 minutes. I was happy to see her in pleasure.
Mom: aaahhhahahaha what the fuck? How are fucking so nicely? Where did you learn fucking you idiot?
Me: By seeing porn of mom and son. I noticed how to fuck a matured woman like a mom. Mom, are you enjoying it?

Mom: wow. It is so nice. Your father fucked me long back. Now he’s getting older to fuck often. He fucks very rarely.
Me: So don’t keep any regrets and enjoy it mom.
Mom: ahahaha uuummmmmm aaaahhhha ahahahaha fuck it hard my son; you are mine. Fuck nicely.
Me: Mom. This dick is yours. It was given by you. Take it how much you want.
She was going mad to my words and enjoying my fuck a lot. I was also very happy for fucking my own on our bed.
Mom: This is amazing. I love it. Fuck you bastard. Fuck still hard. My pussy should not need any man till a month. Fuck like that.
Me: OK mom. I will fuck however you want. Let’s change our positions.
Now she came up and I came down. She did not know how fuck properly in that position because she is new to it. So I opened porn and kept a scene of that position in my laptop. She was seeing it and started to jump on me. I was in heaven.
Me: Oh mom! It’s amazing. You are the best fucker. I love you. Aaaahhh my dick is bulging. It’s paining.
Mom: It’s OK bacha. Enjoy it. Matured woman fuck like this only. Be happy that you are fucking an older woman than you and that too your mom.
Me: aaahhh it’s nice. Aaahh I want to cum inside you.
Mom: No. Don’t cum please. I don’t want you to cum inside me. Please cum on my boobs. I will swallow it.

Me: OK mom. But you cum first; I will let you cum.
Mom: OK my dear bacha. Then fuck me harder; ahhhh, my god; you increased your speed a lot. Control your balls. Don’t cum inside me. Aaaahhhh it’s awesome. Fuck your bitch. I am about to cum. Aaaaaahhhhhhaaaahahh. Stop bacha. I had cummed.
Me: OK mom. Now shake my dick and take my semen.

I started stroking my dick very fast and cummed on her boobs. She swallowed everything and sucked my dick. We both were so much tired and porn sounds were still cumming from my laptop. She was looking at me and started laughing. We slept on each other and rolled on bed. We were nude till morning and I fucked one more time in the morning. After that she did not allow me to fuck as my father came back and I went back to Chennai.

Thank you all for reading my story and making it success. Please give your feedback .

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After a short discussion, I asked him that whether he had ever done masturbation. He told me that he has no idea what is that. I told him clearly about masturbation. He feels excited and wants to practice it. I told him to go to the bath room and do you. But he returned from the bathroom and said it did not happen. I have decided to do it myself. So I opened his pant and masturbated his penis. As he is a very strong boy he holds me very tightly when I am masturbating him. He is excited and it happens within two to three minutes. He enjoyed a lot. Next day in the day time he waits for me when I finished all my work & come to my bed for a rest he come to me and requested for masturbation. I said to him to do it yourself. But he insisted. I do it again.

That day when I am holding his penis, he holds me very strongly and tried to kiss me in my chick I don’ t mind and he kissed my face several times. Next day he insisted again but I refused because I thought he will be tired by doing it every day. So I say no to him and gone to sleep. After sometime when I am in deep sleep I feel something wrong and wake up and see he is totally nude and trying hard to masturbate himself in one hand and in another hand he is touching all over my body. I stopped him and said what you are doing go to the bathroom. But he refused and tried to open my sari. As he is a strong boy I couldn’t resist him for a long time he opened my sari and then kissed me violently all over my body. He even opened my blouse and I am almost nude in front of him.

I hold his penis and tried to masturbate in order to cool him. At that time he is touching & kissing all over my body. After some time he masturbated and cool down. He went for sleeping. That day itself in the night, as he is sleeping besides me, I feel that he is again touching my body passionately kissing my back. I stopped him and told him that your father and brother are in the next room. So this is not the time. We will do it next day in the day time. Next day he is waiting for me. I come to the bedroom after finishing my work. He suddenly holds me and kissed all over my body. That day I was also excited and couldn’t control myself. He open all my sari, blouse and kissed me passionately all over my body. His penis is going strong & strong. I try to hold it but I couldn’t.

After some time I lost my control and so much excited that I seat on him and pushed his penis on me he enjoyed more than masturbation and ejaculated. In fear I take one I-pill that day and in shame. I couldn’t stop crying that day. I visit neighbor house and said all these things except the last day. She told me that do not feel guilty. All you have done to help your son. Soon he will be improved and during the last three days I watched a change in the behavior of my son. So I consulate myself and returned to home. Next day the same thing happens. He after a good fight overpowered me and do sex with me. He is so strong that I couldn’t break him for a long time. He is a boy of 22 years old with 6′ 4″ tall and strong built up. I am a woman of 44. How can I stop him? There is also a fear in me that he may shout or told anybody about it. This is the 17 day. We have done this about 12 times. I am afraid and thinking of suicide is the only solution.

Now, I am more stable than before. Although my son has not stopped having sex with me but he understand me and listen to me. When I not accept his request for sex, he is not using his strength on me for sex. But that is for one day or two at best. But after that he is crying for sex in front of me. Just open his cloth and stand nude in front of me. I tried to convince him to do masturbation yourself and what we are doing is wrong. I will arrange your marriage to a beautiful girl soon. He is listening to me patiently. But request me that till my marriage, please continue this act with me, otherwise I will be mad. Last Wednesday in the day time, when I go to my bed after finishing my kitchen work he come to me and pleaded for sex, when I disagree he cried and open his clothes one by one and becomes nude in front of me and then pick my hair strongly and inserted his penis in my mouth and after he ejaculates say sorry to me.

Thursday he listened to me. We have not done anything. But today he came to me and pleaded when I disagree and try to talk to him, he promised me that this is the last time; I will do intercourse with you. I will never request you after that. I agreed. He first makes me nude and kissed all over my body and then pushed his penis inside me. But he tried to do sex with me in different angles. He tried to push his penis from my back and he has not ejaculated in quick time as before and continued for a long time. As he is a strong boy I couldn’t resist for long and cried with pain. His penis also remained strong for 30 minutes or more. At last he requested me to please help me to ejaculate. I masturbated with my hand for 10 minutes and then he ejaculated. The main development is that now he listens to me and his girl like behavior is totally changed. He concentrates on his study. He is going to his computer class and coaching class regularly.

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Answer. Your husband is a photo enthusiast. Ensure he destroys the pictures after the event, lest he boasts his treasure with his drinking buddies.

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