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Became A Bhenchod And Lost Virginity

Hi guys I am Abhay and I am going to narrate the true incident of life, on how I lost my virginity to my sexy cousin sister. Let’s be done with introduction first. I am 22 years old and I am 6 feet tall with average body. I have a 6-inch cock which is normal I guess and I am from Delhi. 
I was 18 when the incident occurred. It was summer and my cousin sister was at home during vacation. Due to constraints in rooms with AC, we both used to sleep in same room. Her name is Ishita and she was very beautiful and not at all slim but yeah she has right curves and cute face. Her figure is 36-30-34. She and I used to chat till late hours and we used to sleep. She was 20 when incident occurred and she has just lost her virginity to her neighbor friend. So she used to masturbate late in night thinking about him when I used to sleep.

One fine night after I slept, she was pleasing her vagina but I woke up of bad dream and hearing her moans. I silently opened my eyes and looked at her. One of her hands was in her panty and another on her bra and she kept massaging it without even noticing me. I spoiled her pleasure by saying what the fuck are you doing. Then she was shocked and quickly pulled her hands and said you are awake. I said yeah well I am now. What are you doing? After a pause She says as if you don’t do. To that I smiled and said it’s ok, I won’t say to anybody only in one condition. She said yeah name it, then I asked to tell if she is a virgin and that night I got to know how my sweet and hottie cousin lost her virginity. She asked me are you virgin? Then I said yeah I am, then she smiled with sexy expression saying let’s take it away then.

I got a 1000 different feelings that moment and I placed my lips on hers. We both smooched each other passionately for about 5 minutes. After than I quickly took off her tees and unhooked her bra. I started grabbing her perfect mango shaped boobies in my palm. Its one of the most awesome thing in women body. I sucked her mango boobs like a kid sucking milk. I even left a few love bites. I then started kissing her body sensually from head to neck and ears. It turned her on completely and she took off my sorts and pulled her panties down and came over me in 69 position. She instructed to suck her pussy to which first I felt yuck but after initial few seconds, I liked the taste of it and after few minutes I was sucking her pussy like sugarcane. She was also giving me a blowjob and the awesome feel of her soft hand and sexy lips on my balls and penis made me come in 5 minutes. She drank all of it and came back to me and said come on Babe fuck your sister become a bhenchod.

I quickly complied and said yeah well if sister is so hot how can I not become a bhenchod. I then shoved my penis in her tight little cunt and started fucking her. She was lost in deep moans of pleasure and so was I. Her sexy voice making noise like uhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaah come on fuck me harder…… I am bitch….. Just fuck me and fuck me real hard……. Tear my pussy….. It all made me even hornier and I made stroking her pussy even harder. She was lost in the flow that she started moaning heavily and I quickly reminded her about my parents. The she came on top of me and started riding on top of my dick. It is so good to see a sexy pair of bouncing boobies up and down. Then after a minute, she got tired and I made her sit in doggy style so I can enter her pussy from behind. Now it was even better to fuck my sister spanking her ass and giving her a hard fuck just like a street bitch getting fucked by a dog. She was moaning in pleasure even better than porn stars as it was filled with sensuality and intimacy. I was so lost in the pleasure that I can never forget it in my life. In about 15-minutes, we both came inside each other and she took my dick in her mouth and sucked it clean.

She cleaned the bed-sheet and we dressed up and laid back on bed again. We made plans for sex, next night. She said me to take her to a movie and I said, no I will send mom and dad and we will watch porn together and fuck each other. To which she smiled oh wow nice plan and again we both were hot and tired at same time, so I finger fucked her pussy and she gave me an awesome hand job. I sucked and massaged her awesome boobies again and we both slept like a brother and sister.

Next few nights we had lots of fun. I used to stuff chocolate in her pussy and finger fuck her and then I used to suck her chocolaty cum filled pussy. Our chocolaty passionate kissing is still fresh in my mind. Even her sexy arse wasn’t spared and it’s deflowered with no mercy. Now whenever she comes to our house or I visit their’s, we fuck each other for sure. Once she introduced me to her sexy friend as I told her that her friend with whom she post friend is too hot. I wish I was inside her hole and we had an amazing threesome experience. I have also had many other incidents with girlfriends and some neighbor aunts. I will narrate them later on.

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Neil And His Mom, Kirty – A Threesome With Mom

Hello all. Am submitting my first story on Hope you like it. Please share your views and feedback. I (Neil) had recently completed 18 years of age. Standing 5 feet 5 inches tall and have an athletic build. My cock is thick and 6 inches long and I prefer to keep my balls shaved. My mom gave me birth at the age of 19 years and she is 37 years old now. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, fair complexion, have black eyes, long black hair and is very good looking. She has a slight bulge in her tummy and has a huge round onion shaped booty. Her ass looks very sexy from sides and she walks swaying her ass sexily. She is a big breasted woman and wears 36 D sized bras. My mom prefers to wear sarees and wears low hip saree, almost 4 inches below her navel. I have seen every inch of her belly and like her deep and fleshy navel. While sleeping, she wears short nighties, however covers herself with front opening night gowns when am around.

I don’t have many friends visiting my house, except my best friend Rahul who has been my friend from the past 6 years. I have observed him several times eyeing my mother’s hot body during his visits at my place. However, I don’t blame him since my mom is like a MILF. Rahul is 19 years old and has a girlfriend who is 18. Rahul frequently have sex with his girlfriend. His girlfriend is very hot and seems to be a sex maniac as Rahul keeps on talking about his sexual experiences with his girlfriend. Actually I was kind of jealous with Rahul because he had such a hot girlfriend and also used to bang her frequently. I have had sex only twice with a girl from my college and I miss it a lot now.

Me and my mom are very friendly to each other and she never hesitates to talk with me about girls of my age. I admire her lustful body but never had any desire to fuck her until the following incidence. It was the month of December and we had to visit my cousin’s wedding out of town. Since Rahul was also a friend of my cousin, he was invited to the wedding too. We had been making plans and doing shopping for my cousins wedding. We decided to travel by car as Rahul also wanted to bring his girlfriend along with us (just so that they can have sex). It was a small journey and we left our town in the evening so that we can reach there in the night and have sleep for the night. My cousin had made all the arrangements for guests to stay in the hotel. By the time we reached at the venue it was 10pm. We had been given three rooms on the top most floor, one for my mom, one for Rahul’s girlfriend and another room for myself and Rahul. All four us dropped our bags in the rooms and got freshened up quickly.

My mom went downstairs to meet our relatives and Rahul, his girlfriend, and myself decided to go out for a drink. So we drove away from the hotel and reached at a nearby Pub. Rahul’s girlfriend was wearing a tight top and her bra straps were clearly visible through her top. She was wearing a pair of shorts. I was admiring her toned and sexy legs all the time and in between I starred at her newly developed tits. Rahul noticed the lust in my eyes for his girlfriend and being my best friend he knew that I had been craving for sex very badly. After we had few drinks, Rahul soflty asked me “Isn’t she sexy?” – to which I replied “Yes, very sexy”. Rahul responded back saying that she too likes you, to which I was surprised. “Really…” I said. Rahul said “’She likes your athletic physic and finds you sexy”. I was thrilled listening to this. After this, what Rahul said was shocking and came surprising to me. Rahul offered me to bang his girlfriend tonight. I asked him if he is sure and will she be ready to do this, to which he said yes. So we rushed back to the hotel and during the drive, Rahul had also told his girlfriend that she can have sex with me. We had also picked up condoms on our way back.

As soon as we reached to the hotel, I asked Rahul that I will be in his girlfriend’s room and he can stay in my room and tell mom that I have gone asleep in case she asks about me. My mom’s room was next the room I was going to have sex in with Rahul’s girlfriend. Both rooms had a door inside in the common wall between the two rooms. It was actually a suite which had a huge space, but to accommodate people separately, the common door was locked temporally. Me and Rahul’s girlfriend entered her room and since I was horny, I wasted no time and started kissing her and pressing her ass and boobs alternately. I was enjoying myself and didn’t knew that mom had already come back to sleep in her room. We both got naked in no time and I threw Rahul’s girlfriend to bed and climbed upon her. I was kissing her neck while playing with her tiny nipples to which she was giggling and enjoying herself and was giving soft moans in between. Her voice was being clearly heard in my mom’s room which broke her sleep. My mom was clueless as to from where these voices were coming, so she decided to check out. She came near the door which was between the two rooms and brought her ear closer to the door. Completely unknown of this, I had already started humping on my friend’s girlfriend. I started to increase my pace and ramming my cock in and out of her tight and fresh pussy very hard. She was screaming and moaning a lot and was clearly being heard by my mom in the next room. After 15 minutes of hard fucking I came hard and emptied my balls and we both were moaning hard this time. After that, I kissed her goodnight and quickly came back to my room and slept.

Next night, I was down with my cousin while Rahul was still in his room. My mom, knew what had happened last night and she thought it was Rahul who was giving all the pleasure to his girlfriend. Since my mom didn’t had a sex life for the past few years, all the moaning and screaming that she heard last night from the next room were still echoing in her ears. So she took a bold decision and made a plan to fuck Rahul this night. Tonight, mom just wore a bra and panty and wrapped herself in a gown which had a front opening. I was still down talking with my cousin and mom got herself out of her room and came outside my room, where Rahul was resting. She knocked the door and Rahul opened it. He immediately said “Hello Aunty, Neil is downstairs with his cousin, do you want me to call him” – mom said “No, I came here to meet you” – Rahul was a bit surprised, but was still comfortable and asked my mom “Tell me Aunty, what can I do for you”. Before he could complete, my mom entered the room and closed the door behind her. Rahul now got a bit confused, but was watching his friend’s sexy mom in a night gown which was upto her knees. My mom had deliberately loosened her a gown a bit to reveal her massive cleavage. She came near Rahul and rested her left hand on his right shoulder and pushed him to sit down on the side of the bed.

Meanwhile I was on my way towards my room. Rahul was getting nervous thinking of what was actually going on, but at the same time he was enjoying the view of my mother’s rack. Mom said “I will be frank with you… You kept me awake last night” – Rahul quickly understood that my mom must have heard his girlfriend getting banged by his friend in the room next to hers and must have thought that it was Rahul who was fucking his girlfriend hard last night. So to cover his friend, Rahul said “Oh my god… Aunty… am embarrassed” – Mom replied “There is nothing to be embarrassed, I heard the way you made your girlfriend moan last night. I am thinking maybe you are hiding something from me.” My mom took her right hand placed it on Rahul’s cock which was slowly getting erected. Mom gently rubbed his cock over his shorts and then grabbed it tightly. Rahul was almost aroused and his cock was rapidly reaching towards full erection. Mom said “I always thought that you have got a huge cock” Rahul was now beginning to wonder what is going to happen next and suddenly he responded back saying “Aunty, there is something I have to tell you” – Mom “And what is that… You kept me awake whole night and now you are not going to make up for me…”

Unknowing that my mom is already inside the room, I opened the door and was shocked to see my mom sitting very close to Rahul with her left hand on his shoulder and right hand on his cock. Mom “Oh Neil, I thought you were…” Rahul “Aunty, this is what I was going to tell you… It was not me who kept you awake all night, it was your son – Neil” – I asked mom what is she doing here dressed like that. Mom “Well to tell you the truth, I was just about to fuck your friend”. I was shocked listening to this and didn’t had any word to say. Mom “Well, now that I know that you were making that girl moan last night I wonder how big your cock will be.” I was completely speechless to what my mom was saying. I was standing cold and my mom came close to me and asked “Let me see what you have got under those pants” Saying this, mom started to unbutton my jeans while Rahul was sitting and watching. Mom unzipped my jeans and pulled it down and now I was standing in my underwear. She then turned a little and touched Rahul’s cock again and said in a soft tone “But you to have a big cock” Mom turned back to me and pulled down my underwear. My cock was semi-hard and mom took it in her right hand and started stroking it. Mom asked Rahul to get up and come and stand in front of me. She moved away from my cock and dropped Rahul’s shorts to the floor making his cock spring out of his shorts. She grabbed my cock again took it in her mouth and started to give me blowjob. She lifted her left hand to find Rahul’s cock and started stroking it while sucking me.

Within no time she made my cock completely wet with her thick saliva. She then moved on and gulped in Rahul’s cock while stroking my cock with her right hand. She was sucking Rahul’s dick-head and was stroking his cock while doing so. We both removed our t-shirt and got completely naked. Mom stopped sucking Rahul and brought her mouth back to my cock. She spat on my cock and then began to suck it again. This time she was sucking it faster and harder that made cock fully erect and hard. Mom was alternately sucking our cocks. Mom “Do you boys like that… It feels so good” – “Yes mom, it feels so good”, I said to my mother. Mom then took my cock completely in her mouth and gagged on it and pulled it out and spat on my cock with all saliva she had in her mouth. She then stroked my wet cock and looked at both of us stopped for awhile. She then reached to her gowns knot and untied it and revealed her sexy body. Her bra and panty were still hiding her heavenly assets.

Rahul wasted no time and unhooked her to free her massive melons. We both were amazed to see such wonderful pair of breasts. They were with a little sag and mom had pink nipples which were now stretched out hard. Rahul grabbed my mom’s left breast and began caressing it. I started playing with her right one and flicked her nipple with my thumb while keeping my grip on her breast. She was enjoying all this and was softly moaning. Mom said “Both of your cocks are so wonderful. They are bigger than I thought”. We were still playing with my mom’s big breasts and mom was stroking both of our cocks. Mom said “You boys like my tits isn’t it… I knew you boys never missed a chance to see them… Keep playing with them boys… ummm… Now that you both are nice and hard, lets fuck. I got excited listening to this and mom stood up and took her panties off. She finally revealed her most heavenly asset and I was amazed to see her clean shaved pussy. She moved up the bed and rested herself sideways, Rahul and I climbed up the bed and wasted no time in lifting her leg and entered myself in to her pussy.

Rahul reached towards mom’s face and gave his cock to suck her. I was adjusting myself on the bed while entering my mom’s pussy. Her pussy was tight like young girls. I finally entered deep in my mom’s pussy then started giving her soft strokes of my cock. She was moaning while sucking Rahul and getting fucked by me at the same time. I gave her a tight slap on her ass while fucking her pussy and pressed her ass cheeks hard. I kept fucking her in the same position for a while. She asked Rahul to sleep on the bed so that she can get fucked by him now. I pulled out my cock and Rahul lied down in the bed o his back. Mom got up and sat on and took his cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy. She slowly moved down making Rahul’s cock disappear in to her. I stood up on the bed and brought my cock to her mouth for her to suck while she gets fucked by Rahul. She was pumping Rahul’s cock while Rahul reached out and grabbed her breasts and pressed them while my mom was fucking his dick. Mom was still stroking and licking my cock. After a while, I asked mom to get up and sit on me. She stopped fucking Rahul and I lied down on the bed and mom came on top me facing me. She bent over, took my cock in her hand and guided to her pussy.

Once my cock was in, I started fucking her and she bent further down to kiss me. Rahul with no warning came behind her, kneeled on the bed behind her and tried to enter her asshole while her pussy was getting fucked by me. Mom was shocked and turned her face behind to see what is Rahul upto. Mom said “Rahul, what is it, what are you upto…” – Rahul said “Nothing aunty, I just love you big sexy ass and want to fuck it” – Mom “Oh no Rahul… not my ass and I don’t want double penetration” – “Mom it will be fun… you will enjoy it… “ I said to my mom and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her towards me so that Rahul can get space to enter her from behind. Rahul started penetrating my mom’s ass, while my cock was still insider her pussy and I was gently fucking her. Once we both got comfortable in our position, we started to increase our pace and mom was screaming and moaning with every stroke. She had never been double penetrated before and we were fucking both her love holes at once. After fucking her like this, we decided to change the position. This time we made Mom sit on Rahul and I entered her ass. We again started fucking her hard and she had squirted thrice by now and started enjoying double stuffing.

Mom wanted our cum but did not wanted inside her hole. Rahul was close to cum so he got up and mom lied down on her back in the bed. I lifted her legs and spread it to give me room and started fucking her in missionary position. Rahul was preparing to cum was kneeling down besides my mom’s breasts, stroking his cock above my mom’s breasts. He kept stroking his cock and then his cock started oozing out thick jets of cum all over my mom’s breasts. While I was still fucking her pussy, her breast had got covered with Rahul’s cum. Mom “Umm… thank you Rahul, you have a thick load” – Rahul was gasping for breath as had got tired. Mom said “Son, its your turn now” – “Yes mom, I want to cum in your mouth.” I replied – “Oh baby” Mom said. “Come mom, I am close” – Mom got up from bed and brought her face in front of my cock and opened her mouth waiting for me to fill it all up with me semen. I started stroking my cock slowly in front her mouth. Rahul suddenly got up and said he was leaving as he had to meet his girlfriend and within no time he was out of the room. I started stroking my cock faster to ooz out cum in to my mom’s mouth and then my cock spurted out a thick jet of hot cum right in to my mom’s mouth. “Aaahhhhhhhhh mom… Ahhhhhhhhh” I was unloading my semen all over my mom’s face and in her mouth. I came a lot and emptied my balls all in to my mom’s face. “Ummmmmmmmm, honey, it tastes so good, ummmmm” Mom said – “You liked it mom” I asked, she said “Ummmm its tasty….”

“So, now that I made you cum, don’t you think your mom deserves a kiss” mom said, “Really, a kiss, are you sure Mom” I asked. Mom said “Why? Are you afraid to kiss me with your cum all over my face?” – “No mom, I can kiss you with whatever is on your face” saying this I came towards her mouth and planted a kiss on her wet lips and them we kissed for sometime hugging each other’s naked body.

Part two coming soon…

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Had Sex With Mom

Hey guys this is my first story in your reviews are most welcome.
Lets head towards the story this is a true story and its quite long but I know you will definitely enjoy it…
. I am a twenty year old studentof an engineering college in Delhi, India.Myhome is in a crowded place.My father owns a shop selling electrical goods. My mother is a teacher in a middle school within walking distance of my home. The fourth member of our household is the top servant woman. She comes in the morning at seven and after washing the dishes, sweeping the house, laundering, and helping my mother with cooking leaves at ten for a fast food restaurant where she is the specialist samosa folder. Though only 32 she is a widow having lost her husband to the popular brew called arrack. She and her two children aged 18 and 21 live in a tiny house at the end of our street.
By the time the top servant woman finishes her chores at ten we three would have left for our duties. I leave at eight, my father shortly before nine and my mother shortly after nine. As all four have a house key each that is no problem. One morning I had forgotten to take the exam application form. It was the last day for submission so I rushed home. It was a few minutes past ten.I used my key to get in. I collected the form and was filling it when I heard the door click open. I heard something heavy and soft thudon the divan. It was the maid bringing in the laundry that she had hung to dry on the terrace. She could not have known that I wasin the house. As she was folding the clothes she was humming a tune. I have never heardher warbling before. She sang well. I could hear her open the clothes almirah to replace the folded clothes. The singing now emanated from the kitchen. Her work for the day was over but she was in no great hurry to leave. I thought she was taking some rest before leaving for the fast food joint. It was not so. She was waiting for something more sensational. I heard the door open once again. I wondered who it could be. A male voice spoke.
“Taruni,” it said. I froze. It was my father’s. That was the maid’s name. I have never heard my father talking to the maid least of all calling her by name, and here he was calling her most lovingly. I silently moved to the next room and climbed to the loft in that room. At one end of the loft there is a gap in the wall blocked with wooden trellis. It overlooks the kitchen. I crouched comfortably in the darkness and had a ring-side seat to watch the thrilling event thatwas now to take place. I admit that my action was unworthy of a gentleman.
My father and the maid were in a tight embrace. Soon he was peeling off her clothes. The sari was the first to go and then the blouse and bra and finally the skirt. The woman was naked. Lean and comely she had a shapely pair of breasts that sagged just enough to enhance their beauty; her buttocks were firm and her pubic mound nicely convex. She was not clean shaven but had trimmed the pubic hair short. I could criticize my father’s morals but not his taste. His wife, my mother who is just 38 is prettier,but of course wife’s good looks never stood in the way of a husband seeking mistresses. The maid now went about preparing soup from a can that she opened. My father sat and watched the naked girl at work. He musthave enjoyed the sight. He must also have passed on his taste for seeing naked girls do homely chores to his son for I found that sight most erotic.
My father was now moving stools and chairsabout as if he was a ring master in a big cat show in a circus. He placed a large stool against the wall and a chair against it. It wasa well practised move. It was of course apparent that this affair has been going on for months. I wondered what this odd arrangement of chair and stool was for. I gotthe answer soon enough. Taruni sat on the stool with back against the wall. My father sat on the chair facing her. Taruni lifted her feet and placed it on either side of father’s thighs. She had her thighs widely apart and her pussy was in grand display. Father who had by now discarded his clothes was holding the soup bowl in one hand and as he sipped his other hand was either kneading her breasts or rubbing her clitoris. From time to time as if to vary the taste he took a sip from one or other nipple. Soon the soup bowlwas empty. Incidentally even though my father offered her soup she declined. The maid knew were to draw the line in a master servant relationship!
The time was now ripe for the finale. They had a well practised routine. My father who is strong and well built lifted Taruni in the folded state she was in and planted her on the table used for kitchen work. From my hide I could she her spread thighs and her vulva with lips parted. My father then took his erect and good sized penis towards the vaginal opening and she helpfully took hold of it and inserted it in. Both were in a pumped up state owing to the strange foreplay. Judging from the movements and the moaning they must have had their climaxes in unison. They held on to each other for quite a while and then they parted. Taruni climbed up the sink and washed her vulva. Even in that tense moment I wondered what my mother, a stickler for cleanliness, would say if she knew the unusual use her maid was putting her sink to. They dressed quickly. A brief hug and my father left and after resetting the furniture she left. I did not. I had an urgent task to perform. I went to the bathroom and masturbated. As so often happens in our world it is the innocents who sneak out. I left like a thief, looking this way and that.
The stirring event that I witnessed was not a shock to me. My father was a womaniser. That was no secret. He has been the star of several scandals. My mother must have had it out with him in her earlier years but now she was reconciled to it. She rarely spoke to him and they slept in different rooms. What was disturbing was that the affair should be happening under our roof and involving our maid with a thriving family. It did not look good. I felt deeply for my mother, a gentle and kindly teacher much loved by her pupils. If she comes to know of it even her resiliencewould not be enough. I thought about it in the days that followed. I decided that my mother needs me.
For the next few days I watched the maid as she went about her duties. There was nothing, absolutely nothing to show that she was carrying on a spectacular affair with the master of the house. My father gave nothingaway either. They of course never spoke to each other and my father hardly ever looked in her direction. They were communicating with each other of that there was no doubt. That afternoon the maid was waiting for himwith soup bowl and can with opener ready. When and how he sent his messages I dont know.
A fortnight later on my return from college I noticed my mother’s eyes red and swollen. I asked her if she was weeping. She said that she had missed her weekly oil bath and that was the reason her eyes were red. I was not convinced. Eyes can get congested if one does not take oil bath on the day it is due butthey do not swell. “Ma,” I said holding her with both hands on her shoulders and looking into her eyes, “tell me what’s your sorrow.”“Nothing, like I said I missed oil bath,” she said. We were in eye contact. She tried to look away but some force impelled her to keep her eyes from turning. I could see tears collecting and then pour down the cheeks. She fell into my open arms and sobbed.
“Mom, tell your son your troubles. I will see what can be done.” We held tightly toeach other. It is not in our culture for grown up sons to hug mothers this way. With daughters it would have been natural. But she was in such distress and so much in need of support from her only friend that spontaneously we hugged. After a while her sobbing subsided. Then she spoke.
“Your father,” she said between sobs,
“is carrying on with Taruni”
I was shocked that she know that I will tell you what happened after that in the next part…Stay tuned

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My Friends Hot Mom Taught Me Everything

Hey I am Akhil from bhopal. I had been wanting to post this story from a very long time but didn’t have the time and now that my board exams are over I thought this would be the perfect time. This story is about how I was seduced by my friend’s mom. I m usually more attracted to the mature women or the so called MILFS. I do have a gf but its only hugging and cuddling with her and nothing more than that. About me I m 5ft 11in, white complexion and with a 6 inches curved dick.I will not take any names for obvious reasons.

I had a friend named X and his mom was Y. We were friends from childhood and most of the time spent time in each other’s house playing on the PS and stuff like that. I had seen Y right from my childhood but I did not have any feelings for her. But one day all that changed. Me and X were playing on the PS in his house when Y came to the living room to serve us juice. The table was right in front of me so as she bent down to keep the glasses I could catch a glimpse of her cleavage. I felt very excited and as I returned to my house obviously I headed straight to the bathroom and jerked off. This continued for several days and I used to steal glances of her breasts without her knowledge. One day I received a text from X asking me whether I was free to drop by his house to play. I sent a message saying that I will be there in two minutes. Our houses were on the same lane so I could just walk to his place.

I reached his house and rang the doorbell. Y opened the door and she was looking gorgeous. She was still in her night gown which exposed her assets to the fullest. The night gown had a velvety texture which I loved. I wanted to hug her right then but I controlled myself. She said X had gone out and will be back in five minutes. I sat on the sofa and she came out of her room with a towel saying that she is gonna take a shower and be careful not to let anyone inside except X. After about ten minutes or so I was growing impatient and decided to call X but then I heard his phone ring from his room. So I decided to wait. I heard Y call my name from the bathroom. I wondered why and went near the bathroom door and said yes aunty? She asked me to get in. I couldn’t believe my luck and as I got in I saw Y in the bathtub with her back facing me. I felt very horny at this sight and my penis was growing in size.

She handed me a bar of soap and said she needed help in washing her back. I was more than happy to oblige and started washing her back. She held my hand and guided me around her silky smooth and milky back. Then all of a sudden out of the blue she turned towards me and placed my hands on her breasts. I was shocked and didn’t know how to react. Then she asked me why you only like watching them, don’t you wanna play with them. I just smiled and started squeezing her breasts. She let out small moans which made me even hornier. I stopped squeezing her tits and asked about X to which she replied he had gone out with his dad to his grandma s place and wouldn’t be back until tomorrow. Now I figured out that Y had planned everything and she knew that I used to ogle at her breasts. I pulled her up and started smooching her. Our tongues met and we kept sucking each other’s tongues for some time and while all dis happened my hands were exploring her body. I squeezed her soft but firm ass and played with her nipples. We broke the kiss and I started sucking on those big tits. She used to let out a small moan every time I sucked her nipples. She was growing hornier by the second and started speaking nasty which made me even me more excited.

She slowly got down and pulled my pant and my erect dick just sprang out. She first observed it from all sides and then said it looks good hope it lives up to my expectation. She started sucking my dick and that was the very first time a woman touched my dick. I couldn’t last long and I cummed in her mouth. She drank every single drop and cleaned my dick. Now she adjusted herself on the bathtub and spread her legs wide open and said time to return the favour my boy. I removed my shirt and started licking her wet pussy. It smelt so good I felt like never stopping. Her moans were getting louder now and she cummed twice in the span of ten minutes. She complimented me by saying for a beginner I was excellent. I felt very happy and we turned on the shower. She got down on her knees again and started giving me a blowjob but this time I could hold for a longer time. She slept on the floor with her legs wide open and guided my dick into her hot and wet pussy. It was just awesome feeling the shower water running all over our bodies and getting to fuck your dream milf. We fucked for about ten minutes under the shower and I cummed inside her vagina. She was very happy with the fuck and said that her pussy had not been filled with hot cum from the past ten years. Then we took a shower together and cleaned ourselves.

But things were just getting started. As nobody was in the house we decided not to wear any clothes and roam nude. She said that she would prepare lunch and after lunch was time for another round of passionate sex. During lunch she asked me whether I have fantasised about her. I said obviously and smiled. She pulled my cheeks and said u naughty boy. We had lunch and then she brought some ice cream from the refrigerator. I was going to get the cups but she stopped me and I understood her plans. She covered herself with ice cream at all the right places like her breasts, navel and I was more than happy to suck her.

She then covered my chest with ice cream and started licking me. I was becoming very horny and I just pulled her up and started smooching. Before another round of fuck I called my house and told that I was in X s house and had lunch so I will be returning only in the night. She took me to her bedroom and started giving me a blowjob so that penetration would be easy. After the blowjob, I entered her in the doggy position. I used to spank her ass every now and then. We continued fucking till 7 that day and tried various positions. We also had anal sex and till today that day is the most memorable day of my life. At 7 I got dressed up and as I was about to leave she held my hand and kissed me and thanked for the wonderful time. Now whenever we get a chance to have sex we make full use of it. Even when I visit his house to just play I go to his mom’s room without his knowledge and kiss her and fondle her breasts.

Hope you liked the story. 

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Horny Mother Had Great Time With Her Son

If you are horny and want to have dirty talks, please send a mail to
I sat in baggy shorts and baggy t-shirt with my back to the bedroom door at my computer, reading a story from an erotic stories web site. I quickly clinked the mouse on a word document and turned with a feeling of embarrassment, to look at my mother. Thankfully, she was busy arranging my laundered clothes in my wardrobe and had her back to me,

“Just some college project Ammi (Mother)” I lied.

I found my eyes scanning the back of my mother’s body. It was hard to believe that she had given birth to five children over 20 years of marriage. Her hair was long and silky and her body only a little more rounded then the day she had married my father. Her figure was the classic I pair shaped, wide hipped one, known to all. She was wearing a baby pink, lawn Shalwar Kamiz, (loose shirt and baggy trousers) her back was wet with perspiration and so the Kamiz stuck to it and revealed the out line of her bra strap. As she bent from the waist to sort out my briefs in the wardrobe draw, her well-rounded ass jutted in my direction. I felt my cock throb with an evil mind of its own. The story I had been reading had featured a hot anal sex scene and now my mum’s ass was almost in my face, so to speak. She straightened up and as sometimes happens in shalwar Kamiz her Kamiz tail bunched up in the crack of her ass.

I was staring at this with fascination when suddenly she asked, “Did you hear what I said?”

“What?” I blurted, my eyes making contact with hers as she turned to look at me.

“I said, “She continued, “Keep your wardrobe tidy. I am sick to death of cleaning up after you Maqsood. You are 18 years old now. Don’t be a Lafunga! (Waste of Space) Grow up!”

She had used my formal name,’ Maqsood’, not my nickname,’ Makmak’ which meant that she was annoyed. The lafunga meant she was really annoyed.

As she left the room, her pink cotton Kamiz still trapped in her butt crack she said “Dinner in ten minutes”.

I sat for a moment with a stiffy, throbbing against my tummy. Reaching into my shorts and grabbing hold of my cock I squeezed it hard and pointing an accusing finger at it with my other hand muttered to me “Hey! Machord! (Mother fucker!) Have some shame that’s your mother’ I then flicked it with my index finger, let it go and pulled my hands out of my shorts. I guess I should to tell you about myself, looks wise. Just to help the story along. I am 5ft 7 with an average build. My family is from Hazara in Northern Pakistan and we live in an apartment complex in Gulshan-i-Iqbal, Karachi. Near Disco bakery, actually, for those of you who know Gulshan. I am the eldest, followed by two sisters (16 and 14) and two pain in the ass brothers (13 and 12). Long live family planning! Papa works in a local bank as a branch manager. I have a part time job at a video shop, (lots of hot XXX movies for free), that helps me to meet my expenses, like; motorcycle petrol, Internet and a little saved (very little). There are girls at college who are HOT! They flirt a bit and go out on dates with some of the guys but, there isn’t anyone dating me, Let’s face it, dates cost money They only want to be ‘friends’ with poor guys like me.

I am interested in a girl named Fauzia, from our area. We meet whenever we can. All she will do is kiss and rub and squeeze my cock through my trousers. I did manage to get her Kamiz off once, and suck and squeeze her tits but she will never go further then letting me rub my cock against her ass, from behind, provided we keep our clothes on. Her family have arranged her marriage to a cousin, and so, about 6 months from now, she’ll be fucked hard by some behanchord (sister fucker). Anyway, back to the story. Over the next two weeks, nothing much happened. Life went on as usual and I masturbated whenever I needed too, and could. Sharing a bedroom with two younger brothers can be a real nightmare. Fauzia was out of town for a month; her future in-laws had invited her to Hyderabad. College was boring and homework was a pain in the ass. Still, I managed to read a few hot incest stories, now I was more interested in ones about Mothers and sons, and found my self studying my mum’s body with fascination. I began to appreciate her figure more and more. Her breasts had to be at least 36 inches and her hips were maybe 38. The sight of her would bring my cock up in a salute. It made things difficult at times for me.

In late May, this year, my father had to go home to Hazara to deal with a property dispute. He took his annual leave and told me to bring all the family to Hazara once the schools had closed, for summer vacations (June first). About 2 days after Papa had left; there was a wedding in our complex to which we were invited. As usual, my sisters went mad about it attending all the ceremonies and parties etc that go along with a Pakistani wedding. I myself had a big project to complete, so I would stay at home and work on it, while everyone was at the wedding. Then, I would turn up late, to check the babes out. (Pakistani weddings only get interesting late in the evening, when all the chicks are flirty in their party clothes) This one evening, after everyone had left, I was sitting at my computer, in my shorts and a vest, typing away at my report when I heard Ammi call “Makmak?”

“Yes Ammi” I called back

“I am lying down for an hour” she continued “wake me when you leave”.

“Ok Ammi” I replied. Getting back to my work on the computer, I quickly forgot about it.

After maybe half an hour, I had had enough brainwork and clicked on a story I had saved from the web. It was a hot, lusty story about a guy fucking his sisters, mum and aunt. I was really hot after that. My cock tented in my shorts, as I wore no underpants underneath them, a damp patch formed from my pre-cum, very quickly. I tugged my shorts down and closing my eyes and reliving the just read story in my mind, I pulled first gently and then hard on my erection until a stream of hot white juice shot from its head onto the floor between my legs. I watched with pride and satisfaction as the three spurts shoot up and arched down on to the ground. I wiped the floor with a dirty towel and wiped my cock with tissue paper. Checking the time I decided to check on Ammi’s plans before showering and dressing up to head for the wedding party, the music of which was filled the night with thumping Punjabi wedding rhythms. I went to my parent’s room and after knocking; I opened it and asked “Ammi? Are you ok?”

There was no reply so I poked my head around the door to check on my Mum.

She was fast asleep on her side. There was a light on, so I could see clearly. The ceiling fan was on full and the curtains were drawn. I softly walked up to check on Ammi. I thought that the noise of the wedding party had made it hard for her to hear me. I tried shaking her, but she would only mumble and shift a little. This movement placed her on her tummy and she softly snored away as the fan blew her Kamiz up to reveal her Shalwar covered bottom. As the weather was very hot, Ammi was wearing a very thin cotton suit. It was an old shalwar Kamiz that been washed so many times that the thin material was even thinner. I stood beside the bed with my eyes on my mum’s ass and a throbbing hard on in my shorts.

“Ammi?” I asked again bending down and shaking her shoulder.

No response.

“Ammi?” I said above the noise of the music, shaking her harder.

She mumbled and shifted again but nothing more.

Her shifting had caused her Kamiz to rise up further, now the bare skin of the small of her back could be seen. Without realizing what I was doing, I reached out and ran my hand and fingers gently over this bare skin. Coming to my senses, I pulled my hand away and stepped back.’ I was sweating with fear. I waited for Ammi to jump up and slap me hard across the face. I studied her, looking for the tell tale movements but, she snored on. I stepped to the foot of the bed and stared down at my mum. She was fast asleep. Her legs were slightly parted as she lay on her stomach; her Kamiz was still up over her back. The music was still pounding away and my head was filled with evil thoughts. Kneeling down on the floor, I thought, “I’ll just have a look at her ass. That’s all.”

I gently and slowly tugged at her shalwar until it moved over her buttocks and down to her thighs. I froze for a moment as Ammi shifted again in her sleep but relaxed as her snoring quickly resumed. Her shifting had made it easier to get her shalwar down over her hips and to her knees. I always suspected that Ammi wore no panties, now it was confirmed. I stared for a long minute or so at her naked ass. Her slightly parted legs giving a glimpse of her cunt to me I had begun to stroke my hard cock; Moving my hand up and down in my shorts over the throbbing shaft of my prick. I ran the fingers of my free hand over the soft skin of her buttocks and pressed the flesh instinctively. All this time, Ammi made no sign of being awake. She snored and slept on; seemingly unaware of what was happening.

“I’ll just rub my cock against her ass,” I thought. Head spinning with lust.

“Maybe run my cock head down her butt crack, that’s’ all”

I stood and stepped out of my shorts, my red-hot cock straining for relief.

Gently getting on the bed and astride my Mum’s thighs, I bent over her naked ass, and resting my weight on one arm, I took my prick in my free hand and pressed my cock against the soft cool skin of Ammi’s ass cheeks.

It was electric. It felt so fucking good. Nothing like rubbing my hard-on against Fauzia’s shalwar, cover ass.

“Oh Fuck!” I whispered.

My cock left a trail of wet sticky pre-cum over Ammi’s ass. I guided my cock head to the crack of Ammi’s ass and gently, very softly, I moved it up and down the crack. It was so fucking great! Ammi mumbled and I quickly rolled sideways off the bed. There was a shaking on the bed and then the sound of snoring again. I had laid still and silent on the cold mosaic floor, sweating in fear and lust. Slowly I got back to my knees and looked at Ammi. She had turn over and was now on her back. What was more, she had kicked or pulled her shalwar off and was now naked from the waist down. I moved to the foot of the bed, deciding to grab my shorts and get out before my luck ended. As I took hold of my shorts and got to my feet, Ammi coughed and mumbled. I looked at her terrified but she just started to snore. My eyes now locked onto the junction of her legs. She laid there with her legs apart, her hairless pussy in plain view. My cock took over. This was the first cunt I had ever seen in real life. All the pussy on videotape was nothing compared to this.

I dropped my shorts and bent in close for a clearer look. Ammi shifted slightly and her legs widened to give me a clear view of my birthplace. My nostrils picked up the never before smelled scent of pussy. My brain spun around as my cock throbbed angrily. The music seemed to be getting louder and I realized that my family might come looking for me; I quickly decided that Ammi, must be in too deep a sleep to know anything, and that a chance like this was not likely to come again. I went and tugged a curtain open slightly. As I turned the light off, the light from the streetlights bathed the room in a dim pale light. My eyes adjusted quickly. I wanted to see what I was doing. I went to the bed and got slowly on beside Ammi, I gently tugged her Kamiz a bit higher and felt a little annoyed that I couldn’t get at her tits. I got between her legs and looked down at her cunt and then at my prick.

“Well Machord (mother fucker) this is what you wanted” I whispered to myself.

Resting my weight on one arm and taking my prick in my free hand, I moved into position. I rubbed my cock-head against the damp warmth of Ammi’s cunt. My eyes going from my cock to her face, to check if she had woken up. Nothing, just snoring and a soft mumbled sentence were all I heard. I continued to rub my cock head over her pussy, electric shocks shooting through my body. Then I moved my cock head down between the lips of her cunt and held it there. Ammi shifted, her left arm covering her eyes as her legs opened wider. I waited for the sound of snoring to resume. Slowly I eased my cock into her hole. It was so hot and wet that my cock slid in with ease. I quickly took a look at Ammi’s face and then as I watched for any sign that she was awaking, a little more of my cock slipped into her cunt. The heat was amazing. I had never imagined that a cunt could be so hot and wet. Her pussy seemed to be sucking my 6-inch manhood into it. I moved in slowly until I was fully inside her. My balls resting against her ass cheeks, beads of sweat running down my back along my ass crack and balls, to the drip on the bed sheet between her legs.

“Oh Fuck!” I whispered “I am a real fucking Machord now!”

I began to slowly move in and out. Bracing my body with my arms and legs so that my weight was not on her, I moved in and out of her sloppy pussy. It felt amazing! But it was hard to keep a slow pace. My cock was near bursting and my instinct was to fuck hard and fast before I came. Feeling the strain, I bent my elbows and rested the weight of my upper body on them. I was sweating a lot, despite the ceiling fan above me; I dripped sweat from my face, arms, legs and balls. I looked at my mums face again, trying to keep my breathing as quiet as I could. Her arm still covered her eyes. My eyes went to where my shameless cock, move in and out of her cunt and then went to her tits. She was damp with sweat too and I could make out the hard points of her nipples pressed against the damp fabric. I bent my head and flicked the tip of my tongue against one nipple. I felt like ripping her Kamiz off and sucking hard on her breasts while ramming my cock into her cunt. I looked again at Ammi’s face and then down my cock when suddenly, Ammi’s legs came up around my waist and I heard her say,” Machord (mother fucker) do it right!”

I was stunned as her arms wrapped around me and her ass began to bounce up and down fucking my cock.

“Machord” she repeated, breathing heavily “Fuck Me Hard! Fuck me hard you Haramzada (bastard).

I was still in a state of confused shock. Here I was with my prick rammed in my mother’s cunt being told to fuck hard.

Ammi took hold of my face in her hands and looked me straight in the eye.

“I told you to fuck harder you son of a bitch! You bastard!” She hissed in my face.

Our eyes met and I saw the lust in her eyes. I then began to pump her as I had longed to do. My cock now rammed into her pussy hard and fast. Nothing mattered. We just fucked. I reached for her tits and squeezed them hard, Molding them with my hands and I sucking on her nipples. Ammi pushed me face away from her breasts and told me “Rip it off you machord ka batcha (son of a mother fucker). I did just that. Ripping the fabric apart I kissed, sucked and squeezed her naked breasts while her ass bounced up to met the downward thrusts of my man-meat. Suddenly I felt the end approach. Despite my attempts to stall it, my hot stringy cum erupted from my balls up my piston like shaft into my mothers hot wet cavern. I fell exhausted onto her panting body unable to do anything more then empty myself in her. After a while, I got off Ammi and sat on the side of the bed with my head down panting. I looked shyly at Ammi, unsure what to say. She sat up and looking between her legs said” You really made a mess of the bed sheet” Then she stood up and pulled me to my feet.

“Come on’ She said pulling me to the shower. “After sex, you shower.

Once in the bathroom, Ammi threw the torn kamiz in the dustbin and pulled my vest over my head.

She stood back and looked at me in the harsh brightness of the bathroom light.

“Not bad” she said cupping my balls in her hands and weighing them with her fingers.

She turned me around and pushed me under the shower. I turned the water on and felt the cold jet of water hit me like a punch in the stomach. Ammi came up behind me and began washing my back with soap. It felt very strange being there. My mother washing me, like I was a child again. Only this child had just banged the hell out of her. Her hands went between my legs over my balls and soft cock. The feel of her hand instantly began to change that. I felt my prick stiffen.

“Oh” Ammi said behind me,” My Makmak is hard again”

She turned me around and handed me the soap.

“My turn” She said with a smile.

As I ran my soapy hands over her neck, shoulders and breasts, I asked “Ammi, were you awake the whole time”?

“No”. I woke up when I felt you tugging at my shalwar. I thought your father had come home at first, and then I saw you.” She explained.

My hands moved over her breasts and stomach down between her legs. She put her hands on mine as I washed or rather felt her body. She turned around and said, “You don’t like my bottom?”

I immediately slapped my hands playfully on her buttocks and answered,” I love this ass Ammi”.

Ammi slowly bent over, taking her buttocks in her hands, she pulled them apart to show her butt hole.

“Show me how much you love my ass,” she said,” Fuck it!”

This was a dream come true. Soaping up her butt hole and washing it clean, I moved my cock head to the wrinkled hole of her anus.

“Wait!” Ammi ordered, moving to brace herself by holding onto the bathroom sink she said,” Okay mother fucker! Show me what you can do”.

“No oil?” I asked.

“Use some of your Papa’s Brylcream he does” she replied.

Greasing my cock up with the cream and applying a good dab of Brylcream to her ass hole, I took my prick and positioned it against the wrinkled butt hole of my mum. Taking a firm grip of her hips, I eased my way in to her rectum. It was like a hot knife cutting through butter. I bottomed out almost immediately.

“Oh Makmak!” Ammi sighed,” that feels soooo good!”

“Now don’t waste time, fuck my ass!” She ordered.

Like a good boy, I willing obeyed. I watched my cock appear and disappear into her ass hole. As I fucked her, I watched the reflection we made in the mirror above the sink Ammi’s face twisted with lust. She licked and bit her lips as she panted in time to my forward jabs. I saw my own face, wet and wide eyed and felt suddenly very powerful. I pulled Ammi away from the sink and took her back into the bedroom. Pushing her on to her back on the bed, I pushed her legs up and back until her butt hole was in plain sight. She understood at once and panted, “Yes! Do it hard!” I positioned my cock once more against her anus and rammed into her. Falling onto her, I squeezed and mauled her breast as my prick shafted her ass hole. All too soon, the juices gathered in my balls and shot out into her bowels. I kept pumping her butt hole until my deflated prick hurt. After that, Ammi and I showered again and dressed for the wedding party. No one seemed to have missed us and of course, no one knew what we had been up to. Ammi and I didn’t get a chance to repeat our session. We did however manage a quick fuck in the kitchen after everyone was asleep. Ammi was washing the dishes and I came up behind her, tugged her shalwar down and unzipping my jeans, gave her a doggy style fuck. All too soon, we were on our way to Hazara and Papa. Well, that’s the story. Be horny!

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Mom Gives Milk Before Sleep For 18 Years

Hi i am sathish studying 12th standard. It was 10 0 clock at night was watching tv. Mom shouted me satish come fast and sleep tomorrow u have school. I switched off the tv and went to bed room. Mom was lying in bed asleep on seeing me she moved her pallu down. I lied near her unhooked her blouse and unhooked her bra. I hugged her keeping my left hand on her belly and started sucking her breast.She said “dont take too much time sleep soon” and started sleeping.

Before continuing i want to say about my family. In my family there were 4 members my dad mom me and elder brother. Malathi is my fathers sister her husband died after one month of accident. And so she have no child. So she adapted me at the age of 2.Now i am living with malathi mummy from my childhood. I used to go to my home only during holidays.

My mom (malathi) loves me so much she never scolds me at any cost. As I am the only person living with her. I too love her so much.

As she took me in the age of 2 i often cry for breast milk she does not know what to do and finally stops my cry by keeping her breast on my mouth(she does not have milk but i stop the cry on sucking her breast). It continues till the age of 10(while i am studying 5th). Whenever I cry she used to give her breast on my mouth and stops my cry. One day she refused to give her breast telling me “satish you should stop this as u are a growing boy”

I started crying as i hate u and called my father and said “i wont be here anymore come and took me home”. She was feeling so sad and asked not to leave her. But i refused finally she opened her bra and kept on my mouth saying please “dont leave your mom dear there is no one for me. I will do whatever u wish”. Then the breast sucking continued all the night still. But i have no sexual feeling on her and i cannot sleep without sucking her breast.

Now i am studying 12th standard. Life went sweet with my mother. Suddenly there were some problem between my father and malathi mom. My father asked me to come with me and not to stay with malathi anymore but i refused and stayed with malathi mom.

Now a days i am sexually aroused on seeing some incest videos and stories on net. I started to sight her whenever i get chance. She some times used to give me oil bath. At that time she used to wear only petticoat that to on hip. Leaving her upper part naked as showing her breast is normal to me.

It was 12th holidays i started playing with her breast more often as it was holiday. I and mom used to go to bed by 8 o clock. I will unhook her blouse and bra and started sucking her breast. She will remove her blouse and bra totally as she feels uncomfortable in summer days.I will keep my mouth on breast and rub my hand on her belly and bare back on hugging her, she will start to sleep very soon because of lot of works. And she never wakes up though i suck her breast.

So after playing with her breast for some times i used to check whether she is sleeping. And remove. Her petticoat knot and move it down and start to rub her butt and pussy. This continued for 2 to 3 days as she thought petticoat is going down normally in sleep. On that day night i did every this usually. But started to insert my finger into her pussy and finger her.

After some times my hand got wet. She woke up. On seeing me she get shocked. She shouted me “u are taking advantage day by day” put her bed on floor and started sleeping.

Next day also she refused to sleep with me. So i got anger i went to my fathers home. After two days she called me and said “pls come back sathish there is no one for me”

Me: no i wont come u are not sleeping with me

Mom: i will sleep with you. And allow you to touch my pussy

Me:will you do whatever i wish

Mom: sure

I went back to moms house. As soon as i entered the house i asked her to come to bed. And asked her to remove her dress. She removed her blouse and bra. I asked her to remove her petticoat too. She said its day time i will remove in night. I said no you should do it now. After some hesitation she removed her petticoat too. I started to rub my finger over her pussy then i inserted my 1 finger and stroked it.

After sometimes i inserted another finger she was moaning loud i finally inserted 4 fingers and started stroking fast she was jumping and shouting in pain but enjoying too suddenly she removed my finger and jumped on bed and her vagina started ejecting a liquid then licked her pussy and drunk all the juice. Her pussy got bulged like burger.

I drunk her cum finally. From then i am not allowing her to wear and cloths most of time. She baths me naked and sleeps with me naked.I used to fuck her finger her pussy finger her ass. Lick her pussy everything i did and she became my sex slave who offers me 24 hours service for all the days and all the week.

This story is about a son and her step mom. How the practice of breastfeeding continues till teenage by the innocence and carelessness of step mom and how it turned as an unusual behavior for her son.And how it reflected on her to be naked before his son and to let him lick her pussy always. I wish all mom lovers will like my story please give comments and encourage me

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Sex With A Sexy Aunty

Hello everyone..this is Raunak(name changed) here from Hyderabad.I am 20 year old doing my graduation. The incident took place about an year ago…

So..i will tell about physical stats of my maami who is the heroine of the story…she is 40 years old but maintains herself very well.hmm…stats..not sure..din ask but yea…her boobs are real big…basically shes slim but her boobs are like big melons..ahh..super sexy is what i can term those pairs of tits. i still being in college have lots of time so spend more of the time in sports and keep physically very active and night time i am a total porn i started reading sex stories when i was 18 so got to know how people enjoy sex in their own family that too with enjoyment and the start it was all vulgar reading all that but then after i started reading new and new stories interest started to develop and then my outlook towards people changed…i started observing women’s behavior closely and understood about who are in need of sex or basically terming i could co relate the people from stories and people around me…

Then what caught my eye the most was my maami..i started developing crush towards her body…i started reading incest stories more and more and would imagine my self in that position but i always thought it would never get real..but then one day came when things changed forever..

Our parents..our maamis…uncles…like 15-20 people traveled to pune for a marriage there so rooms were booked for us to stay. so…i and my cousins were supposed to get settled in rooms that were given for youngsters and then everybody settled in rooms that were given but one room was vacant and maama(maamis husband) had become busy with the marriage preparations so she planned to settle alone in that room. so i just wanted find a reason so that i could enter that room and get physical with maami..i was real scared..what i did was i just banged the door and maami opened..and den i told maami that room has less space and another cousin will b joining us in some time so…as you are alone.. would u mind if i join u? and she was like okay i dont mind..and time passed…it was 11 and then i took the lead and went to maamis room and slept…maami unknown of whats gonna happen..just bolted the room for security.

Then i knew i had the whole night with me so i dint wanted to make things go wrong as one wrong step would cost me for life…so maami played her old songs and kept the bed light on and lied on the bed and i slept beside her…then my heart started to beat like anything and my body started to shiver and just was thinking was i that i should start asking her so that sex topic may arrive…

So i just started by asking how was your youth …and boyfriends and all …she was just telling how she got married early and had no chance for love and all…then i was like common i m sure u must have a boyfriend you were pretty in your youth as i saw your pics from an old album..she was like thanks but then she told she had none…then again silence for some time and then i told i am not sleepy..she asked me why what are you thinking…i told her i am getting worried if i will ever get somebody…and told that my friends keep telling me to get a girlfriend.then she was like dont worry u will surely get one..and then i was like i dont know..if i will ever get that first kiss..or first hug… i am very tensed…she was like dont will happen automatically…but still no signs of maami showing any feeling..then i got silent cause i never imagined i would tell all that to my maami.

Then i took some courage and told maami..she as like yes…i was like can i ask u something…can i give u hug…i dont know just like that i feel like…she was like okay and as we were in sleeping position while hugging her leg fell over my leg and we were in the hug position for a min and then i was like can i give u a kiss…please just want to experience what it is…and then she dint answer ..she was like..this is wrong…but then i again came in hug position and lifted my head and put m lips onto her and she instantly replied with her tongue and we kissed for like super long..and we were rolling on the bed …woww…and then while kissing i just dare to press her boob and she as taken aback by that…and told…no this is very wrong…dont do this…and then i was like just for once…and i will make sure this never happens…

Then..i took m hands little lower and started caressing her pussy are on her nightwear and that’s what i feel worked the most where she lost he grin and i could understand she is now all ready…she showed lesser resistance when i pulled her nightwear up and was wondering why she is not resisting and for my luck when i was about to remove her panty what i see is no resistance what so ever..and then i started fingering her and she lost her mind and started moaning like anything.i stopped for a moment and asked her not to moan so loudly but she was not at all in a mood to listen…then i lessened my fingering pace and started to unzip my pants with left hand in her pussy and right hand unzipping process.

And then i took my dick off…she just closed her eyes and turned her face away i handed the dick in her and which she refused to handle…then i told her one time lets give it a best shot…she started to look into my eyes without any reaction…i just asked her how my dick was…she just smiled…she was like its good that you have your private region cleaned…then i understood she is in for the next level…then what i did just blew her mind away…i got up..placed my dick into her pussy and started ramping her by putting one hand on her mouth and she was in all pains..her pussy seemed very tight..i was just busy given in the strokes and she started the sway too..things started getting into rhythm….then it was the perfect honeymoon kind of situation ..both were in full mood for a full night sex drive…

I then told her to get into different positions and was shocked looking at my stamina….she enquired about it and i was like i am not sure but i think my active sports participation may be a reason…she was just having the time and started telling this is the first time i am having sex with a guy other than her husband..she now started complementing about how her husband has a small dick and is very selfish and never looks after maami’s satisfaction and all the problems she had with her husband…i just gave her a bang with my dick and was like dont worry you….my dick has now come for your rescue…then she started removing my shirt and we both entered the bathroom and started cleaning each other..all this was of another level…from sharing bed to sharing bathroom…after the bath v talked about a few other stuff and then both of us could not control and went on to have a few more sessions of non stop sex….

Then we planned to sleep as it was already 5 in the morning and next day we had to attend the we slept..i got up at 9 and when i opened my eyes what i saw is i was alone in the room and maami had already changed into her saree..and was already in other cousins room having gossips…and when i looked at her…she was acting as if nothing really happened…and i was just shocked how can that happen…she came out of the room and went to another room as she had something to pick up from another room…i just went behind her…and when she entered the room …i just hold her from back and she as like leave me..somebody may come.she was like what happened last night was a mistake and i should not have done it… i just felt everything was shattered …i thought i could now fulfill all your and my sex needs but den she was like i cannot do that…we belong to the same family…and then she forcibly left the room…then whole day…i was sad…marriage and all ceremonies got over and we returned back to hyd…but i wanted to clear things…

The surprising factor is i still have sex after all this happened…to know how and about my other experiences of sex in college terrace…others…do mail me..I am basically looking for girls or aunties for casual sex and would love to satisfy them…my maami even now thanks me for the sessions that we have…i just want to give same feeling to other women..

So..dont forget to leave feedback 

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Awesome Threesome With My Mother-In-Law And Her Colleague

I m Aditya , 28, Delhi. I live with my wife and her mother. We have been married for 3 years and since my wife is the only child of her parent, my MIL came as a dowry to me. I m 6 feet tall and my dick is quite big and I m tan.

My wife , Niharika is 27 . She is a plus size woman with huge boobs and big ass. We have a gr8 sex life. We fuck each other whenever we get chance. I love my wife and she is crazy about me. She is hot at bed. Sue gives a nice blowjob. And we have sex on regular basis. Our sex life in interesting but I want to add spice to my sex life. And make it hotter.

Let me talk about my MIL, Pooja. She is 44 and she Is a voluptuous beauty with a big ass and huge boobs like my wife. And my wife resembles her. I have always been attracted towards my MIL. I used to pass on comments to her and she used to reciprocate. I used to touch her and even sometime smacked her ass which she seem to enjoy. She is a lecturer and usually wears jeans and top on college. And she has maintained her figure.

And she has a friend named Ananya who is her age. She looks good and has a big around ass like my MIL. Her husband divorced her couple of years ago and took custody of their only child and now she is all alone. She visits our house frequently.

I have always been attracted to my MIL. Whenever she wasn’t at home and nobody was at home I used to sneak to her room and sniffed her used panty. I used to put one panty on my mouth and another around my cock while masturbating and sometimes I used to ejaculate on her bed.

Once while Niharika was away for a week due to her job I was at home coz I was not feeling well and I hadn’t rested for years. My MIL came home noon. She I think didn’t notice that I was at home as usually I was home at night. So what she did was took bath and started making tea in the towel. I was sleeping that time. I woke up and went to kitchen to drink water then I saw my MIL in towel. I thought she didn’t wear anything inside the towel. She in her own world didn’t know I was behind her. I went to her and pulled her towel. Damn she was naked. My dick Which was throbbing became hard like a rod. She was shocked. She slapped me hard and pushed me away.

And then she gave me a kiss. It was a passionate kiss. I was only wearing underwear. She then started licking my nipples and then went down on me. My dick was so hard that it covered her mouth. She was doing up and down and I made it do faster. The cum was in her mouth. And she just swallowed it.

I carried her in my arm and took her to bedroom and threw her in the bed. I kissed her an then started sucking her melon sized boobs. Then I kissed her navel and went to her hairy pussy. I started licking her. Her moans stimulated me and the frequency just got increased. My man was damn hard and then I inserted my cock in her and we did in different positions. We did it for couple of hours. After that we have starts living like a lover. Whenever we got chance we fucked. Whenever niharika wasn’t around I used to penetrate her. Damn I was enjoying two ladies under a roof and my wife was unaware of it. It was a complete bliss. My wife was happier that her mom seems to be enjoying her life. Completely under darkness about her husband fucking her mom.

My life was doing great. My business was good and I was satisfying both my MIL and my wife. When I was having lunch my MiL came with her friend Ananya. MIL was wearing a jeans and tee and she looked hot. Ananya was in her kurta and she looked gr8 too. Both of them were happy to see me. I was lying in sofa when something came up my face. Damn they were panties and I saw ananya and my MIL naked kissing each other. Ananya was licking my MIL and she was moaning. Damn my dick got hardened. I pulled down my pant, took off my clothes and went to them. I started licking Ananya . She was licking my mIL.

Then she started sucking my cock and I licked my MIL. Then I inserted my cock into my MIL. My mom licked ananya. It was so good that I forgot everything. In the middle I would take out my cock and put it into ananya mouth. I was fucking MIL and she was licking Ananya. I came inside my MIL and I inserted my cock into ananya pussy and she started licking my MIL. When I came we rested for sometimes. Then I lied down and My MiL sat on my face with her anus in my mouth and her pussy in my nose. And ananya rode on my dick. It was mind blowing. I licked my MIL and Ananya fucked me. And then ananya went to her home and I cm back to my office. When niharika came home eerything was same like nothing happened the day. N I fucked niharika at night remembering the days incident.

This is my story. After that day I have been fucking 3 women . And my life has become enjoyable. My MIL and her friend are submissive. They do what I want. And I really enjoy a lot.

Hope u enjoyed reading it.


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Sex Advice: What are the chances of contracting an STD through oral sex?

Question. Two months ago, I had intercourse with a sex worker. I used a condom while having penetrative sex but took it off when I had oral sex. What are the chances of contracting an STD through oral sex?

Answer. Oral sex with an unknown partner is definitely unsafe.

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Mallu teacher posing in various bra panties sitting naked fingering cunt pics

Hot pics of Mallu teacher posing in various bra panties sitting naked on the sofa showing her lovely boobs and fingering her cunt.

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Mallu teacher stripping saree posing nude sucking cock oral sex pics

Hot pics of Mallu teacher stripping her saree posing in her undies before getting completely naked showing her boobs pussy and sucking cock during oral sex.

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