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Sex with young Desi kolkata Aunt

Hi,all the readers of .This is Dipto from kolkata.I'm 21yrs old software engineer & got a job in a top multinational company this yr through clg campussing.I have never posted before in this there can be little mistakes,i hope u'll forgive me 4 these mistakes.I think its so far the most secret incident of my life which I hav shared wid only 2 brothers of mine.
But,now I have decided to share this real incident with u.There is nothin fake,no imagination at all..if any1 does think so,i have nothing to do,its totally his personal opinion.Now,lets move to the story. I live in a town very near to kolkata.I was only in class 9 then whn it happened.One of my mothers cousin, named shweta(name changed),moved in to our town wid her family from a more remote place.
She was 22 yrs of old then.she is actully short,(4ft11 in),but has a very fair complexion..she was not beautiful but was sexy because of her figure.Altogether u can say,she was attractive. After their moving in,their(my mothers uncle's) family started to visit us frequently.But shweta aunt visited the most bcoz she had managed to get some students near our home & started to come regularly to our locality.
She was very fond of my mother & often helped my mom in her kitchen & in othr things. She was also very very close to me & we used to chat abt many things.Soon,we started to chat on our love life. I came 2 knw tht she had no bfriend then..i also had no grlfrnd..we were getting closer in each & every passing day.One day in puja vacation,she dressed perfectly & was looking hot.
I complimanted her like"u r looking sexy,aunt".She gave a wink & smile in reply.Slowly & gradually we started to use the term 'sexy'...& soon we strted to talk abt sex. It was totally new expernce to me as I was only 15 then & talking to an elder girl abt sex was simply amazing.By tht time,she strted to spend long time in our home,sometimes for the whole aftrnoon,
i used to sleep in my room but she often joined me later aftr cleaning the dishes & chatting wid my one had any complain as every1 knew the age dffrnce & the relation betwn my room was not visible frm mothers room,i gained courage sumtimes & hugged her,we used to chit chat abt all things on the aftrnoon times in bed while still I was hugging her all the times..
i could feel the warmth of her body..ths continued for sum 2-3weeks. I really liked her a lot & loved her company.I used to share every snack,chocolates of mine wid her bcoz I knew she liked those..let me inform 1 thing,her family conditions were not good,she had to earn her money herself through,often she didn't have any chace to fullfill her needs..
as I liked her,i tried to share as much as possible wid her..even bought her some cosmetics secretly from my savings from tiffin.She noticed my care 4 her & was very amazed & pleased to think tht sum1 cares 4 her.She told me these many times. We used to fight on small things,so physical touch was obvious & many times my hands, my palms brushed her soft breasts,
it was a gr8 feeling.When we got more closer,in afternoon,she often caressed me wid my hairs..moving her hands slowly on my face chest wid a lot of affection..this contineud sumdays & then I started to caress her,on her face at first.aftr sumday I gained courage & caressed her neck,shoulders,arms also..thn the day came atlast...
it was 19th nov,2004..we got so close in 6 tht night,she stayed wid us bcoz the next day there was a father & mother slept in 1 room.Me,my 9yr old sistr & aunt slept in my room..the door was shut,my sistr slept in betwn late night,we moved & aunt managed to move my sleepy sis in 1 side.thn we hugged 2gether & were chattin,
almost like whispering..slowly she strted 2 caress me & strtd to caress her..she stopped suddenly & closed her eyes..but I continued..i strted frm her face & finished around her neck..she was wearing a low cut nightie,as she was laying down..her cleavege was clearly visible..slowly I moved down & caressin her lower neck & then felt her cleavege..
she reacted nothing but I knew she wasn't sleeping,i got more courage & strted from face to cleavege..each time I was moving down my palm little lower..aftr a minute my hand reached under her nightie felt her bra..we both knew,there was no turning back & my slid my hand under her bra..i got my first touch of life of awomens breast,those were so sft & fumble..
not huge in was so far the greatest pleasure of my life,i gently strted to press her both boobs though I was very excited..she strted to make some whispering sound,i was carrying on as I knew she must be enjoing this..i squizzed thm for abt 20 mnt.I tried to pull the neck of the nightie down so I can see those boobs & suck them,but I couldn't succedd..
thn I slowly kissed her forehead,cheeks & thn the lips..but aftr sum time,i found tears on her cheeks..i dnt knw wht happend but may be she wasfeeling guilty..i din't proceed further watchin this.Bt I kept my hands on her boobs,hugged her tight & slept..nxt morning was beutiful to me but I couldnt even directly look at her eyes,in aftrnoon,i asked her why she was crying,
but she told on diffrnt issue..she said tht she had a gr8 sleep last night wid a naughty smile.I also told the same & said tht I had a dream also..she askd abt the dream but I denied to tell then..we enjoyed the function tht night. After that day,i understood that our relationship have reached a new level.Her stays in her house getting longer, we were hugging each other more ften,
caressing and even exchanged kisses on cheeks frequently.When there was no1 at home,i kissed her on lips in each occation.It made me horny & day,i found a book on 'kamasutra'in my maternal uncle's house & brought it in my house & my aunt had read the book together one day when there was no1 in our house as my mom,sister & father went for shopping..
After completion of that thin book,we both became horny..we discussed abt sex more freely.Suddenly she asked me if I maturbate..i was surprised and told that rarely I do..thn I asked her but she refused to tell the trurth.I asked her abt the color of the bra she was wearing.It caught her wid surprise & told in low voice-'black'.
More often,she stayed in our house at morning,shewas abt 2 go in market wid my mom,i noticed tht aunt's bra strap was much exposed outside of her salwar.I told it to her,but she requested me to fix it..i obliged to do so.One thing I strted to notice that after that night, whenever she is wearing nightie in our house,she is avoiding bra & panty underneath, specially at night.
So,whnvr she bends for somethihng to pick or any thing like that,i got a nice view of her small but firm & well shaped boobs,i liked tht view very much & she noticed it.From thereon,she bent more often for any reson & gave me a closer & nice look at her boobs each time.
Actually, the story doesnt end was just the beginning of our 'choti si love' contineud & went very far.. i'll share all those wid u within this week..i hav no hesitation because i'm not telling any lie,so plz wait..thnx a lot


Thanks  for posting my first story.Nice to see some comments posted.I'm intelligent but not clever, i'm not interested in writing a fake story because I don't have time to do i'll start from where I left.
after seeing tears on her cheeks,i decided not to move further these things.i was quite happy with the memory of tht night & frequent glimpses on her boobs when she was bending for any reason.but the change was in my mind & I was thinking our relationship have reached a new level,even she understood this.i was feeling as I have more responsiblities on her than ever before.
whenever she was going to any occasion,function or ceremony,she asked to me what to wear & what not to.she said that my compliments were most valuable to her & she liked to dress in the way I want to see her.all this was happening after that very incident.i even asked her why she telling this way.she siad nothing & it was just her sudden feelings.
next month we watched a movie in a cinema hall together.she put her arms under my arms at one pint & I strted to feel her boobs wid my arms as she was holding it tight to her was a hot exprnce indeed & I forgot everythng but pretended as I was watching was watching movie. i was moving my arms widout any reason. my moving arm definitely caught her attention & she even might be enjoying that.
after a while I grew restless & groppledone of her boobs.even in dark,i could see her eyes which wanted to tell something.she moved her eyes from me,gave ma a naughty smile & strted to watch the moving.i strted to squeeze her left breast very slowly so that the person right to me can not notice my movement.
i was sweating even it was winter bcoz at tht age it was not even in my wildest dream to do that squeezing in public to a girl senior to continued for 10 mnts but after then she put her head on my shoulder & placed her dupatta in a strategic position so that my hand was invisible under her dupatta.she kissed me on my cheek lifting her head a little.
i'm still not sure but maybe the person sitting right to me noticed everything at some ask me,i can't even tell what was the story of the movie.from then I pressed her boobs from over her salwar or nightie almost once a week in our house when she slept in lept at afternoon or at night.but never tried to make a skin contact.
i started to feel a growing love for her as was she..i told her this one day & she couldnt belive.she gave me anauhty smile & told my must choose a girl of my age.but I told tht I feel forher.she said nothing but hugged me tight & gave me a kiss on my lips.but this was a longer one & it can only happen between lovers.
as I felt I was her lover,we started to make a trip together & chatted on everything.i asked her about the size of her boobs & if she had any pubic hair.she told to measure her boobs wid a simple rope & then she measured my chest.she also told that she used hair removing cream on that spot but it not suited her so she does this wid a scissor.she asked about mine & I told.
she suddenly asked wht I feel seeing a naked girl on t.v. I told tht my penis gets erect.she smiled & asked if I cum on those moments.i told tht I only cum whn I masturbate.i requested to show her pubic hair so tht I come to knw how she shaves.she told-"tum bohot naughty ho chuke ho,tumhe kiu dikhau?jisko dikhana hai sirf usko hi dikhaungi".(i'm converting bengali to hindi).
atlast the best moments of my life april,my parents decided to make a trip to darjeeling.but I simply ignored bcoz I had a plan in my parents were surprised by my decision but thought that I have become serious abt study.they decided to left widout me but I had to eat in my maternal uncle's house.
they also told shweta aunt to take care of me as I do nothing in household works.i also had to stay in our house at night but someone must give company to me,it could be my grandma,or my uncle or my sweet shweta there was no tv in there house,so my aunt insisted to everybody to stay at our house at night so she could watch her fav serials.everyone agreed. i was the most happiest.
on first day,she came at our house around 8pm after her tutions..i opened the door & gave her welcome hug & kissed on her forehead.thn she made tea for us & watched serials while drinking.i was studying in my 10 pm,we went to their house for dinner & came back at 10.30. grandma told her to sleep in my parent's room.but in reality tht didnt happen.
we planned to watch 'midnight hot' in ftv together.i was holding her tight from behind while laying down & watchin midnight hot.i was holding her close to her boobs & knew she wasn't wearing any bra or panties.i was almst rubbing my dick on her ass while holding her & moving a lot.soon my dick got erect & she felt it.still she didnt move out.
but after the program she wanted me to leave from parents room.but I told i'll sleep here & u also can..but she was unwilling to do so & left to my room.but I knew she would come at some point. ya,she came back to that room around 1.30 am & told she was afraid of darkness.she layed beside me.
i hugged her & so was she.i pressed her soft boobs over her nightie but resisted whn I tried to slid my hand under nightie.i became angry at this & told i'll not talk to u.she hugged me tighter & told "agar tum aisa bologi to main kiske sth bat karungi,kiske sath sabkuch share karungi,plz dont be angry."i calmed down & slept.but I couldn't sleep properly.
i had tutions at 7 am so I woke up at 6 am but I saw tht the nightie was lifted up till her thighs.her sleeping habit was not good.she sleeps deeply & dress gets it was early morning,the room had enough light.i sat exactly near ar feet.i was looking at her white & creamy thighs.then I gathered courage & strted to lift her nightie very very slowly.
she was in deep a point,nightie was lifted enough & almst her entire thigh was visible.i bent my head a little bit saw the heaven.her pussy was full of pubic hair.i needed to lift a little more & I succesfuly managed that.window was at the direction of her feet so enough light was coming from there & everything was visible to me at daylight.
i noticed a drop of liquid type of thing at her pussy lips.i'll never forget tht moment.i was shivering in tension as I first saw a womans was pinkish inside I suppose.i came closer to get a more nice view.i decided to touch there.first I put one finger on her pussy,no reaction.second finger,no reaction.
third finger,still nothing..thn I put my entire palm on her pussy but touched so gently & smoothly & still she not woke up.i dnt knw wht happened to me,but I was very close to her pussy & suddenly gave a deep kiss on her pussy..
it surely woke her up but she was acting of sleeping.gaining extreme courage, I kissed once more & finally licked her pussy.her pubic hairs brushed my nose,cheek..i knew she must have wake up so I didnt faal back.after lickin for a mnt,i started fingering her wid my two was a gr8 pleasure..
i increased my speed & after few minutes she burst out some liquid which I had never seen or heard before..during the entire process she was moaning while closing her eyes.little before bursting,she opened her eyes & told "wht r u doing,stop it..aaahhh".those juices made the path sleepery & an awkward sound was creating whn I was fingering.
i parted her wet pussy lips & saw a pink heaven,by the knowledge of 'kamasutra' I identified the clit & was caressing the clit.she suddenly jumped up,hold me tight gave me the most passionate kiss. she told"do u knw how much I luv u?never leave me behind,i'm all urs" & was breathing heavily..i cnt believe she admitted this at that time..i jumped on her & both rolled on bed,
i was restless to explore her body,so I stopped kissing at a point..then I lifted her nightie till her neck. i saw her nude for the first time.she had a nice figure with tight boobs & tight ass.maybe she had 32 or 34c sized boobs then. i also told tht I loved her very much.she was always my dream came true & I never wanted to let the moment go.
i sat on her belly & was squeezing her breasts wildly.i noticed for the first time tht her nipples got hard & I understood that it happens.i decided to taste her breasts & starte to suck her both nipples one by was a heavenly pressur for a 16 yr old like me.i sucked her hard nipples for a long long time,it tested so sweet to me.
she hold my head towards her boob tightly & was pressing hard.i gave a slight bite on her nipples & those became red.aunt was moaning dick was harder & longer than ever before & it started to,i removed my bermuda.seeing my fully erect penis,she got up & planted kisses on my penis,balls & even on pubic was amazing.
she used her tongue to lick sides of my penis & balls,but she didn't suck it completely.she started to rub my penis with her hands & told,"so u masturbate this way?"i was hot from the begining & after she had started this,i could hold for 2-3 mnts only & I sprayed my cum all over her hand.she cleaned those with her nightie & throwed it on the floor.
she asked "ab kya karoge?"i told that I want to do it with her. she asked if I was sure.i replied positive.but she told that it was not possible that day bcoz she had a problem & we also didn't have any heart was breaked.seeing this she told we could do one thing.i asked her "what"?in reply she kissed me deeply once more & made me lay down with her while holding tightly.
my dick was touching her pussy & she started to move our genitals were rubbing each other.though I didn't penatrate her but still was a wonderful feeling.while doing this,i started to talk dirty & complimented eroticly on all parts of her dick became hard again.we decided to play wid our private parts.
i touched her boobs,then her pussy with my dick..we laid down naked & were hugging each other till 9 am in morning..i totally forgot my tutions. after 2 days,we had our first sex in very similar fashion.we didn't even used condoms.i cut her pubic hairs with scissors on tht day & she cut mine.our relationship continued for 6-7 months,
inbetween I had sex wid her 8-9 times.but these two incidents I have shared with u were the catalyst of all incidents. we had faced some personal & family problems there after so we stopped that erotic journey of ours.but I still remember her fragrance,maybe I still have something left for her in my heart.
dear readers,she is married now for 2 yrs & last month gave birth to a child.she is currently staying(for 1 month)in her mother's house & I go to meet her once in a week..but I think I shouldn't do anything that can harm her family I right?


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